It had been a week since Suta's arrival in the Maiasaura's territory, and Suta was just sitting eating berries as usual.




Suta counted as she flicked one in her mouth. "hey!" said a tiny voice, taking Suta by surprise and made her drop her berries. She looked down and saw Umasou pouting. "Umasou! Where did you come from? Where's that little jaw Heart?" Suta asked. "Little?" Umasou's voice called from behind her. she screamed and fell on her stomach. "Unfair!" she whined, moving her arms as if she was making snow angels "why did you sneak up behind me?!" Heart smiled and said "we have been here for five minutes, you must have been busy" "yeah!" Umasou said angrily. "Why are you guys here anyway? You already came by this morning to give me berries" Suta asked. Heart's smiled faded and he looked towards the forest "You have been here a week and the elder says it's time to be released". Suta looked down at the ground "okay" she said quietly. Heart looked up in surprise "just ok? I thought you would be happier to go and not have to sit all day! Well either way, I would let you stay but that's not up to me, it's up to the elder, and he has made it perfectly clear he does not want you around". "Yeah I've noticed, so when am I leaving?" Suta said irritated, Heart shrugged "whenever you are ready". "Can I say goodbye to Light?" Suta said sadly. Umasou nodded and crushed the rock with his foot "you know what happens if you try anything" He said trailing Suta as she headed to light's nest were he had been laying the past couple days. The surrounding maiasaura stepped back and hugged their children "Light!" Suta called approaching his nest. Light's head lifted up and saw Suta hovering over him. He smiled "Suta I-" he was interrupted by the elders loud coughing. Heart looked over to the tree the elder was sitting under and said "is he ok?" Light didn't respond. Suta tilted her head "Light what were you going to say?" Suta asked. Suddenly Light got up and bared his teeth, claws up, his head bowed to show is horn "I hate you!". The surrounding maiasaura gasped and stepped back afraid of Suta's response. Suta's Head and tail lowered. As she fought the tears that were welling in her eyes she spat "Big Jaw comes to steal crying children" and ran to the forest. She heard Heart beginning to yelled at Light for his actions as she ran off, tears flew from her face as she ran "I can't believe he Hates me.. I thought maybe.." Suta pushed the thought from her mind. All of a sudden she slipped and fell into the dirt, her face now brown and filthy. She began to sob and had no will to even move, and then eventually, she cried herself to sleep. She woke up with a massive headache, her head pounding from the impact. She looked around "still the same place" she thought, before she got up. She brushed the dirt off and looked around. "What time is it?" she wondered, she looked up trying to see the sky but the trees were too tall. She sighed and ran until she saw the end of the forest; the plains, where she used to hunt. There was long clay mountains and valleys with little or no grass, any leftover vegetation would be eaten by Hard Shells and Three horns. Suta sighed "home sweet home". She walked out into the middle of the plains and looked up at the sky, it was evening. "Evening?! I must have slept for hours!" she yelled angrily. Suddenly the ground began to shake. She fell to the ground trembling in fear. As the shaking stopped Suta looked up to see A Giant big Jaw. He was dark blue and rugged, and as big as a mountain. He casted a shadow over Suta as he bent down and sniffed her. "Suta! I thought I told you were banished from the plains." He growled. His voice made the ground vibrate. "One E-Eyed B-Baku!" Suta said to herself. "I would have noticed you sooner if I hadn't seen your scar, your beginning to look like me, isn't that a shame." He said smiling revealing the huge scar a crossed his left eye. "I told you to leave this place, why have you come back?" he said gently placing part of his foot on top of her, it was as if she had a blanket on her. "I Had to come back! Heart-" "Heart!" Baku said interrupting her. "hmfh, Off course he would throw you out, your nothing but a mongrel. Let me guess, you couldn't fight back? I suppose I should thank his 'mother' for that." He snickered. "well, anyway, You remember what I said would happen to you if you came back?" He asked pressing his foot down on Suta, she screamed. "I would do the same thing my son did to your mother."

"Baku!" A voiced yelled. Baku looked over.