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A lot of you seemed puzzled and/or upset by Izzy's elimination, but, no offense, them's the breaks. In my head, Izzy would go totally nuts in an environment like that, even moreso then she already does in canon. Would you want someone that was gleefully talking about your death on your team? I think not. Case and point. If you still have a problem, please PM me :)!

Also, this chapter was tough to write, as I don't know how tense sleepy campers sitting around a fire can be, so apologies if it is not as good as the last one.

The morning after Izzy's execution, all twenty-one campers were sitting in the Mess Hall, eating their meager breakfast.

"X number of days to live." Katie whined, lifting her gruel up with her spoon and letting it flop back into the bowl. "And he gives us this garbage? What's up with that?"

"What are you talking about?" Owen laughed. "This stuff is the bomb! WOOHOO!" He downed his fourteenth bowl.

"Jesus Christ, man." Trent said, scooting away from the obese optimist as Owen's stomach grumbled warningly.

"Ah," Owen sighed, tapping his tummy. "That's going to hurt coming out later."

"So." Heather called, scanning the Bass table. "I see you ousted Little Miss Crazy. I should thank you."

The Bass table ignored her, going quiet.

"Was it bad?" Justin asked curiously.

Courtney shivered, "It was horrible." she whimpered, trailing off in thought.


"Over…" Chris said solemnly, putting his pistol back in his holster.

Bridgette screamed, as did Sadie. The former buried her face into Geoff's chest for the fourth time that day.

"Oh god." Duncan moaned, sounding nauseated. "She's still moving."

It was true, Izzy's lifeless body was going through a few last twitches as the brain shut down completely.

Harold ran to the bushes and threw up, his retching stimulated Tyler, who wheeled as fast as he could away from the area. His retching was heard moments later.

"Thank God DJ isn't here for this." Eva grumbled, staring at the body with pity.

Ezekiel, who had closed his eyes moments before Izzy's death and had not opened them since, spoke up. "Would someone be so kind as to guide me towards the cabin. I don't want to see her."

Courtney, who was trembling violently, grabbed Ezekiel's arm and lead him a few paces towards the direction of the cabins. Ezekiel cautiously opened and eye, and, upon seeing there were no dead bodies in his path, quickly hurried back to the cabin.

Sadie, who was now sobbing quietly, followed Ezekiel back to cabin, all but running.

"You're sick in the head." Duncan growled, turning his back on the body.

Chris smiled. "Hey, don't look at me like that. I'm just doing my job."

"He's right." Eva snarled at him, pointing at delinquent. "You're a sick, sick man. You're going to burn in hell."

Chris shrugged and didn't respond, seeing that arguing was useless.

Eva snarled again and stomped off, following Ezekiel and Sadie.

Tyler came back, sick staining his chin. He quickly averted his eyes from Izzy's corpse, which had a neat hole in the right part of her forehead. It looked like someone had thrown a balloon filled with red paint on the ground and laid her on top of it.

"I, I, thank you guys." Tyler squeaked to his teammates.

Duncan wasn't about to tell him that he voted for the jock, and merely slapped him on the back in a comforting sort of way. "Now that I look at it, this team made the right choice, dude."

Geoff nodded, though it was more of an awkward bob, considering Bridgette's head was in the way.

Tyler smiled weakly. "I think I'm going to go lie down." He wheeled away down the dark path towards the cabins.

"Well, all's done here." Chris yawned, checking his watch. "The clean-up crew should be by in a couple of minutes, so you all should scram."

Geoff nodded, and guided Bridgette towards the Bass's lodgings.

"Where'd the ginger go?" Eva asked, squinting into the darkness.

"Probably back to the cabins." Courtney shrugged. "I heard him telling Tyler earlier how he has a mad sense of direction. I don't really know what that means, but whatever."

Duncan, Eva, and Courtney walked back to the cabins in silence.

In the Present.

"Oh my gosh." Lindsay said, tears brimming in her big blue eyes. "That's so sad…poor Tyler! That must be nasty, having to throw up in a wheelchair!" The model, unable to contain her rudimentary attraction towards the crippled young man, ran over to the Bass table and hugged him, among gapes from everyone in the Mess Hall.

"At least it's not malice that drives her." LeShawna muttered.

"That's seriously horrible." Gwen sighed. "Sorry you had to go through that."

"We'll have to get used to it." Eva scowled. "Because I seriously doubt that we're going to win every challenge."

"Hey guys," Beth spoke up. "Did you guys notice those pictures last night?" She pointed to one of the walls of the Mess Hall.

Heads turned in unison to look at what Beth was pointing at.

"No, that's new." Noah said, interested.

On the wall between the wall with the door and the kitchen wall were twenty two pictures. Each one had a picture of one of the campers faces on it.

"They look electronic." Harold said, scratching his stubble.

"I think they're in alphabetical order." DJ said after giving the portraits a once over.

It was true, at the beginning there was Beth, followed by Bridgette, and ended with Trent and Tyler.

"I wonder what they're for." Ezekiel said curiously.

"They look electronic." Cody frowned, "But why would there be electronic photos of us in here?"

"I'll tell you why!" Chris grinned, coming through the threshold into the Mess Hall. He walked over to the wall and removed Izzy's portrait from it's spot. He slid all the other photos down and put Izzy's in front of Beth's.

"They're on a pulley? Cool!" Cody observed.

Chris clicked a button on Izzy's portrait, and the portrait switched photo's, to what Izzy looked like when she was dead. The portrait was now also in black and white.

Screams were emitted at the sudden appearance of the grotesque image, and many a breakfast were returned to the land of the living.

"That's sick." Gwen gasped, glaring daggers at the host. "Oh my God, are you serious?"

"I do not like Ida's new look!" Lindsay said, looking critically at the portrait.

Chris laughed. "Producers orders. A little…incentive, if you will! But we have no time to dwell on that! It's time to start your second challenge! Meet me at the megaphone, you all have thirty seconds until penalties are doled out!"

Everyone scrambled from their seats and ran outside. It was a beautiful morning, in stark contrast to the day that was to come.

"Good! We're all here!" Chris said as Owen emerged from the Mess Hall, groaning in pain as his stomach churned.

"Chris, I didn't even get to finish breakfast!" Harold said, irritated.

Chris rolled his eyes, pretending to wipe a tear away. "I'm so sorry, Harold, I didn't realize. Why don't you go in and finish?"

Harold smiled. "Wow, really?"

"NO!" Chris snapped. "You campers should be grateful that you got food at all! Originally, you'd have to do this challenge on an empty stomach, but I stood up for you! I said, 'Hey, producers, there is no way they'd be able to do that and survive, on an empty stomach!'"

Most of the campers looked fearful at the word 'Survive'.

"Well then," Trent shifted nervously. "What's the challenge?"

"You have to…run a 20KM lap around the lake!"

Eva scoffed. "Child's play."

"What?!" Tyler exclaimed nervously. "How the hell am I supposed to go twenty kilometers in a wheelchair? That's nuts!"

"Easy, jockstrap. I got you." Eva smirked, grabbing Tyler by the handles' of his wheelchair.

(Confessional: Duncan.)

Duncan glares at the camera. "I may be glad that Madam Freaky is gone, but Tyler's a liability. If it were up to me, I'd just leave him to his own devices and watch him self destruct."

(End Confessional: Duncan.)

"Alright. We're starting in five, four, three, two, one, go!" Chris announced, as the twenty-one campers took off across the dewy grass towards the lake at varying speeds.

"Oh god!" Owen groaned, not having made it twenty yards. His stomach was not sounding so good.

"Hit the deck!" Owen warned as he sprinted towards the outhouse. Terrifying noises were heard from inside.

"Looks like the boy can run when he needs the can." LeShawna scoffed as she ran. "He better not cost us this."

"I don't think so." Gwen guessed, also running. "Harold and Sadie aren't exactly the most fit. And if Owen can run like that, we can always tell him there is a five-star meal at the other end."

Katie suppressed a chuckle. "You think that'd work?"

"It's worth a try." Gwen shrugged. "And if it fails, on his head be it."

Two hours and ten minutes later, a chain of some sorts had formed. Eva and Tyler were at the head of the pack, the latter still being wheeled in his wheelchair. Behind them a ways were DJ, then Trent and Courtney, then Duncan, then Ezekiel, then Justin. Another couple of tens of yards back, Gwen and Katie had left LeShawna when she needed to take a break, and had caught up to Heather. Farther back were Cody Beth, Bridgette, Geoff and Lindsay. Bringing up the rear were Noah, Harold and Sadie. Farther back was Owen, but he was so far back that the person in second to last, Harold, couldn't even see him.

"Damn, Eva." Tyler said, impressed. "You're way ahead of the pack, with me as baggage."

Eva shrugged. "I do harder stuff then this as my daily workout." She said, pride tinging her gruff voice.

"Awesome…hey, is that the Mess Hall again?" Tyler said excitedly, pointing ahead.

Eva smirked. "Yup."

Eva pushed Tyler into the Mess Hall, where they both skidded to a stop. Eva wasn't even breathing hard.

"Well, that was expected." Chris smirked, standing in front of a booth that was being blocked by a curtain.

"What's that?" Tyler asked, trying to see through the curtain. Chef's spatula smacked him on the back of the head.

"None of your gosh darn business, fool!" Chef snapped at him. Tyler quickly rolled away from him, muttering a "God, sorry" under his breath.

"Made it, eh!" Ezekiel gasped, trudging over to a table and slamming into a chair, chest heaving.

"Ezekiel, third place, not too shabby." Chris nodded. "Last time we checked the footage, DJ was a head of you, along with Duncan, Courtney and Trent."

"I passed Duncan earlier," Ezekiel said, still breathing hard. "Then Trent took a break and Courtney was tying her shoe. DJ took a detour because he thought he saw a snake."

Chris nodded. "Interesting, interesting."

DJ walked through the door, winded. "Whoo!" He exclaimed, sitting down next to Ezekiel.

"Good job, DJ. Fourth place." Chris nodded as Courtney entered the cabin, soon followed by Duncan. Trent came a short period afterwards.

One by one, they all arrived, for the most part. Justin, then Gwen, then Heather, and after that Geoff, Bridgette, Katie, Lindsay, Cody, Beth, and Noah.

"Who hasn't finished yet?" Courtney asked as Noah trudged through the door, looking thoroughly exhausted.

Chris checked a clipboard. "Sadie, Harold, LeShawna and Owen."

"Great." Gwen groaned. "There's no way Owen's going to make it back before the others."

Someone crawled through the door way.

"Sadie!" Katie cheered. "Oh yay, you made it!"

Sadie grinned, panting as she straightened up. "Oh yay! LeShawna's right behind me though."

Sure enough, not thirty seconds later LeShawna came loafing in, collapsing in a seat next to Gwen.

"That." She said, "Was horrible."

"Welp, it looks like we're only waiting for Harold and Owen." Chris shrugged, looking down at his watch.

Twenty minutes went by before Harold came in.

The Bass breathed a sigh of relief.

"Where is that useless fatso?" Heather yelled angrily, kicking the table. "We just lost the challenge because of him!"

Chris coughed. "Wait, you thought that was the challenge?"

Twenty pairs of eyes stared at him in confusion.

"That wasn't the challenge?" Trent asked, voicing the question that was on everyone's mind. He laughed with relief. "Seriously?"

"Oh come on!" Courtney complained. "How was that not the challenge?"

"Because…it wasn't the challenge." Chris said, confused. "What part aren't you getting?"

"Well then what's the challenge?" Sadie asked, still panting.

"That will be announced as soon as Owen gets here." The host smirked.

A half an hour went by.

"Seriously?" Chris said, extremely aggravated. He radioed Chef. "Where is he, Chef?"

"Just reached the twelfth kilometer." Came Chef's gravelly voice through the machine.

"Yeah…no." Chris said. "Pick him up and bring him here."

Within five minutes Owen was back in the Mess Hall, a sweating, shuddering, gasping mess.

"Seriously?" Justin asked, annoyed. "I know you're out of shape man, but twelve kilometers in like three hours? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I…must…have…condition." Owen gasped, clutching his large stomach in pain.

"Yeah, it's called overeating. Look into it." Heather scoffed, moving her attention from Owen to Chris. "So, douchebag, what's the actual challenge, or are you just going to have us do more painful physical exertions with no point whatsoever?"

"Well, that technically was the first part of the challenge…" Chris said, changing the subject shortly. "But first, who is hungry?" He pulled the curtain down.

Gasps were heard.

"That's…beautiful." Cody admitted, looking at the five-star buffet table laid out in front of them.

"Food! Yes! Awesome!" Owen cheered, forgetting his exhaustion completely and running to grab a plate.

"Oh my gosh, this is so much better then that disgusting gruel." Beth said happily.

"Yes, yes it is." Chris smirked.

(Confessional: Gwen:)

Gwen sighed, "Why do I feel that there is an ulterior motive for Chris giving us that delicious food?

(End Confessional: Gwen:)

(Confessional: Owen:)

Owen grinned. "The food…was so, so good!" He sighed dreamily. "The eggs, the sasuage, and the best thing of all…the platter of baked beans with the tureen of maple syrup!" Owen gets choked up, wiping a way a tear. His face then turned sober. "The thing is, whenever I eat baked beans…I fart. A lot." He chuckled, then farts. "The first blow has fallen."

(End Confessional: Owen:)

Half an hour later, the rest of the campers had finally polished off most of the buffet. Many were holding their stomachs, and a few had food coma-esque looks on their faces.

"Alright, time for part two!" Chris said excitedly.

"I thought eating was the second part." Owen groaned, sounding bloated.

"Nope!" Chris laughed, blowing the fat boy off, "If you will all follow me outside to the campfire!"

Without waiting for an answer, he left the Mess Hall. The campers staggered after him, tired, sore, and chock full of tasty food.

"Alright, the second part of your second challenge will start soon!" Chris announced. "I suggest you all get comfy," He warned, as Chef started to start a fire in the background. "Because you are going to be here for a long, long time."

"Like how long?" Ezekiel asked curiously.

"As long as it takes for all but one of you to fall asleep! That's right baby, its an Awakeathon!"

"A wha?" Owen mumbled, groggy already.

"A-wake-a-thon." Chris sounded it out for him. "Don't fall asleep, is basically what it is. The last person standing wins for their team."

"Gee, how original." Noah quipped, pulling out a book.

"Wait a second…" Bridgette realized. "The twenty kilometer run and the delicious food banquet, was that all to make it harder for us to stay awake?"

"Well, good luck to you all!" Chris smirked, ignoring the surfer. "You can't leave without permission, by the way."

"What about sustenance?" Harold inquired. "Will you at least feed us?"

Chris waved the nerd off with a dismissive hand. "Don't worry, you'll be taken care of." He left the scene.

"All right, this shouldn't be too hard." Gwen shrugged.

"Yeah." Duncan smirked. "I've had plenty of experience pulling all nighters in Juvie. With some of your bunkmates you might not want to be unconscious."

Justin cringed. "Too much info, dude."

"Let's just start this thing already." Heather snapped.

"I believe we started a couple minutes ago." Cody chuckled, throwing an arm around the queenie. "So, what's your favorite color?"

"Big mistake." LeShawna chuckled to Gwen as Heather started beating up the pervert.

"It's been twelve hours so far…" Chris narrated, surveying the twenty-one campers. "And no one has succumbed to the sleep just yet…though some are closer then others." The host was talking about Owen, who was dozing next to Cody.

"Hmm…balls." Owen giggled. He was able to struggle the fight for consciousness for a few more seconds before the oaf finally lost the battle, slamming onto his back as sleep over took him.

A scoreboard near the campfire ticked, sending the score from 11-10 Gophers to 10-10 Even.

"And the first one goes down." Chris cackled.

"Damnit, we just lost our numbers advantage." Trent breathed.

"Please." Noah yawned, "It was pretty obvious for the past four hours he was going down fast." He shifted his eyes. "Chris, I gotta take a piss. Can you give me five minutes?"

Chris nodded. "Hurry back." He said, not really paying attention.

Noah nodded and left.

Eva, meanwhile, was eyeing one of her fellow competitors very closely, on edge. She had her music in her ears, and was tapping her foot to the beat as she suspiciously looked over her suspect.

"Hey! Pretty boy!" The fitness model barked. Several people jumped.

"Jesus, Eva!" Tyler exclaimed, startled.

"What the hell was that?" Courtney grouched.

Eva nodded her head at the model. "He's been standing still like that for forty-five minutes. Gives me a suspicious feeling."

Justin was standing looking out into the darkness with his hands on his hips, eyes wide open.

Geoff approached the model curiously. "Dude?" He asked, peering at him. "You there, bro?" He waved his hand in front of Justin's face. "Hellll-ooo?" He snapped his fingers in front of his face, startling the model.

"Huh? Wha?" Justin yawned, shaking his head and…opening his eyes?

Gwen and LeShawna, who had joined Geoff out of pure curiosity, cringed back in momentary surprise.

"Hey!" Eva shouted triumphantly, somehow not awakening Owen. "He had his eyes painted, I saw it!"

Chris, who had been reading a book, looked up excitedly. "No way. I gotta see this!" He jogged over to the small group that had gathered around Justin, who was trying in vain to wipe the make-up off.

"Blink." Chris instructed, and the model did so, showing the painted eyes that had been drawn on his eyelids.

Chris stared at them for a second, before chuckling. "Nice!" He laughed, slapping the model on the back. "But, you're still out, dude."

Justin yawned. "Worth a try." He shrugged nervously to his teammates, receiving a couple annoyed glances. He sighed and walked over to the fire, falling asleep again.

The scoreboard clicked to 9-10 Bass.

Courtney nodded grimly. "Good, we've taken the lead."

Ezekiel nudged Courtney. "Uh, I think not, eh." He said quietly, jerking his thumb over to DJ, who was fast asleep, a thumb in his mouth.

Duncan scoffed, seeing DJ's sleeping form. "Useless." He muttered, as the scoreboard clicked to 9-9.

Noah came back at that moment. He looked at DJ and Justin. "Looks like I missed some serious action." He deadpanned, walking back over to his book.

Katie chuckled. "I was on the edge of my seat the whole time."

Noah smirked. "Not bad on the sarcasm. You have to work at not laughing at your own wit though."

"He seems happy." Beth whispered to Lindsay, who stared at her, confused.

"Who?" She yawned. Her expression turned to one of sleepy confusion. "Wait, I'm confused."

Beth sighed. "Never mind."

"Oh my gosh." Sadie yawned from across the fire. "I am like, so tired."

"Don't fall asleep, Sadie!" Katie warned. "We have to pull th-th-through." She yawned as well. "Oh my gosh, you like, made me yawn!" She laughed, as Sadie clapped excitedly.

"I bet that myth is true!" Sadie said, yawning again.

"Actually it is." Harold interjected. "They proved that in that show about busting myths."

Katie yawned again.

"Oh no! We should stop yawning! We're going to make each other fall asleep!" Sadie exclaimed, covering her mouth. It was too late, however, and within five minutes Katie was asleep.

"Sorry, *yawn*, Katie." Sadie murmured sleepily. "I…gotta…stay…awake." On that last word, her head thudded down onto her chest and she slid over, fast asleep.

The scoreboard now read 8-8.

"Still anybody's game." Cody grinned sleepily, walking over to Lindsay and resting his head on her shoulder.

LeShawna growled at him. "You got six seconds to get off of her before I tear you a new one, pervert."

Cody, despite the tiredness aching his entire body, quickly got off the blonde, who had not seemed to notice his presence. He slumped down next to Trent, dejected.

"Why do none of the girls want a piece of the Codester?" He yawned at the musician.

Trent frowned, seeing an opportunity to help Cody. He didn't take it. "Just keep trying, man." He said hollowly, before asking Chris if he could use the bathroom.

(Confessional: Trent.)

"I know, what I did was bad." Trent said guiltily, "But c'mon, it's a life and death situation. Better that creepy pervert then me, I'm just saying." He gives the camera a look. "You would've done the same!"

(End Confessional: Trent.)

As Trent left for the bathroom, Tyler was absentmindedly flicking one of the rims of his wheelchair, transfixed as it spun around and around.

Ezekiel noticed this. "Everything okay, Tyler?"

"Yeah." Tyler sighed tiredly. "Well, no."

Ezekiel at down beside him. "Penny for your thoughts?" He asked kindly.

"Well, it's just…about last night." Tyler mumbled. "I was so close…SO close to dying last night. Chris said it was a six-to-five vote. And to think that some of the people who were consoling me last night had to dislike the fact that I'm still breathing."

Ezekiel said nothing, waiting for Tyler to continue. When he didn't, the homeschooler spoke up.

"Well, if it makes a difference, I didn't vote for you." Ezekiel said quietly. "And I know that Geoff and Bridgette didn't either."

"They didn't?" Tyler looked up. "How do you know that?"

"Well, I asked them to not vote for you."' Ezekiel replied.

Tyler sat there in stunned silence. "You…what?" He choked out. "So you saved my life?"

Ezekiel smiled. "No, Tyler, that's where you're wrong. Their response was that they were already planning on it. And that's only half of us. Three more people also didn't vote for you."

Tyler turned his head to look at the Geoff and Bridgette. He nodded to Ezekiel. "Thanks, man."

He left the prairie boy and wheeled over to the blonde duo, who were currently snuggling in front of the fire.

"Hey dude." Geoff greeted, seeing the red-clad jock approaching them.

"What's up?" Bridgette yawned, clearly falling asleep.

"Well," Tyler smiled, rubbing the back of his head. "I'd just like to thank the two of you so much for not voting for me. I know it must've been hard, I just…" He trailed off, unable to find words to express his feelings.

Geoff put a hand on his shoulder, straining through the confines of Bridgette on his chest. "No worries, man. We made the right decision."

Tyler smiled. "So how are you holding up?"

Geoff shrugged, "As okay as you can be in this situation."

"How about Bridgette?" Tyler questioned, looking down at the now sleeping form of the blonde.

Geoff looked sadly down at her calmly breathing form. "Not so rad, bro. She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping."

Tyler nodded sympathetically. "It sucks, man…do you feel that your closeness with her could be a bad thing, you know, later on?"

Geoff winced, as if in physical pain. "I don't know, dude. I'd rather not think about it, if that's okay…"

Tyler yawned, nodding in understand. "Okay man…" He yawned again. "I'll…I'll…catch you…" He drifted off to sleep.

Geoff smiled at his slumped form, before returning to gaze at the fire.

(Confessional: Geoff.)

Geoff sighs. "I know that me and Bridgette getting close is probably a really, really bad idea. But I honestly can't help it." He rubs his eyes tiredly. "I mean, she's the nicest, prettiest girl I've ever met, and we just click really hard." His voice cracks. "But…when it comes down to it…I don't know, man."

(End Confessional: Geoff.)

"We're winning again." Heather smirked to Trent, who nodded happily.

"How are you holding up?" The guitar played asked.

"A little tired, but I can keep going." Heather said confidently.

"That's not what I meant." Trent said quietly. "You're really different then from how you were yesterday. What happened?"

Heather looked at him blankly. "Oh. Uh, well, I just realized my strategy was the wrong one." She admitted. "This was very different then how I imagined it when I first got my letter."

Trent nodded. "Unfortunately, I feel the same way. I wish everyone hated each other." His eyes drifted to Geoff and Bridgette. "But that doesn't seem to be the case."

Heather's eyes were on Katie and Sadie. "Why did they have to choose them? It's so cruel."

"Because." Noah entered, walking over and joining them. "Ratings, money, and entertainment."

"You think people are laughing at us?" Trent asked, looking disgusted at the thought.

"Noah's right." Heather frowned. "People may not be laughing at us, but it's entertainment, even if it's horrifying entertainment."

"Sick bastards." Trent muttered.

Noah smirked. "I'll make sure to give them hell when I get out of here."

"Someone's confident." The ravenhead scoffed. "I'll have you know that I plan on winning this."

"So does everybody here!" Noah groaned, for what he felt like the millionth time.

Neither two answered him. There was a stony silence now amongst the trio.

"Whatever, I'm out of here." Noah rolled his eyes, yawning as he walked off. He went over to the fire, sitting down and stretching out. Within minutes he was asleep.

Gwen noticed this. "He just gave up…what's up with that?"

LeShawna jerked out of her trance. "Hm?" She mumbled sleepily. "Do I need to castrate Cody?"

"Not yet." Beth said, glaring daggers at Cody, who was currently leaning against a log, staring into the fire.

"What's join' on?" LeShawna asked again.

"Just him." Gwen muttered, lifting an arm carelessly towards a now sleeping Noah.

"What? You got a crush on his scrawny ass?" The sister asked, still confused.

"No! Who're you, Lindsay?" Gwen joked. "He just walked over there and sat down. He gave up."

LeShawna made a tired noise as she stretched, snuggling back against the warm dirt and closing her eyes. "That's nice, sugar."

Gwen sighed as her friend left the Awakethon.

Three hours later, the score was still 6-6. The only people showing serious signs of tiredness were Cody, Harold and Beth.

"Guess nerds are too used going to bed early to make sure they get to school on time." Duncan chuckled, eyeing the three dozing teens.

"Shut up." Harold croaked, shaking his head in an attempt to clear it.

"Y-y-yeah." Cody gasped, yawning loudly. "Ugh, I can't fall asleep." He yawned again. "If we lose…then I couldn't get any play." His head thumped onto his shoulder. "That would not be cool…" those were his last words before he drifted into unconsciousness.

Lindsay yawned. "Caden fell asleep, Bertha." She said to Beth. "Bertha?" Upon closer examination, Beth too had fallen asleep.

"Looks like we might have this." Duncan's whisper to Courtney had a relieved tone.

She nodded, but didn't answer. For the past thirty-five minutes or so she had been consistently moving, believing that that would keep her awake.

"Stop that." Eve now barked at her.

Courtney looked at her, annoyed. "Why?"

"Because, moron, you're tiring yourself out." The health nut rolled her eyes. "Do you think that constantly moving will keep your body from shutting down for rest? No, of course it won't. You'll collapse, now stop it."

"Fine." Courtney said, an edge of defiance still in her voice. She sat down, her cheeks slightly pink, while Duncan eyed her with an amused expression.

"You know, Courtney." He winked at her. "If we weren't in this type of situation, I think you and I would get along just fine." [1]

Courtney ignored him, and was instead solemnly staring at Harold, who had just fallen asleep. "We still have the lead." She finally whispered.

"Five to four." Duncan nodded, looking at the Gophers. "I'm surprised that one dumb blonde with the big cans is still awake. Maybe she forgot how to sleep?"

Geoff scoffed from across the fire, but couldn't keep the chuckle from his mouth. "You're such an asshole."

"Geoff! Almost forgot about you." Duncan smirked. "How are you holding up?"

Geoff shrugged. "Not bad at all, it hasn't even been twenty-four hours yet."

Duncan nodded in agreement. "I feel you, man."

A thump was heard, making everyone jump. They turned to see Lindsay, conked out on the ground, fast asleep.

"No." Gwen groaned, not looking that tired. "Seriously?"

"Don't worry." Trent said, stifling a yawn. "I'll be around a while longer."

Heather nodded, determination etched on her face. "Me too. We are not losing this challenge."

It was now just past the twenty-four hour mark, the sun was high in the sky, and still no one had succumbed yet, though it was pretty clear who was going next.

"Just fall asleep." Ezekiel said to Courtney, who was pinching her arm viciously in order to stay awake.

"Seriously." Duncan told her. "You've done well enough, no one's going to vote you off."

"It's not that." Courtney winced, pinching harder. "I just don't want to lose at all."

"Just go to bed." Eva growled. "Seriously."

Courtney struggled on for another minute or so before finally caving in. "Fine." She grumbled. She lay down, and was asleep before she hit the ground.

"God, I'm tired." Geoff yawned, cramped under the still sleeping Bridgette.

As if on cue, Chris arrived with a fresh cup of coffee and a blow horn.

"Oh dear Lord." Ezekiel whimpered, as the remaining seven campers quickly covered their ears as Chris blared his horn.

"Oh c'mon!" Courtney yelled, jerking awake. "I just fell asleep!"

"Dear fourteen losers, you may now leave and relax until the challenge is over." Chris smirked. "As for you seven, stay put, we have some fun for you."

Trent and Heather glanced at each other nervously.

As the fourteen campers that were out of the challenge left to go do their own things, Chris pulled a large book out of a bag on the ground next to him. "The cultural history of Canada." He read aloud the title.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me." Heather groaned.

"A popup book." Chris finished, laughing at all the horrified reactions from the campers. "Jeez," He chuckled. "Judging by your reactions, you would think somebody died." [2]

"This challenge just got a lot shorter." Geoff chuckled.

Eva scoffed, putting her music back in. "No worries. I don't have to hear his annoying voice. I'll be fine."

"Ah, ah ah." Chris tutted, holding his hand out. "Music. Now. No advantages, that's not fair."

Eva sighed. "Should of kept my mouth shut." She grumbled, reluctantly handing him the music player. "I'll get that back, right?"

Chris nodded in assurance, returning his attention to the book. "Chapter one:" Chris narrated. "The Beaver. Canada's national animal and a 'dam' fine hat."

"Chapter seven." Chris narrated again. "The origin of the 'eh'. In 1840…"

In the hour it had taken for Chris to read six chapters, Geoff had succumbed to sleep. Eva wasn't looking much more awake then him without her music.

"Trent?" Gwen asked, staring at the musician, who had his eyes barely open. "C'mon Trent, we can't lose."

"Don't worry abiejsofije." He collapsed on the ground, fast asleep.

"Hah!" Duncan said, bored out of his skull. "Numbers advantage!"

"How the hell are you even still up?" Heather asked Ezekiel, who was in nowhere near as abad of shape as everyone else.

Ezekiel shrugged. "When you live on a farm, you learn to have a lot of endurance, and I'm also keeping faith in staying awake."

"I see." Eva said, nodding. She nodded again, and again and again in a rhythmic motion until she finally slipped into unconsciousness.

"Two on two." Gwen sighed, eyeing Heather.

"It begins." Duncan smirked.

Four hours went by until the next person dropped.

"All by myself." The alone teammate sighed.

"It's 2-1…Bass!" Chris announced, having just finished chapter twenty-seven. He glanced at Heather's sleeping form. "She was doing so well, too."

"We got this." Duncan muttered to Ezekiel, who had deteriorated greatly in the last hour.

"Yea." Ezekiel yawned, staring at Gwen.

Two hours later, the three contestants were all still awake.

"I gotta take a leak." Duncan moaned.

"Go for it." Chris nodded. "But a camera guy is going to follow you to make sure you don't sneak a few snoozes."

"Fine." Duncan glared. "But stay out of the stall!" He addressed the camera guy, who nodded.

Ten minutes later, he had still not returned.

"Benny." Chris radioed the camera guy. "Find out what's up."

Ezekiel and Gwen stared blearily at the host as he waited for an answer.

"He's out." said Benny.

Gwen and Ezekiel both sighed, and Chris was looking forward to an epic finale, but would find to be disappointed. It was mere seconds before the next person collapsed.

"The winner is, surprisingly…" Chris announced. "Ezekiel and the Killer Bass!"

There was no one to cheer, but Ezekiel smiled, before falling asleep…

Ezekiel woke up in his bunk. He looked around, still exhausted. He didn't see anyone. Worried, he clambered out of bed and stumbled towards the Mess Hall. It was getting dark now, and he had to squint into the twilight to find the Mess Hall. He yawned as he entered the Mess Hall.

"Hey Zeke!" Tyler smiled, waving to the homeschooler. He and the entirety of the Bass team were at the table, eating dinner. The Gophers were there as well, but their team was dead silent.

Ezekiel sat down in between Tyler and Harold.

"Nice work, man. Thanks." Harold smiled, clapping Ezekiel on the back.

"Yes, thank you." Bridgette said weakly. She, of course, was sitting next to Geoff.

"So, what did I miss?" The scrawny toque-wearing fellow asked his team.

The Gopher table was silent.

LeShawna broke the silence. "Look, are we going to talk about it or just vote?"

"I say we just vote." Katie whimpered.

"No, we need to talk about it." Heather said, talking like she was at a business meeting. "I have a couple suggestions."

"I don't want to hear them." Beth said nervously, afraid one of them would be her.

"Don't worry, it's not you." She scoffed. "First off." She steamrolled, ignoring the protests. "I want to defend a person."

"Who? Yourself?" Noah quipped.

"Shut it, no!" Heather snapped. "I say we don't vote for Gwen. She did the best out of all of us."

Gwen looked surprised. "Wow…okay. Thank's Heather."

"I can agree with that. She wasn't even in consideration for my vote." Noah sighed, returning to his meal. "Here's my input." He said drolly. "I say we just not tell anyone, and if that works out poorly, then we discuss next time we lose."

"I can deal with that." Cody nodded quickly.

Gwen shot him a glare.

(Confessional: Heather.)

Heather sighs. "So, my defending Gwen wasn't only out of kindness, though I honestly think she doesn't deserve to be booted after staying up for nearly forty hours straight." She flips her hair. "Besides, I think I know who the bottom two, if not three, will be tonight. It's pretty obvious."

(End Confessional: Heather.)

(Confessional: Cody.)

"Man, I'm glad we didn't discuss in depth." Cody chuckles. "I might have to tone my manly charms down a bit, I seem to be confusing the she-beasts." He flexes his arms. "Oh well, I'm sure I'll still manage to convince them all. Having an orgy would be cool, minus Sadie and Eva, of course, they're ugly." He smirks. "I am so cool."

(End Confessional: Cody.)

(Confessional: Trent.)

Trent looks extremely guilty. "I feel really bad for my actions earlier, and I feel Cody isn't like this in normal situations, so I decided to help him out, just this once.

(End Confessional: Trent.)

Chef walked out from the kitchen. "How are you maggots enjoying the food?"

Everyone quickly proclaimed how tasty it was.

Chef nodded. "Good. Now you!" He addressed the Gophers. "Elimination time! Go!"

The talking stopped in the Mess Hall, except for Lindsay, who asked, "The what?"

As the Gophers stood up and started filing out, the Bass started wondering who of them they wouldn't see again.

The campers trudged over to the campfire, which was lit and burning brightly. Chris stood in his usual place. He waited whist everyone settled down on a stump.

"Welcome, campers," Chris said solemnly, "to the first Screaming Gopher's elimination ceremony. I have ten marshmallows on this plate, but there are only eleven of you. If I call your name, please grab a marshmallow and toast it…Gwen."

The goth said nothing as she quickly sat up, hurrying over to Chris and taking a marshmallow, impaling it on a stick as she held it over the flames.

"Let's see…we have a marshmallow for…Katie."

"Oh my gosh." The twiggy girl sighed as she joined Gwen at the fire, both looking at the remaining nine campers with wide eyes.

"A marshmallow for…Trent." Chris smirked, watching as the musician ran over to the two girls and smiled at them, noticing the palpable fear in the eyes of the possible corpses.

"Three marshmallows." Chris smirked, lifting the tray a tad higher. "Three safe campers…Beth, Lindsay, and Justin."

Beth started crying as Justin breathed a sigh of relief. Lindsay politely asked. "Yes?"

"Uh…grab a marshmallow?" Chris asked, showing her the tray.

"Ooh, yummy!" Lindsay giggled, grabbing one and toasting it over the fire.

Chris looked at the remaining five: Noah, Cody, LeShawna, Heather and Owen.

"LeShawna." Chris said. LeShawna laughed with relief and walked over to Chris, grabbing the symbol of safety and joining the circle of terrified campers.

"Wait, what?" Owen asked, something other than optimism creeping into his voice for the first time.

Cody gulped in fear, trying to hold his bladder. "No, really?" He whispered.

Heather smirked, eyeing the tray.

Noah looked bored and confident.

"Noah, you're safe, dude." Chris told the bookworm. Noah smirked and grabbed his marshmallow, nodding thanks to his team as he joined them.

"The penultimate marshmallow." Chris proclaimed, holding it up for all three remaining campers to see. "Heather, you're safe."

"What?" Beth whispered, surprised as the raven head grabbed her marshmallow.

"Cody, Owen, you're in the bottom two." Chris told them. Both boys now looked terrified. Cody was trembling like a leaf and Owen was farting nervously.

"The final marshmallow goes to…

you." Chris pointed at the safe boy.

"What?" Gwen asked angrily. "No way, are you serious?"

"Wow. Wasn't expecting that." Noah quipped.

Cody grabbed his marshmallow, shaking with relief. "Thank you." He muttered, not looking at his teammates.

Owen stood up, mouth agape. He seemed frozen in shock. "Wait, really?" He asked weakly.

Chris sighed, nodding. "I'm afraid so, Owen. You got five votes."

Owen started crying. "No…why, guys?" He asked his teammates through tear filled eyes. "Why?" He repeated the word over and over again as Chris walked over to him. He yanked Owen's hand out and placed something inside it.

Owen looked down through his tear-filled eyes and saw a small white pill.

"What is it?" He asked, hiccuping.

"Cyanide." Chris told him, causing the oaf to break down in a fresh wave of sobs.

"I don't want to force it down your throat, big guy." Chris sighed, "So can you just make it easier and swallow it yourself?"

Owen looked at the pill in his hand and then back at his teammates, all who were avoiding his gaze.

"Why?" He asked one final time, before bringing the pill to his mouth and popping it in. He swallowed, looking around. "How long does it-" He coughed. Dropping to his knees, he started retching, but nothing was coming out. Beth and Katie screamed and ran back to the cabins, away from the convulsing young man. Everyone else was soon to follow, abandoning the dying boy.

Owen's face turned red, then purple, then started to grey. He went prone and started twitching, foam spewing from his mouth. Another thirty seconds later, it was over.

Chris stood over the body. "Welp, it's an easy clean up, at the very least." He turned to the camera. "That's camper number two gone! Who will go next time? How will the Bass react to Owen's departure? Find out next time, on Total! Drama! Island!"

Voting Confessionals:

Beth crossed her arms. "I hate this, but if I had to pick one person…I pick Heather. She's been really bitchy, and even though she did well in the challenge and Cody's a pervert, I think the team would suffer the least without her." She turns red. "I may or may not have convinced Lindsay to do the same. I think she's going to be the one going.

Cody looked nervous. "I need some to get with one of these hot babes before I leave, so I vote for Owen. He's a walking gas bag, and Trent told me it would be in my best interest to vote for Owen. Sorry dude. Better you than me."

Gwen looked annoyed. "I thought I'd feel more torn about this, but Cody's making it really difficult. Sorry Cody, but it's not exactly like you are a good person."

Heather looked thoughtful. "The perv? No…he can be eliminated anytime, we should get rid of someone, slightly less annoying maybe, that will make the camp a more sanitary place. I vote for Owen."

Justin looked slightly worried. "I hope that goof at the challenge won't paint a target on my handsome back." He tapped his head. "Out of everyone on my team, Owen made some creepy comments about me and stank up the cabin last night. I hate to vote for anyone, but he's making it the most unpleasant for me."

Katie looked determined. "I feel I'm safe, which is good for me, and Sadie is on the winning team, which is also good. I vote for Cody, he needs to leave, it's only a matter of time before he, like, molests someone or something!"

LeShawna tapped her foot. "Well, Cody's a perv, and I get that enough where I come from. He's making plenty of people here uncomfortable, and I know he's goin' tonight."

Lindsay looked confused. "Bertha told me to vote for Helga? I have no idea what that means…"

Noah sighed, rubbing his temples. "Dear god, this is a lot harder in practice than in concept. I guess I vote for Owen. It sucks voting off the person with the most optimism, but he's creasing people and those farts of his are deadly."

Owen ate some food. He farted. Sniffing, he said, "Well, Cody is defenitly the weirdest on our team. He's super into girls! How weird is that? I guess I vote for him." He stares at the camera. "Wait! I mean—"

Trent, guilty, explained himself. "I felt really guilty about throwing Cody under the bus. I was tired and wasn't thinking straight, it was seriously uncool of me to do, so I convinced Noah, Justin, Cody, and maybe Heather to vote for Owen. Sorry big guy, but now I'm even with Cody, guilt free."

Vote Count:

Owen: Five Votes. (Cody, Heather, Justin, Noah, Trent.)

Cody: Four Votes. (Gwen, Katie, LeShawna, Owen.)

Heather: Two Votes. (Beth, Lindsay.)

Screaming Gophers: Trent, Noah, Heather, Beth, Cody, Katie, Gwen, Justin, Lindsay, LeShawna.

Killer Bass: Courtney, Tyler, Sadie, Geoff, Ezekiel, Harold, Bridgette, Duncan, Eva, DJ.

Execution Order: Izzy, Owen.

[1] Explaining how Duncney won't happen in this universe, though there is attraction. Sorry people.

[2] Chris is a douchebag. Pun's R Us.

I hope you guys like it, I don't think it was my best chapter, but Dodgebrawl will be much more exciting, since there is actual action in that.