Hey guys! Time for chapter number two, no? So, some of you might've noticed I changed the stereotypes for the campers, that was intentional, I assure you.

Now, without further ado, let's get on with the next chapter.

The twenty-two campers plus Chris were in the exact same spot as when the last episode left off.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Island!" Chris told the camera. "Last episode, all twenty-two contestants arrived and were put into two teams. Now I'll let them get settled in before I announce the first challenge."

"Um, Chris? Will there be a chaperone here?" Geoff asked.

Chris shook his head. "Nope, you are all sixteen, I feel that's old enough for you to be able to be unsupervised. So aside from myself and my commands, you are all free to do what you please. However," He added, a darker tone to his voice. "I would not advise trying to leave this island. We have Canadian military on guard all around this island. First time offenders will be apprehended. Second time offenders will be shot on sight."

Everyone nodded. Queasy looks were noted on most of the faces of the campers.

Chris smiled. "Good! Now, the Killer Bass will get the left cabin. Girls get right room and the boys get the left. Same goes for the Screaming Gophers except for the left cabin. But first, I have one last thing to tell you."

(Confessional: Chris.)

Chris smiles broadly. "This is the Confessional! Here you can vent about your fellow campers, your situation, and pretty much anything else!" He walks out.

(End Confessional: Chris.)

Chris emerged from the Confessional right in front of the campers. "So, would anyone like to give it a go?"

(Confessional: Gwen.)

Gwen sighs angrily. "So far, this sucks. A lot."

(End Confessional: Gwen.)

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin also sighs. "Well, these people here seem pretty cool. But I have every intention of winning." He points to himself, one hand at his face and the other at his body. "I mean look at me, I'm gorgeous! I can't just die with all this beautifulness!" His face becomes even more determined. "I have to win, even if it means these people have to die."

(End Confessional: Justin.)

Chris smiled. "Good, now you can all go relax until I start the first challenge!"

The teams nodded and went off to go unpack.

"Well, well. Look at all this. He really went all out, didn't he?" Noah asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked around their living quarters.

Trent snorted. "What do you expect from a show like this?"

Owen shrugged. "I think it's pretty awesome!" He cheered.

"I wish the bedrooms were co-ed." Cody sighed, picking a bunk that was against the wall that separated them from the girls cabin.

Justin shot him a glare. "Do you really think being an enormous pervert is going to get your far in a situation like this?"

The perverted geek blinked. "What do you mean?" He asked.

"Well incase you hadn't noticed." Justin retorted, "There are six girls and five guys, so we're outnumbered. I'd say you've managed to piss off at least two of them. Piss them all off, and we can't save you."

"Not that we'd necessarily want to, either." Trent said, giving Cody a look of disgust.

Cody looked confused. "There are six chicks and five dudes on our team?"

"Yeah." Noah frowned. "Maybe you'd know that if you were calculating their heads instead of their cup size..."

Cody smiled. "Six to five, nice odds!" He chuckled. "I'll definitely get some uber play!" He started whistling as he unpacked, apparently in his own mind now.

The three dudes, Owen excluded, stared at each other for a moment, a silent conversation happening simultaneously between them.

"Where'd the fat guy go?" Justin asked, breaking his glance with Trent and looking around the cabin.

"Don't know, don't care." Noah sighed as he threw all of his spare clothes into a drawer.

Trent sighed. "Man, this situation sucks. The fact that that douchebag Chris is forcing into social situations just makes this ten times worse."

Justin shrugged. "Might as well enjoy, even slightly forced, friendliness before the first person dies."

"For what it's worth, I hope it's neither of you." Trent shrugged.

"Whatever." The Indian rolled his eyes, walking out of the cabin.

"Hey, he was just trying to be nice." Justin frowned.

"That may be so." Noah's voice was fading, "But I'll be damned if he also says 'I hope you guys win.'" He walked towards the big building.

"Asshole." Trent muttered, turning back into the cabin.

(Confessional: Trent.)

"So far, everyone seems pretty cool, given the circumstances." Trent said, "Which only makes it worse. It would be much easier if everyone were crabby assholes like Heather and I would't feel as terrible when I have to vote them off.

(End Confessional: Trent.)

"You have got to be kidding me."

Heather was not happy at all.

"It sucks," LeShawna rolled her eyes as she wheeled her suitcase over to a bed and claimed it. "Get over it."

Heather rounded on her. "What the hell did you just say to me?"

"I said get over it." LeShawna scoffed, turning her back on the queenie.

Heather looked flabbergasted. Did this piece of trash just turn her back on the almighty Heather?

"Look you-" Heather was cut off as an ear piercing scream filled the cabin.

Harold and Geoff burst through the door.

"What happened?" Gwen asked, panicked, searching the room for blood. She then noticed Katie, who was all but clinging to the ceiling, looking down at her bunk with horror.

"Kill it." The skinny girl squealed. "Kill it now!"

Harold ran over to her bunk and examined it. He relaxed.

"What is it?" LeShawna asked, annoyed.

Harold reached in to the sheets and pulled something out, causing Beth and Lindsay to scream as well.

"It's just a cockroach." Harold said, peering at it through his glasses as he clutched the squirming body in his fingers. He shrugged and tossed it out an open window. "Nothing special."

"Everything okay?" Cody asked, appearing in the doorway, looking excited to be in or near the girls cabin.

"Get out!" Heather, LeShawna and Gwen screamed at him. Geoff and Harold, sensing an unpleasant confrontation on the horizon, quickly retreated.

"Yeesh, sorry." Cody yelped, backing away, his hands up in surrender. "I was actually concerned…sort of." He said the last part under his breath. He shot one last look at Lindsay's chest and left.

"Seriously." Heather glared at Katie. "What the fuck was that? I thought you had found like a dead body or something."

Katie whimpered, reluctant to go back to her bed. "Sorry, cockroaches just totally wig me out."

"It's all good, girl." LeShawna said, interrupting Heather, who was about to continue to berate Katie.

"Excuse me, I wasn't done talking!" Heather shrieked, stamping her foot.

"You are now." LeShawna smirked, grinning at Gwen, who chuckled.

"You bitch!" Heather yelled, "How dare you!?"

"Let's go." LeShawna told the other girls, interested to see who would stick by Heather. No one did.

The other five girls left Heather sputtering with rage in the middle of the cabin, in complete and utter shock.

"What was up?" Duncan asked the ginger nerd and the blond party guy as the re-entered the cabin.

"Katie flipped because there was a cockroach in her bed." Geoff chuckled, bounding over to his bed and flopping onto it.

Ezekiel laughed. "Well, they are disturbing little critters, eh?"

DJ, who had been on his bed whimpering, mumbled in agreement.

Tyler shrugged. "Wouldn't've been a big deal if I was there. I would've crushed it like a bug."

"I'm sure." Duncan scoffed. He finished unpacking at threw his empty bag on his bunk. "Well, I'll go see what our sadistic psycho of a host wants from us next.

Geoff quickly left his bed. "Mind if I tag along, bro?"

"Whatever." Duncan shrugged. "I'm pretty sure we'll all have to convene there anyways."

Tyler noticed Ezekiel pull a Bible out of his suitcase. "Mind if I borrow that for a second?"

"Sure." Ezekiel nodded and handed the jock the Bible.

As Tyler started to pray, Harold left the cabin in pursuit of the restrooms.

Ezekiel sat besides DJ. "How are you holding up, DJ?" He asked kindly.

DJ looked at the prairie boy and saw the kindness in his eyes. "I just…I just don't want to die!" The young man howled, startling Tyler from his concentration.

"Easy, easy." Ezekiel said soothingly. "Well DJ, I'll tell you this, shrieking and being a nuisance to the team will only bring the thing you fear to come closer. So maybe you can try and relax, for the good of yourself?"

DJ blinked at him. "I'll try." He said, his voice sounding slightly stronger.

"Good, let's go meet up with everyone else." Ezekiel nodded, heading outside with the brick house in tow. "Just put the Bible in my drawer when you are done." He said to Tyler, who heard him but did not say anything, lost in thought.

Courtney was currently trying to comfort Bridgette, who had started to break down again in the absence of Geoff.

"It's okay." Courtney said awkwardly, looking around for help. Unfortuneatly, her female teammates were not the best suited for comfort, as Eva looked like she would rather kill herself then be mushy, and Izzy was just plain crazy.

"Sadie." the CIT said to the chubbier girl. "Can you go try and find Geoff for me? I think he would really help her."

Sadie, sympathetic, ran out the door in search of the cowboy-hat wearing young man.

"Izzy thinks Bridgette will be sad when Geoff gets brutally murdered." Izzy laughed, causing Bridgette to freeze, petrified of what the redhead would say next.

"Or maybe…"Izzy cackled, "Bridgette will die before her precious Geoff!"

"Shut up!" Eva snarled, grabbing for the psycho. Izzy danced out of her way, cackling, and made for the door. Eva made to intercept her but Izzy was too quick, and rolled out of the way and ran out the door.

"I'm going to destroy you!" Eva roared at her retreating form.

Bridgette continued to sob as Courtney sighed in dismay.

Eva growled. "That girl."

"She's nuts." Courtney frowned, "And I think possibly dangerous as well."

At that moment, Sadie came back with Geoff. "What's up, Bridge?" He asked, concerned at the fact that she was crying. He quickly ran over and Courtney sat up, letting the party boy sit down next to her. She calmed slightly at his presence.

"It's unfair that you of all people had to be chosen." Geoff sighed, stroking the silky blond hair of Bridgette.

Courtney sighed as she looked at the blonde couple. "Let's go." She muttered to Sadie, who nodded sadly. Eva followed suit.

The three left the Geoff and Bridgette in the cabin.

An hour later, Chris finally decided that it was time to get the ball rolling again.

"Attention campers." He announced through a megaphone centered dead center in the middle of camp. "Please meet at the big wooden building in the middle of camp. Get here within five minutes! Move! Move! Move!"

Four minutes and thirty seven seconds later, Geoff and Bridgette came in through the Mess Hall door, where everyone else was waiting for them. The Screaming Gophers were all sitting at one table, while the Killer Bass were at another. Geoff and Bridgette joined the latter.

"Finally." Chris sighed. "Okay, welcome campers! This here is the Mess Hall! Every day you'll receive breakfast, lunch and dinner here."

The campers nodded.

"Now, meet the cook! Chef, you can come out now." Chris said to the kitchen. Some grumbling was heard, and then the door was kicked open.

"Alright you maggots!" Chef yelled at the campers. I don't want any funny business! You'll eat your Go'ram slop everyday and you'll like it! Got it?"

Chef: Total Drama Stereotype: The Cook with Anger Issues.

Most of the campers nodded fearfully, and the cook retreated back to his kitchen.

"Now, it's time for our first challenge, but first, I have a little announcement to make!" Chris said, a glint in his eye at the excited looks on all the camper's faces.

"Is this just some joke?" Courtney asked hopefully.

"Yeah, just a bad joke?" Beth asked, voice trembling.

Chris laughed in their faces. "No!" He relished seeing the disappointment the campers expressed, form tears dusting their eyes to the now near-consistent sour looks on their faces.

"But, I think you will be happy by this announcement! There are two Life Idols hidden on this island!"

"Life Idols?" Owen asked, "What are those? Some type of treat?"

Heather laughed. "No, fatass. What do you think it means?"

"She's got a point." Noah said, his eyes on the host. "If I had to guess, we find these idols and give them to you, then we are instantly disqualified from the game, but get to live?"

Chris nodded his head. "Close, Noah. Very close indeed. You are correct on the fact that if you turn them in you get to live, but you are still in the game. If and when your teammates decide it's your turn, you will leave via the Boat of Losers and be taken to a five-star resort for the remainder of the competition, where you will then return to your families when Total Drama Island is over."

"So three people get to live?" Tyler asked excitedly.

"That's the max." Chris nodded. "Three, that is, if you can find the Life Idols, they're very well hidden."

"One last question." Ezekiel spoke up. Chris turned to him, ears open. "If we find the idol, do we have to use it when we are eliminated? Or can we turn it in as soon as we find it and it will be valid until we get eliminated?"

"The latter." Chris yawned. "Once you give it to me, I smash it into pieces and it's your invincibility. Now, it's time to move on to the first challenge!"

The mood in the room tensed immensely.

"You all saw that big cliff when we first arrived?" Chris asked rhetorically, "Well get your bathing suits on and get up there within ten minutes, or I'll start handing out penalties." He said the last part with a menacing tone.

"Penalites?" LeShawna raised an eyebrow. "That sounds like your threatening us, Chris."

Chris narrowed his eyes at her. "I am. Now get out and get up on that cliff. You've already wasted half a minute."

The campers all pushed their chairs out and hurried to grab their swimwear and get to the top of the cliff.

Forty-five seconds before penalties would've been handed out, Owen came staggering up the large hill, panting.

"Good!" Chris smiled, "Now, it you all look over the side of the cliff, you will see a small circle of water surrounded by buoys. That's your target."

"Wait, are you fucking serious?" Duncan asked, alarmed. "You expect us to jump off this cliff? It has to be 200 feet high!"

"Oh please." Chris scoffed. "It's not that high. If it was that high you'd all die on impact. It's about thirty-five feet, you pansy."

"What did you call me?" Duncan growled, advancing towards the host, but Gwen, surprisingly, pulled him back.

"Violence against the host is prohibited." Gwen told him, and in a quieter tone hissed, "He's armed."

Duncan's eyes widened. He quickly stepped back, coughing innocently. "Whatever, Mclean." He said hiding his fear well.

Chris grinned. "As I was saying, every contestant that jumps gets a point for their team. The team with the most points after everyone has either jumped or failed to jump wins a cart."

"A cart?" Katie asked. "For what?"

"For constructing a hot tub!" Chris said, as all the campers looked worriedly at each other, sans a few.

"Nice!" Cody grinned, the geek in him overpowering the pervert momentarily as he ripped his gaze from Lindsay's butt to give the host a smile. "I built one of those a couple months ago, they're pretty simple."

Harold nodded in agreement. "It's rather like a car engine, but totally different."

Chris cut them off. "As I was saying," he sighed, "Whoever gets the most jumpers gets a cart to wheel the crates that contain the hot tub parts back to camp. After a four hour period, I will come by and the challenge will be over. Whoever I deem as having the best hot tub wins the challenge!"

"That's…actually pretty simple." Justin said, raising an eyebrow.

"Good, then your team can go first!" Chris laughed, motioning to the Screaming Gophers. A glare or two was shot Justin's way.

"Who's going first then?" Heather asked.

Gwen peered over the edge. "Chris, what happens if we miss the target?"

Chris, who had just started reading his magazine, quickly jerked his head up. "Oh, damn, Forgot about that, sorry! It's no big deal, I just put sharks all over the non-buoyed area. No big deal."

The entire area was silent.

"He's kidding, right?" Ezekiel squeaked. He grabbed his cross. "He's kidding, right? He can't do that!"

"He's killing minors on international television. I think he can do that." Courtney rolled her eyes. She eyed Chris, "You are a sick, sick man."

Chris winked at her. "Rules are rules, Courtney! Now start jumping, we're on a schedule."

Everyone was much less willing to jump now.

"Uhm…okay then. I guess since I made us go first, I will go first." Justin groaned, trying to remedy his earlier blunder.

"You got this, hot stuff!" Owen cheered, as most of the other girls, even the ones on the Bass, sighed happily. The dudes, however, turned to look at Owen, eyebrows raised.

Owen grinned sheepishly. "I mean, I bet he's good in bed! Doh! I mean, I bet his buns are firm! I mean!"

"Can it, fatty, before I puke." Duncan snarled from his team.

Owen quickly shut up.

Justin closed his eye before jumping. Unfortunately, due to eyelids covering his eyes he couldn't aim, and fell with a splash a few feet from the safe zone. Everyone gasped.

"If he dies, do we have to vote someone off if we lose?" Noah asked the host quietly.

Chris smirked. "Yep."

Noah sighed and joined in on the cheers for Justin to get to the safe zone. The model nearly made it. Shark jaws ringed together mere inches from the back of his calf as Justin clambered into the netted safe zone.

"That's one point for the Gophers." Chris nodded. "Whose next?"

Katie stepped forward, to everyone's surprise. "I'll go." She said, taking a deep breath. She walked over to the edge of the cliff. "Here goes nothing." She jumped, landing in the safe zone. Her team cheered as Chef came by on a boat and picked her up, Justin already on board.

"I'll go." Trent said, stepping up, "Don't want to hinder our team." The musician, without a second thought, jumped over the side of the cliff and crashed into the safe zone.

"Woohoo!" Owen cheered. "Go on, Trent!"

"Why don't you go, then?" Gwen snarked.

Owen paled. "Me? I don't know…"

"You better do it," Heather snarled at him.

Owen gasped, tears starting to well in his eyes. "Why are you so mean?" He broke down, bawling. "Whaa-haah-hyyyy?" He turned and hauled ass back down the cliff. As he passed Chris the host placed a chicken hat on the fat boy's head.

"Way to go, Heather." LeShawna scowled, "He might've jumped!"

"I doubt it." [1] Noah said, He then addressed Heather. "You know, you could've handled that better."

"Bite me." Heather growled.

"Where?" Cody chuckled. "When?"

"Shut your damn mouth, pervert." LeShawna said, advancing on the pervert.

Cody tried to run, but Gwen held him down. "Getting sick of your shit, Cody." She growled.

LeShawna threw the scrawny lad over her shoulder and walked towards the cliff.

"I'll have you know, LeShawna," Chris smirked, enjoying the way the pervert was getting his just desserts. "That if you throw someone over without consent, then you don't get the point."

LeShawna slammed Cody onto the ground, and stood over his moaning form. "You going to jump or do I have to beat the absolute snot out of you?"

Cody scurried backwards on all fours, but didn't realize he was right on the edge of the cliff. "Agh!" He yelled on the way down. Fortunately, he fell into the safe zone.

"Little pest." LeShawna smirked, highfiving Gwen. Even Heather gave LeShawna an approving nod.

"Well, I would like a damn fool if I didn't jump next." LeShawna said nervously, stepping up to the edge. "Geeze…" She sighed. She jumped off the cliff and fell hollering down into the water.

"The Gophers are doing very well." Chris said happily. He turned to the Bass. "Worried?"

"Not particularly." Courtney shrugged, eyeing her own teammates.

Lindsay peered over the edge. "There are sharks in there?"

Chris nodded. "Yup!"

"Okay, so not happening." Lindsay gulped. "I, like, don't want to die."

"C'mon, Lindsay!" Gwen said, in what she thought might be an encouraging tone.

Lindsay shivered. "Sorry Gretta, there's just no way."

Chris smirked. "Well Lindsay, come and get your chicken hat."

Lindsay walked over in shame and took the chicken hat from Chris.

"Are you going, smarts?" Gwen asked the bookworm.

Noah shrugged. "I guess." He walked over to the cliff and peered over. "This is going to suck." He sighed. He jumped off and just made the safe zone.

"Where's Beth? Heather asked.

Gwen looked around, seeing the farm girl receive a chicken hat from Chris. "Sorry guys." She apologized, "I just can't do it."

Heather groaned. "What a loser." She walked over to the cliff. "I'm going to get my hair wet." She complained. "I really don't want to…but I don't really have a choice." She jumped off, screaming all the way to the safe zone.

"Guess that leaves me…" Gwen said dubiously. She ran to the cliff before she could think twice and leapt off, jumping into the water below.

"That's eight jumpers and three chickens!" Chris grinned, turning to the Screaming Bass. "If you get nine jumpers, you win the advantage!"

Tyler stepped up first. "I got this." He said with an air of confidence. He ran for the cliff and leapt off. "EXTREME!" He bellowed on the way down.



Tyler's ankle made a sickening crack as it landed on one of the buoy's, causing it to break as the rest of his body submerged under water. He surfaced, screaming in agony, but was fortunately in the safe zone. Everyone gasped as Chef lifted the boy out of the water, and they saw his foot.

"Chef, get him to the infirmary." Chris said over his walkie-talkie.

"Oh my gosh." Lindsay said as Tyler was wheeled past the Gophers. "Is he going to be okay?"

Beth shivered, the chicken hat on her head wobbling precariously. "I'm glad I didn't jump."

"Yeah, but if we lose because we don't have the advantage, you're in some deep trouble, nerd." Heather snapped, not the least bit concerned of Tyler's condition.

Back on the cliff, everyone was now much more hesitant to jump.

"I guess I'll go." Duncan scoffed, rolling his eyes. He cannonballed off the edge and landed smack dab in the middle of the safe zone.

"See?" He called up to his teammates. "Tyler's just retarded. You guys won't hit the buoys."

Geoff looked at Bridgette, who, now calmer, was standing at the edge. "Wanna go together?" He asked her.

Bridgette smiled at him, feeling happier at the ocean being so close. "No. Thanks, though. I got this." She swan dived off the cliff into the water below, landing with great accuracy into the safe zone.

"Yeah! She made it!" Geoff whooped, twirling his cowboy hat in his fist. "I'm next!" He leaped off the clidd, yodeling the entire way down, a hand over his head to protect his cowboy hat from flying off. He splashed into the safe zone.

"Um, Chris?" Harold asked, "Can you just hand DJ a chicken hat? I don't think he's going to do it."

Chris looked at DJ, who was curled into a ball with his thumb in his mouth. He tossed a hat on his unmoving form.

"No one else better chicken out!" Courtney exclaimed. "Now normally, I would never do something like this, but these are extreme circumstances." She took a deep breath and leapt off the cliff, trying her best not to scream. She splashed into the safe zone and came up, appreciating the cheers from her teammates.

"The Bass are killing it so far!" Chris said unnecessarily. "With DJ being the only chicken so far, things are looking pretty good for our fishy friends!"

Ezekiel jumped next, landing in the safe zone. He was followed by Eva.

"Alright!" Harold smirked. "Booyah!" He cheered as he left the cliff. He somersaulted into the water, nearly missing landing on his kiwi's.

(Confessional: Harold.)

Harold grins. "I practiced that at my pool at home. It only works fifty percent of the time. If it fails, I end up squashing my testicles pretty hard. It's kind of a bummer. [2]

(End Confessional: Harold.)

Izzy cackled as she was poised to jump. "I wonder if anyone after me will get eaten?" She laughed again. "That would be awesome! Sianara suckers!" She stuck her tongue out at Sadie, the only person left on the cliff, and jumped off, screaming happily the way down. She crashed through the surface of the water and leapt up, whooping happily.

"Alright Sadie, your turn!" Chris told her.

"C'mon, Sadie!" Katie called from down below.

"Hey, don't encourage her." Gwen said in monotone. "We want them to lose, so what does it matter?"

"Actually it doesn't matter." Noah said, "We can't win, because even if chubby up there bails out, they still only have two chickens, compared to our three. We're cooked."

Chris, who had heard Noah's statement, laughed. "True, very true. Sadie, you don't have to jump. But you still have to wear this, just so I can have amusement." He placed a chicken hat on her head. "Now get down there."

Sadie, relieved, nodded and ran back down the hill to her teammates. Chris met them there soon after. Chef wheeled Tyler, who was now in a wheelchair, to his teammates. The jock, a little woozy from the pain medication, gave Chef a thumbs up and giggled.

"Well, well." Chris said to both teams. "Looks like the Bass crushed the Gophers, despite the Bass's injury! Bass, you win these carts! You use them to cart those," He pointed to two piles of four large crates. "Back to camp, where you will begin construction of your hot tub. Is that clear?"

"Can't get any simpler, I don't think." Ezekiel yawned.

"Good, because your time starts now!" Chris yelled, and both teams took off towards the crates.

"DJ, get a crate! Duncan and Geoff, get one as well. Ezekiel and Izzy, grab the last one. I'll get one myself. Courtney, can you wheel Tyler?" Eva commanded.

Courtney nodded, impressed with Eva's leadership skills. The aforementioned campers quickly put the crates into their carts, while the Gophers were still trying to figure how they were going to move them.

"Okay," Courtney said, "Eva and DJ, can you wheel the carts by yourselves?"

The two nodded.

"Good. Geoff and Bridgette, you get a cart, and Ezekiel and Duncan, you get the last one. I'll wheel Tyler, and if anyone gets tired, we can interchange Izzy, Sadie and Harold. Any questions?"

No one had any, it was excellent leadership.

"Good, let's get moving!" The CIT said. The Bass sped off towards camp.

"Great." Noah groaned. "That's just great. What are we supposed to do now?"

"Don't give up, buddy!" Owen cheered. "We can do this!"

"Any ideas then, Owen?" LeShawna snapped, annoyed by the oaf's optimism.

"Let's push them." Justin suggested. "It's dried sand so it shouldn't be too hard. I think myself, Trent, Gwen, and LeShawna are the strongest, so two people join each of them at a crate, and one crate will only have two people. "

Heather blinked. "Not bad." She said grudgingly. She joined him and Katie at his crate. Noah and Lindsay joined Gwen, Beth and Cody joined Trent, and Owen joined LeShawna, much to the latters annoyance.

"Why do I have to have him?" The sister complained. Owen seemed not to have heard, either that or he just didn't care.

Heather smirked. "Get over it." She repeated, relishing the curdled look of annoyance that spread over LeShawna's face.

"Shut up and let's get moving." Trent sighed. "The Bass are already ahead of us."

The Gophers pushed their crates after the Bass.

An hour later, the Bass finally reached the camp.

"The Gophers are nowhere in sight." Ezekiel, the last one to enter camp, confirmed.

"Good." Courtney nodded. "Now let's open these crates people!"

Chris arrived on an ATV. "Not so fast! You have to open them with your teeth!"

"What?" Eva roared. "Why? That's stupid as hell!"

"Because I said so." Chris stuck his tongue out at her and sped off. "Oh yeah, tell the Gophers if they ever decide to show, or I'll disqualify you for poor sportsmanship!" He called over his shoulder to the Bass.

"Great." Courtney said, annoyed. "This is going to take much longer then I thought."

Izzy made a 'psh', noise. "Bitch please." She said, "This is a piece of cake!" She ran to the crate and viscously attacked the corner of one, chewing it until it cracked open, revealing the contents.

Eva squirmed uncomfortably as Izzy spat a mouthful of blood onto the ground, her mouth cut from the pointy wood. "Jesus Izzy, are you okay?"

Izzy pulled out a mirror and examined her mouth. "Oh this? This is nothing! Now start grabbing those supplies while I open the rest of these crates."

(Confessional: Duncan.)

Duncan scoffs. "So the psycho is good for something? Color me surprised."

(End Confessional: Duncan.)

Within ten minutes, Izzy had opened all crates, and the Gophers were still nowhere in sight.

"Okay guys!" Izzy cackled. "I looked over all the supplies, and I think we should build the hot tub on a monument of Chris's head."

Tyler, whose head was now clear, looked at her weirdly from his wheelchair. "Why on earth would we do that?"

"Hang on, Tyler." Duncan said, "Nuts has a point. The bastard is so self conceited even if the hot tub is crappily made then he might still give us the win if it's got his face plastered on it."

Harold nodded, pushing his glasses farther up on the bridge of his nose. "I've calculated all of our supplies, and there is enough extra supplies to do so, and I'm an expert wood carver.

"Izzy is too!" Izzy exclaimed, referring to the third person. "And that way, none of us has to die, and it will be a stinky Gopher getting a bullet in the brain!"

"There she goes again, being morbid." Bridgette muttered.

"Just clam the horror show, okay Crazy?" Eva hissed at her. "That's not helping."

Izzy shrugged. "Whatever, but let's get building!"

The Bass nodded and started assigning jobs to everyone as the Gopher's exhausted and tired, finally rolled into camp.

"Dear Alexander the Great, I am beat!" Owen heaved, collapsing on the ground.

Heather walked over to him and buried her foot in the flesh of his ribs. "Get up, you oaf. We still have to do the challenge!"

"Awh, c'mon!" Owen whined, getting up. "I don't want to!"

"None of us want to, but do you want to die?" Noah sneered at him.

Owen ignored him and continued to moan.

"Let's get going." Justin said to the queenie and schemer. "We have to at least have something to show."

"You have to open those with your teeth, by the way." Sadie called to the Gophers. "Hi Katie!"

"Hi Sadie!" Katie called back, just as happily.

"Really, with our teeth? How the hell are we supposed to do that?" LeShawna griped.

"Get working." Gwen said, her voice muffled from trying to open the crates.

"Wait, Gwen!" Beth said, a determined look on her face. "I got this, I want to redeem myself after I didn't jump."

"Uh, okay? But how are you going to do it any easier-oh." Gwen blinked as the crate thudded to the ground, wide open.

Beth grinned, her braces gleaming in the sunlight. "I guess braces can do good for things that actually help you!"

Within less time then it had taken Izzy, all the Gophers crates and been opened, and that in itself was a huge leap forward to catching up with the Bass.

Cody, once again the geek coming out, scanned the blueprints to the hot tub with Noah. "Should be pretty simple." He told Noah.

Noah nodded. "Hopefully the simpleton's will be able to understand as well."

Cody shrugged, but Noah's worry was in vain, for the most part. While people like Lindsay and Owen didn't have a clue how to build it, they could gather water. Due to the fact that the Bass's hot tub would take longer due to the Chris head, the Gophers were soon only just behind their rivals.

"Only half an hour left!" Chris's voice blared from the megaphone.

Heather surveyed the work. "I have to admit." She said, "Not bad, guys."

LeShawna smiled, sensing a possible truce.

"Look girl." She approached Heather. "I know we didn't get off on the best of feet, but I feel this team will work better together if we ain't cussing each other out every ten minutes."

Heather thought about that for a minute. "I see your reasoning, what's your point?"

"Just that maybe we can all be civil." LeShawna suggested. "Well, I'm off to go get some water for the tub." With that she walked off, leaving Heather in her thoughts.

(Confessional: Heather.)

Heather sighs. "They're all a bunch of morons…but at the same time, they aren't really. I'm starting to think I might've come into they game with the wrong attitude. Why did I think being a bitch would be a good idea?" She looks at the camera. "Oh please, I may not be a peach," She scoffed, "But I'm not like I am now at home." She closes her eyes. "I'll have to do some serious recalculating."

(End Confessional: Heather.)

"They're catching up!" Bridgette exclaimed, a note of panic edging it's way into her voice.

"Don't worry about it!" Izzy smirked. She was currently behind the hot tub, carving something no one could see.

"Yeah, this looks pretty radical." Geoff said, next to Bridgette.

What Geoff said was true, the hot tub was looking awesome, and while the Gopher's so far was nowhere near bad, the scarily accurate carving of Chris's face clearly put the Bass's hot tub ahead.

Chris arrive on site. "Thirty seconds, people!" He said, just as Cody put the water heater in the correct place, sighing with relief as it turned on flawlessly and the water started to heat. The geek sighed with relief.

"Done!" Harold grinned, clicking the heater into place as well.

"Done!" Chris announced. "Your time is up! Please step away from your creations."

All twenty-two campers backed off and let the host examine the two hot tubs. He walked over to the Gopher's first.

"Hmm," He muttered, placing his finger in the water. "Good temperature, well constructed…A+, guys!"

The Gophers sighed in relief.

"But!" Chris continued, walking over to the Bass's hot tub with barely contained glee. "I don't think it can compare to this masterpiece. God it is beautiful!" He examined the hot tub itself first. "Well, this is only slightly worse then the Gophers, but the carving more then makes up for that. The question is, though, did you get the hair right?" He walked around to the back. "Looks good, looks good, and…oh my boxers…WHO DID THIS?" The host came storming around the side of the hot tub to see one contestant holding back barely contained laughter.

"Izzy?!" He yelled. "Did you write 'Chris is a faggot', on the back of the hot tub.?"

The Bass gasped.

"Maybe." Izzy grinned. "Whose asking?"

"Gophers win, Bass lose." Chris tutted, annoyed.

The Bass gasped in horror as the Gophers, as one, breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

Chris stalked to his ATV and started it up.

"What do we do with the hot tubs?" Gwen asked him.

"They're yours, but that statement better be carved off soon." Chris growled.

"Already done." Harold smiled as he came back into view, his voice shaky with worry. "I changed it so it now says 'Chris is a fabulous host."

Chris relaxed slightly. "Now if you had had that on there, you would've won." He sped off.

No one said anything. The Gophers did not cheer, and the Bass did not weep.

"Izzy." Courtney said hollowly, "Why on earth did you do that?"

Izzy's smile did not waver. "Because it was funny! Did you see his reaction? Priceless!"

"Let's kick her off." Duncan suggested. At this, Izzy's smile did drop.

"Me? Why? I'm the one who came up with the great idea!" Izzy protested.

"So? You screwed it up!" Eva screamed.

"Yeah, but I have more great ideas, so you should keep me." Izzy said smugly. "If you should vote for anyone, vote for Tyler. He's the cripple."

"No!" Lindsay gasped from the other team, as Tyler blanched.

"Wait!" The jock squeaked, as a few voices agreed with Izzy. "No! I can still be useful!"

Izzy winked apologetically at him as she walked off. Soon everyone was dispersed and Tyler wheeled himself off, in shock.

(Confessional: Izzy.)

Izzy cackled. "Sorry Ty! Better you then me!"

(End Confessional: Izzy.)

"Well, we won." Trent said hollowly.

"Why doesn't it feel like a victory then?" Katie asked, voice shaking.

Noah raised an eyebrow. "Probably because someone's going to die, no?"

"Just shut up!" Beth screamed at him, taking Noah aback.

Noah lost his temper. "You shut up!" He shouted back. "Don't get pissed at me just because I'm being realistic here, Beth! If you can't handle that, that's just too goddamn bad!"

Gwen took Noah's side. "He's right you know, Beth."

Trent took Beth's side. "But he doesn't have to say it so heartlessly." He pointed out.

"Why would I say it full of emotion?" Noah said lowly. "Why would I try and make friends with you people when odds are we're all going to die? What good is that?"

"Because, like Beth said before, sugar." LeShawna said gently. "It's better to spend your last days being surrounded by friends then surrounded by enemies."

Noah blinked. He was silent. "I guess that's a point." he admitted quietly. He held out his hand to Beth. "Sorry, Beth."

Beth shook his hand quickly. "No worries." She smiled.

Heather, meanwhile, was watching with a queasy look on her face.

(Confessional: Heather.)

Heather took a shuddering breath. "Oh god, why do these people have to become friends. It'd be so much easier if we could all be mean to each other." She takes a deep breath. "It's okay Heather, you are safe for today. Tone down the bitchiness but keep the drive to win. It's going to be okay.

(End Confessional: Heather.)

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin crosses his arms and sighs. "I'm glad I was able to lay low today, though I know I won't be able to forever. My beautiful face will surely be put in the spotlight soon. I mean, c'mon! Have you ever seen someone who is half Hawaiian, half Serbian?" He smirks, "I don't think so."

(End Confessional: Justin.)

It was now night time. Dinner had come and gone, and for one Bass, it was their last meal.

Everyone was in their respective cabin, when at eight-thirty, Chris called the Bass to the first ever elimination ceremony.

The Bass walked down, or in Tyler's case, wheeled down to the campfire ceremony, not a word being said between them.

"Welcome, Bass." Chris said with a grin on his face. The fire was lit and shadows danced outside the small circle of light.

Ten of the Bass took a seat, one was already in one.

"Welcome to the first ever Total Drama Island elimination ceremony." Chris smiled. "Tonight, one of you will be eliminated."

Everyone gulped, even Eva.

"Let's get it started, then." Chris smiled. He held up a tray with ten marshmallows. "The first marshmallow of the night goes to…Courtney."

Courtney whimpered in relief as she walked up and grabbed her marshmallow from Chris. She impaled it with a stick and toasted it over the fire, wondering who else would be joining her.

"The second marshmallow goes to…Eva." Chris continued.

Eva sighed in relief, join gin Courtney and accepting the high five she was offered.

Chris held up two marshmallows. "Geoff and Bridgette, you guys are safe."

Bridgette laughed in relief and buried her face in Geoff's chest, nearly crying with happiness.

As the blonde couplet grabbed their marshmallows and joined Eva and Courtney, Chris called Ezekiel safe.

Ezekiel touched his cross in relief, but looked sadly at the people who had not received marshmallows, knowing that one of them would not be with them tomorrow morning.

Chris held up the tray, with only five marshmallows on it. Six pairs of eyes watched the tray with fear in them.

"Harold and…Duncan." Chris said dramatically, and the two campers hugged each other in pure and unadulterated relief.

DJ, Sadie and Tyler looked at each other, panic in every molecule of their body. Izzy was chewing on a stick nervously.

"Sadie." Chris smiled, as the chubby girl broke down, sobbing as she entered the welcoming circle of already safe Bass members.

"Now, all three of you have good reasons for being here." Chris said, eyeing the remaining three. "DJ, you were the only chicken on your team. Tyler, you are temporarily crippled and could be a huge liability to your team. Izzy, your psycho comments really freaked people out, and you blew what should've been an easy win…however, I can say that the penultimate marshmallow goes to…DJ."

DJ fainted dead away.

As the interns dragged him to the infirmary, after assuring everyone he would be totally okay, the attention turned to Tyler and Izzy. The former was openly crying now, and Izzy was on her fourth stick. Both were eyeing the last marshmallow.

Chris smiled. "The final marshmallow goes to…


"What?!" Both Izzy and Tyler gasped, the former in a wild panic. Izzy was about to run for it, but Chef came out of the shadows and pinned her arms to her side.

"You guys? What? You assholes!" Izzy screamed. Chris walked over to her removing his handgun from his waist and walking over to the struggling redhead.

"Izzy." Chris said, "I declare you the first person eliminated from Total Drama Island…"

"No! Wait! Izzy can be an intern!" Izzy wailed, her eyes rolling in her head. "Izzy wasn't supposed to be the one to die first! She was supposed to have seen the blood of at least six people!" [3]

Chris nodded to Chef, who kicked the red head in the back of the knee, sending her to her knees.

"Izzy," Chris said walking over to the redhead, who was now merely crying on the ground, "I declare your run in this competition…"



Voting Confessionals:

Bridgette took a shuddering breath. "I don't want any of them to die. But I have to vote for someone, Chris said." She thought for a moment. "I know Tyler is crippled, but Izzy scares me. I think it's only a matter of time before she gets overexcited and kills someone herself. I vote for Izzy.

Courtney shivered. "God, this is a horrible horrible thing. I vote for Tyler. I don't want to lose anyone else on this team, and he is just a hinderance. I'm so sorry Tyler…

DJ whimpered. "I don't want anyone to die." He said, crying. "But Chris said I have to or else it'll be me getting the boot, so I vote for Izzy. She's really scary.

Duncan sighed, running his hand through his mohawk. "Man, this bites. Izzy's fucking nuts, but Tyler busted his ankle. I really don't know who to vote for. I have friends on this team, and if Tyler still being here makes that a problem, I guess I vote for him. Sorry, man."

Eva stood in the confessional, expressionless. "Izzy cost us what should've been an easy win today. I don't care what she says about Tyler, we can't take the risk of her stupidly blowing challenges. At least Tyler gave his all, despite his new disability. I vote for Izzy."

Ezekiel looked at the camera. He held up his Bible. "See this? I found this exactly where I asked Tyler to put it. He's a good person, and Izzy is not. Someone who is gleeful at the thought of death is unwelcome in this place, it is already horrible enough without you here, which is why I vote for you."

Geoff looked downtrodden. "This is such a heavy bummer, dude. I don't want any of these chill people to go, but if I had to pick someone who harshes the mellow the most, it would be Izzy with all her excitement about death and stuff. Sorry, but I vote for you, you upset Bridgette badly."

Harold groaned. "This totally bites. Gosh. But Izzy is really clever, despite her flaws, and Tyler is crippled. So, unfortunately, that means I vote Tyler. Sorry.

Izzy smiled. "How exciting! I feel bad for Tyler, sort of. But oh well! Everyone knows that it's gotta happen, right?" She cackles. "Bye-bye, Tyler!"

Sadie looked nervous. "I vote for Tyler. I think he's got the best shot of going home, and I need to live for Katie. So better him then me. I know it's harsh and sounds mean, but its the truth."

Tyler is trying to keep it together. "I-I vote for Izzy." He said, his voice shaking. "How could she mess up the challenge and then set me up for elimination? It's not right….it's not right."

Izzy: Six Votes. (Bridgette, DJ, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Tyler.)

Tyler: Five Votes. (Courtney, Duncan, Harold, Izzy, Sadie.)

Screaming Gophers: Trent, Noah, Heather, Owen, Beth, Cody, Katie, Gwen, Justin, Lindsay, LeShawna.

Killer Bass: Courtney, Tyler, Sadie, Geoff, Ezekiel, Harold, Bridgette, Duncan, Eva, DJ.

Execution Order: Izzy.

[1] Oh how wrong you are, Noah.

[2] That was a play on how epicly Harold failed at his jump.

[3] That was a play on how in cannon Izzy outlasted six other people before her first elimination.

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