Author: WhiteFox
Title: Remember Us
Pairings: HP/SS
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, their backgrounds and surroundings. The only thing I own in this story is the current storyline itself. Everything else prior to it belongs to their respective owners.
Author Notes: I would like to take this moment to declare that I have neither read nor seen Harry Potter and therefore any mistakes made in this story are through my own ignorance. Please take it in stride for the sake of the story.
Warning: Rape, abuse, male pregnancy (non explicit), lemon.


Severus Snape was not by nature a very outgoing nor expressive person, unless one counted his generosity in liberally exposing others to his sarcastic tongue and overall bad temper. Yet today his frowns seemed to have gone on holiday with his scowls and his temper forgot to wake up. Today, Severus Snape managed to unnerve everyone including the Hogwarts Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. By being completely pleasant.

"Albus, I swear the pressure of the war has finally cracked that twisted mind of his."

Minerva Mcgonall was sitting in a comfortable wing backed chair facing the headmaster with a pained expression. It was late evening and the odd behaviour of one Professor Snape had finally driven her here.

"Now really Minerva, I'm sure there's a simpler explanation than that. Tea?"

"How much simpler can it be? More to the fact, what other explanation is there? Earl Grey, please."

"What about the fact that Harry has been around for over a week without a mission? Mooncake? It's a Chinese Muggle food. Rather tasty if I do say so myself."

"Harry has stayed in longer before and it has never affected Snape's behaviour. After seven years of marriage it's a bit late to start acting love-struck. These are quite tasty. How did you find them?"

"Well then, I suppose we'll have to wait until dinner for them to tell us. Harry notified me about wanting to make an announcement just before you came in. A Chinese student Order member sent it to me with some information secreted inside."

"I see. Interesting way of communication. Did he or she think it up on their own?"

"No, it seems that that was how her ancestors smuggled messages to each other when they were rebelling. I have another. It has egg in it. Perhaps you'd like to try it back in your rooms?"

"That is a wonderful idea. Goodbye Albus. See you at dinner."


The atmosphere at dinner was anticipatory. Dumbledore had let everyone know that an announcement was to be made by one Severus Snape and his life mate, Harry Potter-Snape.

The two stars of the show were late.

Finally, somewhere in the middle of the meal, the two men walked in. Severus was escorting his husband gently to the table, a smile of pride and joy lighting his normally dour features. Harry, on the other hand, looked drained but ecstatic.

As they were noticed, a hush began to fall over the hall. By the time they reached the table, the hall was completely silent.

For once undisturbed by the weight of the stares around him, Harry grinned and addressed his audience.

"All of you present know that I have been wedded to Severus since my sixth year. In all this time, we yearned to have a child of our own and I would like to take the opportunity to share my joy with you. Everyone, as of today, I am officially two months pregnant!"


The celebrations had run well into the night. Every student at Hogwarts from all four houses had been supportive and cheered at their news.

Finally retiring for the night, the Snapes bid their goodnights and retreated to the dungeons.

"I still can't believe the potion worked."

Harry relaxed and let out a contented sigh as warm arms embraced him. "I know Sev. It was such a touch and go thing. But now that we know it works, Remus and Sirius can finally start their own family too." Severus snorted and nuzzled the pale neck.

"Oh joy, a whole new brood of canines running around in Hogwarts. As if your father's group and yours weren't enough."

Harry chuckled. "You know you loved us."

Severus sneered. "Of course I did. I always wanted to be known as someone with less than one thought in my head to rub together."

Kissing his husband lightly on the lips, Harry lightly slapped his arm. "Be nice. Anyway, Sirius should have received my letter by now. They should be arriving…"



"Be quiet Padfoot. It's 1.30 in the morning. They could have been sleeping." A glance at the couple near the door. "Or not."

"Black. I see you still haven't managed to evolve into anything resembling an intelligent life form yet."

Remus Lupin shared a look with his godson-in-law and they both shook their heads. Shortly before his marriage, Severus had been exposed as a spy for Dumbledore. This had caused both him and Sirius to be forced to tone down their enmity to work together. While each had a grudging respect for the other, it did not stop them from falling into old habits.

Remus quickly stepped in before Sirius opened his mouth and woke up the whole of Hogwarts. "Severus, Harry. It's good to see both of you so well and with such good news. Congratulations!"
He pointedly ignored the muttered, "Sour faces everywhere. The lemon farms will go out of business."

Harry beamed and even Snape relaxed a bit, allowing a hint of a smile to escape. It didn't matter that everyone in school had seen him smile. It only mattered that Black /didn't/.

"Thank you, Remus. Are you two planning on staying long?"

Sirius shook his head. "We only came by to congratulate you. We've just had a report from Draco. Ol' fish belly is on the move."

"How is Draco? The twins are anxious."

Draco Malfoy had surprisingly become a trustworthy ally. The blonde Slytherin had approached Harry for advice on how to find a way to work against Voldermort and be protected from his father. Harry had immediately taken him to Dumbledore. It wasn't much of a surprise when a day later, Harry found that Draco had been put under his tutelage.

Teaching Draco what he needed to know about the Order and the way it functioned made them both realize the startling similarities each had to the other. Thus, their friendship was seeded and nurtured. When Draco was finally put on the field, he had been paired up with the Weasley twins. That was the first time Draco killed someone. The twins had comforted him and taken him under their wing.

Harry watched and encouraged the blossoming relationship between the three much to Ron's mixed horror and amusement. In turn, Draco began to help Harry build up his self-confidence. Only the young Malfoy knew of the troubles which lurked Harry's mind. Things that he couldn't speak to his husband or best friends about. It wasn't the issue of trust. It was about empathy.

"Draco is fine. He's already on his way back. He should be here by portkey in a couple of hours. Just some cleaning up to do."

Harry nodded. Sirius beamed at his godson. "This is it, Harry. After all these years of war, wearing him down and bloodbaths, we're finally going to catch Voldemort!"

Harry smiled and reached out to squeeze his excited godfather's hand. "Yes. We got Pettigrew last year and the raids have thinned the ranks of the Death Eaters considerably. But we must be careful more than ever now. Especially now. He will most certainly come after us once he hears that I am with child."

Sirius smiled dimmed but he nodded in agreement. "You and Severus as mush as I hate to admit it, were right though in trying for a child now of all times. The war has dragged on far too long especially for those who have chosen to stay at Hogwarts to fight. Your pregnancy will breathe new life into them."

Many of the students who had been a year above Harry, in his year and the subsequent years after had chosen to stay. What drew a lot of attention however, was that the majority of Slytherins had also opted to stay. Still, time had proven them sincere in the intentions to go against the Dark Lord and they had been accepted by the others. All who had reached a particular level of achievement were invited to join the Order. All had accepted.

Sadly, because they were agents of Light while their family members were Dark, it was unsafe for them to live away from Hogwarts. Thus they had lived in the castle since they chose to stay that first year the war had officially broken out. They only ventured out for missions and raids. Some, like the researchers and strategists never even stepped of the grounds at all. It was terrible this captivity but they bore it for the alternative was death if they were lucky, or torture at the hands of the family they had refused to fight with.

"Well, Harry. Sirius and I had better go. Severus, perhaps we could discuss this potion sometime in the future. After Harry's pregnancy has run its course."

"Of course Lupin. Goodbye to you both."

"Bye Sirius! Bye Remus!"

Once they were gone, Severus insisted that Haary go to bed at once.

"But Sev, It's not that late. I wanted to read that report Zabini sent me before I turned in."

"Absolutely not. Your body needs rest. You may read the report tomorrow or I will read it for you. Now, you sleep."


And so the months passed and Harry and Severus quickly discovered together the mood-swings and cravings pregnancy brought a person. The more advanced the pregnancy became, the more sensitive Harry became. The slightest thing would cause him to flare up or break down. In the end, it was Draco whom Severus recruited to help him as Harry would respond to no one else when he was in a mood. Draco would sit with Harry in his room and quietly soothe the green-eyed Griffyndor's fears and insecurities.

"Harry, Harry it'll be fine. Severus loves you both. He's ecstatic to have the child."

"He won't be once he finds out about me. I just KNOW it," replied Harry despondently. "He'll leave me and find someone who suits him better. Someone clean."

Draco winced. So that's what was bothering Harry. "Harry, you know he's not so shallow. He loves you Harry. Only you. Even if he found out he wouldn't leave you."

Harry shook his head and placed a hand on his swollen belly. "But everyone will hate me and then they will hate him. He's already had so much pain in his life. I don't want to be the cause of more. He should never have… never have…"

Draco was immediately alert. It took him a full minute to realize that Harry was not having a panic attack.

"Oh my god! SEVERUS! SEVERUS! Harry's having the baby!"

But no Severus came. Instead it was Sirius who rushed in.

"Oh god, Harry's having the baby! Harry's having the baby!"

"You idiots!" shrieked Harry. "Get ME to inFIRMary! DOn't just stANd THEre!"


When Severus returned he was greeted with the sound of his lover in a bloodcurdling scream. Fearing for his lover's safety, he immediately ran all the way to the infirmary and was met by Draco just outside the room.

"Where have you been!?" cried Draco. Severus noticed an accusing glint in the blonde's eyes but ignored it for the moment.

"Virgina Weasley was captured on a scouting mission and I was the closest at hand. It was an emergency mission. What's wrong with Harry?!"

Draco just stared at Severus for moment and the older man had the distinct impression that he had failed something critically in those slate grey eyes. "Harry has been in labour for the past six hours."

Another cry of pain pierced the air. Draco hunched his shoulders at the sound even as Severus winced.

"I should be with him."

Draco stepped in front of the door and shook his head. "No, right now it's only Poppy and a few other medi-wizards. No one else is allowed in, in case we distract them."

Something was wrong. Severus could just feel it permeate the air. "What's /wrong/? TELL me!"

"It's a breach birth. The baby didn't turn, so he's not in position to come out. They can't perform a C-section so their trying to turn the baby and get his head into position."

Draco swallowed audibly and turned his head away. "There is a chance that either one of them or both might die."

Severus felt the world turn on its side as he stumbled back and landed on the floor. He could do nothing except stare at the door which separated him from his family and wait.



Severus just managed to escape being throttled by and enraged Sirius Black.

"I didn't want to go! Dumbledore wouldn't let me refuse!"

"You could have come to me! I would have gone for you!"

"That's enough noise, if you please. Sirius, I needed Severus to go because he was familiar with the area Miss Weasley had been captured in. Severus, I'm dreadfully sorry about taking you away from your husband at such a critical time. It was very bad timing on my part but the information Miss Weasley had for us was extremely important. Time was of the essence. I hope you both understand."

Neither did, nor did Draco who was leaning against the wall nearby, but none said a word. What was the point.

So now they waited together, hoping and praying for the safety of the two in the room.


The wail of a newborn pierced the air, bringing everyone out of their stupor. Quite a crowd had gathered outside the door. Dumbledore, Minerva, Severus, Draco, Fred and George, Sirius, Remus and Hermione were all there. Most of the others who would have been there were either still in the field on duty or in the infirmary being tended to and healing.

The door opened and an exhausted Madame Pomfrey stepped out carrying a crying child wrapped in a soft towel.

"Congratulations Severus. You are now the proud father of a healthy baby boy!"

Everyone cheered and Hermione even hugged him as the forbidding man reached out to take his newborn son. But happy as he was, there was a part of him that remained stiff and frightened. What about Harry? Was all that blood on her clothes normal? There was so much blood. Could anyone afford to lose so much blood and live?

"Poppy… Poppy, what about Harry? Is he alright?"

Before the medi-witch could answer, a shrill cry from one of the doctor's cut her off.

"Poppy get in here NOW!"

She turned and ran into the room, slamming the door shut behind her. Outside, the now silent group could here muffled shouts as they tried to fix whatever had gone wrong.

Severus felt himself start to shake and even with his iron control he could not stop it. Passing the child to Remus, he stood in front of the door and placed his pale trembling hands against the dark wood.



It was another two hours before the door opened again. Severus stepped back allowing the weary Madame Pomfrey space to come out and close the door quietly behind her. Her face was serious and the tensions lines around her eyes were prominent.

"Poppy? Is Harry… alright?"

A deep sigh. "He's currently stable but we nearly lost him. He lost too much blood and his body is much too weak and damaged. He's still in critical condition. If he can make it through the next 24 hours, he will be on a slow road to recovery but he will recover nonetheless."

Severus didn't know whether to be relieved or worried about Harry.

"There's more. He cannot bear anymore children Severus. He MUST not. If he tries for another it is highly likely that he will die. His body is currently very weak and his magic is all but non-existent. I know the magic was a side effect that you both took into account but because of his physical health, he won't be able to perform even the smallest charm."

Severus nodded. "I will make sure he rests and eats what he needs to recover."

"Good. Don't give him anymore potions for sleep or health right now. It will just interfere with his recovery."

Severus frowned, "Poppy, I've never given Harry any potions at all. I have no idea what you're talking about."

Draco knew he had to step in before things escalated to the point where others found out things Harry had guarded so carefully.

"Madame Pomfrey, Severus. I think it would be better if we had this conversation elsewhere," he uttered quietly. Severus immediately realized that Draco was involved somehow and that Harry's well-being and privacy was at stake.

"All right. Poppy is it alright to use the adjoining room to Harry's?"

"Yes, yes that's fine. Severus leave your son with Remus and come with me. The rest of you can return to your duties."

When she spoke like this, no one dared disagreed and even Sirius left without complaint.


Draco shut the door behind him with not a little reluctance. Raising his head, he bit his lip as he came face-to-face with the intense stares aimed his way.


"Draco, why have you been giving Harry potions without telling anyone?"

The young man averted his eyes as he answered. "Harry has nightmares. Bad ones. He wanted to sleep a night through once in a while without waking up at all hours of the night. When… when he and Severus began to start a relationship, he didn't want him to know how messed up he was. He was afraid Severus would decide he was too troubled and leave him."

Severus felt the slow burn of anger begin within him. In controlled tones, he voiced the next question. "Did he think that I was so shallow that I would leave him because he was feeling the effects of stress that life has put upon him?"

The disappointment and hurt was obvious to Draco and the blonde winced.

"It's not like that. Harry /knows/ you're better than that but he has moments of doubt. It's because of how he was brought up. It had nothing to do with you, Severus. But about a month into the relationship I told Harry that he had stop taking the potions. That it would be better to allow his body to heal itself properly. He never asked me for potions after that and I assumed he was recovering because I saw very little of him. When I finally went on a mission with him again he was completely healthy and I thought he was fine. Off the potions."

"That was the time when Harry asked me to teach him potions!" Severus realized. It had that time spent together which had eventually paved the way for their getting closer. The irony wasn't lost on Severus.

"Merlin, we learned about each other through all that time spent teaching potions. If I hadn't we might never have married at all."

Madam Pomfrey sighed and shook her head. "Harry is stubborn. We all knew that. It was foolish of us to take whatever he told or showed us at face value. Still, he should be waking around now and he'll want to see you Severus."

The dark man nodded and swept into the adjoining room, his robes whispering softly. A sharp glance at Draco however told the younger man that the conversation was far from over.

/Oh gods damn. Harry please forgive me./


Severus walked into the room expecting to find his husband sleeping on the bed.


A quick glance round confirmed that his mate was nowhere in the room and that a window which should have been closed was wide open. Severus spun on his heel and flooed Dumbledore immediately.

"Albus! Albus, he's gone! Harry's gone! Albus do something!"

"Calm down Severus! What about the baby?"

"The baby is with Remus I think. I don't know. Albus we have to save Harry. He's not well!"

"I'll send some men out immediately. Severus you are not to go. You must stay with your son for now. He will need you. If anything has happened to Harry you have to be well enough to care for your child."

The headmaster's image disappeared and Snape snarled impotently at the now normal fire. How could Dumbledore do that to him? Stay back? His husband was out there! Still, it was thaqt hateful logic of Dumbledore's about his son which held him back. He couldn't leave his newborn son an orphan so soon after his birth. Harry would never have wanted that.

"Damn you Albus! Damn Voldemort! Why can they not leave us in peace!"

The Potions Master stormed out of the room to retrieve his son from his godfathers.


Harry woke up with trepidation. The air around him was cloying and thick with the smell of incense. He sensed the softness of the bed beneath him and knew that he was not anywhere in Hogwarts.

"My dear darling whore, finally awake I see."

Harry's heart went cold. The sibilant hiss of his nemesis chilled him but not as much as the words.

/He cannot know. I told no one but Draco and he would never tell./

"I know what you are. You're not the pure, good saviour they think you are. You don't belong among them. You belong here with me, with us, under the earth. Away from the light. You were put on this earth for only one reason, my dear and that is to serve."

Cold hands touched him. Stroking his skin gently yet invading his body, numbing his mind and sullying his soul. Harry trembled and tried to move but he was too weak and his body would not obey. He had not even been allowed his voice to protest.

"There is no escape, dear one. You will serve us all and you'll love it. You will live and die in the dark a whore to Voldemort and those who follow him."