Here's the next Coulson/Skye story for my readers! Sorry to keep everyone waiting for so long, needed to get this one right cause its going to be my first multi-chapter drabble fic! As the summary suggests, its based on the prompt 'Four times Skye almost said "I love you" to Coulson and the one time he did.' I just want to point out that each chapter has been taken from canon scenes on the show and modified slightly to include my version of things. Hope you enjoy! The first chapter is taken from 1x07 "The Hub" when Skye hugs Coulson!

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The first time it happened, Skye herself was completely stunned when she realized the words that almost slipped out from her lips were those words! The ones that she hadn't expected to use because she hadn't planned on saying anything like that. And certainly not towards him... right? Of course she was right; it was just an expression that she could have used when talking to him and it wouldn't mean anything else... it was simply, "I love you." Nothing wrong in saying that to someone whom she did care for... not in the literal way of what those words meant but more of a... a what? Letting out a deep sigh, Skye turned around, staring at the open door through which he had just left. Sure, she had hugged him on an impulse because she was truly glad that he had offered to really help her out and stayed true to his word. Then where had the words found their way from? Why had she barely managed to stop herself from saying it when they weren't supposed to be in her mind in the first place?

"Okay... so maybe I do like him." Skye reasoned out loud as she considered the last question on her mind; there were feelings of some kind, but all this while she had merely brushed it off as nothing more than an attraction. And yet... the truth now was... a part of her must have felt that there had to be something else to her feelings.

"No, no, no... This isn't happening... I'm just confused and overwhelmed and that's it. There is no way that..." She paused, wondering if she dared to even think of the possibility. Skye could feel the words slowly starting to form in her mind and before she could even try to push them away, they were suddenly there - "Do I love him?" Slumping down on the edge of her bed she closed her eyes and thought back to what had just happened when he came to meet her.

It had been a really long and emotionally exhausting day for the entire team, Fitz and Ward had been sent on a mission to Russia while they had been visiting the Hub and it was there that Skye had realized there was no extraction plan at all; the two of them would be stranded there and that was something she couldn't allow. It had happened when she began hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mainframe and access the mission logs in order for her to find the boys' location; it was going against her orders because of the stupid tracking bracelet that was still stuck on her wrist and even though she had come so close to finding the truth about her own redacted documents, she barely managed to get the information about Fitz and Ward when Coulson had caught her red-handed. Eventually, he had gone against what Victoria Hand had to say and they had taken the Bus to South Ossetia, rescued the boys and brought them back safely. All the while, Skye remained in her bunk, knowing that Coulson wasn't done with her yet; she had let him down and knew that apologizing to him would be the first step in continuing to try and gain his trust back.

What she hadn't expected though, was Coulson to remind her that he hadn't forgotten about her request to him at the Hub to see if he could find any information about the documents. Not only that, but he also admitted to finding the un-redacted file. When she heard those words, all the emotions that were churning within her like a storm only kept adding to her confusion as Skye realized that there was a S.H.I.E.L.D agent involved, the person who had dropped her off at the orphanage could have been anyone. The shock at finding out something more had caused her to just listen to him explain what he had discovered, nodding along and only blurting out, "It was a woman?" when Coulson mentioned that it was all he knew. And then... he apologized to her. Without even thinking that there was no need for him to say sorry to her, Skye had instinctively hugged him because he had gone through everything he could do to help her; there was hope now. Hope that she would learn more when the time was right. She remembered whispering "Thank you so much" before breaking the hug and going to sit back down on her bed... and just before he left, the two of them had met each other's gaze. It was in that instant when the words "I love you" also would have been spoken, but luckily he decided to give her some space and headed for his office.

"Oh my god! Do I love Coulson?" She finally said the words out loud, sitting there in her room on the bed, a hand on her mouth as the meaning of this possibility sank in. It took only several seconds for Skye to realize that in the midst of everything that was going on in her life... the truth about her feelings towards him seemed to be the only thing that was real. Of course it led to dozens of other questions in her mind but as the hours went by, this revelation grew stronger and soon was something she accepted without another doubt. What remained was... would she tell him about her feelings or keep them to herself?

The story has started off short but it'll pick up slowly... reviews anyone? oh and I should probably let you all know that each chapter to follow will be posted one day after the other! So stay tuned for #2 tomorrow! xD