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Chapter 2

Once Remus was sure little Silas was sleeping fine he went to the adjoining room and sat down on the couch beside a brooding Sirius. The animagus had no idea whether to be elated Harry was alive, sad at the condition he was in or raging at the obvious treatment his godson had had to endure during the past 3 years.

"The little one sleeping alright, Remi?"

"Yes. He was quieter today. It's almost as if he knew something was up."

Remus was also a little disturbed. It was the first time ever that Silas had asked for his mother.

"Silas did something peculiar today."

"Oh? What did he do?"

"He asked me if he could see his mother."

Sirius head shot round to stare at Remus. The werewolf shook his head.

"No, he's never done it before. And as far as I know, no one has mentioned Harry or maternal figures around him either. I have no idea where it came from."

"It could be one of those random children babblings."

There was a hopeful look in Sirius eyes and Remus found himself nodding hesitantly.

"It is possible. I guess I'm just so rattled at finding Harry again that when the question, ill-timed as it was, was thrown at me I began to look for things that weren't there."

His best friend nodded and settled back into cushions of the couch.

"How's Snape holding up? It's gotta be hard for him."

The feud between Sirius and Snape had died a quiet death a week after Harry went missing. The obvious grief the man had displayed while being forced to wait instead of being part of the search for his husband had struck a chord in Sirius and they had eventually left their fighting behind them.

"I don't know. Apparently there was more going on with Harry than anyone ever knew. Only Draco seems to have been privy to whatever it was. He should be with Severus right now. He said something about telling him things he needed to know."

A frown appeared on the other man's face.

"Why would Harry confide in Draco and not Severus? It doesn't make sense."

Remus shrugged.

"I don't know either. Don't jump to any conclusions though. Harry and Draco were close but they were never involved."

Sirius closed his mouth and nodded.

"It's so confusing. I hope everything doesn't blow up in our faces. The whole world is celebrating Voldemort's death and here we are nearly falling apart. I always thought victory would be sweet. Instead, I just feel this aching weariness in me."

Remus breath hitched. He knew how the other man felt. Anyone who had been so intricately involved in the war probably felt the same way.

/So many gone. So many with lost innocence we can never give back or regain. This war has ruined so many lives before they had a chance to begin. What will we do now?/

They had been fighting so long. As agents, survivors, warriors, soldiers. What was left to those whose life had been consumed by war? Where would the children who were children no longer go? What would they do in a world no longer needing their brand of protection? How would they adjust?

/The Slytherins will find difficulty in being accepted into society but the others, the others will find it difficult to accept back society. They have all lived so long without it, especially in the crucial formative years of their lives. They will always feel separate. Knowing what they know, having seen what they have throughout the years./

And if it was so difficult for them, what would happen to Harry, his mind suddenly asked. Where would someone, who had endured nothing resembling a peaceful life go in a world only too eager to put the devastation of behind them and move forward into an era of peace?

"I fear for everyone here," murmured Remus to himself softly catching his best friend's attention. "But I fear mostly for Harry who has never really had a chance to just be. Always he has been something to someone. What will he do now? Where will he go?"

"He has us, Remus."

The werewolf faced his friend at those firm words. Staring into steady dark eyes, he listened to the words his friends spoke.

"He has us. No matter what happens, what he has become, he will always have his family. You, me, Severus, Draco, the Weasley's and anyone else who ever truly cared for him. We are his family and we will stand behind and beside him. I couldn't help him before, but I will not sit back and wallow in self-pity when I have the opportunity to help now."

The knot of anxiety which had taken residence in his stomach without his notice, began to loosen in Remus at those words. A small smile crept to lips and a spark in his eyes which had died three years ago began to reignite.

"You're absolutely right, Padfoot. And I'm with you all the way."


Lucius Malfoy's steps were silent as he made his way to his sanctuary. His steps were heavy and grief stricken. He had returned to the underground base to find Voldermort a pile of ashes and many of the Death Eaters cold corpses on the ground.

The boy, Harry was gone as well. He assumed he had escaped or been taken back but when no proclamations had been given shouting the return of the Boy-Who-Lived, Lucius had to allow himself to contemplate the idea that Voldermort might have killed him before meeting his own demise.

/But then where is the body?/

Pushing the door open to his hidden home, Lucius let his tumultuous thoughts run amok in his head as he sank onto the couch before a blazing fire.

"Oh Harry," he murmured sadly, "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you."

And it was all /His/ fault.


George Weasley was exhausted and drunk. But he wasn't celebrating. No, he was in fact drowning his sorrows. Draco had not been to see him since his final mission to attack the Dark Lord and his twin and other lover Fred, was in a coma in the infirmary.

/Where he has been for the past two years./

Bitter. George was bitter. Draco seemed to manage to hold himself together and George as well, but when the blonde wasn't there, the red head fell apart. He needed his twin back. It was impossible to live with only a third of your soul.

/Draco, where are you? I need you. Fred needs you too. We should go see him./

A little over three months ago, he had been taken of active duty after being declared mentally unfit. It was a gross understatement. The normally vibrant and outgoing prankster had become clingy and unreasonable. He wavered between lucidity and insanity and until Fred woke up, he would remain so. Even Draco only managed to give him solace temporarily.

He stumbled through the doors of the medical wing which swung open silently. Shuffling quietly down between the beds containing slumbering injured, he found himself unconsciously approaching a private room at the end of the hall.

It was quiet inside, and George struggled with himself to understand why he was here.

/Fred is on the other side. Not here. Why am I here? What is this attraction?/

Frowning, he absently entered the room and approached the sleeping figure on the bed. As he stared at the stirring figure, he struggled to remember what it was that attracted him. He remembered something. A story his mother had told him so long ago. What was it…

/…fairy? No… Fae! Attract people… and something about a… a wish?/

And then George remembered.

/We have a fae! I could wish for Fred to wake up! All I have to do…/

He reached down and pulled away the sheet covering the nubile body. Entranced by the nymph magic, he eagerly scrambled over the body. All thoughts about right and wrong and betraying his lovers absent from his mind. Only two things dominated his thoughts.

To get his Wish and to take this sweet body.

Warm arms divested him of his garments and pulled him closer. George moaned and began to grind his hips against the creature beneath him.

He looked down into green eyes and whispered hoarsely, "You can get him to wake up can't you? Get Fred to wake up."

And the legs parted, allowing entry into the silken heat. He sank into heaven with a low growl and began to rock his hips. Arms and legs closed around him pulling him closer to feel the warmth of the other body against his. Lips, red and swollen from use touched his ear gently as the fae replied softly.

"If that is your Wish."


Draco stiffened as he felt his soulmate's arousal through their bond. There was an urgency laced into it which made him uneasy.

/Fred is still unconscious. George would never seek anyone else out but me. What is he doing?!/

And then his eyes widened in horror.



Severus was startled when his former pupil who had been about to say something, shot to his feet and ran to the fireplace grabbing a handful of floo powder.


"Severus, hurry! We need to get to the infirmary!"


Two quick strides and a handful of floo powder later, they were both in the infirmary and making a beeline for Harry's room.

A room the mentally unstable and completely shit-faced George Weasley was exiting from.

Severus felt as ill as Draco looked.

The blonde was shaking as he stepped towards his lover. His voice cracking as he spoke.

"George… What have you done?"

The redhead swayed where he stood, a sloppy grin on his face. He exuded sexual satisfaction and his eyes held the manic light of someone not all there.

"I made a wish. I wished for Fred to wake up."

Severus felt his throat close up. Surely he didn't mean…?

/Harry was his friend! How could he?!/

Draco, unwilling to believe his lover so far gone as to be so callous, asked another question. His eyes screaming his need for George to deny what he knew had happened.

"We all wish Fred would wake up, George. We just have to wait."

George shook his head happily and fell to the floor as he lost his balance. Grinning up at the two man towering above him, he answered, "Not anymore. I made a Wish. There's a fae in that room. Fucked it good. Fred will wake soon!"

The last thing George remembered was the scream of rage Severus Snape let loose before sending him flying into the wall and unconsciousness.


Draco bit his lip in anxiety as he watched his sleeping lover on the bed. George had been placed in the bed beside Fred and was in deep sleep. Severus was in Madame Pomfrey's office telling Sirius and Remus what happened and raging at her for her lack of caution. Draco was only glad they had put up silencing charms before getting into the argument. From the vibrations he could feel from the floor, there was more than a little object breaking going on.

He had never seen the man so angry before. George had suffered a concussion, broken shoulder and elbow as well as a dislocated hipbone just from impacting against the wall. If Draco hadn't held Severus back, the older man would probably have hexed the redhead to death.

There was guilt in his heart as Draco realized that at that moment he really couldn't find any reason to blame him. Not after what his lover had done. And yet, Draco knew that it wasn't completely George's fault. The ability to resist the attraction depended a lot on the person's willpower to ignore it. In his lover's precarious mental condition, it was easy to see that that was next to impossible.

/But still, I don't think Severus is going to be as understanding or forgiving./

And what would George think of himself when he finally regained lucidity? How would he react knowing he had raped someone he had come to regard as a brother for his own selfish purpose?

/I don't know what to do anymore. Everything's spinning out of control. Too many things are happening at once. What do I do?/


The soft query made the blonde lift his head to see the two remaining Marauders standing at the foot of the bed, concern evident in their eyes. There were also hints of anger there, more so in Black but neither of them tried to attack.

"You know..?"

Remus nodded, tightening his grip on his friend who growled softly eyes on George before returning his gaze to Draco.

"Yes. Severus flooed us a few minutes ago. Silas is with Charlie under strict instructions not to let anyone know he's there. He thought you might want some company and someone to talk to. He's still preoccupied with Poppy."

"Thank you," smiled the blonde gratefully.

Gesturing to the chairs on the other side of the bed, he invited them to sit.

"How are you holding up, Draco? You haven't had a proper break since we returned from the mission. Have you even eaten yet?"

Sirius may be angry at George, but one look at the bedraggled blonde and everything else was pushed aside. Draco had been the strong one for so long, and the man knew he was due for a breakdown soon. He had been the support and glue which had held George together, had been the confidant to Harry and borne the guilt of keeping his oath, been the one to watch over Severus and try to help the man make things right in his life, even for Sirius and Remus he never truly showed weakness, wanting them to see he was fine so that they could worry about themselves. All this, from the moment Harry had disappeared. It was almost as if he had been standing in, waiting for his best friend to come back.

/And now he's back, and Draco's shields are collapsing as is he./

Remus got up and sat down beside Draco.

"Draco, you can rest now. We are here. We'll be here for you. Lean on us for awhile. You don't always need to be strong one. It will break you in the end."

/Like it broke Harry./

And that was enough. As the tears began, Draco found that he could not stop the flow. Curling up in Remus warm arms, he heard Sirius approach as well, and felt another pair of hands rubbing his back soothingly. All his pain, anguish, the guilt and turmoil in him, he let out in tears and heart-rending sobs. 5 years of pent up grief and regrets were trailed down his face in salty tears.

"Shh, things will work out Draco. You'll see. It will be a difficult road but we will make it. Trust in yourself and in us. It will be alright in the end."

And so continued the whispered litany as the two friends comforted the younger man. They did not see the dark figure at the door watching quietly as the tears subsided and the men finally retreated allowing the other his space to compose himself.

"Thank you."

Tremulous and heartfelt, it said much for Draco Malfoy's condition.

"You are family, Draco. Harry thought of you as brother. You are in effect, our godson too."

Just then, Sirius saw Severus at the door.

"And what about you, Severus? How are you holding up?"

A tired shrug.

"As well as can be expected I suppose. However, there is something else I wish to speak to all of you about. It's about Harry."

Something in his tone caused them to focus on him immediately.

"What about Harry?"

Ignoring Remus' sharp tone, Severus leaned against the doorframe tiredly, before answering.

"Poppy has just finished checking on him."

No one missed the way his grip tightened on his wand and all tensed. There was definitely nothing good coming.

"It would seem that Harry has been penetrated twice. Although traces of… him," a nod to the sleeping Weasley, "were found. The first attacker was wise enough to remove all traces of himself."

Remus hated himself for asking this and cast an apologetic look at Draco.

"Could it not just have been the same… person… both times?"

This time it was Draco who answered. His tone was soft and had no anger in it, reassuring Remus.

"No, it wouldn't make any sense. George knows that to make one Wish, you sleep with a fae once. His only wish was for Fred to wake. There would be no reason for him to…"

Severus nodded in agreement.

"Draco is correct. Aside from that, the first attack took place some two hours before the second. At that time, there were reliable witnesses including a sober Charlie stating that… he… was on the Quidditch pitch at that time."

"This is bad. We have one unknown entity running around our camp who not only knows we have a fae, but is not afraid to exploit him. He has to dealt with."

The look on Sirius face was enough to make anyone understand why he had been a believable murderer before. The fact that no one could miss that the said fae was his godson Harry Potter, mated to Severus Snape, but would still violate him anyway made the animagus blood boil.

"Calm down Padfoot. We can't go off, half spelled. We need to find out who it is first."

"It has to be an ally, much as it disgusts me to admit. A Death Eater would have either killed him or taken him."

This was even more troubling. The people in the castle while all allies were numerous and there was a constant flow in and out at the moment and revelers and family visiting wounded came and went. Who was to say that the guilty party had not already left?

"I hate to say it, but we will have to worry about it later. Right now we have to focus on the problems we /can/ do something about."

No one disagreed with Remus and the werewolf let out a sigh of relief.

"First, where will Harry stay when Poppy releases him?"

An hour earlier and Draco would have suggested his home but after what had occurred, he knew it was no longer safe. And he doubted Severus would have agreed even if it were the last place on Earth.

"What about with you and Sirius?" he suggested instead.

/He can't stay with Severus because it would most likely make him hysterical again. Like back in Voldemort's base. Until we can get around that…/

"Severus, are you ok with this?"

One look at the man was enough to show he was most definitely not ok, but gave a curt nod all the same.

/Oh Harry, I wish I could take care of you./

But the memory of his husband's reaction to him was fresh in his mind. He knew that it wouldn't be conducive to his healing to force his presence upon his love when all it did was agitate him.

"Are we going to let anyone know?"

"I very much doubt, Draco, that there is anyone who doesn't know or wouldn't know by tomorrow, judging from the amount of people who were present for the mission and were here when you brought Harry to Poppy."

"That's not good at all. They'll all be eager to see him and he's not in any state for that."

And probably wouldn't be for a long time, if ever.

It hung unspoken but present between the four.

"We will have to let Ron and Hermione see him, though. They'll be back tomorrow and they won't believe anything they hear. We'll have to let them see him."

"That is without question. It does pain me to admit that out of everyone, there are so few of us whom Harry regards as family left."

Draco felt his lips twist and Severus avoided looking at the blonde. They might have reached a level of understanding, but the blonde had far from forgiven the man for leaving his loved one behind so easily.

"I know," replied Remus quietly, missing the byplay between the two men although Sirius had not. The animagus kept silent however, choosing to delve into this mystery another time.

"Only Percy, Charlie, the twins and Ron left from the Weasley's, Hermione and her mother, Draco, you, Sirius and I. Blaise, Seamus, Dean, Crabbe and so many others are still here too, but they're not /family/."

"Gentlemen, a word if you please."

All turned to see Minerva McGonagall standing beside Madame Pomfrey. Both women looked extremely displeased and nervous.

"Minerva? What is the matter? Has something happened?"

The woman in question swallowed nervously and gripped her hands together tightly.

"I've been informed by the Headmaster that Harry is to be taken into Ministry custody and sent to St.Mungo's for intensive trauma therapy. Effective immediately."

There was a moment of silence before Severus broke from his stupor and ran to Harry's room. The other three followed, missing the guilty glances the two women shared.

Severus flung the door open and for the second time in his life, felt his heart break as the bed which his husband should have been in showed up empty.

The howl of rage and grief rang through the halls and many of the revelers stopped in their merry making, frozen by the chills the sound brought forth in them.

Severus was beside himself with anger. How dare they?! How dare they take him away! When he had finally gotten him back! They had no right!


McGonagall quickly cast a binding spell on the enraged man, preventing him from casting on her when it became obvious that he would not relinquish his wand to the strongest summoning charm. A quick glance at the three other men, and she quickly immobilized them as well. Draco and Sirius had nearly managed to hex her. A quick flick of her wand and a silence bubble was put up around them.

/Although, I fear Severus has already woken up most of the patients./

"Listen! Listen, please. It's for the best! They know what to do there. They are trained for trauma. We would only have made things worse if we kept him here."

"You know nothing! Nothing!" spat Draco venomously. "You think Dumbledore is so great! You think he's always right! Well, you're wrong! Dead wrong! Seeing you follow his lead blindly makes me sick!"

"Can't you think for yourselves?" cried Sirius. "Poppy, you're a medi-witch for god's sake! Surely you know that the best way to heal from trauma is to be surrounded by loved ones!"

"I know, Black. But you must understand, Harry isn't just a normal trauma case. I doubt I know enough to help and in his case, normal methods won't work."

"CASE?! CASE?! He's not a 'CASE'! How dare you label him like that! I never expected that of you Poppy! You always seemed to treat your patients as individuals! Is that what you were thinking when you helped me every full moon?"

The witch turned away from the hurt, accusing golden eyes.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "But it really is for the best."

The other woman sighed in resignation.

"I am truly sorry, but unless you promise not try to free Harry or see in while he is in St.Mungo's, I will have to obliviate you."


For the first time, Minerva flinched at the absolute hate she saw in their eyes. Never had she ever seen such negative emotion directed at her.

"It's only until Harry returns. Then your memories will be returned to you."

That did it. With a cry of fury, Severus broke from the spell, freeing the others with him and was just about to curse the witch when Blaise ran into the infirmary.

"The St.Mungo's carriage was attacked! Harry has been taken!"


Lucius had been lucky. Very lucky, to have left his hideaway for a second time on the same night. There had been no reason for it. Just an unreasonable need to go /somewhere/.

Or maybe, it was the Wish he had made.

Whatever it was, Lucius Malfoy had chanced upon a St.Mungo's carriage broken down by the road he was walking. There were two aurors present plus the two more medical staff. He frowned to himself.

/Why aurors? Unless it's someone important. But, there has been no news./

And then Lucius felt a niggling suspicion. Could it possibly be?

/Even if it isn't. I have to know./

He was lucky that the aurors were distracted, trying to help fix the broken wheel. They couldn't do it with magic as the carriage had a charm to prevent any magic being cast on it. This was to protect the staff from injury if the patient was volatile and prone to fits of magic.

He incapacitated the aurors first, then the two St.Mungo's workers. Grabbing the keys from the belt of one of them, he quickly unlocked the door and flung it open.

He felt his heart triple its rhythm as he saw familiar green eyes staring at him in fear.

"Harry, Harry my little one. It's Lucius. Remember me?"

And the fear bled away as recognition and delight took its place. The pale form crawled forward and launched itself into the blonde man's arms. Lucius was startled to realize Harry was speaking.

"Frightened… lonely… lost. Lost you… found you but… not you… The dark man… feel good and bad…lost. Scared…"

Lucius cradled Harry in his arms, and held him tight as he apparated quickly. He had no wish to be caught by the Ministry or the straggling Death Eaters out for revenge. As they entered his haven, he began to whisper soft comforts into the young man's ear.

"I'm here. I'll keep you safe. Don't worry. Lucius is here."

Laying him gently on the bed, he stroked the pale cheek gently as the other clung to his robes desperately. Afraid he would vanish or be taken away.

"I won't go anywhere, little one. Remember my last Wish? Remember? I wished to be able to protect and care for you. I won't hurt you. Never you, my little one. You've been hurt enough."

And he received the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Filled with all the trust and faith in the world, and all for him.


Safe. He was safe. The Other, Lucius, had come for him. He was safe now. Trust. He could trust this one. This one, who stirred no strange feelings in his heart. Here, all was calm. There was only protection. No strange, conflicting emotions making him want to laugh and cry at the same time. He felt nothing. Only knowing that he would be protected here. And he would stay, and be a good pet. It was only right.

His new master sat on the bed, beside him and covered him with the duvet. It was so wonderfully warm. He had been so cold in the carriage.

"Sleep, little one. I will be here. I will watch over you."

When the master orders, a pet must obey. And so, even though he wanted to watch his new master some more, he closed his eyes and tried to sleep. He didn't want to make the Other, angry and give him back to those people from the carriage. He wasn't like the other pets.

He was a good pet.

The Other would keep him.