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Naoto - 9 years old

Ichigo - 7 years old

Herro! This is Eponine-chan and Sparkle9510! We decided to collaborate on a fanfiction together! This story will have NO romance between Ichigo and Naoto just friendship (seeing that my partner in crime is not allowed to write romance) SO! Please wait for the sequel to this story :) and you shall be rewarded xD ~ Eponine-chan

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"Nao-kun, do you have to go?" A seven year old Ichigo asked. Naoto, a nine year old boy, looked at his best friend. Tears were running down her face as she hugged him.

"Ichi-tan…" Naoto sighed. "I wish I could stay… but I have to go…"

"Will you come back?" Ichigo asked with hope shining in her eyes.

"Of course!" Naoto exclaimed. "But… When I come back, you'll probably fulfill your dream and already have a bento shop running. That's reminds me…" Naoto pulled a simple wooden rice scoop out of his backpack.

"Here," He said, "for when you feel lonely."

"Thank you so much!" Ichigo cried. "I'll take good care of it." Naoto ruffled Ichigo's blond curls.

"I know you will, Ichi-tan."

"Naoto!" A voice called. "Time to go!" Ichigo quickly held on to Naoto's hand.

"No! Don't go!"

"Ichigo, I have to go." Naoto said as he gently removed her hand from his. "I promise… I promise I'll never forget you and we will meet again."

"Pinky swear?" Ichigo asked, holding up her pinky. Naoto nodded, wrapping his around hers.

"Pinky swear," he swore.

"NAOTO!" The voice yelled.

"Good bye for now Ichigo." Naoto said as he started towards the voice.

"See you later Nao-kun!" Ichigo called after him, clutching her rice scoop and finally smiling. We'll meet again soon Nao-kun… I'm sure of it!

~ One week later ~

"Mommy! Mommy!" Ichigo cried running into the kitchen. "I can't find your cook book!" Her mother was nowhere to be found. Ichigo looked around before remembering that her mother was shopping. Surely her mother wouldn't get mad at her if she looked for the cook book in her mother's room, right? She opened the door. It was dark; where were the lights? As she felt her way around the room a light caught her eye. A drawer on her mother's dresser was slightly open and a sparkling light was pouring out of it. What is that? Ichigo made her way towards the drawer and opened it fully; the glow grew fainter. Curious, she lifted the object from the drawer as it faded. A card? The card had funny writing on it.

"Ah-ai… kat… zu." She read aloud. "Re-mem-ber… not… Coord?" The card seemed to respond to her words. It disappeared in a bright flash blinding her while filling up the room with light.

"MOMMY!" She screamed as darkness consumed her.

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"Ichigo? I'm home," Ichigo's mom called. "Where are you?" She concluded that Ichigo was sleeping and went to the kitchen to store the groceries. Once she was done, she felt tired and sleepy, so she stepped into her room, hoping to get some shut eye. To her surprise, she saw Ichigo sprawled on the floor, unconscious.

"Ichigo!" she called, rushing to her daughter's side. "Are you alright?" As soon as she made sure Ichigo was alive, she phoned the ambulance. The ambulance arrived minutes later and drove Ichigo, her mother, and her little brother to the hospital.

Ichigo's mother and brother waited outside the emergency room for the doctor to come out of it and report what happened. Finally, the doctor came out and her mother rushed towards him, asking multiple questions at once.

"Calm down. Your daughter..." he trailed off, but he had to tell them. "Your daughter has amnesia." She let out a huge gasp as she tighten her hold on Raichi, her son. Tears fell down her eyes.

"You can go see her now," he informed, walking toward the next patient. Ichigo's mom rushed into the room.

"Ichigo, my baby," she cooed. "Darling, are you alright?" Ichigo stared at her mother with dull, glazed, red eyes.

"Who are you?" Ichigo asked. All her mother could do at the time was cry and hug her daughter. Tears slid down her face, falling on the floor and on Ichigo's emotionless face.

Chapter 1

Seven years later… at Ichigo's house

"Ichigo! Can you believe it? We made it in!" Ichigo's best friend, Aoi exclaimed. The two had just been accepted to Starlight Academy, a school for idols. After seeing the famous Mizuki Kanzaki perform, Ichigo had been inspired to become an idol at any cost.

"Aoi! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see the dorms! Also, what do you think the food will taste like?" Ichigo asked, her eyes sparkling.

"Geez, Ichigo, all you think about is the food!" Aoi laughed as she hit her friend playfully on the head. "Of course dummy! It's a school for idols! Everything will be the best!"

"Girl's!" Ichigo's mother, Ringo, called. "Let's take some pictures!" The two ran downstairs to meet Ichigo's mother and Raichi with his camera.

"One! Two! Three! CHEESE!" They exclaimed as they posed and smiled.

"Here Aoi, take this." Ringo said as she handed Aoi a rice paddle. Ichigo on the other hand reached into her pocket and pulled out her own. It was a very faithful wooden rice paddle, as old and as worn as it was. It felt special to her, but she didn't know why.

"All right!" Ringo declared. "Turn those rice paddles into mics!"


~ Arrival at Starlight Academy ~

"Aoi… It's so big!" Ichigo exclaimed as they arrived at the gate of Starlight Academy. The two looked at the open gate, then looked at each other.

"On three?" Aoi asked.

"Sure!" Ichigo nodded.

"One… Two… THREE!" The two jumped over the thin line that separated them from the world of idols.

"Look Aoi! The legendary idol dorms!" Ichigo exclaimed.

"Look! The legendary idol cafeteria!"

"Look! The legendary-"

"Ichigo…" Aoi interrupted. "I think you're getting too overly excited… You should really watch where you're going…"

"But Aoi, It's just so exciting!" Ichigo said her eyes sparkling. "Come on, Aoi! Let's look over there!" She turned around, tripped, and began to fall just as someone was walking past her with a wheel barrow.

"Watch where you're going!" A boy's voice yelled, but it was too late; Ichigo closed her eyes and waited for the impact… that never came.

"Are you stupid?!" Ichigo looked up to see herself in the arms of a boy with black wavy hair that covered one of his gold eyes.

"You could have been hurt!" He cried angrily.

"I'm sorry," she stammered.

"Geez… Next time look where you're going." The boy said as he set her down and picked up his wheel barrow, walking away.

"Ichigo!" Aoi cried. "Are you okay?"

"Mmm, yeah…" Ichigo said as she stared after the boy. Who is he?

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The boy set the wheel barrow down by the flower garden. Who was that girl? I've never seen her here before… but somehow I feel like I know her… Could it be? Nah… it can't be her. Her dream is to run a bento shop, not become an idol… Then why do I feel like I know that girl? He frowned in confusion, but then brushed it off. Well… whoever she is, she's a weirdo who needs to look where she's going.