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It had started a little over a month ago. I'm lying haphazardly between my bed sheets, naked, with an equally naked Beast Boy wrapped around me. It had started with a kiss in a secluded room. Then it had turned into roaming hands during rendezvous' in dark corridors. Then it turned into this. No matter how many times this happened in the last week alone, we still haven't told anyone.

Surprisingly Beast Boy can pull-off discreet. He would make jokes, I would make my regular dry replies that bordered on insulting; and no one else on the team was any the wiser. We could be actors if we ever wanted to retire from being heroes.

For someone as careful with her emotions as I am, I certainly enjoy sex, a lot. Like a good work out that loosens up the soreness in my muscles, my emotions are always more tempered and more easily controlled after sex.

The actual sleeping that comes along with sleeping together is good too. The moment after we reach climax, and we are tired and spent Beast Boy often sinks into a deep sleep, but only after he's draped himself over me. I don't tell him how I always sleep best when he stays the night. He might get the wrong idea.

Right now I feel his head shift to rest on my shoulder. His breath draws back and forth across my neck and it tickles a little, but I'm falling asleep fast now and I barely notice it.

"Wanna get dinner?"

My body jerks at the sound of his voice. He never talks after sex. It's a simple screw, sleep, and then slip away system we've developed. Why is he talking? Why is he asking about dinner?

"What? Do you mean right now?" My voice sounds raspy.

His face moves from side to side against my shoulder, "No, tomorrow. At 7?"

I should have taken a moment to think about his question. I should have been taken aback, I should have realized the implication; but Beast Boy's arm is fitted against my waist and his body is warm against my back, and the sleepy satisfaction that radiates off him mingles with my own.

"Sure." I respond. I feel his chin tap my shoulder a few times in what could have been a nod.

It isn't until I wake up the next morning that I realize that the guy I've been screwing senseless the last few weeks has asked me out.