So, here it is, Part I of the finale!

First off, I'll say now before I even start writing that the challenge itself won't be too long. Why? Because it's really tough to get a two-person challenge that's actually rather short into a long, 3000-5000 word ordeal. I'm sorry, I just don't feel its necessary to drag it out that long. I won't rush through it, but the fact of the matter is it will be pretty short. Honestly, I'm really not too good at writing action-heavy scenes, I rely on dialogue and that's tough for me when it's a tense challenge where the only two participants won't be talking with each please bare with me.

But don't worry, there will still be plenty of action. Try not to kill me, no matter what happens...

Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy!

The sun rose over the last day on Total Drama Island as its last two competitors slept uneasily.

Geoff, The Funnest Guy Around. Blonde, bubbly, and boisterous, Geoff was instantly liked by his peers for his generally positive attitude and outlook on life. Always playing fair, Geoff made allies early on and fell for fellow competitor Bridgette, though the two tried to deny their feelings for each other. Eventually Geoff risked it all and sacrificed his guaranteed safety for Bridgette's, and played hard all the way to the finale, allying with fellow finalist Justin and forming a rocky friendship with him. Determined to see both his family and his new-found love, he will stop at nothing to win.

Justin, The Eye Candy. Justin was underestimated early on due to his dainty stature, but quickly proved his team wrong and showed that he could hold his own. Determined to secure his own safety, Justin was not afraid to play dirty. After quite a few early-game schemes, Justin settled down a bit when the stakes were raised when the teams dissolved, as surely him being exposed would've meant a literal death sentence. He formed a friendship with long-term ally Trent but other than that kept his distance from his peers. He flew through different allies after Trent's death and slid his way to the finale. His dastardly deeds went noticed by all his fellow competitors, and even now Geoff believes Justin to be a genuinely good person. And maybe he is.

The two boys slept on.

Over at the resort, two other survivors slept.

Noah, The Schemer. Apathetic and obnoxious on his short time on Total Drama, Noah was disliked by his team for his blunt words and uncaring attitude. However, he outsmarted Chris McLean himself when he broke into his personal trailer and took one of the Life Idols before they had been hidden. It turned out his negative actions were all a ploy to get voted off early on so he would minimize the trauma he would receive from witnessing deaths, and has been relaxing at the Playa Des Losers ever since.

Bridgette, The Pacifist. Bridgette arrived on Wawnakwa a shattered woman, but pieced herself together with great courage, aided by her friend and eventual boyfriend Geoff. The two became close instantly and despite the situation and the horrible odds against them fell for each other. Bridgette found the drive to fight hard, but was spared by Geoff when he used the Life Idol he found on her. Unsure she can ever forgive him for doing so, she waits anxiously on the island, hoping for his safety. She is no damsel in distress however, as she made the gutsy move to deploy the tracking beacon that had been sent to them by Reg, Duncan's father.

And unbeknownst to all, a fifth camper slept on, still very much alive.

Duncan, The Delinquent. Pegged as a likely end-gamer by Noah early on, Duncan was obviously a threat with his take-no-prisoners attitude and his aptitude for strategy. Coupled with his physical and mental prowess and his tight group of allies, Duncan was a force to be reckoned with throughout his entire stay in the game. He made it all the way to the Final 5 before being 'killed by a bear'. He sleeps on in disguise, hoping that Lady Luck will smile down upon him and he will leave the island alive.

Five campers still breathed. How many of them would still be alive by the end of the day...?

It was early morning and Chef had just woken up. He, unlike the cameramen and interns, got his own sleeping quarters.

The big man sighed in relief the instant he awoke. The last day. He thought to himself, swinging his massive frame out of bed and getting himself ready for the day. He had to make a really nice meal for Justin and Geoff and then just sit tight until the damned thing was over.

His mind instantly went to that homing beacon that he had given to Taennyr to give to Noah and Bridgette. Taennyr said she had delivered it and, if it had worked, it had gone completely undetected as he hadn't heard anything about it from Chris.

At this point though, any help that came would be too late. There was only one day left and a maximum of one extra person to save.

Still, any help was better than no help.

He tried not to think about what it would mean if the show was renewed for a second season, if such a thing happened. At this point, though, with all that had happened, he seriously doubted it.

Taking a breath, he put on his stupid little chef's hat and trudged towards the Mess Hall.

This was it, Duncan realized as he leaned against the wall of the shower. The last day. Once this fiasco wrapped up he's be shipped off to who knows where and he could make his escape.

He'd go back home, he had decided. He'd meet up with both of his parents, hopefully both, and let them know he was alive. He'd lay low, probably off-premise because they'd be swarmed by the media, as they figured plans to get out of the country. They'd probably move to America or Germany, as they had family ties in both places.

The thought of all this had the danger of creating an ulcer in the delinquents stomach, and he hissed through his teeth, anxious.

Eventually fed up with the shower and in need of food, Duncan left the bathroom and reached his quarters.

He had been lucky. Most of the cameramen never spoke to one another and if they did it was strictly business related. They were all thugs, as far as he could tell. Big dudes with weird accents and lots of tattoos. He didn't really fit in and neither had Jared, but no one pointed it out so he didn't care.

"Oi, forty-six," someone called as he ate his breakfast alone at a table. He was earlier than most of the cameramen, preferring to keep all interaction with them to a minimum.

Duncan looked up from his plate and gave a mild glare at the person he recognized as one of the head cameraman. "What's up?" Duncan asked, using the tone he had created for Jared, slightly deeper and more nasally than his normal voice.

"You're one of the main cameramen today. Usually numbers after 40 are just back up or extra but there is a cold going around and you'll be needed. Report to HQ in an hour." The man's tone was careless. Duncan was just another box to be ticked off on this assholes daily schedule. That suited Duncan just fine.

"I'll be there," he responded gruffly.

The asshole nodded and took his leave, leaving Duncan in peace.

He inhaled through his nose and kneaded his temples with his fingers. It was going to be a long day.

Justin and Geoff sat in the Mess Hall, eating a rather delicious breakfast of pancakes and sauasages. The two boys sat across from each other, silent.

The tension was palpable.

It remained quiet throughout the meal, and both jumped when Chris entered the Mess Hall unannounced, clapping his hands loudly.

"Well well, Justin and Geoff, the final two." He remarked, walking over to the wall of portraits and flicking Beth's picture. "You both have outlasted twenty-two others in your quest for survival, and one of you is about to achieve that goal."

Justin and Geoff both nodded solemnly.

"So, we will be getting started on the finale challenge shortly. Meet me at the elimination ceremony in ten minutes. Pee, finish eating, whatever, just do what you need to do and prepare yourself."

Without another word, he left.

Noah and Bridgette were eating breakfast when, once again, they heard a boat arrive. With less urgency this time, the two walked down to the Dock and saw that one of the interns was waiting for them, two cameramen flanking him.

"What's up?" Noah asked, fairly sure what the answer was going to be.

"You two are going to be present to watch the finale." The intern said flatly, "come with us."

"We're still eating breakfast, I'm not finished." Noah said obnoxiously.

The intern scowled, "Fine. We leave in five minutes."

"We'll be there," the bookworm replied, dragging Bridgette back up to the resort.

"You finished eating five minutes ago," Bridgette whispered once they were out of earshot.

"I know," he whispered back, "I'm just buying us some time."

"For what?"

"For you to compose yourself." He told her, "We don't know who's in the finale."

"I'm not some useless crybaby," Bridgette retorted, annoyed. "I'll be fine, thank you very much."

Noah didn't look convinced, but decided it wouldn't be worth it to argue with her. "Fine, let's get ready then. We're almost out."

Bridgette nodded confidently, but Noah saw through her confident facade at how worried she was.

Justin and Geoff were at the elimination area. Chris was there waiting for them.

"Alright you two, I'll explain the challenge in a minute, but first I have two people to, re-introduce."

Both Geoff and Justin knew who the two were going to be before they arrived.

Sure enough, both Bridgette and Noah soon walked into view. Bridgette's face broke into a radiant smile upon seeing Geoff, and Geoff grinned anxiously back at her. "Yo," he started to call, but was instantly shushed by Chris.

"Nuh-uh," the host tutted, "They're just here to watch. No communicating until someone wins."

Geoff scowled at this but remained quiet.

"Now, Justin, Geoff, your final challenge is a test of bravery, strength, and guts." The host said. Both boys instantly snapped to attention as Chris continued. "So as such you will run a relay-race of sorts, except you two will be the only ones competing. The challenge consists of three legs." He pointed west. "Two hundered yards from here you'll find two flag poles. Each has a flag at the top with one of your faces on it. Shimmy up the pole and retrieve the flag with your face on it."

Both boys nodded.

"After that, it's a half-mile sprint to the second part. You will each receive an eagle egg and have to cross over a balance beam above a cliff. Falling will mean a likely death upon impact, or at least horrific enough injuries to leave you incapable of winning. Return the egg to the nest on the other side of the cliff to complete this part."

"What if we both fall and die?" Justin asked nervously.

Chris glared at them, "here's a thought, don't." the host cleared his throat, "as I was saying, the final leg is a two mile run to the finish line. You each have a different path on the way to the finish line until the final stretch, it'll be marked by a picture of your face. The first person to cross wins Total Drama Island. Any questions?"

Geoff and Justin looked at each other and back at the host. They both shook their heads.

(Confessional: Justin.)

Justin looks confident. "This is it," he states calmly, "I can do this, safety is within my grasp. I would guess the only edge Geoff has on me is speed, but I outclass him in strength and smarts no question." He puts two fingers on his chin and scratches lightly, "I've worked so hard to get here, and I am not about to let all that work go for nothing." He glares at the camera.

(End Confessional: Justin.)

(Confessional: Geoff.)

Geoff squirms constantly. "I'm like a total bundle of nerves, dudes," he confesses, pulling at his unbuttoned shirt collar. "but Bridgette is here, cheering me on, so that makes me feel better!" He slaps a shaking fist into his palm, trying to look determined. "I just gotta keep a cool head and not screw up. I can beat Justin and get the girl, just like the stories!"

(End Confessional: Geoff.)

"Well then," Chris said, "if you're both ready, let's begin."

The finalists instantly got into running positions.

"I declare that the finale of Total Drama Island!"

Both boys raced off as fast as their legs could carry them.

"C'mon Geoff," Bridgette whispered as the boys ran off, "you can do this."

"He'll be fine," Noah said, trying to be reassuring. He looked down at his own arm, which had both of Bridgette's hands clamped tightly around it as she stared worriedly at the live feed that had been set up before them.

Unbeknownst to the two safe teens, Duncan was nearby, being one of the camermen to film the two as they watched. He silently agreed with Bridgette.

C'mon Geoff, you can do this. The punk thought, you can't can''t do that to just can't.

Geoff was first to reach the flagpole, but not by much.

"Hnnn," the party boy groaned at the exertion of lifting himself onto the pole. He slowly began shimmying up the pole, which was about fifteen feet tall. The sizable muscles in his biceps bulged as he continually lifted himself higher.

Justin skidded to a halt in front of his own flag and leapt up onto the pole, ascending at a much faster rate than Geoff.

Geoff was too busy to concentrate on what Justin was doing though, choosing to remain focused on the task at hand.

After a few more seconds of climbing, Justin was first to reach his flag. He clutched it in his fist and slid down the pole, landing smoothly and instantly running off.

Geoff, about thirty seconds behind the model, grabbed his own flag and opted to leap off the pole. He was able to somewhat gracefully stick the landing with a forward roll, but had to ignore the sharp but fleet pain in his feet and keep his footing through the stumbling that followed. Quick as he could, he set off after the model.

"Dammit," Bridgette cursed, her grip on Noah's arm tightening even more. He tried hard not to wince.

"Relax, it's only just begun, it's obstacle two that'll really matter." He said, gritting his teeth slightly to keep from crying out.

Bridgette seemed to realize that she had Noah's arm in a death grip and relaxed her clutches slightly.

Off to the side, Chris and Zolkoff were having a whispered discussion about something. Noah strained his ears to try and pick up what the two were talking about, but he had no luck. He returned his attention back to the screen, where the finalists were nearing the second obstacle...

Justin spared a quick glance behind him and tried not to panic at how quickly Geoff had caught up to him. "You're fast," he noted over his shoulder.

Geoff, ten yards behind him, shot him a tired grin. "And you're strong, dude."

The two saw a cliff coming up, along with a nest that had two eggs in it. They skidded to a halt five yards from the edge of the cliff and stared at the bridge.

"Balance beam is right," Geoff noted, gulping.

The beam itself was about four inches wide and made of sturdy wood. It had about four feet of length on each side of land, so it was safe enough, assuming you could keep your balance.

Justin wasted no time on observations, though, and quickly scooped up his egg and approached the balance beam.

Geoff was right behind him.

"Why d'you think they made us carry eagle eggs?" The blonde asked as he crept onto the balance beam.

"Dunno," Justin shrugged, also inching along. "Can't be good though."

"Agreed, we should keep our eyes peeled."

Suddenly a loud screech echoed out from above them, and the two boys looked up to see a rather large bird circling above them.

"Oh," Geoff paled, looking back down at his eagle egg. "that's why."

Justin began to inch a lot faster across, still careful to keep his balance.

Geoff was a little more reckless and began a slow walk across, keeping his eyes focused ahead of him.

The eagle above them screeched again.

"Just hold out, birdy-dudette!" Geoff called desperately, giving a little shriek as he stumbled precariously. The upper half of his body leaned out over the edge, but he recovered quickly. "I'll bring your egg back safe in no time!"

Justin meanwhile had taken advantage of Geoff's literal slip-up and inched ahead.

Fortunately for the two, the eagle decided not to bombard them bodily and chose to remain screechign at them.

Justin once again finished slightly ahead of Geoff, and ran off towards his path. Seeing this spurned Geoff on, and he too deposited his egg and continued running.

Duncan watched the events unfold, totally engrossed.

"Oi, Fourty-Six!" a voice snapped, and it took Duncan second to remember that that was supposed to be him. He whirled around to face another cameraman.

"Why're you so immersed," the cameraman sneered, "got a boner in your pants for the pretty boy?"

Duncan sneered right back at him, "I'd rather watch him then sit here listening to you. Shut up and leave me alone."

The cameraman just laughed and shook his head. "Fair enough, fairy."

Duncan just rolled his eyes.

Justin and Geoff were panting heavily, sweat pouring off them as they raced down their respective paths.

"I have to do this," Geoff panted, "I have to." He felt himself gain a little speed.

He thought of the friends he had lost here, if he could really call them that. He thought of Courtney and Duncan mostly, who weren't here because he was. The thought of living for them spurned him on even more. Add thatwith the thought of getting back to his family and friends back home, a fire ignited in his belly and with newfound energy he steamed forwards.

Justin too was thinking of his family. He had never been particularly close with his mother, but he loved her all the same. It was his father he spent most of his time with. The thought of seeing them again had a pang of longing echoing through his chest, and he pressed on, determined to survive.

He had so much more to live for. He wanted to have kids, a family, a life. It wouldn't end here for him, no way. He had plans and he wasn't about to let them get screwed up.

The camera panned across the racing area. It focused on the part where the two paths that Justin and Geoff were running on finally intersected: the final stretch.

Panting and running could be heard off screen. It soon became discernible that two pairs of footsteps could be heard.

Justin emerged first, still ahead by a hair. Geoff was literally right behind him.

The end stretch to the finish line was maybe a hundred yards, Justin guessed, and he heard Geoff catching up to him.

There it was.

The white and black checkerboard flag came into view, marking the end.



Justin started to panic. He could see Geoff in his peripheral vision now. He willed himself to go faster.

Geoff's heart was going a thousand beats a minute. He was catching up to Justin, he was sure of it. He was going to make it.

He propelled himself forward, starting to gain a visible gap on the wheezing model. Excitement flooded through him as he pulled ahead.

His feet pounded into the soft dirt...

Until they didn't.

Justin felt a swirl of emotions course through him as Geoff began to edge ahead. There was only thirty yards left of track, and Justin was falling behind.

So he did what he had to do.

His stomach clenched and so did his teeth as he swung his right leg out, kicking Geoff's right leg into his left knee as hard as the model could muster at a full-blown sprint.

It worked, and Geoff kicked his own legs out from under him. He hit the ground in a surprised yelp.

A wave of guilt crashed through him as he left the groaning boy in the dust.

Fifteen yards. Ten. Five.

Geoff felt pure, cold fear fill him as he lay dazed in the dirt. He wasn't entirely sure how he had tripped, but he had an aching pain on the right side of his right leg and he felt all his energy leaving him.

He looked ahead at the advancing model. He was so close to the finish line.

"No," he croaked out, throat parched.

Justin pretended he hadn't heard Geoff's plea as he stepped across the finish line.

And just like that, it was over.

It was over.

He had won.

Chris was waiting for him, but it was all a blur to Justin as an absolute avalanche of emotions soared through him.

Guilt at his actions, relief at his win, the tiredness in his bones and the excitement of survival.

"Congratulations, Justin, you have won Total Drama Island!" Chris announced, offering the model his outstretched hand. A dazed Justin shook it, still not quite able to believe it.

He heard labored breathing behind him and turned to see Geoff stumble across the finish line, hands on his knees and chest heaving. He had dirt stains all over him and his party hat was askew.

"I'm so sorry," Justin heard himself saying, "I had no choice, I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Geoff just shook his head, apparently too exhausted to talk.

"Geoff my man," Chris said, a genuine look of sympathy on his face, "you played hard, but I'm afraid it just wasn't enough."

The party boy shook his head, eyes closed. He was still hunched over, trying to regain his breath.

"NO!" the three males heard a scream from nearby and turned to see Bridgette, racing towards Geoff. "Geoff! Geoff! No!"

She was quickly restrained by a cameraman before she could get to him, though.

Tears flowed desperately down Bridgette's face as she fought the futile battle against the large man. "No!" She howled, kicking and squirming for all she was worth. "You can't do this! You can't do this!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, her voice audibly straining.

"I'm afraid I do," Chris said solemnly.

Geoff finally straightened, unspilttears pooling in his eyes as a result of Bridgette's cries. "Don't cry Bridgette," he finally croaked out, "I'm sorry."

"You idiot!" She bawled, still ten yards away and unable to reach him, "You should have saved yourself when you had the chance!"

Geoff just smiled slightly and shook his head. "I have no regrets." This just made Bridgette break down into incoherent sobs. He turned to Justin, "You did what you had to do, Justin. I understand."

Justin bit his lip and nodded, avoiding looking him in the eyes.

Chris stepped forward and drew his handgun. "On your feet or on your knees?" he asked the party boy, who had turned quite pale.

"O-on my feet." He finally managed, his breath quickening as Chris cocked the handgun. "Bridgette, I'm sorry I failed you," he said quickly, realizing his time was running out. "I love you. Please don't cry. Please."

Bridgette, despite her immense grief, was strong enough to heed Geoff's final request, and calmed herself as best she could. "I l-love you too." she hiccuped, trying to give him the smile she knew he liked so much.

"Mom, Dad, my big bro Stuart, I love you guys too. I'm sorry I can't make it home." His voice finally cracked, and the tears that had been contained to his eyes now spilled over his cheeks.

Geoff nodded to Chris, and Chris pointed the gun at Geoff's forehead. "With this," Chris said calmly, "Total Drama Island is officially over."

He paused for a moment, for dramatic effect.

And then his finger twitched over the trigger.

Winner: Justin

Finalists: Justin, Geoff.

Execution Order: Izzy, Owen, Noah (Saved), Eva, DJ, Gwen, Tyler, Sadie, Cody, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Katie, Sierra, Harold, Bridgette (Saved), Trent, Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Duncan (Possible Escapee), LeShawna, Beth.

Part II will hopefully be up within a day or two.