The Pokemon world. Where people and pokemon coexist in harmony. Filled with unbelievable adventures, unique pokemon, and interesting people, this earth was the closest thing to a mutual utopia ever reached. The pokemon weren't encaged. The people weren't terrorized, and everything seemed to be in perfect order.

But that was four years ago.

There was, in fact, a time as ideal as that one. However, the world soon discovered that the millions of pokemon, with all their different habits and niches, wore out their resources. Originally, the champions planned to solve this problem by splitting their world into twelve "districts", and everyplace else was vegetation for pokemon to thrive in. They later discovered this didn't work because of all the pokemon who wanted to live side by side with humans.

To fix the growing problem of too many pokemon and not enough food, it was decided that only the least needy and least troublesome pokemon would survive. They killed off all pokemon except for a select twenty-four species. The remaining pokemon were spread throughout the world and sent to live in peace with humans. However, almost immediately after, disaster struck.

The surviving, vengeful pokemon attacked and poisoned the land. The world's remainder of food soon shriveled to hardly anything.

To keep their now-chaotic civilization in order, the champions of the regions decided on a smart, clever way to keep their lives intact:they would hold games. The rules were simple:for one day every year, two trainers would be chosen to start their pokemon "journey"-in a deadly arena on live TV. They would bring nothing but their starter pokemon, whose type had to represent their district and their pokedex. This day was later known as reaping day.

From then on, things got harder.

If poor families wanted food, they'd have to take a tessara, or tesserae in plural, to get a limited supply of bread and oil. In exchange, that person would have their name entered in the reaping additional times for an equal amount of tesserae.

This whole thing is their solution. The sick, twisted solution that they've come up with-and it's not changing anytime soon.

However, some people-people like me and my family-are apoplectic. Outraged. Burning with anger at their decision. And we want to change it, want to stop it. But like it or not, in a few days, we'll be having our first ever Hunger Games. On January 1st, of course, because nothing says "happy birthday" like seeing kids get reaped.

Not like it matters, though. I haven't taken one tessara yet. It's my annoyingly optimistic neighbor, Ash, who should be worried. After all, he's the only person I know who struggles to make end's meet. The rest of us-well, we're not an impoverish district. Although we aren't one of the Career districts, we are better off-which is why I have no sympathy for Ash. How lazy a worker do you have to be to fail at an easy job?

Our district is called the Electric District, but the Capitol refers to it as District five.