Once in a great while, mankind unlocks a secret so profound, that our future is altered forever. Fire, Electricity, Splitting the atom. At the dawn of the 27th century, we unlocked another, it had the potential to change humanity's role in the universe. We created life, digital life. We called it the Digital monster project, and it was testament to the limitless power of the human imagination, but should we have opened this Pandora's Box, should humanity have played god?

(Quote: Mitsuo Yamaki, Book of Digivolution, Location: Prime Universe)

It was a lab filled with various test tubes, and computers, one computer was printing out readings, while a bunch of people in lab coats stood over it, and then they looked up at a pad on the floor, as it began to hum to life, in the center of the pad something formed, it looked like a big egg, then the egg broke, it started morphing into various shapes before settling on the shape that resembled a bunny rabbit.

"I name you Lopmon" said one of the men in lab coats, he walked over to the bunny creature, and picked it up, and presented it the other people in the room "This is the first digital monster, digimon for short, a pet that won't shed, my daughter Suzie will be so happy"

"That's fine and dandy, but that's not why we started this project, I know we got some funding from a toy company, but most of our funding comes from the military, but this is a good sign for the future Dr. Janyu Wong" a man in a suit interrupted, then smiled "Go give your kid her birthday present, " he gestured to the window that was the observation room.

He made his way to a door beside it, inside was three boys, and two girls. He walked up to the youngest of the girls, she had a freckled face and was dressed in pink, her Maroon hair done up in a small pony tail. She smiled "Daddy, is that pretty bunny rabbit for me," she said with a slur that added a w sound to some of the words she said, as she was 6 years of age. "What is her name?"

"Lopmon" said Janyu, as he patted Suzie on the top of the head, ruffling her hair "Lopmon will always protect you, Right Lopmon?"

Lopmon looked up toward Janyu "I will protect Suzie with my life," she said in a cute yet serious tone of voice.

Suzie turned to Rei, a wheelchair bound girl across the room, with orange hair that nearly touched her shoulders, showing her friend Lopmon.

"That's so adorable, you are so Lucky, Suzie" she said, smiling happily "I hope someday I'll have one of my own.

A boy with spiky hair walked over to them, "I see you more as a flower type digimon, maybe they will create one of those just for you" He said looking from Suzie to Rei.

"Ryo" Rei laughed "Remember the nickname I had for you"

"How can I forget, you still call me that on occasion" Ryo said laughing. "I love the necklace you get us, I think Suzie is wearing her part of the necklace too"

A siren sounded from behind Janyu, he turned to see the glass shatter "Don't tell me that they started the next stage without me. We are not ready to make a champion level or higher digimon yet, "he said before running into the lab. Only to be thrown back into the observation room with an audible snapping noise as he hit the wall, Suzie ran over to Janyu's crumpled heap as the other kids in the room freaked, her older brother Henry being one of them, something flew into the room, knocking him into the wall too, his neck snapping on impact.

Ryo instantly ran towards Rei "I'll protect you Rei" he said, using a table as a shield, but it was cracking from each impact whatever was attacking hit it, and shoving them both backwards at the same time.

"Neo, please help me!" Rei shouted before something struck her and she shattered her like glass, and the dust that was her remains scattered all over the floor.

Ryo screamed as he looked down at the remains of Rei, he went to his knees, he held some of the dust in his hands, tears flowed from his eyes, and down his cheeks.

The door to the room broke open, and a man wearing shades in a suit stood there, his name was Mitsuo Yamaki, he had noticeable slashes on his face, on both his cheeks, which were still bleeding "Yuggoth protocol activated" he shouted over the screaming, and a bubble with a red triangle appeared, and seemed like it was looking for something, and then shot directly for something that was invisible. In a bright flash there was something inside it; it was something that looked like a winged snake thing, it screamed in agony before it dissolved.

Suzie was still latched onto her dead father's body, "please wake up daddy, please wake up daddy, "she pleaded "I want to go home" she was dragged away from the Janyu's dead body by Yamaki. She kicked and tried to get away from him so she could get back to her father.

Digimon Sync The movie 2: Across the Digiverse

-7 years later, Prime Universe-

The sun dawned on the horizon, lighting up an enormous mountain. On the peak of the mountain was a very advanced looking facility, climbing the mountain was three people, one man and two teenagers, they all wore mountain climbing gear, that looked rather advanced too, their faces were obscured by the helmet visors of the gear they were wearing, the man stopped and opened his visor revealing it to be Mitsuo Yamaki.

"We are almost there," said Yamaki "Ryo and Suzie are you two ready"

"Yes, Father, " said one of the teens, opening her visor, showing a girl with purple hair, "We are going to find out who they replaced you with, and find out what they are up to up here" she turned to look down at the other with them, who also opened his visor.

"For Rei!" Ryo said, giving a thumbs up to Suzie, with her doing the same back to him and saying the same thing as he did.

"Enough of that" Yamaki closing his visor, and continued climbing up the mountain, followed closely by Ryo and Suzi, Yamaki had adopted Suzie after both his parents had been killed along with her brother in the lab incident that happened 7 years ago. They had called the whole thing an accident, even though Janyu had told them that they weren't ready to go to the next stage of the experiment, Yamaki had kept his job with Hypnos until his anti-digimon attitude in their opinion got in the way of his job. They had relocated the Hypnos building to the top of Mount Fuji, using the formerly active volcano as an energy source, even though the entire city of Tokyo was powered by it. Bringing it here might have been a way to keep the populace safe from the experiments done here, now everyone can adopt a digital creature known as digimon as a pet, a disaster waiting to happen, even though he allowed Suzie to keep the one that her late father had given her, and Ryo surprised him by getting one too, though his reason was not to stick out like a sore thumb at school since all his classmates had them.

Sync Universe

A boy and girl stood across from each other, both were holding quarterstaves; the girl began to spin hers, her blond hair tied up in a ponytail, and her golden eyes stared at the boy intensely, she raised her right in the air and gestured for the boy to bring it. "Takajin I am waiting, The Kurokami brigade wouldn't wait long for you to strike"

Takajin raised his Quarterstaff in the air, and charged at the blonde girl, letting out what seemed to be battling cry, only to be taken off his feet by one motion one strike of the girl's quarterstaff, she then swiftly kicked him in the gut knocking the wind out of him. The girl came down with what seemed like killing blow, but only came within an inch of Takajin's face. "Mikuni!" Takajin said, gasping for air, and cradling his gut "Why did you kick, this is weapon training exercise?"

"For a champion, your whole body is a weapon and don't you forget that," she said as she instantly drops down with her elbow connecting with Takajin's face and knocking him out.

"Mikuni, why the hell did you do that to my brother, you aren't supposed to try to kill him" Hikaru shouted, giving Mikuni a really harsh expression "and what good is he if you give him brain damage, we are a team we fight Lilithmon, Ankou, and their Kurokami brigade. She crossed her arms, and began to tap her right foot, as she waited for Mikuni reasoning.

"Look your brother needs to some tough lessons; I am going to teach them to him if he wants to be a champion of justice like me, and not cannon fodder" Mikuni said, pointing down at the now waking up Takajin "the battle between good and evil will be a lot more than myself, you have seen what Lilithmon has done, we were powerless to stop her"

"I have seen justice being abused by those that were supposed to protect the people, I don't want my brother to be anything like you, and will never deal your kind of justice, to you the dead are dead and never should be grieved about" Hikaru ranting even without knowing herself what she was talking about, Mikuni justice was the right kind, she was just angry that Mikuni just hurt her brother. "Oh, forget it, I'll go look for Huang and the others" before she could leave the room started to shake, the roof ripped from the cottage they were staying at, they ran outside and looked up, it was wall of face pouring into the keyhole in the ground.

Mikuni ran towards the thing with the many silver faces, her Digimon partner Vasantmon in tow, she hit the thing with her quarterstaff, the weapon dissolved, Mikuni jumped as a silver tentacle reached for her, and nearly got her, the ground began to dissolve too, Mikuni was going to make another run at it, when Takajin and Hikaru grabbed her, and wrestled with her to stop her.

"Run" Takajin shouted at Mikuni, as she struggled to get back in the fray with whatever that thing was, but would have gotten her killed in the process, he continued to drag her until she finally gave in and ran with them.

They were running the ground, dissolving behind them, wild digimon screamed as they were dissolved, and the people that were in the path of fissure would dissolve as well, Takajin, Hikaru and Mikuni were trying to put up as much distance from the dissolving ground as possible but it was catching up to them, Hikaru suddenly tripped, and the fissure nearly got her. When Mikuni grabbed her and pulled her away a second before it dissolved her too, they ran and ran, and then ran some more fatigue threatened to overtake them, when all seemed lost strange tunnel of filled with numbers appeared before them, and they ran into it without realizing it. All three of them appeared again in a metallic room filled with computers, the big one in front of them with a line in the center of its screen.

"Welcome to Hypnos, I am the Homeostasis, and we need your help. You have been rescued to form a team that might stem the tide against the D-Nemesis" said the monitor with the line shown on it moves like it was monitoring some kind of erratic heartbeat but was moving for every word said. "Now get rested up before you meet your teammates"

A door opened to the side of them, but before they could start going through it, Hikaru collapsed, she clutched her leg, as it was starting to dissolve. A group of people ran into the room, "She has been infected, we need to put her in stasis, before it kills her," said one of them that was wearing glasses, and the two big men were with him took Hikaru placed her on a gurney ushering her out of the room.

Takajin went to follow them, but the door, but it shuts and sealed itself, he tried to force the metal door, but it wouldn't budge, He rounded on the monitor, he was livid. "Who are you, and bring back my sister," he shouted at Homeostasis.

"That thing we rescued you from is called D-Nemesis, if your sister wasn't put in stasis, she would have been decompressed then absorbed by D-Nemesis, making it stronger. We are working on a way that might be able to extract people, but we don't know if after they are decompressed if they can be restored so they are essentially dead or do you want your sister to die" Homeostasis said, then pausing to hear Takajin's retort before continuing "Once D-Nemesis is defeated, your sister will stop decompressing"

Takajin hesitated until he saw Mikuni heading towards the door "what are you doing, " he called out to her, but she ignored him and exited the room, with him shortly following her.

Mikuni turned to face him when Takajin entered "I am being the hero of justice, I'll rescue Hikaru by joining their team to defeat this D-Nemesis" she said, raising her right hand in the air in front of her face, and then clenching it into a fist.

Looking down from an air ventilation shaft was Mitsuo, and Suzie Yamaki, with Ryo Akiyama; they were looking down into the room with the computer monitors in it "what the hell is going on down there?" Mitsuo said mostly talking to himself than asking anyone an actual question, keeping his voice quiet so no one but those in the ventilation shaft could hear him. He had stolen security plans for this building before he was fired from Hypnos, so he knew every inch of this facility, and Ryo, and his daughter were very adept hackers. "Homeostasis, so an Artificial Intelligence program took my place at Hypnos, I don't know if I should be insulted or complimented by this?"

"Did you hear enough of that Mitsuo Yamaki?" Said a voice from below, and the vent started to shake, and lowered, it opened to depositing Mitsuo Yamaki and company in front of the computer monitor. "Greetings and welcome back to Hypnos, can you please be of assistance?"

"Why should I help you, Hypnos fired me, I might not even want to be a part of this operation anymore, one that creates one possible ticking time bomb one after another and calls them pets" Mitsuo Yamaki said through gritted teeth, his animosity had only gotten stronger since he was let go over 2 years ago "I might want to sit back and watch you burn"

"You would watch the world burn for a grudge against Hypnos. That is exactly what is going to happen if this D-Nemesis isn't stopped, I plead with your humanity" Homeostasis said before continuing "Think of your Adopted daughter, and her best friend being decompressed into data by D-Nemesis, their atoms becoming a part of it"

Mitsuo Yamaki growled as he felt like this Computer was threatening him "Fine, what do you want me to do" he said still through gritted teeth.

"Suzie, Ryo, and you, are to head into your rooms, the lights in the hall will lead you to them. You are waiting there till called, I'll be putting together teams after making calculations on that matter" Homeostasis said as arrows leading out of the room lit up on the floor. They hesitated before following the arrows, Mitsuo was still seething even though he agreed that the situation needed their expertise, but working for the people who had fired him for voicing his concerns about digimon was grating on him, and they were genuine concerns he had been showing. Was showing the truth, something wrong to do and he would keep bringing up the truth, no matter what happens to him.


Takajin and company were now in a hallway filled with doors, Takajin turned to see Mikuni followed closely by Vasantmon, Sunmon, and bringing up the rear was a downcast Moonmon, she looked like she had been crying. It has been very understandable for her to be depressed since Hikaru, her human partner was in stasis right now, Takajin waited till the other passed him, and he stopped Moonmon "She will be OK, my sister will pull through this," he said fighting not to show uncertainty trying to give the little digimon the strength to pull through this herself.

Moonmon nodded "I hope so, I felt her pain as it started, it was like she was being pulled apart piece by piece and I would have been pulled apart too if they didn't put her in stasis" she smile sheepishly as she spoke. She had gained some resolve, but the longer it took for him to help Hikaru that would eventually fade into despair. "I'll do whatever I can but I can't fight without Hikaru, I am useless on the battlefield without her"

More arrows lit up in front of them, leading them further down the hallway till they reached one specific door, which opened as they got closer to it, sliding with a shush noise, they entered it, and the room was filled with bunk beds, but there were only two more people in there, one was a red haired girl and the other was a brown haired. Appearing beside the redhead was a yellow foxlike humanoid digimon who looked at Takajin and those with him with suspicion. A cat digimon jumped into the lap of the brown haired girl.

When Takajin got close enough the brown haired girl jumped to her feet, and ran up to him "Takajin! It's me Kari!" She said as she wrapped her arms around Takajin I a tight hug. He returned the hug remembering the time when Kari had been pulled into his world by Dragomon, he thought he would never see her again after that, she had returned to her own world, he was still glad to see a familiar face in all of this. "Did you find your missing friends?"

"Yes, I have, and this is one of them her name is Mikuni Suzubuya" Takajin said, gesturing to Mikuni "but my sister also came here with us she was infected by D-Nemesis and is presently being kept alive in stasis"

"That's what happened to T.K. One of my friends, he was rescued like me, but he started to digitalize they rushed him out of the room and that was the last I saw of him. They say he's going to be ok once this D-Nemesis is defeated, I really hope so, "Kari said, looking downcast for a second before recovering into a forced smile "We defeated Dragomon together, we will defeat this one too"

"Who is that over there?" Takajin asked, pointing to the redheaded girl with the fox digimon "That digimon of hers is eyeing me like I am her prey, it's rather uncomfortable"

"That's Rika Nonaka and Renamon, it took me a while for me to get her to even talk to me" Kari answered, looking over to where Takajin was pointing "she apparently came from a world where Digimon is a TV series, video games and a card game; I was shocked to know that I am on TV there, shows are things thousands of people watch on my world"

"What about me?" Takajin asked, looking uncomfortable thinking of himself on what TV was, Kari had told him about the time she had been in his world"

"You are a character in a fanfiction. It's a story written by a fan of Digimon usually with characters from the series itself, but you are an original character in a Fanfiction called Digimon Sync" Kari said, placing a hand on Takajin's shoulder like she was trying to calm him down even though he wasn't upset, he wasn't he relieved that he wasn't being watched by millions of strangers, which had his skin crawling a moment ago.

That's when someone else entered the room, a man with Blond hair and shades, with a boy brown hair and a girl with maroon hair. Their arrival made Rika Nonaka stand up "Yamaki" she said, the man didn't react to her at all; he turned to face the two that came in with him.

"All I see is children here, is that all we have that can whatever this D-Nemesis" Mitsuo said removing his shades, even though he was talking to people that were about the same age as those in the room with them, he wasn't regarding them as children. He then turned back to the others in the room, "Hi, I am Mitsuo Yamaki, this is my daughter Suzie Yamaki, and her friend Ryo Akiyama and I guess I am here to whip you into shape"

Rika Nonaka blinked and tried to process the information that had been given to her, which finally she came to the conclusion that these weren't the same people she knew from her dimension, "I am Rika Nonaka" she said, still with a slight confusion in her tone.

"Kari Kamiya, I am pleased to meet you" Kari said, as she bowed in their direction "That computer said we are waiting here to be put into teams"

"I am Takajin Subaru, I'll do whatever it takes defeat this D-Nemesis, my sister depends on it!" Takajin nearly shouted, as he spoke.

"I am Mikuni Suzubuya; anything that threatens the lives of the innocent will be brought to justice, and one that lags behind shall be left behind if it keeps me from dealing the death blow to the D-Nemesis" Mikuni said, like she was giving some pledge of allegiance to some religious sect.

"You kids have some serious spunk, and from the looks of some of you, you are not from this dimension, but I rather have only the three of us deal with this instead of dragging children into the fray" Mitsuo said, putting his shades back on.

"From the way is described the thing is digital, and we are the hackers to deal with it, not children and their pet digimon" Suzie Yamaki said, putting her hands to her hips and taps her floor like a disappointed parent. These three were not making friends so far with what they had said, even If Ryo Akiyama was actually his expression was as almost as smug as those standing beside, they were showing a complete lack of modesty in their attitudes.

"She is a not child, She might look like one but she has faced things and is truly battle tested, I wouldn't have chosen her as my partner" Renamon said, with her left paw clenched into fist

Rika Nonaka smiled, and walked over to her digimon partner's side "Don't make me have to walk all over you, so can we fight this D-Nemesis, I ran as it destroyed my world, me and my friend Takato were the only ones to survive I am not letting you tell me what to do. You might not be my Yamaki but I didn't let him tell me what to do either, " she said, crossing her arms in defiance.

"You don't understand this is a situation for adults to handle, and fighting beside these creatures is dangerous as I guess that's why that A.I. Wants you here and I don't think you needed here for this at all" Mitsuo said through gritted teeth, he was visibly angry about something other than what was stated by him.

"I beg to differ" said a voice, from the wall to the left of everyone, which began to slide open, revealing a monitor, it was another computer screen like the one in that metallic room, and the same line crossed its center and waved like a pulse monitor every time it spoke. It was the artificial Intelligence known as Homeostasis again. "We don't just need computer hackers" I said before the picture on the monitor finally changed showing a ball, an enormous metallic sphere made up of faces, all contorted in rictus smile. But all eyes were closed, like it was sleeping "this thing pierces the dimensional barriers, it has destroyed worlds, and it will destroy more if it isn't stopped, and it will eventually come here. You and these so called children are our last hope, now get over yourself and do your job, or existence as you know it will be gone"