The trickling of water and the labored breathing of Murasame clotted Ren's ears. Turning to look at the other man, he noted Murasame's hopeful look.

"What did you call me?" Ren rasped, glaring at the actor. For a moment, nothing happened as Murasame stared up at him. Then, to Ren's consternation, the actor practically glowed.

"I-It is you! I never would have dreamed-!" Murasame stammered, rushing up to Ren. All trace of his former distaste gone as he beamed up at Ren, his hands hovering wildly. "You're actually here! I'm in a movie with you! I didn't think this was possible, but there's no one else with your skill-!"

"What the hell are you going off about?" Ren snapped, taking a step back as his mind reeled.

"It's ok!" Murasame assured. "I figured it all out-"

"Figured what out?"

"Your real identity!" Murasame replied in a harsh and excited whisper.

"Identity?" Ren hissed, his heart hammering in his chest as he willed Cain's annoyance to intensify.

"I never would have recognized you if it weren't for what happened in the lobby!" Murasame gushed. "I'm so sorry for the way I've been treating you, but can you blame me? You play such an amazing antagonist, it's sohard not to hate you-!"

"What the hell are you rambling about?" Ren snapped, edging towards the exit and away from the suddenly manic Murasame.

"You and your abilities! You're amazing, Hizuri-senpai!"

"Stop calling me that!" Ren snapped, whipping completely around on the other actor. Ren allowed himself to glower down at Murasame with unbridled fury as panic knotted his gut.

"I'm sorry!" Murasame choked, suddenly contrite. Holding up his hands in surrender, he scanned the empty bath before giving Ren an apologetic smile. "Of course you want to keep your identity a secret! Don't worry, senpai, I won't tell anyone who you really are! I want to keep acting with you for as long as possible!"

Ren stared down at the actor. His mind, bogged down in panic and confusion, suddenly snapped into focus as a thought occurred.

No one in Japan, aside from the President, knew Hizuri Kuon. Some knew of him, but no one knew where he was, if he joined the entertainment industry, or if he were even alive for that matter.

"Who did you think I am?" Ren asked. He watched as Murasame looked about the bath before leaning forward conspiratorially.

"Hizuri Kuu of course!" He whispered excitedly.

"Hizuri... Kuu." Ren breathed.

The dumbass thought Ren was his father.

A small surge or pride and excitement sparked in his chest before annoyance took over.

"I'm not Kuu." Ren groused petulantly as he turned away.

"Of course you're not, senpai." Murasame winked with barely restrained delight. Ren allowed himself to heave a heavily aggrevated sigh before turning to take his leave.

"Stop calling me that." He gritted.


"Do I really look like that old man?" Ren snapped. Behind him Murasame chuckled.

"You do look rather young," Murasame admitted. "but I figured it was due to a healthy lifestyle and maybe plastic surgery."

"If I were Kuu- which I'm not! I would not resort to plastic surgery!" Ren barked. Not caring what Murasame's response was, he exited the bath and headed for his clothes. At the sound of eager wet footsteps rushing after him, Ren quickly made his way to the exit, dressing himself along the way.

"Hizuri-san-!" Murasame called as Ren stabbed his legs into his jeans as he stumbled to the exit.

"Leave me the hell alone, Murasame!" He growled, as he attempted to button his pants, only to find he'd pulled them on backwards.


Ren found himself glancing between the exit and Murasame's approaching footsteps. Weighing his options between dealing with the fanatical Murasame or being caught scrambling around the hotel barely dressed, Ren groaned in despair. Choosing the path of least resistance, he burst through the exit.

Kyoko hummed a happy tune to herself as she stepped out of the bath, drying the ends of her wig with a hand towel. It wasn't everyday someone such as herself got to enjoy a bath as luxurious as this one. Kyoko had felt like a princess when she had stepped out of the bath and into the custom yukata Cain-nii-san had bought her as a surprise for this trip. True, her silver ombre hair and dark outfit screamed Rebel Street Punk, but Kyoko felt like royalty nonetheless.

Until Cain came stumbling out into the hall, panicked as he shouted something incoherent back into the bath.

"Cain?" She stammered lamely, taking in the confounded actors appearance as she realized he was hardly anything close to dressed. Cain's feet were bare, as he stood with a boot in each hand. His shirt dangled from a wrist from having shoved an arm into the sleeve and nothing else, leaving his bare upper body wet and exposed. Kyoko sighed in relief to find that Cain was indeed wearing his pants, until she realized they were both backwards and inside out.

"What in the world-?!"

"Don't ask." Cain growled, straightening and heading towards the elevator. Kyoko gave a slight squeak as he took hold of her hand and began dragging her behind him.

"Cain-" Kyoko gasped, tugging at his hand.

"Don't. Ask." Cain bit out over his shoulder.



Kyoko stopped in her tracks, and Cain spared her a look before jabbing at the elevators call button. Mercifully, the doors opened quickly in response.

"I was just going to say Nii-san," Kyoko hissed, stressing the title meaningfully. "You're pants are undone..."

Kyoko watched as Cain glanced down and realized his dilemma before dropping her hand. Bemused, Kyoko pushed past him into the elevator, Cain following after her, his hands fumbling behind his back for his zipper. Pressing his back into the elevator wall, he pressed the button for their floor before scooting himself into a corner.

"Thank you."

"Hn." Cain grunted, tucking himself further into the corner away from her, his gaze pointedly turned away as he threw his boots to the floor to continue fumbling behind him for his zipper. Taking stock of him, Kyoko couldn't help but feel disquieted. He looked like Cain, and exuded the put-upon and aggravated aura that typically followed him, but it was overwhelmed by the clear tension in his shoulders and spine.

"Cain?" Kyoko tested. The preoccupied man reacted a second later with a small noise that was between a cough and a bark.

"Did something happen?" Kyoko continued.

"Nothing important."

Kyoko shot him a look.

"Really?" She began. "Because it looks like you were running from a fire the way you shot out of there."

Cain sighed heavily as he lolled his head against the elevator wall.

"It was just a fan," He sighed before adding, "I guess."

Immediately Kyoko straightened, her concern growing. Regardless of his current facade being fractured, the man would still be difficult to identify as anyone but Cain Heel. Cain didn't have any fans here aside from Setsu and-

Kyoko gasped before shooting Cain an accusatory look.

"Manaka-san didn't attempt to sneak into the men's baths did she?" She asked, her hands wringing the hand towel she had used to dry her hair. The extremes to which the young actress had gone to to spend time with Cain annoyed Setsu (and by extension, Kyoko) but sneaking into the men's? How immoral! Did the girl not have a sense of deceny?

"If only," Cain groused, visibly discomfited. A pang shot through Kyoko as her frown deepened.

"Excuse me?" She asked, hoping she misunderstood. Cain, still reclined against the elevator, stared down his nose at her thoughtfully.

"Don't worry about it." He told her after a beat. "I handled it."

"So she did sneak into the baths?" Kyoko shrieked, her hands shooting to her burning cheeks, her mind running at a thousand miles an hour. She imagined Manaka sneaking into the baths, dressed in a yukata and coyly awaiting the man before her to step out from the water. But what if she didn't wait in the lockers? What if she actually went into the baths?

Kyoko took in Cain's appearance again. Reclined against the wall, his hair still dripping water onto his equally damp and indecently exposed shoulders and chest, he looked the very image of a hedonistic dream. Her eyes followed the trails of water to the hem of his inverted pants, and a small portion of herself envied the man's ability to be able to wear his clothes completely wrong and still manage to make himself completely devastating. Despite his disheveled and hodgepodge appearance, the sheer aesthetic beauty of the man before her was in no way dimmed. Cain could be as surly and unapproachable as he wanted, but it did nothing to dampen the essence of his origin that was Tsuruga Ren.

The very idea of Manaka being exposed to such a force at it's core without the defensive trappings of an all black trench coat, combat boots and a death glare would very much explain why Cain looked as if he did a marathon while getting dressed. If Kyoko were a weaker-willed individual voluntarily searching for such a display-

A low shriek escape her before she could help it.

"What are you imagining?" Cain asked, his tone suddenly amused. Covering her face in shame, Kyoko shook her head vehemently.

"Please tell me she didn't sneak into the men's bath." She squeaked, shrinking into herself as she urged her heart to just be still and her face to stop burning.

"Is that it, then?" A low chuckle echoed around the elevator, making it feel even smaller than it really was. "I see..."

"It's not funny!" Kyoko whimpered. "She could have taken advantage of you!"


Stunned, Kyoko raised her face to see Cain's facade fully in place. If Ren had been awkward and ill-fitted to the act before, he was zealously invested now. Cain stood before her in all his glory as he released the hem of his pants, letting them sag dangerously low on his hips. Languidly, he removed the shirt dangling from his wrist before using it to towel himself leisurely. If she weren't so personally experienced with Cain's all consuming apathy regarding propriety and social etiquette, she'd have assumed The Emperor of The Night were here.

"Would that matter?"

Kyoko felt her face heating deeper at the weight of his words. Cain may have been before her, but she had a distinct feeling Ren was talking.

"O-of course!" Kyoko stammered. "Think about your-"

"Image?" Cain finished, chuckling again as he gestured to himself. "Do I look like I give a shit about things like that?"

Kyoko bit her lip. Of course he didn't! Why would a man who would consistently halt a movie production for hours at a time and purposely dress as the Grim Reaper care about what others thought?

"Would it matter if Manaka came into the bath and attempted to have her way with me?" Cain smirked, his voice deep and almost cruel if it weren't for the velvety current that made Kyoko shiver.

Yet the very idea of Manaka having her way with the man before her caused a deep and sudden pang that left her painfully out of breath.

"I already said it would!" She spat, a hand flying to her chest in an attempt to ease the pressure. Grasping at straws, she reached for the only thing Cain even remotely cared about. "Y-your sister would hate you for lifetimes!"

"My sister's not here."

Again, Kyoko gaped at the man before her in shock. He was running his already damp shirt through his hair, a dark smile gracing his features, clearly aware of what he just did.

By stating the absence of his sister, the man before her was taking away her safety net. Without Setsu as a facade Kyoko, and by extension her true feelings, were personally at this man's mercy.

"Wh-what are you talking about?" She asked weakly, hoping he'd show some type of compassion and allow her to escape into her role. "How can you not recognize your own sister?"

An indulgent smile graced Cain's face, and she knew she made a mistake.

"Of course I recognize my own sister, which is why I can tell you aren't look like Setsu, but you're too sweet. Too innocent." He mused, giving his hair one last ruffle and letting it fall into his eyes. "She'd be much more vindictive in her jealousy."

"I'm not-!" Kyoko cut herself off as the hand at her chest pressed harder. He was right. Setsu would shout her jealousy from the rooftops and throw a fit, shaming her brother into submission before asserting her claim to everyone. Instead, here she was, hesitant and defensive. She was jealous, wasn't she? Shame colored her cheeks once more as the revelation hit, embarrassment clogging her throat. She watched as Cain's smile went from dark to heavenly.

"Cute." He murmured, causing her heart to jump into her throat. She watched as he pointed at her in question.

"You're... Kyoko." His voice deep as he waved his finger at her in recognition. "Right?"

Kyoko gaped up at him in surprise, the sound of her given name in this man's voice stirrred something inside her that left her dizzy and breathless.

"Mogami Kyoko." He said, tasting her name on his tongue and sending a shiver down Kyoko's spine. "Kyoko... is jealous. Over me. Brilliant."

"Stop saying that." She willed herself to say.

"But it's true, isn't it?" He murmured, stepping forward and standing at his full height. "Or are you jealous over someone else...?"

Locking her jaw, Kyoko glared defiantly up at the man before her. If she had assumed Ren was talking through Cain before, she was emphatically sure of it now.

"Does it matter?" She shot back, imitating his answer from earlier that night. Surprise colored Cain's features before a small smile took it's place.

"It does if you don't want to me to do something we'll both regret." He answered simply.

"Something we'll both-?" Kyoko frowned in confusion before his meaning hit her. With a scandalized gasp, she pressed herself into the wall. "You wouldn't!"

"I may if you keep looking at me like that." Cain purred, crossing his arms across his chest.

"I'm not looking at you like anything!" Kyoko shrieked, covering her face and trembling at the sheer thought of doing anything she may regret with this man (which, she thought ruefully, was was a rather extensive list that even included just looking at him).

Cain simply chuckled as if they were sharing some inside joke.

"If there's anything to regret, it's this conversation!" Kyoko cried, refusing to look Cain in the eye.

"You're only saying that because you refuse to admit you're feelings." Cain sighed, shaking his head in amusement.

"No, I'm saying that because you're taking advantage of the situation!"

A grin suddenly sprung across Cain's face, lighting up the entire elevator. The butterflies inside Kyoko intensified to a raging hurricane.

"So you don't have any issues with me assuming you have feelings?" He asked, his grin going from ecstatic to triumphant.

"Of course I have feelings!" She snapped, her face burning. "For example, right now I'm feeling incredibly uncomfortable!"

"Only because I've been hitting the nail on the head." Cain scoffed, waving away her attempt to redirect the conversation. "It wouldn't hurt to own up to your emotions, Kyoko."

"Please stop using my name!" Kyoko squeaked. "Call me Mogami, or even Kyoko-chan, but not just Kyoko!"

"Why?" Cain pouted, shooting her a ghost of his puppy dog face. "I want to use your name."

"Not even Tsuruga-san calls me by name!"

"Would you like him to?"

Kyoko bit her lip, willing her knees not to give out from under her. In her hesitance, Cain simply smiled gently.

"Maybe if you told him these things, good things will happen?" He offered, a knowing smile on his face. "Or you could simply tell me. I'll be sure to pass the message along."

Kyoko shot him a look. It was one thing to use Cain to torture her, it was another to continue the charade that they were two separate people at this point in time. Cain and Tsuruga and even The Emperor of The Night were before her now and she would be hard pressed to create defining lines between the three of them.

"Come on, Kyoko." The man before her purred. "You can tell me."

Kyoko's breath hitched. This was it wasn't it? The fated confession she both feared and expected. Sure, she was speaking to Cain, but ultimately it was Tsuruga (and by extension The Emperor) asking the questions in his own twisted and sadistic way. Honestly, how could she fall for such a cruel and unusual person?

"Of course, if you did happen to have feelings, for... someone," Cain murmured, approaching her. "It would be rude of them not to be able to respond to you honestly."

"When did you start caring about being polite?" She breathed, as Cain brushed the backs of his fingers against her cheek.

"If it gets me what I want, I'll do whatever it takes." He whispered, leaning over her. "So why don't you just tell me?"

The sharp bell of the elevator cut through Kyoko's muffled thoughts, and it was with a belated sense of relief that she realized the doors had slid open. Taking a deep and shaky breath, Kyoko pushed herself away from the elevator wall and shot out the doors.

"I really must be getting to my room!" She nearly shouted, over her shoulder before rushing away. Mentally, she cursed her idiocy of attempting to run away from a man she was sharing a room with, but paid little heed to herself as she slid the card key into the slot and threw herself into the room.

Slamming the door, she pressed her weight into it in an attempt to keep her roommate at bay. For minutes she stood there, anticipating an arrival that never came. Cautiously, she edged herself away before starting her nightly routine, keeping an ever vigilant eye on the door. She brushed her teeth, performed her nightly skin routine, dried her hair and attended to her wig in relative peace before settling herself into bed.

Yet sleep would not come. Not with everything that had happened that night. She and Tsuruga had come to some sort of... mutual understanding regarding their feelings and Kyoko was sure that even without a blatant confession, Tsuruga knew how she felt. Now here she was, alone in a room she shared with the man she had fallen for, awaiting his arrival with what felt like a roller coaster in her belly.

Fearfully, she flipped herself to face away from the door and did her best to feign sleep just in case her roommate decided to make an appearance. Despite airing out her feelings, she was not ready to face him without Setsu's facade being properly in place. Her embarrassment was too fresh, and her anticipating was too great. If he chose to continue their conversation, there would be no guarantee that Kyoko's pride and dignity would remain intact.

There's only so much emotional upheaval one person could handle in the course of a few hours.

Eventually, Kyoko fell into a fitful sleep, only to awaken at the sound of the door clicking into place. Lying still, she heard her roommate shuffling around the room. The faint ruffle of clothing being arranged and dropping to the floor seemed deafening in the silence. A soft sigh of contentment echoed in Kyoko's ears as soft footsteps made their way to the space between the beds.

"Goodnight princess." A voice murmured. Kyoko did her best to hide her surprise as a hand ran gently through her hair, and fought not to jump out of her skin when a soft kiss was pressed into her temple.

She laid silent as her roommate shuffled around before the hiss of bedding and the creak of springs told her he finally went to bed.

"See you in the morning," He whispered in English, in a voice unlike any she'd ever heard from him. It was neither Cain, nor Ren, or even The Emperor. It was the thickest western accent she'd ever heard him use, fluent and so much more natural than even Cain's. While Cain had just enough of an accent to infer his British upbringing, this hushed goodnight had no such inflection. It was deep, and soothing, and so painfully familiar she almost broke her pretense to ask him about it.

Wondering at this new discovery, Kyoko finally drifted to sleep. In her dreams she imagined that Corn, who was now a safe and happy fully-grown adult fairy, returned to make her his princess. His hair was black and his eyes the deepest blue, and when he spoke, it was in a deep familiar voice that was both from her past and present.

Setsu glared at the actors and actresses as her cherished brother strode off set. Cain had just filmed a rather violent scene and now the entire film crew went out of their way to give him a wide berth. How dare these plebeians treat her brother like some sort of plague! It hurt Setsu's teeth at how annoying these ingrates all were.

There were two individuals, however, who seemed to be more annoying than the rest.

"That was amazing Cain-kun!" Manaka gushed, holding out a trembling water bottle to Cain. "I'm still shivering in fear!"

"I agree, Heel-senpai!" Murasame nodded vigorously as he too attempted to hand Cain a sports drink. "You're acting is top notch!"

"What is going on today?" One of the other actresses besides Setsu whispered. "Murasame-kun and Manaka-chan are being overly friendly with Heel-san..."

"Who knows?" Another hissed back as Cain all but snubbed the two gushing actors and made his way to Setsu. Planting a gentle kiss atop her head, he took the proffered bottle of water from her before kissing her gently again. Coyly, Setsu ran her hand down his sleeve before lacing her fingers with his free hand.

"The siblings are acting just as strange though, don't you think?"

"Ah, yes. They're usual PDA is rather different isn't it? I almost feel like it's gotten sickeningly sweet. Maybe there was something in the bath water last night?"

Setsu shot a pointed glare over her shoulder at the actresses, driving home the point that she could hear their conversation. Satisfied by the sudden way their jaws slammed shut and their faces paled Setsu turned back to her brother who was smiling rather radiantly down at her, despite his cosmetic scars and the prop gore covering his person. Blushing freely, Setsu merely nudged Cain with her hip before squeezing his hand.

It was true, they were being exceedingly affectionate today, and after last night, it was everything Setsu could do to keep up appearances and not let Kyoko to the fore. When she awakened and donned her role, Cain had been exceptionally sweet and attentive. He had actually awakened on time and had called up for room service for a suitably nutritious breakfast while she got ready for the day and only argued a little bit when she urged him to head downstairs for shooting.

"I don't want to work today." He had whined, flopping onto her bed and nuzzling her pillow. "I want to go out and play tourist."

"If only we could Nii-san," Setsu cooed, crawling into bed with him and nuzzling his neck. "But we already told the director we'd try to be on time today. It'd be a pain if we go in late and he decides to cry about it."

"I don't care." He groused, pulling her flush against him. "I don't feel like playing with those people today."

"But I don't wanna deal with scoldings from the director. As your manager I have to hear it from him and it'd keep me from being able to watch you when you're playing such a cool character." Setsu complained, smoothing the wrinkles from Cain's permanently wrinkled shirt. "Besides, the sooner you finish today's shoot, the sooner you can spend time with me. The night life here is supposed to be pretty good; nothing closes early so we can go shopping and maybe eat at a nice restaurant instead of our room."

Cain sighed, before sitting up, squeezing her to his chest all the while.

"Fine." He groaned, shooting her a pout. "You better be extra nice to me today for putting up with this."

"I'll be as nice as you want me to be." She assured, reaching up to play with his hair. Cain had simply smiled down at her in bliss that made both Kyoko and Setsu giddy. Emboldened by their feelings, Setsu dared to press her lips to his cheek, brushing them indulgently against his skin.

When she pulled away, it was all she could do not to shrivel to nothing at the sight of Cain's visibly overwhelming joy.

Since then, it had set the tone for the rest of the day. Despite Kyoko's inexperience, Setsu managed to accept all of Cain's affections with a sense of indulgent patience and even managed to reciprocate in kind. Even with the radiant gazes and smiles Cain bestowed upon her, the zealous appreciation from Manaka, and the sudden appreciation from Murasame, Setsu had to admit she was enjoying herself.

"Ooh, I want to hold hands with Cain-kun!" Manaka squealed, edging towards the siblings with her hand outstretched in hope only to be wrangled away by Murasame.

"Manaka, come on!" Murasame chided. "You're bothering Heel-senpai!"

"How come you're allowed to try and spend time with him but I can't?" Manaka asked petulantly. "Since when did you start calling him senpai?"

"Since I realized I have a lot to learn if I want to make it to the top!" Murasame answered, shooting Cain an apologetic smile before dragging the actress away.

"Their being extremely lively today." Setsu pointed out, glaring at the actress before leading Cain to a few unoccupied chairs. "It's rather annoying."

"I'm surprised you haven't attempted to attack anyone." Cain replied with a soft grunt. Setsu swatted at him halfheartedly in the chest.

"I should say the same to you." She chided. "Besides, Murasame seems to be doing my job for me today. I guess I should thank him later..."

"You don't owe that prick anything." Cain griped, sitting heavily down into a chair. Disregarding the second empty chair at his elbow, he scooped Setsu up and dragged her to his lap.

"I suppose." Setsu sighed thoughtfully, not bothering to hide her blush as she settled into her brother. "He does seem to be rather friendly today."

Setsu felt rather than saw Cain tense in response. He seemed to be considering her statement before shrugging lamely.

"He's probably just kissing ass." Cain supplied offhandedly. "No point wasting time thinking about it."

Setsu made a noncommittal noise as she relaxed. He had been hedging her questions regarding Murasame all day, and Setsu reasoned whatever had occurred in the bath last night had involved the other actor instead of Manaka like she'd originally feared. Despite his reluctance to tell her what had happened, it had clearly resulted in a new fan in Marusame. While it was annoying to have the male harping after her brother, Setsu had decided early on she'd rather Cain have another fan than someone constantly antagonizing him throughout the shoot.

Cain, after pressing Setsu's head into his shoulder, began stroking her hair absently while going over his script. Sighing in contentment, and cuddling further into Cain, Setsu watched indifferently at the activity around her. The stage crew had begun preparing the set, and off to side were the other actors and actresses. Even from across the way, Setsu could see Manaka and Murasame in heated discussion, gesturing wildly and none too subtly towards Cain. Beyond their wreck of a conversation, Setsu could see director Konoe having his own conversation with-


Sitting up, Setsu nodded towards the director. Glancing up, Cain followed her gaze. There, dressed in his finest suit, Sebastian stood nodding politely as director Konoe gestured towards the production trailer. The Heel siblings watched as the two disappeared behind closed doors unnoticed.

"Does that mean-"

"Until he acknowledges us directly, we don't have to worry about it." Cain murmured, settling back into the chair. "He knows where to find us if it's an emergency."

"I'm surprised no one else has noticed such a person walking about." Setsu frowned, her eyes scanning the faces rushing about.

"You two aren't the only master of disguises, I'll have you know."

Behind them, Lory stood, dressed as a bloodied extra. Without having to look, Setsu could feel the exasperation radiating from Cain.

"It's less about disguises and more about the fact that someone of your position really shouldn't have a habit of cosplaying." Cain huffed in English.

"If their very own president won't take on every role set before him, how am I supposed to expect my actors to do the same?" Lory replied, also in English as he crossed his arms across his cosmetically mangled chest. Lowering his gaze towards Setsu, the older man smiled. "I see you both are faring well, despite my initial worry."

"Is there something you needed to speak to us about?" Setsu asked, purposely avoiding his insinuations. It was one thing for Kyoko and Ren to discuss their current situation, it was another for an intimately acquainted third party to do so.

"Yes actually. A few things, in fact." Lory stated, taking the free seat besides Cain. Immediately, Cain tensed, shifting himself and Setsu in their seat defensively. Absently, Setsu figured it was for the best; if any of the crew saw them interacting with an extra so casually, it would only invite Manaka and Marusame to annoy them further.

"First, I want to let you know that I plan to extend an invitation to Murasame Taira to join LME." Lory began, nodding towards the actor in question.

"He has potential." Cain admitted, gruffly, his glare at odds with his words. "A bit of a hothead though."

"You're one to talk." Lory shot Cain a look, that only caused Cain's expression to darken. "He does have potential and I'd like for him to fully reach it within the care of LME."

"When are you offering him the invitation?" Setsu asked, feigning disinterest as she traced patterns across Cain's shirt. Internally, it was all Kyoko could do not to emphatically protest the idea. Cain had almost killed the actor, what would that do to for their reputation when Murasame finds out it was actually LME's top actor who had dangled him precariously over the set?

"Sebastian is working out the details with Konoe now. By the end of the night, you may both have a new colleague."

"Is that it?" Cain scoffed. "That's hardly any news worth interrupting my break over."

"Well, there was a bit I was planning on telling you about regarding the both of you," Lory mused, his tone teasing as he stroked his chin. "But if that's the way you're going to be about it, I guess it can wait until later."

"You might as well tell us now, while we're both here." Cain countered, much to Setsu's delight. Despite her indifference, her insides were screaming with curiosity.

"No no, you clearly don't want to be interrupted any further. I apologize for disrupting your break." Lory smiled, rising from his seat. "I'll give you the news over dinner tonight with the director."

"You're disrupting me further by trying to be a tease." Cain grumbled petulantly.

"Well then it serves you right for being rude to someone trying to giving you good news." Lory replied, unaffected by Cain's severe look. Waving at the both of them, he smiled. "I'll see you both tonight, alright? Sebastian will give you the details before he leaves."

With that, Setsu and Cain watched as the eccentric man wandered off and disappeared within the crowd of stage hands and extras.

"I hate it when he does that." Cain grouched, slouching in his seat with a protective hand at Setsu's hip.

"What could he possibly want to tell us that he can't tell us here?" She asked, struggling to appear impassive.

"Who knows? For all we know, he simply refurnished his bathroom and just wants to show us his new tiles."

Begrudgingly, Setsu could very well see that being the case.

"I guess there goes our date night." Cain sighed, forlornly.

"We could still go out after dinner." Setsu offered, only to see Cain pouting adorably.

"It won't be the same." He complained. "Now that he's here, all I'm going to be thinking about after dinner is his news. If it's as stupid as I think it'll be, I'll be too annoyed to enjoy myself."

"Too annoyed to enjoy spending time with me?" Setsu huffed, tracing a finger down Cain's jaw. A familiar look crossed the man's face as he smiled ruefully at her.

"Never." He breathed, cupping her cheek. "I don't think I could ever get tired of you."

"I'll hunt you down and make you regret it if you do." Setsu smiled darkly, shifting in Cain's lap to press kisses along his jaw and throat. "I'll make you hurt."

Groaning, Cain stood, picked her up, and placed her in the empty seat beside his own. The familiar look he had graced her with turned into one of mild distress.

"T-they're ready for me." Cain coughed, gesturing vaguely towards the set. Perplexed, Setsu nodded, watching as Cain stalked off stiffly, despite his terrible slouch.

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