Sarah is seduced by Jareth instead of visiting the junk lady after escaping the ball. A short time later, she realizes that Jareth didnt walk away from their game a complete looser. Lemon, will continue with more storyline if there is enough response for it.

This scene happens in place of the junk lady/room scene. Nothing else in the movie changes.

Sarah landed in a dark, empty place, the vacuous expanse interrupted only by a large wooden door, behind which glowed a warm, shallow light. Looking around and realizing her lack of choices, she went to the door and opened it, peering inside a shadowy, torch lit room. The colors where predominantly black and deep blues, with blackwood trim and furniture. The focal point of the room was a massive, palatial bed. The room was warm, and felt strangely inviting. She stepped inside silently, and the door slid shut behind her. She jumped as she realized that she was not alone.

He seemed to materialize out of the air in front of her. His focus was entirely hers, just as it was at the ball, and he came up to her and placed his hands around her as if he wished to resume a dance. She breathed in a bit sharply as the closeness of his body and the sensation of his touch seemed to send sharp needles through her skin. It has to be his gaze... She thought. Who is this man? I know that I know him, from somewhere...why where we dancing, and why are we here, now?

He absolutely captivated her. She couldnt understand what was happening to her. Her body felt weak, yet invigorated. Her heart began to speed up its rhythm as the heat he radiated began to surround her. Her mind, already foggy, became completely detached from everything but sensation. She felt drugged, with everything physical being intensified and sharp and fast. He leaned in and kissed her lips-gently, teasingly. He looked at her and held her chin in his hand. His gloved fingers caressed it gently before he pulled the hand away and drew it to his own mouth, using his jagged teeth to remove the coating. He blazed with an aura of possessiveness and confidence, as though what they where doing was par for a course. He began to kiss her again, and as he did so his hands wrapped themselves around her, gently and deeply massaging her flesh through her loose fitting clothes. A pang of fear and doubt coursed through her. Why was this man making love to her? It didnt feel wrong...except...she had never been with any man...she should be terrified, and run-but, she felt so certain that she knew this man from somewhere. Surely, if this wasnt right, it wouldn't be happening like this, would it? Was she dreaming? That had to be the answer...

Sarah had never done anything more than kiss a boy, and the kisses where certainly nothing like the ones she was sharing now. As his strong hands kneaded her back and body, pressing smoothly and powerfully into her flesh and limbering her muscles, making her stretch up and even more into him, he nipped her lips and entered her mouth with his tongue. Sarah felt her lower body begin to sing with a voice she'd only ever heard faintly before. She quivered at the intensity of it, and she felt herself become wet between her legs as the area inside her hips began to throb with a tight burn. She could feel every part of her internal female organs as if they where her arms out in the hot summer sun. She moaned, almost miserably, as an immense wave of emptiness radiated from her womb and seemed to consume her. She moaned softly and the man, encouraged, led her over to the bed, siting her down, hardly breaking their kiss. He removed his other glove and began to run his hands up and down the length of her arms. He broke away from her lips, leaving her gasping for air, and cradled her head while he savored the delicate surface of her neck and throat. Smoothly, his heads dropped and kneaded their way under her shirt, grabbing it and slipping it off over her head. Surprised, Sarah yelped, "Hey!"

"Shhh..." He brought her back into him, fondling her dark, wavy hair. He glanced at her with his vivid gaze that seemed to speak of a deep need and connection that she felt consume her soul, as inexplicable as it was. She held back, doubtful, a bit afraid.

He let his eyes travel the course of her exposed flesh. "You are so beautiful, Sarah." He said in his rich, inviting voice. His words sent a tingle throughout her. "Please, let me see all of you..."

He reached behind her and removed her bra. Instinctively, her arms came around her as if to hide her chest, but he stopped her. He bowed down to take her firm flesh into his mouth, licking and sucking and nipping while his hand traversed her hip and thigh. Sarah moaned as his dynamic attentions emboldened her. He attended one breast, then the other, and somewhere in between he removed his shirt and belt. He leaned her back onto the bed into a lying position and slipped off his boots. Only their pants remained, and he slid Sarahs off as he scattered his attentions from her lips, to her breasts, her shoulders, and her stomach. "Sarah.." He breathed as he appreciated what was now completely presented before him. Sarah felt the urge to say his name, but she couldnt remember it. She wanted, so desperately to remember...

Almost cautiously, Jareth removed his suffocating pants. He knew she had never been with a man before, and he was hoping not to frighten her. He watched as she took him in. She felt her lower body react as she looked at his arousal. He was intimidating- a mature, experienced, dynamic male. She felt like a little girl, but she was ready to change. She no longer thought about her toys, or felt that they where important to her. She was compelled to experience what this man was offering her. She wanted to feel like a woman.

Jareth saw that she was not put off, so he slipped between her legs and lay over her, kissing her. He smiled as he felt her gentle hands on his chest and back, trailing her nails over his taut skin and experiencing what his body felt like. She marveled at how warm his skin was, and how he was firm everywhere, a fine tuned machine. She ran her fingers through his hair, and felt his jawline. She moaned into his lips as she felt his fingers slip between her legs. Expertly, he slid them over her most sensitive places, rousing her, then trailing them back along the insides of her thighs before returning. He slid a finger inside her and groaned longingly. "You are so wet for me." He breathed.

Sarah felt slickness all down her inner thighs, and as he accustomed her to accept his finger inside her, it only increased. She began to rock herself into him and she spread herself further apart, needing so much more. He began to attend to her with his mouth, taking care to appreciate her distinct flavor. He wanted to remember. She squirmed, her arousal painful, as he worked her with both his mouth and fingers, until she felt the intensity begin to build itself up. He began to press into her harder, and his stroking became forcible. She shrieked as he lurched her over an edge and she spasmed around his hand. His own arousal screamed with need as he brought her down. He was almost shaking with the difficulty of restraint. Usually he could last forever, hold out as long as was needed, moderating himself for a bout of mediocrity that brought release but no real passion, no connection. Why was this girl pulling him in so strongly? Her will was great...she had such unexpected power over him, it was difficult to continue acting so assuredly in control around her. He was almost there, though...almost to the point where he would re assume some control...

Leaning forward, he whispered into her ear. "Are you ready, love?"

"Yes..." She whispered, recovered yet still consumed by a feeling of need. She tried not to tense up, knowing what was coming.

"Ill be gentle, precious." He breathed. Her eyes flickered as she felt him touch her with his organ. She swayed lightly as he ran himself over her. Finally, he could wait no longer. In a series of slow thrusts, he pushed inside. As he sank himself deep within, he felt her barrier tear and she cried out. He longed to take her fiercely, but he concentrated on comforting his young lover, holding her close to him and kissing her until he felt her relax around him, allowing him to begin. He sighed raggedly as he tenderly pushed in and out of her, raking her smooth skin with his nails and leaving traces of his victory all along her torso and ass. Feeling her beginning to desire more, he began to alternate fast and slow, sometimes drawing himself out languidly, before diving back in. In the heat of his assault, he bit her hard on her shoulder, marking her as they rocked together, no longer two separate beings but molded together as nature intends. Sarah fought to keep her eyes open, needing to both see and feel him as he owned her body. He was the most beautiful person she had ever seen. To have him connected with her in this way was more powerful than anything she thought could be possible. She had never known any feeling as intense as what she was now experiencing. He was using her robustly now, and she could feel the strength in him. How easily he could hurt her. "Oh, God..." She cried, as his rapid thrusts elevated her back towards the stars. He would bring her up, then slow, paying attention to other parts of her as he moved more casually inside her, until her protesting groans made him pull out and plunge back in, this time with the intent to finish. Covered in a light layer of sweat, they groaned through heavy panting as their unification reached a fever pitch. Sarah was the first to break, shuddering and crying out over and over as she convulsed. Jareth growled as he pounded to his own release, shooting himself deep inside her until he was sure that he had nothing left to give. He smiled auspiciously as he savored the euphoria of his completed claim. He kissed her as he rolled off of her, and drew her close to him. "Sarah..." he panted. "I want you to stay with me. I want you to be my queen."

Sarahs emerald eyes shot open. Queen? Of what?

"Queen of the Goblins..." She whispered, as images of goblins, goblins everywhere, suddenly filled her mind. They where in a room...not this one...a room with a crib-empty! And there HE was-at the window-telling her...

"Toby!" She shouted, everything flooding back. "Oh no, no!" She moaned. She shot out of the bed, horrified, and looked around for a clock. There it was, on the wall-thank God, she still had time. Jareth looked pained, but she wouldnt look at him. She threw on her clothes and looked around desperately for an escape. She tried the door, but it was locked. Panicked, she screamed: "I have to save Toby!" The room began to disintegrate around her. As the walls came down, she clawed her way through, into the waiting arms of her friends, who where grateful to have found her, so that they could continue to the castle.