Hello Readers . . .

As promised, this the alternate timeline for The Betty Chronicles offered to my fanfic readers as a sequel to the original posted works. This story will pick up from where the timeline shifts from the published story from the world created for Twilight Fanfiction. As we love our Twilight characters, there were certain aspects of this story that I didn't feel I could take our beloved characters to in which I had no qualms about venturing with my original characters. Hence the shift. I also felt this was the most fair way to finish both worlds and keep both fan bases happy.

I have to say – as most of you know – that I've received hateful comments, death threats, and horrible reaction to my decision to branch off and publish the first of A Betty's Pledge. I had to really think about whether I was going to continue as originally planned and offer a "fanfic for the fanfic" as it were. I believed this concept to be a new and ingenious way for a P2P author to offer their fandom. I wanted my readership to have the ending I'd originally intended for Edward and Bella, and not the variation the new/original characters will take. However, the comments were so vile that I had to really pull myself out of a bad place. I don't understand why there's so much hate and cruelty – such utter evil for a story that I have offered my readers freely. I just don't understand and probably never will.

On that note, I truly have to say that for those of you who have offered your support to me have been my savior – and the heroes of this alternate timeline. Without your championship I wouldn't have continued. Honestly, there were many fellow authors that encouraged me to abandon the fandom and just bow out. Your kind words far outweigh the bad and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those of you who've been my best support, I will be in contact soon to personally thank you and offer another unique opportunity that I believe most P2P authors do not give their readership. Again, thank you to all who stood up for me and this story. Your voices have silenced the hate.

I'm sure there will be more.

As for the original story, due to contract obligations I have to pull the original fanfic from the website. Yes, the story will be offered in a published format and I wish there was a way to provide it to my fandom readership, but I cannot keep it up for legal reasons. Again, I'm willing to work with those readers who've been supportive and will continue to read the fandom "fanfic for the fanfic." Please, contact me at my website and we will work something out.

To those of you who've expressed concern that it took me four years to complete the Betty Chronicles I'd like to address that. As some of you know, I'm also published under a different penname in another genre and have been working on that series which is now facing completion. That is why updates were slow to come. As of now, this project is the only one I have in works, so my attention will be more focused on the fandom story. I already have most of the fandom timeline sequel written.

The story will now pick up from where it deviates from the first book of A Betty's Pledge and continue down the fandom timeline with the characters we've come to love. Updates will begin tomorrow. Some of it will be a repeat, but I wanted to point out where the story deviates, as I've already posted some of these chapters. Again, this is a rare opportunity. For those still with me, enjoy.