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"Take care, all right?" Angel's hands were in his pockets, and his gaze was intense. Connor nodded.

"I've told you I'll be careful. But I don't think anything's going to happen, not now. Why should anything happen?"

"There are worse things out there than Lindsey McDonald," his father said. "You're still my son. Anything you see, call me." Connor nodded again. "Call me," Angel repeated. "I mean it, Connor. I'm only a short journey away."

"It's not like I'm not planning on ever seeing you," Connor laughed. "Aren't we doing that theater trip next week?"

Hs father rolled his eyes. "Yes. What was it, something in space?"

"Set on Mars," Connor said. "Modern culture, Dad."

"Give me a tavern and some pretty girls any day," Angel returned, affecting an Irish accent. Connor snorted.

"And we all know how that went," he said.

Angel's face became serious. "Darla was more than a pretty girl. She was a beautiful woman, and a devil in disguise."

"And my mother," Connor said. "Though I still find it weird that Lindsey loved her, when he knew she was a vampire. It's just strange." He paused. "But then, Buffy loved you, and she knew you were a vampire."

"I hope you're not comparing Buffy to Lindsey McDonald," his father replied.

"Nah." Connor shook his head. "I just mean that sometimes love is strange." He glanced over his shoulder at the slender figure waiting for him by the door to his dorm, and smiled. "When it hits."

His father nodded. "Bring Kirsty round, sometime. If it works out with you two."

"I have to hope she'll accept me, first," Connor said softly. "Then she'll have to accept you. I don't want a girlfriend who's scared of my dad." Angel smiled, and Connor went to hug him. "Keep safe. I don't want Cordy or Gunn coming round with you in a pot."

"Not a good plan," agreed Angel. "Okay. Enjoy classes."

Connor sighed. "Classes. Great."

His father looked stern. "Education is important. Enjoy them."

"I'll try."

They exchanged grins, and then Angel suddenly got into the car and started the engine. Connor stood back from the road and watched as the convertible pulled away, and raised a hand to it. Then he turned, and walked slowly over to the girl waiting for him by the door, and they went inside.


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