Chapter One: Little Brown Eyes

Two weeks before. . .

Damon Salvatore removed his dark sunglasses as he sat in a stool in the dark, dirty bar in the outskirts of Mystic Falls his final destination. He snapped his fingers to get the bar tender's attention. "Bourbon. Double shot."

He finished the drink in one quick swipe and then placed it down with a large thump.

". . . yes, I know school starts in one week Aunt Jenna . . . no, I won't feel better once I start talking to people . . . yes, the summer with Sandy and Dereck was fine, it felt much more normal . . . I promise I will be home in one week, I just want for the first week of school to end, believe me I don't want nor need any more sympathy from people."

Damon let out a silent groan. When he walked into a bar he expected silence, moody emo music, and maybe some flirting. He surely didn't want to hear a loud conversation that seemed to come out of 7th Heaven.

He turned around to tell the girl off, when he froze. Katherine?

The girl certainly looked like his long, lost love that had been unfairly trapped in a tomb, thanks to his brother, Stefan. But even though the girl looked like Katherine, physically at least that's where the resemblance stopped.

The girl's hair wasn't as curly as Katherine's, it was wavier. She was dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a white blouse, and a caramel colored leather jacket with matching riding boots. She was talking with her aunt, holding her cell phone to her right side while pacing around impatiently.

She rummaged a hand through her chocolate brown hair. No, this was not Katherine. At least he didn't think she was.

"Yes, I'll call you when I get to Mystic Falls . . . say hello to Jeremy and Elena for me. I love you too." Then she turned off her phone and headed out the backdoor.

Slightly curious, Damon followed her outside. She was standing against the wall, smoking a cigarette. She sighed as she let out a smoke. Great, she was having her own pity party.

Damon walked towards her as he took the cigarette from her hand in one quick swipe, causing her to look surprise. Damon blew a small amount of smoke in her face. "Little young to be smoking, don't you think? What are you sixteen? Not very smart, brown eyes."

"Seventeen." The girl said irritated. "And my name isn't brown eyes, its Holly."

Damon gave a mocking bow. "Well, Miss Holly nice to meet you acquaintance. I'm Damon Salvatore. I couldn't help, but overhear your conversation with your dear, aunt. Mystic Falls is only a couple of hours away, and I would be more than happy to offer you a ride, I'm heading there myself to visit my brother."

"I'm sorry, I don't remember asking for your opinion." Holly said icily as she took the cigarette back from Damon.

"Call it friendly advice." Damon said as he took the cigarette from her and crushed it with his boot, much to her annoyance. "Smoking is bad for your health, FYI another friendly piece of advice."

Holly threw him a mocking smile as she rested a hand of his chest. Her tone sweetened almost immediately. "Damon, was it?"

Damon winked. "Yep." He popped the p.

Holly smiled at him before she jabbed her knee in his midsection as hard as she could. Damon groaned in pain as he sunk to his knees.

"And here is another friendly piece of advice, Damon." She said sweetly. "Mind your own business."

-End of Chapter One-

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