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It was rather upsetting for her, that nobody else seemed to care. Sure, he was a douche, but that didn't mean that he deserved what happened to him! Nobody seemed to give a shit what happened to him, and that deeply upset sensitive, caring Bridgette.

"He deserved it, babe." Geoff had told her, chuckling at the boy's plight with his best friend Duncan. She should have known that Geoff was just as much of a douche as Duncan.

After all, birds of a feather flocked together, didn't they?

She couldn't stand to look at Geoff right now. The way he'd laughed like it was a huge joke when Chris had put the poor redneck boy with the mutant shark, Fang. Of course he was going to be mauled and mutilated. But Geoff and Duncan just laughed like it was a joke.

Well maybe Bridgette was the only one who saw the seriousness of the situation because she had seen surfers get eaten alive by sharks before, and it was rather horrific. And to intentionally set that up for someone who was douchey but otherwise innocent of doing nothing more than playing the game that Chris had used to torture them all before – you would have thought that someone might have shown some sympathy for the boy.

"Come to laugh at the cripple?" he managed to ask her, casting a dirty look at the blonde as she took the empty seat beside his bed. So much of his body was encased in casts and bandages that he looked like a mummy, propped up in the infirmary.

"I would never do that." Bridgette said, looking aghast. "That's a horrible thing to do. I could never be that cruel."

"Why not? I deserved every bit of it." Scott said bitterly, looking away from her. "Go ahead and laugh like you want to. Like everyone else wants to. I don't care."

Bridgette's hazel eyes studied the infirmary. Most patients ended up with a bouquet of flowers dying by their bedside, but Scott didn't even have that. No cards, no flowers, not a single thing to say anyone gave a shit. None of his castmates had visited him, that much was clear. And Bridgette wasn't aware of any family members that had come to call on the boy either.

Didn't anyone care about the poor, mutilated boy at all?

"Everyone else is." Scott said, turning his head away from the blonde as far as he could while in the full body cast. "Even little miss fairy princess. So much for caring about all living things, eh?"

Bridgette leaned over and took Scott's hand in her own, offering him even a small gesture to say that she cared. She hardly knew him, but he was a person and Bridgette cared about everyone.

"I'm not laughing."

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