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Sink or Swim

There are certain things I didn't want to experience in my life and being trapped with two of the most annoying people on earth was one of them. Leo kept complaining and Mr. Davenport would occasionally burst into a fit of tears. For a while, I tried to be the sane one and try to calm them down but the need to strangle them was always in the front of my mind.

Finally, after who knows how long, the elevator started to move. As it moved closer to the living room floor, we could all hear Tasha banging on the door "Leo! Donald! Katie! Can you hear me?"

We pushed the doors opened and Tasha grabbed us into her arms "I was so worried!"

Mr. Davenport pulled her into a hug of his own "We're so glad you're okay."

"How did you fix the elevator?" Tasha asked.

Mr. Davenport sighed "Well it was incredibly difficult but, in the face of great diversity-"

Leo cut Mr. Davenport off "I shimmied up the shaft and flipped the emergency while he cried."

Tasha glared at him and he paused with wide eyes "But I coached him. At least my sprinkler system put the fire out before it spread to the rest of the house."

"What about the lab?"

When we went back down, my heart shattered like everything around us. The explosion ruined and charred everything…including the capsules. It was just another reminder that my best friends were gone.

"It's worse than I thought," Mr. Davenport sadly told us.

"The blast took out everything." Leo responded.

"I can't believe your own brother would do this," Tasha fumed "He could have killed Leo and Katie," Mr. Davenport looked at her hurt and turned quickly back to him "and you."

"My mission specialist desk," Leo said "Okay this just got real. I'm gonna hurt Douglas where he lives," He back tracked "As soon as I find out where he lives."

I looked around the room sadly "I can't believe everything is gone."

Mr. Davenport bent over the ashes and rumble where Adam, Bree and Chase's capsules were "Look at their capsules. There's nothing left."

"Even Eddie's gone."

"Yes!" Tasha cheered and all three of us slowly looked at her "Yes, he will be missed."

"He was my best friend," Now I know Eddie was a Davenport original and I know we're in mourning for the lab being gone but that's just sad. Eddie is only a computer. Mr. Davenport can upload him again.

"I thought I was your best friend?" Tasha approached him.

"No it was him."

Tasha crossed her arms and Leo spoke the million dollar question "What are we gonna do?"

"There's not much we can do," Mr. Davenport sighed "The house isn't even ours anymore."

"Speaking of which, the bank wants us out. I'll go gather what's left of our stuff."

Tasha left Mr. Davenport, Leo and I sadly.

Mr. Davenport looked around and Leo sighed "All your hard work. Millions of dollars' worth in equipment; gone."

"All this stuff can be replaced," Mr. Davenport said.

"Adam, Bree and Chase can't," I murmured.

"We have to find them," Mr. Davenport finished "Before Douglas does."

"How," Leo asked "They disconnected their GPS signals. They could be anywhere right now."


Meanwhile on a cargo ship somewhere at sea…

Men in yellow full body suits unloaded one last cargo case on deck before filing back inside the boat for the dinner shift oblivious to the three underage stowaways hiding behind the wooden boxes. As the rusted door shut closed, the stowaways came out of hiding.

Bree sighed "Well after the last six hours, I can confidently say there is no lady like way to sit on an anchor. And if Katie were here, she would totally agree."

"What are you complaining about?" Chase said, a feather from a bird sticking out of his head "I had a seagull using my head as a nest." Chase pulled the feather out of his hair.

"Where are we headed anyway?"

"No idea," Chase replied "I can't pinpoint our coordinates without our GPS locators."

"I bet we're going to Acapulco," Adam mused "It's where all the cruise ships go."

"Adam, we're not on a cruise ship. It's a cargo freighter."

"Well whatever it is, we're on vacation, okay? I'm making the most out of it." Adam replied.

"This is not a vacation," Bree scoffed "We're hiding from the FBI."

"And if they find out about us, we'll become guinea pigs and Mr. Davenport will go to jail," Chase finished gravely.

Adam sat upon a pile of thick rope and put on his sunglasses "Oh will you relax?" Adam sighed and tried to get comfortable "Ah, it's nice to get away once in a while, isn't it?" Adam lifted up his sunglasses "And where is that waiter?"

Both teens rolled their eyes and thought if Katie and Leo were here, they would make a classic remark of some sort. It was one of the things Chase missed about not being home…he was away from his girlfriend.

It killed him knowing how he left her with just that note. If it were up to him, he would have said all those things in person and told her she meant more than his own life did. She was perfect in every way possible.

Bree sighed. She was back to being the only girl within a hundred feet, heck, even more than a hundred miles. She was in the middle of nowhere with her two idiotic brothers! Bree knew who to blame and that was Principal Perry. If it hadn't been for her, they wouldn't be in this mess! If this didn't happen, she'd be back home, painting hers and Katie's nails and talking gossip all day…and then she and Chase would have a tug-o-war over her. Man did she miss those days.


Tasha trudged down the stairs with another suitcase and I wondered if most of these bags were hers "Almost ready," she said stepping on the last step "Just three more bags."

Just three more bags? How many articles of clothing can one person own?

"Tasha we're homeless. Do you really need all these clothes?" Mr. Davenport asked.

"These are yours," Tasha deadpanned.

That totally explains everything now!

"Oh, good," Mr. Davenport said and I rolled my eyes "Did you get my cashmere socks?"

"I cannot believe they're kicking us out," Leo said "Where are we gonna go?"

"Look," Mr. Davenport said "There is a five star hotel downtown. We can stay there until they can prove my account was hacked."

"How?" Leo asked "You have no money, no credit cards, nothing."

"Well, yeah, but I just thought we could tap into your college fund."

Leo's eyes went wide and he pointed a finger at him.

"What? I am a proud man. I cannot sleep on the street."

I sighed. The Davenport's have been there for me more times than I can count and right now they're dealing with really tough times. Maybe I could return the favor. I'm sure my dad won't mind the extra company.

"You can always stay with me?" I told them "We have a guest room, lord knows it won't fit all of you because it's so small, but my dad won't care."

Tasha smiled and Leo grinned like the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland but Mr. Davenport frowned "We appreciate the wonderful offer Katie but you've done so much for us already. We can't possibly take that too."

Tasha sighed at Mr. Davenport's stubborn behavior "I'll just call my mother. I'm sure we can stay there-"

Mr. Davenport stopped her "Street it is."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Leo went to open it. His eyes went wide when Principal Perry was on the other side.

"What's up Dooley?"

"Oh no no no no," Leo chanted and tried to shut Principal Perry out. She pushed her way through like the brute she is and weaseled her way past macho Leo.

"I see you did your squats today," Leo quipped.

Principal Perry flexed and I instantly covered my eyes "It's the power protein. I eat three whole chickens a day."

"Principal Perry," Tasha drawled "What do you want?"

"Nothing from you Betty Blue," Perry said "I just came here to shake down old Donny for my hush money. Keeping a bionic secret really takes it out of a gal," Perry went to mooch her way through Tasha's bag but Mr. Davenport stopped her.

I turned to Leo "I've been keeping their bionics a secret way longer than she has and not once has it been tiring," Leo tried to get a word in but I shut him off with a look "And that doesn't count how many times I've been involved with your crazy plans."

Mr. Davenport and Principal Perry continued to argue over him being broke but Leo and I shut them out. I focused on helping him pack everything.

I sighed and Leo looked at me "You okay Katie?"

"I miss them Leo."

"I know and so do I. Everything just seems so messed up right now. Nothing's going right and it's all Big D's brother's fault. I'm sorry you got caught up in all this."

"Leo, I love your family. I'd do anything for them," Leo opened his mouth to say something else "And if you're about say something about me leaving then you can forget it. I'm so not going anywhere."

My ears went back to Mr. Davenport and Principal Perry's conversation "Then perhaps I'll find another way to get my money. Maybe a tell all book; how one adorkable principal saved America from three bionic freaks!"

"Look, I'll get you your hush money but first we need a place to live and then we have to find Adam, Bree and Chase."

"Who," Perry asked.

I rolled my eyes at how much she doesn't pay attention to.

"The freaks," Leo replied and Principal Perry did some motion thing with her hands before she finally understood who we were talking about.

"So you're telling me," Perry started "The sooner you can find a place, the sooner I get my money?"

"That's right TP. You help us out, we help you out. You wash our back, we-oh," Leo and I shuttered at the imagery and I wanted to scrub my eyes out with holy water. No one needs or wants that.

"Alright! I'm in," Perry exclaimed "You can stay at my place as long as you don't mind sharing the john with eight cats and the occasional semi-pro bowler."

"I bet you my offer sounds a million times better right about now," I muttered.

Tasha smiled tersely "What if we stay at the school temporarily? Like when you set up the shelter for people after the big storm last year."

Oh yeah. I almost forgot about that. More than a thousand people were out of power for two days and at least five or six families had to spend the night at our school. Luckily I wasn't one of those people because of our emergency back-up generator.

"Oh! So that's why everyone was banging on the door trying to get in. I guess you can stay at the school."

"Okay so can you help us with our bags?" Mr. Davenport asked and Principal Perry grabbed the two behind Tasha.

"My pleasure," She grabbed them and went for the door. We heard her car door slam before we heard the sound of her car starting and the wheels turning on the cement.

"We're never going to see those bags again, are we?"

Leo shook his head. Maybe we should have seen that one coming from her.


Back on the cargo ship…

Chase sat down on one of crates before his brother and sister "Okay," He said "We're all clear. The crew just went to eat."

Adam took off his sunglasses "If it's veal shank I'm giving us up," He went to stand up but Bree called out his name and he sat back down in defeat.

"So what's our plan?" Bree asked and Chase sighed.

"Well as soon as we get to wherever it is we're going I guess we just blend in and live normal lives," Chase let out a heavy sigh and thought of the life he wanted to have and it wasn't thousands of miles away from home.

"Wait, so does this mean we're done with missions forever?" Adam asked him.

"We have to be," Chase replied "Using bionics will only get us caught," There was a slight and heavy pause between the siblings before Chase broke it with another sigh "Man, if I'm not mission leader any more than I don't know who I am."

Adam and Bree solemnly looked up and their youngest sibling. Adam got up and walked over to Chase.

"Hey, don't worry Chase. You'll have plenty of girlfriendless years ahead of you to figure it out," Adam chuckled at his joke.

Chase got offended "At least I have or had a girlfriend. What are you going to do besides move pianos and mouth kiss every dog you see?"

Adam threw his arms out "What? You can't shake their paws. Those things are filthy."

"We're just gonna have to live like regular people. Kind of sad, isn't it?"

"If by sad you mean awesome," Bree said "I'd finally get to move far away from you two then, yes, tragic."

Bree got up and Chase stepped down from his perch "You can move wherever you want. We're still gonna have to spend the rest of our lives looking over our shoulders."

"Don't be ridiculous Chase," Adam scoffed "They can attack us from the front too!" Suddenly Adam's fishing rod began to move and Adam gasped "Hey look! I got a bite!" He started reeling his catch in "Aw! She's a fighter!"

"Adam what are you doing?" Bree exclaimed.

"I'm deep sea fishing. Come on baby! Come to daddy!"

Adam used his super strength to reel the fish in. The fish was so big that when he reeled the fish in, it crashed into Chase and knocked him down. The heavy metal door opened and the captain stepped out.

"They're coming!" Bree told her brothers "Hide!"

Adam and Bree ran behind the crates with Chase flopping to get up. Fortunately he hid behind another crate before the captain caught him.

The captain started talking to himself about the fish jumping onboard before throwing the fish back into the ocean.

"Be free!" The captain called.

Adam saw this and made a leap for the fish but his siblings caught him each by the arm tugging him back behind the crates.


Meanwhile back in Mission Creek…

I felt bad for the Davenport's current situation and decided to stay with them so they wouldn't be alone. I know they have each other but I'm the only person, besides Principal Perry and even she is making their lives incredibly hard already, outside of their family who knows about what's going on. If I can help them in any way to make things easier, I would be there. Besides, being with them is way better than being all by my lonesome while my father sleeps at his office every other night.

Perry already had four cots set up in the gym. There was an extra just in case I wanted to sleep over. I wasn't planning on staying at school when the sun went down but we'll see how everything turns out.

"Here we go!" Perry said "Three cots plus an extra if Princess over there is staying over," Princess? Who is she calling Princess?

Perry sighed "This takes me back to the good old days in the prison infirmary," She placed a hand over her heart and sighed again.

"You were a nurse?" Tasha asked.

"No I was in prison. Okay you kids settle in. I'm going to try to find some less crusty blankets."

"Is there some place we can store our things?"

"Sure," Perry replied "You can take the gym locker next to mine. You might want to wear slip-ons in the shower. I got something in between my toes that just won't quit."

Tasha and I gagged as Perry made her exit.

"This was better than my mother's?"

Mr. Davenport didn't have to think "Yes," was his reply.

Tasha wheeled her suitcase out and Leo wheeled some old equipment into the gym "Good news Big D. I got some stuff from the computer lab. You can use it to track down Adam, Bree and Chase's last GPS location."

I smiled at Leo "Wow Leo, that's an awesome idea."

Mr. Davenport ignored my praise "Or judging by its age, the last location of King Tut." Davenport sighed "I'm sorry Leo. I'm just frustrated. Without my stuff, without my lab, this is hopeless."

Way to be a Debbie Downer Mr. Davenport.

"Come on Big D," Leo tried "You're a tech titan. You built an empire out of nothing."

Mr. Davenport shrunk on the hard cot "But it was so hard."

"But you did it," Leo replied "You put your mind to it, you can do anything. You're brilliant."

There was still doubt and negativity etched on his face so I tried this time "You build the coolest inventions I have ever seen. You make Bill Gates look like the weird kid at school who picks his nose all the time."

Mr. Davenport looked at me and smiled "You know what," He stood up "You're right you guys," Mr. Davenport placed his hands on our shoulders "I am handsome and brilliant."

Leo looked confused. We never said he was handsome.

"Hold on," Leo muttered "I didn't say-"

Mr. Davenport cut Leo off from saying the rest of his sentence "I'm back!" He turned to me "And thanks Katie for saying I'm better than Bill Gates. Apparently he and I never got along."

Huh, who would have thunk it.

Mr. Davenport went right to work on the old computer and circuit board.


Back on the cargo ship…

Adam found a large crate full of boomerangs and threw on into the air claiming to use them as target practice for his heat vision. He hit two out of three, the last one being a poor seagull who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bree and Chase looked on in worry. If they got caught it would be all Adam's fault. Bree chastised her brother for using his bionics as Adam threw another boomerang. It came back around and all three of them ducked before it smashed into the door's glass window, shattering the glass and making a bunch of noise.

The captain and his crew came out and caught them and told one of his men to call the coast guard because they were stowaways.

Adam tried to talk their way out of it but the captain wasn't having any of it. It was pointless anyway. They weren't going anywhere.

A warning bell came over the entire ship. The captain came back out and told his crew that there was a submarine that sank. Adam, Bree and Chase looked at each other as they heard what the captain said. Chase wanted to get off the ship using a life raft but Bree told him to forget it. They were going to save the sub from killing all its passengers. There was some debate about using their bionics but the three bionic teens decided they didn't care what happens to them. They were created to go on missions and save lives...and that's what they were going to do.


As Mr. Davenport tried to find a complicated way to trace Adam, Bree and Chase's last GPS signal, Leo went in search of internet access. I told him it would be hard because of how cheap our principal was. When he came back through the gym doors he said "Principal Perry was hogging the internet in her office so I snuck in, plugged in our wire instead. Turns out she's a day trader for the Japanese stock market."

Mr. Davenport scoffed before looking down at the old timey computer "That did it," I walked around to see over Davenport's shoulder. We were so close to finding my best friends "We are now able to pin point their exact location when they turned off their GPS. You know Leo, with my genius and your ability to follow wiring, we make a great team."

I'll ignore the fact that they forgot I'm standing right next to them because I'm too excited that we're one step closer to finding Adam, Bree and Chase. Once they're back at Mission Creek, I'll hug them until they can't breathe and then I'm gonna smack Chase for doing this to me.

Perry came in with a bunch of wires she followed in her hands "Did you three snake my internet?"

"Principal Perry, look, we just-"

Perry cut Leo off "Get out of my way gym squatters. My online auction is about to close," Her mouth dropped as she typed in a few numbers before there was a ding. Mr. Davenport, Leo and I looked at each other in confusion. What could she possible by online for the amount a minimum wage salary of a high school principal amount to?

My thoughts were interrupted when Perry cheered "Wahoo! I got it! Guess who owns a slaughter house?" Now that's just disgusting.

Perry scrunched up her nose, pointed at Mr. Davenport and glared at him "This stuff ain't cheap," She said "Get me my money," and then she walked off on those stubby little legs of hers. When I turned my head back around to say something to the guys, Mr. Davenport's mouth was catching flies and Leo had his hands over his mouth looking extremely horrified. When she was gone, they went back to work. And since I didn't know that much about computers, I just stood behind them and watched them work.

"Their last known location was at the port," Davenport told us "They must have jumped on a ship."

"This said that there were three fraters that left around the same time. They must be on one of them!"

"Douglas may already have a jump on us. We have to act fast."

"But even if we know which frater it is," I spoke "How are you guys going to get to it?"

A smile warped onto Davenport's face "I have a secret. I have a helicopter stashed away for special occasions and nobody knows about it!" Davenport giggled like a school girl.

Leo smiled nervously "I have a secret too. I know I use it on weekends."

Davenport looked like a fish out of water and I rolled my eyes.

"That shouldn't come to a surprise Mr. Davenport."


On the cargo ship…

Adam, Bree and Chase tied the crew up using Bree's super speed and Chase activated his GPS to get the exact coordinates of the sinking sub. All three of them sighed. They never trained for an underwater mission before but they just had to toughen up and follow their instincts. Before they could do anything else, Adam was on the edge of the railing and yelling cannonball before diving right into the ocean. Bree and Adam ran after him feeling very nervous with no plan under their belts. Their chances weren't looking too good.

A few minutes later, they were tracking the submarine as it got closer to the ocean floor. Meanwhile, Adam saw the ship and swam as fast as he could after it. Hearts were beating miles per minute as the suspense was intensifying as Adam got closer and closer to the sub. He stopped right in front of it and held a firm stance as the sub was fifty feet from impact. Using his super strength, Adam pushed with all his might against the sub and propelled it towards the surface of the ocean. He did it! The sub didn't crash and everyone onboard was saved!

Bree and Chase hugged and decided that they didn't care what would happen to us even though they would miss everyone they left behind. This mission was worth it.

A couple minutes went by and there was still no sign of Adam anywhere. Panic flooded through them as they scanned the ocean waves. He was under too long. No one could be underwater for that long and live.

As they stared into the ocean, a soaked Adam walked up behind them "What are we staring at?"

Both of them looked relieved to see him. Bree punched him in the shoulder and yelled "Adam! We thought you were dead!"

"How did you survive that long without oxygen?"

"By breathing underwater," Adam said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Bree and Chase looked at each other in confusion "What? You guys can't?" Adam then began to panic "Wait, you didn't know that and you sent me down there without any oxygen?!"

Bree and Chase back peddled and told him that they knew he would make it. Adam believed it.

Soon Adam found a towel and dried himself off. They were back to doing missions again even though Mr. Davenport would be there to assist them. Now it was their mission to get off the ship. Before they could go anywhere, the captain cornered them. It seems they got free somehow.

The sound of a helicopter stopped all movement. They looked up and saw Mr. Davenport sitting at the controls. A rope ladder came down and all three of them climbed on. The captain didn't want them to leave so he attached himself to Chase's foot.

"Adam help!"

"I know you're pathetically weak but can you at least try kicking free?" Adam yelled down to him.

The captain still wouldn't let go of the ladder and once Chase was safely in the helicopter, Adam loosened the rope and the captain fell into the water.

"Whoops," Adam said "Hey at least the shark broke his fall."


Leo and Mr. Davenport went looking for Adam, Bree and Chase right after they found out where their GPS' were turned off. I stayed back to keep Tasha company knowing she wouldn't like it if she were the only one to face Perry's obnoxious behavior.


Mr. Davenport and Leo searched the entire cargo ship where Chase's coordinates said they would be.

"I don't get it. How can they not be here?"

Leo turned and saw the drenched captain "Hey, we're looking for three kids, two guys and one girl. Have you seen them?"

"Of course I've seen them," The captain said "They just got on a chopper," He looked at Mr. Davenport closely "With you."

"With me?" Davenport repeated but looked back at Leo and realized what that meant. Douglas got to them before they did.

Uh oh.


Back on the chopper, Adam, Bree and Chase sat in the back while Mr. Davenport was flying. He looked back "It is so good to see you guys."

"Hey, Mr. Davenport, where's Leo?" Chase asked "And Katie?"

Chase thought she would be there like she always was. At least he wished for it.

"Oh, uh, they both are waiting for us at one of my off shore facilities. We're gonna have to hide out there since the FBI is on our tails." Davenport looked back and smiled at their worried faces "Relax, you're safe now."

Unknown to the three bionic teens, it wasn't Donald Davenport that was flying the aircraft but his evil brother Douglas wearing a cyber-mask to hide his disguise.


I paced back and forth in front of the cots while Tasha brushed her hair "Everything is going to be okay Katie," Tasha called "Sit down before you put a whole in the floor."

"I can't help it Tasha," I sighed biting my nails "What if something went wrong and Douglas got to them before Mr. Davenport and Leo did? What if we never get to see them again?"

"You've got to have faith that everything will work out in the end. I trust Donald and Leo to bring them home safely."

I, reluctantly, nodded my head and sat down next to her on Leo's cot. I wasn't done worrying but I sighed knowing Leo has never let anyone down…including me.

Suddenly Principal Perry came in dragging her own cot while wearing pink pajamas into the gym. Tasha and I cringed.

"Oh," Tasha said "You've come to keep us company until Donald and Leo get back?"

"No," Perry drawled "I've got a little flea problem so I'm crashing here tonight."

Tasha looked disgusted and I scooted myself further back on the cot "Your cats have fleas?"

"No, I do. I'm crashing here so I don't give them to the cats."

Please let this nightmare be over! I just want Adam, Bree and Chase back. Is that too much to ask for?

"How thoughtful," Tasha deadpanned.

Perry then started to scratch at her neck with Tasha's hairbrush.


Fake Davenport led the three teens behind a caged storage room "So this is where we will be hiding out from the FBI. What do you think?"

"I think we should have updated our tetanus shots."

"Hey where are Leo and Katie? I thought you said they would be here," Chase asked.

Fake Davenport smirked "Yeah, I kind of lied about that," His face switch into Douglas and he laughed "Guess who?"

Bree and Chase took a step back "Whoa! Awesome mask Mr. Davenport," Adam dumbly wooed "He looks just like his evil brother who captured us!"

"That is his evil brother," Bree told him.

"And he did just capture us," Chase finished.

"Oh! Good one. I did not see that coming."

"I don't get it," Chase said "You were an ice cube in Mr. Davenport's warehouse. How did you get out?"

"I had a little help," Douglas said.

"It doesn't matter," Bree strode up to him "We'll destroy this rat trap just like your last one."

"Yeah thanks for that. I didn't have time to back-up my music. Twenty years of up tempo jazz gone!"

"Yeah," Chase challenged "Well I know something else that's about to be gone."

"Yeah, let's get his Reggae too," Adam said.

Douglas glared at the three teens as they approached.

"Get him!" Bree shouted.

"Now!" Douglas held out his arm and a figure dressed in black wearing a white mask took menacing steps towards them. Adam, Bree and Chase were taken back by Douglas' back-up plan. A jolt of electricity came out of the figures fingertips and zapped Adam, Bree and Chase unconscious.

Douglas laughed "Told you I had help."

An hour past and the bionic teens were waking up. Douglas stood behind them with a smile on his face "Wakey wakey eggs and bakey. Actually it's just an expression. All we have to eat around here are nuts, berries and the occasional barbequed iguana."

Adam shot up "Taunting us with non-existent breakfast foods? You really are evil. But I will take that barbequed iguana."

"Wait," Chase finally came to and shot up next to his brother "Who was that guy?"

"Oh that's right. You haven't been formally introduced to my partner. Crane, come say hi to the kids!"

"Wait, we have three dads?"

Bree and Chase rolled their eyes and Douglas looked slightly ashamed at how stupid he was "After I was booted from Davenport Industries, I needed cash to continue my research. Luckily I found a billionaire who believed in me. Say hello to my colleague, benefactor and all around bad guy Victor Crane!" Douglas continued to chuckle.

"Why is he wearing a mask," Adam asked.

Victor took off his hood and mask to reveal his scar covered face and Adam shrunk back. Douglas couldn't stop staring at his face "Dude, I have got to get you into a dermatologist."

"What is that stuff all over his face?"

Victor took steps around them "You're no longer the only humans with bionics."

"Crane agreed to fund my work as long as I shared my research with him," Victor kept circling around them as if looking down at his prey "He implants every piece of bionic technology I design to make himself more powerful."

"Well I hope you got a good personality cause what's on the outside…yikes," Chase joked.

"Enough," Victor shouted before twitching "Let's go. We have work to do."

"Isn't he cool?" Douglas beamed.

"You can cart out all the freaks you want. It's not going to keep us here," Bree glared.

"Ah," Douglas laughed "I beg to differ," He pressed a button on his control panel and a circle of rings shot up from the floor.

Adam laughed thinking it was some kind of game "Ah giant ring toss! I got to give you credit. You're evil but fun."

"They're titanium energy rings. They create a impenetrable force field that nothing can escape."

"I smell a challenge," Adam sang and stomped his foot against it. The force field lit up and hurt Adam.

"I smell burning flesh."

Bree continued to glare at him "What do you want from us this time Douglas?"

"Oh no," Douglas grumbled "I'm not falling for that. First I tell you my plan, then something goes wrong, then you use it against me! Not gonna happen!"

"Doesn't matter what you're planning," Chase said "I'm sure Mr. Davenport is looking for us already. He'll be here any minute to take us home."

Again Douglas chuckled finding humor in the situation "Oh yeah. There's no place like home," He laughed and showed them his tablet "No seriously. There's no place like home. I blew it up."

The camera feed showed the blast happening from their capsules. But that's not what made their hearts drop. Mr. Davenport, Leo and Katie were running from the blast. Chase wanted to throw up right then and there. He didn't want to think about what happened to Katie.

"You blew up our lab?" Bree couldn't believe it. Their home was gone but what about the others?

"Yep. Hope you backed up your music libraries."

As soon as Douglas walked away, Bree turned to her brothers with unshed tears in her eyes "Our home is gone."

Chase put an arm around his sister "I just hope everyone is okay."


Late that night, the bank called Tasha's cell phone. Apparently someone did hack into all of Davenport's accounts and stole a bunch of his money. The two of us immediately started packing everything up as soon as we could.

This time it was Tasha who was pacing the floor. The door opened and Mr. Davenport ran through it. A sick looking Leo behind him "Please don't text 'Hurry Home' while we're in a helicopter. I left my lunch all over the Rosenblat's roof."

"So what happened?" I asked and Tasha finished.

"Where are the kids?"

"Douglas got to them before we did," My heart stopped. Douglas has them?

"Your brother? Again? Okay you are done complaining about my mother."

"We have no idea where they are but they're smart. They will figure out a way to escape," Mr. Davenport looked back at Leo who was also thinking about Adam "Well two of them will."

"I do have some good news," Tasha smiled "The FBI finished their investigation and proved you were cyber hacked."

"So I'm getting all my money back?" He asked excitingly.

"No," Tasha winced "All the money was stolen. You're still broke."

"But I'm getting all my stuff back, right? My boats, my cars, my planes!"

"Just the house. Everything else including Davenport Industries is gone," Mr. Davenport looked heartbroken "But the good news is that we can all move back in together."

"Not even a jet ski or a motorcycle with one wheel."

"So what are you going to do about the kids?"

Yes Mr. Davenport, what about the kids? Will I ever get to see them again?

"Well they're not gonna come back here because they still don't think it's safe. I just wish there was some way to get a message to them and let them know everything is alright." Leo said and I sighed at that.

"Well the only thing I can do remotely is update Chase's software. Wait, maybe that's it, maybe I can imbed a cyber-message into the update. Leo find us a computer."

"Got it," Leo turned to walk away before turning back around. The house was empty. There were no computers anywhere.

"Is there anything I can do?" Tasha asked.

Mr. Davenport placed a hand on her shoulder "Tasha now is not the time for jokes."

"Wait, Leo, you can use my dad's old laptop. Let me run home real quick."

Leo smiled at me "Run woman run!"

It didn't take me long to get home, grab my dad's old laptop and rush back to the Davenport's house. I turned it on and quickly typed in the passcode "You should be able to use this Mr. Davenport," I said handing it to him "My dad never uses it anymore considering he buys the newer models every year. This one has been sitting on his desk for a year or two untouched."

"You are a lifesaver Katie!" Mr. Davenport fatherly kissed my forehead "You're definitely a keeper."


All Adam, Bree and Chase could do was sit and wait. They could do anything without endangering themselves.

"I can't believe the lab is gone," She looked at Douglas "That's our home!"

Chase gave a menacing glare "If anything happens to our family I will end you."

"Yeah," Adam agreed "And then we'll put your body in an old lady dress so everyone laughs at your funeral."

"Guys, guys, I understand you're mad. But what's done is done. So let's focus on moving forward together. First order of business; what do you say we make Mondays family game night?"

"This guy, still evil, still fun."

"Guys," Chase muttered "Something's happening to me. I'm getting a tingling sensation."

"You hear that Bree? Pretty soon he'll have a baby mustache."

Chase swat Bree's hand away when she made to touch his face "No. I just got a software update on my chip. That's really weird. Why would I just- wait! Mr. Davenport must be trying to send us a message."

Chase brought up a tiny Mr. Davenport in holographic form "Guys," he said "I know that Douglas has you. Leo, Katie and I are doing everything we can to find you but if you can escape, come home. Perry has agreed to keep our bionic secret," Davenport looked behind him "Can we do that again? I feel like this hologram makes me look fat." And it cut off.

"Mr. Davenport's okay!"

"Was he wearing guy liner?"

"Now we just have to find a way to get out of here," Chase said.

"What if I use my blast wave abilities to destroy the rings?" Adam suggested.

Bree scoffed "Well if you do that then you destroy the rings and everything else around us including us."

Adam wasn't getting it "But we'll be free."

"Here's an idea. How about we come up with a plan where we escape and survive."

They tried coming up with ideas like Chase's magnetism app but Douglas would have saw that coming. They had to do something that he wouldn't expect. Adam suggested he do both his magnetism app and his Meleckularkenisis but Chase didn't think he could do all that at once. Bree asked why he couldn't but Chase could come up with was an 'I don't know' but tried anyway. If this would get him one more step closer to home and his girlfriend than he would do it.

Chase activated both his apps and Adam and Bree stepped away from him and then ducked, afraid his head would explode.

"Focus Chase," Adam whispered.

"When you tell me to focus it makes me not focus!"

"You can do it," Bree tried and Chase got fed up.

"Stop talking!"

Soon the bars were bent and were moved on the other side of the warehouse.

"Way to go Chase."

"Aw man! I thought for sure his head was going to explode."

Chase passed out "Well it's better than nothing."

Bree and Adam went to pick him up "Oh wait, I got it. He's light. I'll carry him."


Boxes upon boxes were shipped to the Davenport's home. Tasha and unpacked some belongings while Mr. Davenport and Leo went to see if things were different. It was really hard just sitting here waiting for something good to happen.

"Still no word from the kids?" Tasha asked and I lifted my head up to look at the guys who just walked into the room.


"You're a tech wiz," Tasha said "Isn't there something else you can do? Like send them a text alert or a friend request or have them paged."

Even I know that's dumb.

Mr. Davenport looked baffled "I'll admit, sometimes I wonder how you two ended up together." Leo said.

People wonder that about Chase and me but I ignore it. I'm with him because I'm in love with him. Nothing's going to change that.

"Look," Davenport said "All we can do is hope they got the cyber message. Until then we just have to wait."

Just as they sat down and I was unloading another box, the door opened and I dropped whatever it was I was holding when I saw them walk in.

"We're home!" Bree shouted and I smiled. The giddy feeling came back and I missed it so much.

"We'll that didn't take long."

"We're so glad you're safe. We were so worried."

Everyone hugged each other and when it came to Chase and I, there was no holding back "I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too love," Chase whispered "I'm so glad you alright. I love you."

"I love you too Chase. Always."

"Are you guys okay?"

Chase still had his arms around me "We're fine but Douglas has a new partner."

"Eh I give it six months. This one is super high maintenance."

"He's some crazy billionaire name Victor Crane and he's implanting himself with bionics," Chase said and I kissed his jawline in comfort. I missed doing that.

Bree put her hands on her hips "His face is really disturbing. He could definitely use some of your man makeup."

Mr. Davenport looked offended "I don't wear-its bronzer."

Leo spoke up "Crane must be the guy who was at your warehouse."

"I've never even heard of him but I'm gonna find out who he is and how to stop him."

"You guys must be starving," Tasha said and made her way to the kitchen "I'll get dinner started."

"Look at this," Leo said "Things are finally getting back to normal."


"…then the lab blew up and we were trapped in the elevator. Big D confided his biggest secrets with us." Leo said.

"And hiding you three wasn't even in the top ten."

Suddenly Chase got up and lifted Leo into the air "Hey, hey hey! Lay off the chest hair. I've only got two."

"Leo something is wrong," I said and Adam made his way for Tasha throwing Mr. Davenport aside. Tasha thought he was joking but their eyes were glowing green.

"What's happening to them?"

"Douglas must have activated their triton app," Davenport yelled "Look at their eyes. He's controlling them!"

"Mom watch out!" Leo yelled as Bree ran at her. Tasha ducked out of the way causing Bree to fly over the table.

"Forget the tuna! I'm about to open up a can of Bree surprise!"

Tasha grabbed my arm and tugged me around the house while Adam, Bree and Chase chased us around.

"Your brother officially sucks right now!"

We tip toed in front of the elevator and my heart was pounding against my chest.

"I think we lost them," Davenport whispered.

The elevator dinged behind us and Adam was standing there glaring. He shot his lasers and we ran screaming. I'll admit it wasn't my proudest moment….being scared of my friends.

"Why are they trying to hurt us?"

"It's not them, it's Douglas. Let's get out of here!" We went for the door but Chase used his app to move the boxes in front of us, blocking the door.

Bree blocked the only other way out and Chase kept throwing boxes around "I swear Chase Davenport, when you are you again, there will be words and they won't be pleasant!" I yelled and another box came at me. I ducked just in time for it to hit the wall.

"Okay you and your brother just need to hug this out!" Leo cried.

Another round of cat and mice later and Leo was being hunted down by Chase, I was being hunted down by Bree and Adam was hunting down Davenport and Tasha.

"Bree listen to me!" I begged "Douglas is controlling you. Please snap out of it." All I got was a blank stare and glowing green eyes. I am so doomed.

Chase had cornered Leo and he was trying to snap Chase out of it. But unfortunately for Leo, Chase used his Meleckularkenisis to hold a box over Leo's head. I pushed him out of the way so it was me underneath.

"Chase don't drop it," I heard Mr. Davenport call "The triton app only controls your bionics not your human side."

"Yes!" Leo cried "Chase remember all the cool times we had. All the cool inventions we built?"

"Remember me Chase," I spoke and he turned his head to me "Remember the first time we met, remember our first kiss. The necklace you bought me for Christmas," I placed my hand over the necklace and Chase looked at it. You could tell he was remembering "Remember that I love you and always will!"

Chase had a dazed look in his eyes "Katie?" He murmured and I took a step forward.

"I'm here Chase. I'll always be here." I took another step forward. The glow dimmed in his eyes as he close to remembering "I'm not going anywhere. Remember you love me."

I put my hands on the side of his face and kissed him with everything I had. At first he didn't recuperate but slowly his lips moved against mine and we were kissing. When I pulled away his eyes were no longer green. He was no longer controlled by the triton app.

Chase lifted his arm and threw the box that was over my head away before giving me a small smile and then passing out. I ran to his side and placed both hands on the side of his face soothing him. I sighed in relief. My Chase was back. Now how do we stop Douglas from controlling Adam and Bree?

When he came to, Chase rubbed his hand on the back of his head "My head is killing me."

"It was Douglas' triton app," Leo told him.

"He probably doesn't remember anything."

Bree took a step forward "Bree, what's wrong with your eyes?"

"Douglas is controlling them. You have to fight back!"

"I can't fight them. They're my-" Chase got cut off when Adam hit him in the abdomen with his lasers and his back hit the wall.

I kissed Chase's cheek "You can do this baby." And moved behind the couch where the other non-bionic people were.

The fight went like so: Chase pushed a crate into Adam who easily slid the box away and used his heat vision against him. Chase used his shield to block the attack. As Adam came closer, Chase was having a hard time keeping his shield up. His energy was being drained just from disabling the triton app.

"Adam is too strong. Chase can't hold out much longer."

Chase was now backed up into the wall as his siblings came closer. I clutched the couch cushions till my knuckles went white.

"I have a question," Tasha said "Why am I holding you in my arms?"

Adam's heat vision was growing and Chase was getting hurt "Adam stop! You're hurting him!"

"Can't you just talk it out of him like Katie did with Chase?"

"There's no time."

"Wait," Leo paused "If Douglas is controlling them; can't Chase do the same thing? He's got that override app that takes over their bionics in case of emergencies."

"It's too dangerous," Davenport replied "He can't use two abilities at the same time."

No," Chase yelled out "I've done it before!"

"Why would you do that? It puts too much stress on your system. You're lucky to be alive." Davenport scolded. Now isn't the time for that!

"Hey why don't you stop yelling at him when he's FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE!" Leo yelled and Davenport coward back.

"I've got no choice. I have to try."

"I believe in you Chase," Leo cheered but Chase cut him off.

"Stop talking," Leo shrunk back behind the couch.

Slowly Chase placed his finger against his temple "Activating override app," Chase ground out and soon Bree hit the floor.

"Hurry your force field is about to collapse!"

Then Mr. Davenport started talking about why it was bad to use two bionics at once and we all yelled at him to shut up and he shrunk back down behind the couch with a bowl on his head.

Soon Adam hit the floor and Chase wobbled on his feet. I blew past the three of them and held a weak Chase in my arms "You're amazing Chase. I'm so proud of you."


Adam and Bree came to just few short moments after they collapsed. Both of them were swarmed with relieved hugs and were confused as to why we were hugging them.

Soon they wanted to see the damage that was caused during the explosion and Mr. Davenport took us down "This Crane person seems extremely dangerous. With him and Douglas still out there, we're all going to have to watch our backs more than ever."

"Quick question, um, is anyone on your side of the family not a deranged maniac?" Bree asked.

"Do you guys remember anything that happened while that triton thingy was going?" Tasha asked.

In the back of my mind I hoped Chase remembered what I had said to him. I squeezed his hand and he looked down at me. There was a spark in his eye as he kissed my temple.

"Tasha," Adam said "We just got home. What's up with the third degree?"

The elevator dinged "Guys," Mr. Davenport was solemn "What you're about to see is pretty disturbing."

It was sad when we walked in. The lab use to be so colorful and bright with Mr. Davenport's invention's buzzing around. Now the walls were black with ash, all Mr. Davenport's hard work was in pieces at our feet.

"The whole reason I built this place was to protect you and I couldn't even do that," Davenport said "I feel like I failed you."

Oh crap. I feel the tears coming on.

"Well I'm glad someone said it," Adam spoke and I really wanted to hit him.

Chase turned to him "You didn't fail us. If you hadn't brought us together as a normal family and live as normal kids, we would have never been able to defeat the triton app."

Davenport smiled "Thanks guys. You're right. I am handsome and brilliant."

"I didn't-" Chase started.

"I wouldn't," Leo said "Let him go. It's how he copes."

A little while later everyone went to bed but Chase and I. We just happily sat on the couch together. It was the first time in what seemed like years that we were finally alone together.

Chase sighed as he held me in his arms "I do remember," he said.

"Remember what?"

"What you said while I was being controlled. I remember every word you said to me. I'll never forget that."

I smiled and kissed him softly "I meant every word too. I really can't imagine my life without you in it."

Chase chuckled "Nor could I beautiful," He paused and ran his hand up and down my arm "Plus that kiss was pretty amazing."


Chase nodded "I'm thankful I found you Katie. You brought me back from a dark place and I can't thank you enough. I truly do love you."

"And I love you."


I pecked his lips "Definitely."

His lips placed over mine as he held my face in his hand. He stroked my cheek and I decided that if I were to die any day, I'd want this to be my last moment with Chase Davenport kissing me.