Troy walked into East high, accepting 'heys' 'whats ups' and high-fives. He went to his locker and pressed his ear against the locker, and pound his fist against it, and it opened.

Gabriella held her books to her chest walking up to Troy. "Hi Troy." Troy looks at her and smiles, "Hey Brie.. what's up?" She sighs, "Nothing much. I haven't got to see you all week."

"Yeah, we really can't see each other that much because of cody." "Troy I'm sorry.. it's just been a really rough week... You know his temper.."

Troy sighs, closing his eyes briefly before he opens them again and looks at Gabriella.

Seeing how her hair is in a braid that hangs over her shoulder like Katniss in The Hunger Games, how her eyes are a perfect mix of both chocolate and honey brown with flecks of green around the pupil here and there.

"Brie...I don't...I just want you to be safe." Gabriella bites her lip, looking down at the tiled floor before looking up at Troy. "I'm sorry...I really am."

Troy looks at her sighing, "why don't you just leave him?" her eyes went wide, "Troy, I can't, you know that's impossible-" "Brie-"

"Hey guys." Cody comes over gritting his teeth but kept a smile on his face, putting an arm around her, "What's going on here?" Gabriella looks at him then at Troy, "I..I was just..t-talking to Troy about..homework."

Cody looks at her, and she see's the anger rising up inside him. "Well that's terrific...Will you exscuse us Bolton?" Cody said putting his hand behind Gabriella's neck squeezing hard.

Gabriella swallows, squeezing her eyes shut briefly as she feels Cody lead her away from Troy. Oh, how she wishes she could leave Cody, but ...she can't. She just can't. "So," Cody says, when they are away from the huge crowd, he shoves her against a row of lockers.

"What was going on between you and Bolton?" Gabriella swallows again, "I...I just...we're friends-" "Bullshit." Cody curses, grabbing onto her neck and digging in his nails into her flesh. "Tell me the truth."

Gabriella squeezes her eyes shut as he slams her against the wall. "N-Nothing-" "Do you love him?!" Gabriella whimpers, shaking her head, "We're just friends-" "It better fucking stay that way Montez! Cause nobody likes you! Nobody wants you! Especially Bolton, So you better be careful."

The bell rings and Gabriella bites her lip, Cody cups her cheek, "I love you." he said through his teeth and takes off to class.

Troy shot the ball through the hoop, He sighed, taking another ball off the rack next to him, shooting it through the air, It missed and landed in his father's hands. Troy looks at him, His father smirks, "So why are you the only one left in the gym, huh?"

Troy looks at him, not moving, "Just practicing...Coach." "He doesn't allow Troy to call him, 'Dad' or 'Father' Coach is more powerful to Jack.

Jack comes closer, and looks at him dead in the eye, "I would get to class if I were you..and by the way, I won't be home until late tonight, So I want the house clean and a 12 pack of beer on the counter when I get home-" He pushes the ball in Troy's gut, "Or else."

Troy coughs as Coach walks out, he goes to the closet where the basketballs are kept. He puts the ball away and grabs his bag from the bleachers.

He hates his dad, he knows he shouldn't think or feel such towards his dad, but...he can't help it. Ever since his mom left, his dad's been ...different. Angrier.

"Hey! Troy!" Troy looks over his shoulder to see his friend Damon walk over; beside him is his twin brother Chad. Damon and Chad Danforth, friends with Troy since preschool.

"What's up guys?" Troy said as he did a friendship handshake with both twins. "Nothing much, you just now leaving the gym?" Chad asked. Troy smiled, "Yeah, have to practice if I'm gonna be good."

Damon nods, "Yeah, Oh! Hey, Gabriella wanted me to give you this." he pulls out a folded squared paper note.

Troy grabs it from him, opening it.

'Troy I need me in the chemistry lab, I'm in here alone for free period finishing up my project.' -Gabi. xoxoxoxoxo'

Looking up from the note, Troy feels a smile curving his lips but he hides it when he looks at Chad and Damon, "I got to go." Damon makes a sound at him that resembles kissing noises, Chad laughs and shoves his brother into a row of lockers to make him shut up.

Troy laughs and runs off to the chemistry lab where his Brie awaits him. And there are several things he could do with her in the chemistry lab.

Troy walks into the chemistry lab and closes the door behind him. There he sees Gabriella waiting for him with a smile on her face leaning against the counter.

He smiles, "So umm where's Taylor? Miss Brown?" Gabriella sighed, "Taylor went to grab some lunch, and Miss Brown is having lunch in the teachers lounge."

He smirked, "So you wanted to be alone?" Gabriella giggled kissing his lips gently, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Gabriella pulls away, biting her lip and leaning her forehead against his. "Troy...Would you ever hit someone you love?" she blurted out.

Pulling away, flabbergasted, Troy gapes at her, "What?" Gabriella looks down, feeling shame for asking such a question. "Brie...why would you ask that?"

"Well, I...I just..." she looks up from the floor, to see his eyes on her face. "Brie.." "I just thought...I mean-" he kisses her softly, "Brie, I would never hurt you. Or anyone."

Gabriella bites her lip, looking down, tears filling her eyes. "Brie." He tilts her chin with his finger, "Brie, what's wrong?"

Gabriella clutches to his chest, "Oh god Troy, it's horrible!" she sniffles, she looks up at him, "He..He hits me..everytime I do something wrong, everytime I get near you he..he does it over..and over again.."

She rubs her forehead, "And..and he said that nobody would ever want me! and that didn't want me either...Oh gosh Troy, He's going to kill me..I know he is.." she covers her face with her hands.

"Hey," Troy says, "'s'll be okay.." he hugs Gabriella, taking her in his arms and kissing the top of her head. Breathing in her scent of flowers and lilac.

"How do you know that Troy? Ho-how?" he rubs her back, kissing her forehead as he pulls away. "Brie, I ...I care for you, and I will always want you."

Gabriella looks at him, and looks at the clock, then looks at the door, "You mean that?" He nods, "I do want you brie..I'm inlove with you. and we both know that." Gabriella smiled, "I'm inlove with you too Bolton!" she giggled, he laughed.

She smiled, "You want me..take me now." "Is there enough time?" Troy asked with a smirk. she giggled, "We have 15 minutes..."

Troy crashed his lips on hers, Gabriella giggled, pulling off his jersey, Troy cupped her cheeks, kissing her hungerily, and bringing her kisses down her neck, She moans, "I love you.." she breaths out.

Troy growls, "I love you much.." He kisses down her neck, and then she pulls her jeans down along with her underwear quickly, Gabriella looks into his eyes, "We have to do this fast Troy.."

Troy moans into her flesh, nipping gently. "I can go as fast as you want, baby..." he takes his kisses her lips again, pressing her back against the wall.

She runs her fingers through Troy's hair, wrapping her legs around his waist. Gabriella moans, "Then do it...just do it quick." He kisses down her throat, then pounds into, thrusting into her fast.

Gabriella moans each time he pounds into her. Troy moans as she digs her nails into his back. He balances her against the counter, his hands gripping the counter on each side of her.

Troy stops his thrusting, both of them breathing heavily, Gabriella looks at him, her chest moving up and down. "I love you Troy...don't forget that." she whispered.

He runs his fingers through her hair, "I love you more than anything Brie..." he lightly kisses her forehead, whispering against her skin, "I think we need to get dressed now.."

Gabriella nods as he pulls out of her. Gabriella pulls up her jeans and underwear, She goes to the floor to pick up his jersey.

She turns to see Troy zipping up his jeans. "Here." He looks at her, and grabs his jersey, "Thanks." and he pulls it over him.

Gabriella turns to the counter and puts her homework and texts books into her bag. Troy wraps his arms around her, "You okay?" Gabriella nods, and turns to him and rests her head against his chest, "I miss you..that's all."

Troy kisses her cheek, "I'm always here for you brie.." he grabs his bag, slipping it on his shoulder. "Now...i'll see you after school?" Gabriella bites her lip, "i-I can't...i have a boyfriend."

Troy tenses at the word 'boyfriend' "Yeah he sure is hell of one, isn't he?" Gabriella looks at him, "Please don't be mad-" "I don't get it brie, why don't you dump him." Gabriella looks at him, "You know why Troy."

Troy looks at her, "You can't live the rest of your life like this-" "I won't.. it's just going to take some time... but I promise you Troy, I promise, as soon as we graduate, we'll find a place.. we'll move in together, if that's what you still want."

Troy shakes his head, "I don't know, Brie..." he takes a step back. "I got to get to class..."

Gabriella reaches for him, but he shakes his head. "Brie, I have to get to class...see you...whenever." he tightens his grip on his bag, and he walks out of the class room.

Gabriella looks down, and hides her tears, she sniffles, Cody has ruined everything. Now Troy doesn't even want her anymore.

The bell rings and she jumps and grabs her bag and goes to her next class.