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Chapter 3


To say Draco was a bit frustrated would have been the biggest understatement of the year. His right leg felt incredibly weak and out of his control, threatening to collapse with every step he took. He furrowed his eyebrows and concentrated on putting most of his weight on his arms. The bars stood strongly even with his iron grip.

Granger had her arms slightly out and bent, walking backwards along with him. She was monitoring his walk and occasionally glanced at his face. She murmured encouraging words and sent him looks of you-can-do-this.

Feeling a rush of resolve, he took a firm step, putting more weight than he usually did. He regretted it immediately. Draco's knee fell forward, his muscles refusing to hold the sudden burden.

He felt Granger's arms around his chest the second he faltered. His face fell over her shoulder and he cursed loudly.

Her chest vibrated in soft laughter, but Draco didn't find anything funny about his situation. He felt like a child, unable to do anything on his own.

The only good thing about falling was having Granger catch him. Underneath the standard hospital smell of potions and disinfectant, he could catch her light floral scent. Her arms were securely holding him up under his shoulders, and his heart beat shot up in the close proximity.

He was given only a moment of repose. She expertly twirled her wand and muttered an unfamiliar spell. His body pulled back from hers and his knee lifted again. It felt like he was weightless.

She gave him a small smile and pulled her arms back.

"You rushed, Malfoy," she commented. "Let's try again?"

He simply nodded. The spell's effects ceased, and he felt heavy again. Draco braced himself against the supportive bars and breathed in concentration.

By the time he made it to the end of the course, he was soaked in sweat. His shirt was clinging to his skin as if he took a swim with his clothes on and his hair was sticking to his forehead.

Fucking hell, he was going to absolutely murder the man who had dared to attack him. He had gotten Draco where it would hurt the worst. Instead of killing him off straight away, he was forced to feel weak, and Merlin knew it hurt his pride to have such difficulty walking.

But the moment he raised his head from his internal struggles, his frustration melted. Granger was beaming at him like he had just won the Quidditch World Cup, and her hazel eyes sparkled with pride. Normally he would have felt offended at such a gesture, but he was caught. It was the look. He just knew it would always get him.

"Superb, Malfoy," she hummed in satisfaction. She waved her wand. The wooden bars disappeared and his body fell backwards into the black chair. She scribbled some notes in his file and snapped it shut. "I always knew you had a talent for walking."

He cocked an eyebrow tiredly. "It's one of my undisclosed secrets. Don't tell anyone."

She laughed softly. "Your secret's safe with me. Although I think the other people in the room got a glimpse of it."

He glanced around, noticing the other pairs of healers and patients going through different sets of movements. No one was paying particular attention to him.

"Bugger," he replied, trying to keep his tone serious.

"All right, enough jabbering," she waved her hand. "Let's go back."

Before he could question her, Granger bent lower, wrapping her left arm around his back, and throwing his arm over her shoulders. She gripped his wrist firmly, and pulled him up with her. They began their slow progress back to 406.

One part of him wanted to yank his arm away and immediately go take a shower. He felt absolutely filthy in his sweat, but Granger seemed not to care. The rest of him relished under her hold; she was soft and fit perfectly against his side.

He cleared his throat, trying to stop his train of thought before it got too dangerous.

"Why aren't you just levitating me?" he whispered with honest curiosity.

She smirked slightly. "Believe it or not, but we're not supposed to be levitating patients around like a sack of biscuits. It's… a little condescending I suppose."

"But you did it this morning," he reminded her.

She huffed and shifted his weight, pulling him even closer to her. How—he didn't know, but he wasn't complaining.

"That's because you refused to use the cane," she explained. "And no one was walking around to witness it."

"Sly, Granger," he grumbled with amusement. "Never thought that'd you would be the one finding loop holes in official rules."

She glared at him. "Another word Malfoy, and I will drop you and force you to use the walking stick."

"Yes, Healer Granger." He immediately lowered his head, attempting to look sorry.

They reached 406 a moment later. Granger slid the door open with wandless magic—much to his surprise—and lowered him onto the hospital bed. She sighed quietly, tucking her stray hairs back and pulled his file out again.

He watched her jot down a few notes, flip through the sheets and check off some other papers. Her head titled and she pursed her perfect pink lips, seemingly deep in thought. Draco continued to stare at her until she wrote down her last note before snapping the file shut and depositing it at the foot of his bed.

She shot her wand at one of the cabinets, causing a light green potion to fly into her awaiting hand. Popping off the cork, she handed it to him.

"Take this," she instructed.

He grabbed the bottle from her, deliberately grazing her fingers, and downed the potion in a few large gulps. It left a cooling trail down his throat, and tasted mildly of chocolate. His body immediately felt tight as if he was apparating, but the feeling vanished soon after, replaced by a warm sensation.

Granger gave him a funny look as he handed the empty bottle back to her.

"What is it?" he questioned.

She seemed to hesitate before replying. "Don't you ever want to know what you're taking before you drink it?"

Draco shook his head. "You're the Healer here, Granger. Or are you giving me a subtle hint that you're going to poison me in the near future?"

Her hazel eyes rolled. "Thanks for the faith, Malfoy."

He smirked lightly. "Fine then, what did I just drink? Please do explain."

The corner of her lips quirked higher, and her eyes seemed to sparkle—they always did when she was talking about something research related. "It's a muscle building potion. I got the idea from muggle protein shakes; basically they take it while exercising and it helps to heal and build muscle faster. I added a bit of salamander blood—" he cringed. "—And other crucial ingredients I'm sure you don't want to know. Anyway, it's going to help you get back to normal a lot faster."

Draco smiled. "You know, you could have spared me the explanation and simply told me what you said in the last part." Her bottom lip rose in a slight pout. "But of course, it wouldn't have been a Granger worthy explanation otherwise."

Her sulking expression lifted and she seemed amused. "I'm flattered, really." She vanished the empty bottle and turned slightly serious again. "We're going to have another training session tonight, and four more in the next two days. If all goes well, you'll be officially discharged the third morning. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like a plan," he replied, suddenly realizing he didn't have a lot of time left with her.

Nodding, she waved her wand over him, and Draco felt moderately clean again. It wasn't as good as taking an actual shower, but it was a whole lot better than sitting there in his sweat.

"I'll see you later, Malfoy," she walked towards the door and slid it open. "Eat your entire meal. You need the nutrients."

"Yes, Healer Granger," he said in mock salute.

She slightly shook her head and slid the door closed.

Two hours later, Lilith came in for his afternoon check. Granger must have told her to leave him now because she wasn't crushing down his door and demanding to know if he needed anything every hour.

"Hey Lilith," Draco called. She turned to him with slightly wide eyes. "Do you know what happened to my wand?"

"Oh, yes," she answered. "The Aurors have sent it here to St. Mungo's and you can pick it up after you're released."

He nodded, satisfied. "I see. So how long have you been working under Healer Granger?"

The assistant's eyes immediately lit up. Merlin, this girl had issues. "It's been about half a year, but Healer Granger has been very good to me. She's the best healer here—" she blushed. "—Of course, that's just my opinion, but—"

"Spare me." He raised a hand. She seemed to blush even more. Draco inwardly smirked. "Although I must say, it seems like you two are quite close."

"Well, I can't speak for Healer Granger, but yes… I like to think that."

His smirk grew. "Well… do you know her favorite color?"

"It's green," she replied immediately. "Like nature, or the forest…"

"I see," he said, surprised that it wasn't red or gold. "What about her favorite food?"

"Well… I'm not particularly sure outside St. Mungo's, but she does constantly ask for the green tea with the vegetarian wrap when she asks me to pick up lunch for her from the staff dining hall." Lilith's previous confidence seemed to falter.

"So she likes to eat healthy," Draco affirmed.

"Yes, Healer Granger constantly reminds me not to eat sweets too much."

He quietly snorted. Sounded like Granger all right. "She sounds really admirable," he commented. "Truly, she must already be married. It must be difficult to balance family life with being a healer."

"Actually, Healer Granger is still single," Lilith said quietly, as if she was afraid to correct him.

Bingo. Draco smiled triumphantly, but quickly pulled on a mask of surprise.

"Is she really? That's rather astonishing." Draco gave her an impressed look. "You really do know quite about her. I am awed by the close relationship within St. Mungo's Healers."

Lilith blushed again and seemed to nod in agreement.

Draco didn't bother her for the rest of her stay. He had gotten what he wanted to know with a little extra information.

He gave a short wave to Lilith as she left. Dear Merlin, she must have been in Hufflepuff, the girl was way too easy to manipulate. He was so used to Granger catching his subtly the next second, he had momentarily forgotten how easy it was to coax other people. He smirked. He wasn't sorted into Slytherin without reason.

Leaning back into his bed, he hummed quietly at his newfound knowledge. He found it quite ironic that her favorite color was green. He could easily imagine her in the Slytherin uniform, her hair sprayed out against the bed, his fingers slowly pulling the green and silver tie loose.

He cut the thought the next second.

Draco growled in frustration, but he didn't know how he was going to face her later if he had continued on that train of thought.

He decided to occupy his mind by testing out his wandless magic. He wouldn't receive his wand until he was released anyway. During the war, Snape had momentarily taught him how to discipline his mind and cast a wandless spell. Even his psychotic aunt had taught him a few things along with Occlumency. Draco began by concentrating on a jar of wraps on the counter. He twirled his hand as if he was a first-year again, trying out the levitation spell.

Wingardium Leviosa.

Sure enough, the jar lifted off the counter, following the rise of his hand. Triumph bloomed in his chest as he set the jar back down without any cracks or accidental explosions.

Next he tried a spell that would conjure something. He glanced around the room marking the things he should definitely avoid. He didn't want St. Mungo's alarm going off because he had possibly blown something up. He noticed a crumpled piece of parchment just outside a lower cabinet that Lilith probably had forgotten to vanish. He pointed straight at the offending matter and tried to direct his magic.


Nothing conjured. He saw the edges of the parchment singe with heat and turn brown, but the paper remained. Concentrating, he calmed his mind and directed his magic again. There was a small eruption of fire that burned the parchment into flakes of ash in a second. Draco huffed with the loss of energy but grinned. He couldn't do any powerful spells without his wand, but it would suffice.

He thought of Granger. Something he could conjure for her. Something small but also had function, and could also express his feelings to a certain degree. The idea came to him the next moment, and he smirked.

Hermione had left 406 with a large smile on her features. Malfoy had done exceptionally well, and the time she spent with him was enjoyable after she admitted to herself that he was a more than decent individual.

She rubbed the blush off her cheeks and sighed. All through the course, she couldn't help but occasionally glance at the flexing of his arm muscles, or the way his shirt clung to him near the end. She had always considered Harry and Ron to smell disgusting after a Quidditch match, but Malfoy had a clean masculine scent that had made her hold onto him a second longer than necessary. She groaned and dropped the file she was filling out. She wouldn't be able to get any work done like this.

After grabbing a glass of water, she let her thoughts roam. Malfoy would be discharged in three days, which was approaching much too quickly. He still hadn't finished what he was about to say when she was interrupted with Miss Roth's arrival. Speaking of her, Hermione had to owl Harry about her waking. She scribbled a quick note to her best friend and set it aside to send later.

She drummed her fingers lightly on her desk and pondered. Whatever feelings she had for Malfoy had to be put on hold. He was still her patient, and there was always a possibility he was warming up to her simply because they spent a lot of time in each other's presence. She frowned at the consideration; that wasn't likely. In retrospect, she had only seen him early in the mornings for about half an hour, and Lilith overlooked the remainder of his care.

Turning back to the pile of files on her desk, she pushed her thoughts on Malfoy away. As of now, she had work that needed to be done, and patients that had to be checked. She had two new patients fall in yesterday, and she didn't have the leisurely time to think about Malfoy, no matter how much her chest ached.

It was a good hour after sundown, and Hermione was making her way up the stairs, a cup of green tea in her hands. She gulped down the rest of the warm liquid, and disposed of its container. She set her strides for 406, sliding the door open with ease.

Malfoy was lying in the bed as usual, and glanced up to meet her eyes as she walked in. There was a mischievous glint in them that made her stomach squirm. His lips curved into a pleasant grin.

"Hello, Granger." He greeted.

She nodded and smiled back, ignoring the fluttering from when he said her name. "Ready?"

He gave her a curt nod.

Hermione slid her arm around his back again and lifted him to his feet. He seemed much more confident with his strides than he was this morning. She guided him back to the rehabilitation room, trying to ignore the way his body was leaning against hers.

"If it makes you feel better," she informed. "I can levitate you when we return."

He made a soft snorting sound. "I rather like having you under me, Granger."

The second she caught the innuendo, she send a quick jab to his good leg. Oh God, did the man have to be so infuriating? She could only hope she wasn't blushing like mad.

Malfoy grunted slightly, but didn't falter. His chest rumbled with concealed laughter.

"Not another word," she growled lowly.

He was silent for the rest of their walk, but there was a triumphant smirk on his face.

Hermione lowered him on the same black chair, and conjured the bars again. "Okay, Malfoy. Same thing as this morning, but the course is longer."

He nodded in understanding and grabbed the bars, pulling himself up to his feet. She stood in front of him again, arms out, just incase he lost balance. Hermione almost wished he did, but she knocked that thought out faster than it came.

His steps were longer than in the morning and he didn't seem to have as much difficulty. Either the potion had done her justice, or Malfoy was simply a quick healer. Probably both.

They made it to the end of the course without him falling, and Hermione instructed him walk backwards now. He seemed to struggle a bit more but successfully made it nonetheless. After giving him a few moments to rest, she conjured a black mat on the floor and told him to sit down. She sat down in front of him and began to guide him through a series of leg stretches and resistant instruments.

When a few hours of consistent work had gone by, Hermione concluded the session over. Malfoy was on his back, his chest rising with quick breaths.

"Merlin, woman, I think you could slowly kill someone while doing this." She pulled him up by the shoulders and rolled her eyes.

"Patience, Malfoy," she said. "It'll get easier every time."

He just raised an eyebrow and didn't reply. She started to push herself off the floor when Malfoy's hand caught her wrist, and pulled her back down.

"Hold on."

Before she could ask, he released her wrist and caught the stray curls of her hair between his fingers, and slowly tucked them to the side of her head. Instead of letting go, he kept his hand there, holding it in place. His other hand reached to the bottom of his shirt and pulled out a small clip. Hermione almost gasped. Where in Merlin's name had he gotten that? She saw the pin for a split second, noticing the large green petals that twirled from the end of the clip, before he brought it up to her hair and snapped it in place.

"Hmm," he pulled his hands back and stared at her. "Looks better than I thought."

Hermione was still in a state of shock at the intimate gesture. She slowly reached up to her hair, feeling for the pin. Her fingers traced around the delicate glass like structure and glanced back to his grey eyes.

"Malfoy, where did you get this?" she finally asked, her voice still sounding shocked.

He shrugged. "It's one of my undisclosed secrets I told you about. Made by yours truly."

"But you don't have your wand!" she gasped quietly. "And making something like this wandlessly requires a lot of magical energy and discipline and—"

She stopped her sentence, and felt her cheeks flare. Hell, he had conjured it for her. And just like she said, it definitely wasn't easy to conjure an inanimate object with a wand, she didn't want to think about the amount of effort and energy to make something without it.

But he had done it.

Hermione wanted to burrow her face in her hands and scream. Her situation reminded her of those muggle romance books again. Clearing her throat, she tried to force her blush back down.

"Thank you, Malfoy," she finally squeaked. "It's lovely. And convenient."

He grinned sheepishly and seemed much more relaxed. "Did I ever tell you, you look good in green?"

She shook her head and felt the flower pin again. "You only say that because you were in Slytherin."

He made an attempt to look offended. "Certainly not, Granger. I expect to see it in your hair now every time I see you, for such an assumption."

Her jaw dropped. Hermione didn't actually have a problem with it, but she wouldn't let him have the satisfaction. "Whatever you say." She grumbled.

Not waiting for his retort, she rose to her feet and pointed her wand at Malfoy, pulling him up as well.

Deciding to simply levitate Malfoy back, she scanned the empty room and the hallway outside, making sure no other healers were around. With another flick of her wand, his body rose in the air and followed her out of the room.

The distance was traveled much faster and Hermione reached 406 in record time. She set Malfoy on the bed and released the spell. He seemed utterly amused at her actions. She preformed a quick cleaning spell and accio-ed another bottle of muscle building potion from the cabinet and handed it to him. He grazed her fingers again, while taking the bottle from her hand. She filled out his potion file, adding it to the long list of what he took since he arrived at St. Mungo's. She dropped the sheets at the foot of his bed and prepared to say farewell.

"Wait," he stuck his hand out and motioned for her to come back. Slightly frowning, she walked back over to him. "Your pin is falling loose."

She immediately raised her hand to adjust it, when he caught her wrist again, stopping her. "I'll get it." He offered.

Holding down a blush, she leaned towards him and turned her head so he could reach it easily. His hand barely regarded the pin and hooked around her head instead, pulling her down. Slightly alarmed, she opened her mouth to speak, but was silenced by the sudden rise of his head, his lips capturing hers.

It only lasted for a second, but her heart soared. She felt her eyes widen and her body melt and erupt into fire at the same time. All she could think about was the perfect way his lips met hers. It felt right.

He pulled back ever so slightly, so his lips were barely grazing hers. He trailed up the side of her face and lingered over her temple.

"Good night, Granger," he murmured, before released his hold on her head and leaned back into the bed.

Hermione barely snapped out of her shock. "G-Good night, Malfoy." She turned on her heel and practically leaped out of the room. She could hear his muffled chuckle as she slid the door closed.

The moment she reached her office, her hand flew to her mouth and her chest. Her heart was pounding against her ribs, and she could still feel his lips on hers.

Malfoy had just kissed her.

And she had just kissed Malfoy.

Hermione expected the hospital to erupt in flames and him to walk into her office and start laughing.

Nothing happened.

She stood like a statue against the wall, heart still beating at a hundred miles an hour. He had kissed her, and for the love of Merlin, she had liked it. She couldn't contain the butterflies that flew in her stomach, or the large smile that took her lips. He hand slowly reached up to the pin in her hair, finding it perfectly in place.

That wonderfully cunning git.

He had gotten under her guard and got her good, no wonder the man was in Slytherin. She should have known. But even then, she didn't think she would have stopped him.

She tried to calm her breathing and chugged down a glass of water. She still had a little less than three days with him. How was she going to face him now? Should she treat him any differently? No, she treated him far more than a patient, and she finally admitted that. She groaned, feeling like a 13-year-old girl with raging hormones.

"Draco Malfoy," she whispered to herself. "What are you doing to me?"

It was going to be a long night.

The next morning came much too quickly. Hermione tossed the sheets off her legs, causing Crookshanks to growl in annoyance. After apologizing to her familiar, she leaped in the shower and began her usual morning routine.

She apparated into St. Mungo's, checked in, and grabbed her Healer robes from the office. She started with her newest patients, writing down her usual notes and making sure they were constantly stable. She replaced the wrappings on Miss Roth, and smiled at the gifts that surrounded her bed stand. Harry's Auror team must have stopped by already.

Leaving 410, she finally made her way to 406. She had a moment of hesitation before she gripped the handle, slid the door open and stepped inside. To her absolute surprise, Malfoy did not stir. He was curled to the left, his hand dangling from the side of the narrow bed and his eyes were sealed. She approached him with absolute caution, and took the opportunity to observe him without having his intense grey eyes stare back at her.

He was looking much more alive, still pale, but he had color in his skin again. His white blonde hair was looking neat as ever, falling like silk against his forehead. Hermione felt a pang of envy, wondering how he had such manageable hair, even when sleeping. Her eyes traced down the bridge of his nose and fell to his high cheekbones that gave him an aristocratic look. She admired his sharp jaw and glanced at his perfectly sculpted lips.

Lips that kissed her yesterday.

She felt another blush creep into her cheeks but she forced it away with a set of disturbing thoughts. Sighing quietly, she wondered if she should wake him or not. He was breathing evenly, and looked incredibly peaceful. But she had a feeling he would be upset with her if she had messed up the schedule and didn't wake him. She was his Healer after all.

She slowly reached over to his shoulder, tapping it lightly.

"Malfoy, wake up," she whispered.

She had thought he would wake immediately, but he simply grumbled in his throat and didn't move. Hermione was shocked. She knew he was a very light sleeper, and every morning was a testament to that. She briefly wondered if she had overdosed him with dreamless sleep, but considered the idea invalid once she remembered he didn't take any.

She tried again. "Malfoy, come on. It's time to get up."

He stirred a little more this time but didn't respond. What kind of peaceful mindset was he in before sleeping? Biting the inside of her cheek she took a sharp breath and increased her volume.


His eyelids immediately shot open, revealing confused grey eyes. They seemed hazed and unfocused, until he grunted softly met her gaze. He frowned slightly and regarded her with uncertainty.

"Why are you haunting my dreams, Granger?" his voice was slightly husky from the lack of alertness.

"This isn't a dream," she answered, wondering if he was being serious.

"Yes it is," he countered. "Granger would never call me by name in reality."

She thought about that for a moment. Indeed, she had never called him by name before. But neither had he. "Well I just did. Need I do it again? Now wake up."

He seemed to seriously ponder the question before clamping his eyes shut and reopening them. They appeared clear and alert. He rose from his position and gently shook his head.

"Okay, I'm awake, let's go."

Hermione pointed her wand at him, levitating him from the bed again. She picked up his file and led him out the door. She walked in silence, and Malfoy didn't seem to have anything to say either.

"Harry owled me the other day," she said quietly. "Told me they caught Yaxley. He's certain that he's the one who attacked you."

Malfoy's eyes seemed to narrow dangerously, but simply nodded instead. "Unlucky him."

"Indeed." Hermione finished lamely.

The rest of the trip was done in silence. She wondered if he regretted kissing her, which would explain his sudden quietness. Her stomach lurched uncomfortably, and her wand wavered. It didn't go unnoticed.

He gave her a quizzical look, but again, said nothing. Once they arrived, she lowered him onto the black chair and conjured a single bar. She instructed him to walk again, keeping an eye on his expression.

The rest of the session passed by like normal. Malfoy was slowly going back to his old self, making snarky remarks every so often. He completed his course without any casualties, which was always a bonus in Hermione's perspective.

As she helped him walk back to his room, Healer Smethwyck rounded the corner at the other end of the hallway. Malfoy didn't seem to notice. He turned and raised an eyebrow.

"I don't regret kissing you, you know," he informed and leaned closer to her. "In fact, I'll do it again if you wa—"

She shoved her palm in his face and wrapped her fingers around his cheeks, causing muffled grunt of alarm. She gave him a soft push before turning to see the Head Healer of Creature Induced Injuries walking towards her. She did her best to push down the rush of happiness. He gave her a nod.

"Healer Granger," he smiled warmly. "Everything all right?"

"Yes," she replied rather stiffly, when she felt Malfoy's tongue poke her palm. She immediately pulled her hand off him and cleared her throat. "Yes, We're just heading back from a rehabilitation session."

"Lovely, I'll let you be then," he answered and walked around her. "Good Day."

Hermione bid him farewell and shot Malfoy a venomous glare once he was out of sight.

"That was uncalled for—" she growled. "Really? Did you have to do that?"

"Absolutely," he smirked, sticking his tongue out at her.

She grumbled and started their walk again, pulling Malfoy a little faster than normal. She bit down on her lower lip, praying that her face didn't betray her. They stepped into 406, and Hermione lifted him onto the bed. She whipped the potion from the cabinet again and handed it to him. He was still smiling pleasantly, as if he had gotten all O's on his N.E.W.T.'s.

"So Granger, do you?" he asked casually, handing the empty bottle back to her.

She vanished it and dropped off his file. She turned to stare into his grey eyes, knowing he was talking about the kiss. Did she regret it? No.

"I don't," she firmly replied, before sliding the door open and stepping out.


It had been more than 30 hours since Malfoy had been released from St. Mungo's. He had expertly finished the rest of his rehabilitation and had been officially released yesterday morning. He waved at her and gave her a smirk, telling her that he would see her later.

What the hell did that mean? Hermione knew by now that he was not playing with her, but she had no idea if he was being serious when he said that. Should she try to contact him? Or should she wait for him to contact her? She muttered incoherently in frustration, despising the fact that she didn't have the answers.

Her healer robes were hanging over her chair, and her head against her desk. She lightly traced over the pin in her hair with her fingers, wondering what he was doing. For some odd reason, she hadn't received any calls from her patients today. She gave them their routinely check-ups, but mostly sat inside her office trying to get into her research. Hermione sighed and decided to get some dinner.

The moment she stood, she heard St. Mungo's emergency alarm system ring through her head. She cringed at the sudden sound and cursed. There were an awful lot of these calls recently. Rushing over to the device on her wall, she pressed the red button.

"Healer Granger," the front desk greeted. "There's someone here who requires your immediate attention. We're sending him up to room 400."

The connection cut off. Hermione walked over to her chair, and snatched the robes off. She replayed the message in her head again, freezing mid stride.


That wasn't right. Room 400 wasn't a hospital room for patients.

It was her office.

The next second, she heard the crack of St. Mungo's apparition transportation, and whoever was dying had landed right on her office sofa. Muffling an alarmed shriek, she recognized the white blonde hair.

Malfoy cursed and stood up from his flat position, running a hand through his hair and glancing around the room until he saw her. A wide grin broke out on his face.

"Hello, Granger."

Hermione had a hand over her chest and her jaw slightly open. "Malfoy? What? What the hell is going on? How did you get in here? Why—"

"Breathe," he demanded, the grin still plastered on his face.

She did as he instructed, but continued to stare at him with wide eyes.

"As for 'how did you get in here?' I came through the emergency system—wouldn't recommend it, really—it's terribly uncomfortable." He scowled.

"Because it's for patients who are in critical condition!" she said with wonder. "If you're not dying again, how did you get them to send you?"

He raised his eyebrows. "I guess that's another one of my undisclosed secrets."

Hermione tried to argue but ended up laughing instead; the whole situation as so bizarre. After catching her breath, she finally noticed that he had walked closer. He gently took the healer robes from her hands and folded them elegantly.

"As for why I'm here," he began. "It's because I like you Granger, simple as that. And frankly, I think you like me too."

Her heart jumped with his sudden confession and she raised an eyebrow. "That is... incredibly bold, Malfoy."

He smirked. "Well am I right?"

"And if you are?" she questioned back, smiling.

"Then let's go."

She frowned. "Go where? I don't think I can just walk out when I have patients here."

He shook his head. "Not for tonight. Merlin, Granger, haven't you noticed that none of your patients called you in the last 5 hours? Anyway, we're going on a date."

She opened her mouth as if to retort, but no words came out. How had he done that? Sighing in defeat, she smiled again. "A dinner date?"

He simply nodded and gently took hold of her hand. He led her out the office, dropping the lime green robes on her desk, where they remained undisturbed for the rest of the night.


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