I don't own Austin,Ally,Trish, Dez, or anything else you might recognize.

Ally's P.O.V.
Austin and I were sitting at the piano writing a new song for Austin's label. Austin looked at me and said how does this sound and he played a couple of notes. "That sounds really good." Omg look at the way he looks at me. I think he is so cute and sexy and I am in love with him but we are just friends nothing more nothing less. After the last time we tried to date I wouldn't dare to even try to be his girlfriend. That's when Austin started taping me and saying "Ally... Ally... Alls?" I was snapped out of my thoughts and brought back to reality. "What" I ask. "Are you ok you zoned out." It's so sweet that he cares about me. I started to say I'm fine but before I could get it out Trish ran into the room and was followed by Dez.
Austin's P.O.V.
Ally and I were sitting at the piano. We were writing a new song for my label. I think it is awesome how Ally still makes time to help me write songs even though she has a record label of her own. I played some notes and asked her what she thought. I hope Ally doesn't notice the way I look at her. God those big brown eyes and her wavy hair. I am still in love with her but I'm scared that if I ask her out we will have a repeat if last time. We couldn't write songs and we just got very awkward around each other. Ally started to zone out so I tapped her and said "Ally... Ally... Alls?" She asked "what" I asked her if she was ok because she zoned out and as she started to answer Trish barged in the room and was followed by Dez.
Trish's P.O.V.
Guess who is the worlds best manager! Dez said "I don't know give me a hint." It's me I shouted. Guess what I just did. Dez said "You rode an Alpaca named Kevin?" No idiot why would I ride an Alpaca? "I don't know he replied I had a dream and you... ""SHUT UP "I yelled and I cut him off. "Anyway Austin guess what I just did." "I don't know he replied." "Trish why don't you just tell us what you did said Ally." "Fine I'll tell you not because I want to but because you will never guess." " I got my favorite celebrities into the cast if the new movie that's filming up at the beach. "Aww Trish" started Dez, but once again I cut him off not you idiot. Austin because I told the director about the movie you did that was based on the book and you co stared with brandy plus he wants you to do a duet for the theme song. Ally it took some convincing cause you haven't done any acting but I got you in too. You and Austin are the leads.