A/N: Aishiteru is a 4 part CCS series that I've thought about for a long time, but never got around to doing it. ^^ So, after re-watching the series, I decided to finally start writing it. This is dedicated to Xinny-chan, the Card Captor Sakura otaku of the century! ^^

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The truth is......I love you.

But, how can I possibly tell you this? How can I, when the one you love is not me. But him. So how can I burden my emotions on you? How can I tell you?

I don't know when I first started loving you. It could have happened at the beginning, when I first met you. Or it could have started when you were fighting Yue in the final Judgment. It was then that you found out Yukito-san was actually Yue. It shocked us all. But I think, you were the one who was most surprised.

I remember when you told Yukito-san your true feelings for him, and he rejected you. But I can't really say he rejected you, because he does love you. But only as a friend, or perhaps family. You told me that Yukito-san suggested your feelings for him were like that of the love you like for your father. And when you thought about it, you knew it was true.

But still....it hurt you. I remember the tears that you shed for him. Your tears made me sad. To see you so unhappy this way. I had to do something. To comfort you. In anyway I can.

That time at the park, when you confided your feelings to me, I had told you that I understood how you feel. That I understood it well. In fact, that is true. Your pain I understand, because....I am going through the same thing. To love you, and not let you know. Because if I did, I know what would happen. I know.

You only look at me as a friend and comrade. And sometimes I wonder, if there really is a chance that you would love me back. Tomoyo had suggested that I should tell you my feelings for you. I know I couldn't. I know I can't. If I told you how I felt about you, I know you won't feel the same way. And you would feel sadness for the grief you have brought upon me.

The way you consider others feelings before your own is just one of the things that makes me love you. The way you care about everyone. All the things that you do. You had stayed up all night for several days making that scarf for me. I was worried about you, and you really shouldn't have done that. But you did, just to thank me for comforting you. How could I not?

I wonder how long I can keep this a secret. How long I can keep my feelings for you. I wonder. Will I ever get the chance to tell you. Will I?

I wonder if you'll feel the same. I know you probably won't, but it's always nice to have hope. That is one of the things you taught me. To have hope. And maybe you will love me back. I sure hope so.

Someday....someday soon, I know I will tell you my feelings. My feelings for you. I know I will one day. And I know that day will come.

The truth is......I love you. And I always will........


That was so fluffy! ^^ And so kawaii no? You probably guessed by now that this begins with Li-kun. A little predictable I know. But I just adore him! ^^ Anyways, hoped you guys like the first part of Aishiteru. More shall come! Mwuahahaha! *laughs evilly*. Review everyone!

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