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"No! If you hadn't been SO interested in your book, you wouldn't have crashed into me!"

Beast Boy was staring angrily at his cloaked teammate, who was currently glaring at him with the same look that had scared the daylights out of Slade. Raven hissed softly and spat out a retaliation.

"Well, there was a car's worth of space beside me! You could have easily avoided colliding with me!"

"I thought you would move first!" Beast Boy nearly screamed, slamming his hand down on the cushion next to him on the couch. Cyborg, who had been reading a mechanic's magazine near Raven, visibly flinched.

"Well, I didn't!" Raven growled. "You have animal senses, don't you? You should have been able to see that I wasn't changing path anytime soon!"

"I'm not telepathic!" Beast Boy retorted, gritting his teeth.

"I didn't say you were!" Raven snapped to the changeling.

"Guys, stop!" Cyborg interrupted. "It's obvious it wasn't either of you, so quit!"

The two Titans were silent for a moment. Finally, the changeling burst out another argumentative line.

"Then why would you say that?" Beast Boy said furiously.

"Because I thought you possessed an ability to at least detect a creature's path of movement!"

Rolling his eyes, Cyborg developed a both annoyed but cunning expression. His hand slowly moved to a resting position on the back of the couch, right behind Raven's head.

"Well, I can't!" Beast Boy shouted.

"You could have at least tried-" Raven's furious onslaught was rudely cut off as Cyborg forced her head forward, pressing her lips roughly to Beast Boy's.

Both Titans ceased all forms of movement. Their eyes widened as Cyborg kept his hand firmly in place, preventing Raven from moving her head. The empath's gaze slowly hardened, turning murderous in a matter of seconds. Beast Boy was completely frozen in fear.

A gigantic wave of dark energy crashed through the air, breaking the stillness abruptly and causing Beast Boy to morph into a cat and sprint in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, Cyborg was nowhere as quick or able to register a potentially dangerous situation as Beast Boy was. The mechanical Titan was thrown halfway across the room, colliding with the wall.

Raven stalked towards the large dent where Cyborg was implanted, raising a fist glowing with obsidian power. Suddenly, the main room's doors slid open, revealing Robin and Starfire.

Starfire looked particularly happy, as she was levitating two feet off the ground and grinning like the cheshire cat. Her smile vanished at the sight of a furious Raven, a cowering Beast Boy, and Cyborg smashed halfway through the wall.

"Friends, what has happened?" Starfire asked, soaring up into the room to where Cyborg was stuck. She grabbed a panel of titanium on his back and tore him out of the plaster. The metallic teen collapsed to the ground, crawling behind Starfire and shivering violently.

"Cyborg decided to play a prank on us," Raven hissed. Glaring, she added, "A very nasty prank."

Starfire's disapproving gaze moved to Cyborg. "What did you commit?" she asked, hands on her hips.

Cyborg closed his eyes and mumbled something.

"What was that?" Robin questioned, joining in the conversation.

"I sorta made them kiss," Cyborg muttered. He placed his hands over his head, as though preparing for a tornado.

"You WHAT?!" Robin shrieked. His mask nearly flew off, the boy wonder was so surprised. Starfire's initial reaction had been anger, but she looked more confused now. Meanwhile, Beast Boy had scrambled out from behind the couch and was watching the interrogation timidly.

Raven was blushing furiously, though she had not lowered her hand, nor had the glow faded. Her eyes glittered a dangerous white.

"They were arguing!" Cyborg added hastily. "I tried shutting them up, but that was the only way!"

"I seriously doubt it," Raven broke in, her fists clenching. "You could have easily stepped between us, as we both would have no inclination to yell around you."

A large bead of sweat ran down Cyborg's temple. "You guys nearly were touching faces, ya'll were so close! I couldn't get between you!"

"Stop!" Robin cut in. "We don't need another argument. Cyborg, that wasn't very nice, nor was it functional. Raven, you have no need to throw him into a wall, even after what he did. Beast Boy…" Robin didn't seem to be able to find much fault in the changeling. "Don't bother Raven."

"I didn't-" Beast Boy was cut off as a black gag of energy appeared over his mouth. He glared at Raven, who only shrugged in response.

"Please, friends," Starfire whimpered. "Do not do the fighting. I am sure that you will both feel the remorse for your actions, and forgive each other eventually."

Robin nodded at Starfire's almost philosophical statement and walked out of the room with her, casting a fearsome glare at the rest of the Titans over his shoulder. Don't mess with Starfire.

The three were left alone in the room, almost in a triangle of anger. Raven was seething at Cyborg, Cyborg was grinding his teeth at Beast Boy for getting off the hook so easily, and Beast Boy was still hissing softly at Raven. Finally, Cyborg got off the ground and brushed himself off, staring off into space with a look of unsettlement.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled, lumbering out of the room. By his almost uncaring tone, Raven could tell he didn't mean it.

Beast Boy groaned and fell back on the couch, looking up to the ceiling blankly. Raven sat beside him.

"Well, at least we agree on something," the empath muttered almost inaudibly.

"What?" Beast Boy asked, turning his head to look at her.

"That wasn't Cyborg's greatest idea," she said. Her eyes trailed up towards the fan on the ceiling of the main room.

"Yeah," Beast Boy replied. He blinked, then suddenly sat up. "Hey, Raven?"

"What?" she hissed irritably. Upon seeing his enlightened face, her sullen expression changed from one of anger to slight interest.

"We're not just going to let Cyborg get away with this, are we?" he continued, his face taking on a tint of craftiness.

"I didn't think so," Raven responded. She seemed quite focused on Beast Boy now.

"Well, I have an idea."

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And a note for those of you who just LOVE references:

I don't know how many of you watch Teen Titans Go!, but I do. There's a lot of funny references to the original Teen Titans on the show that are very entertaining to watch, and the greatest by far aired yesterday. The new Teen Titans Go! episode was called Dreams, and for those of you who can use deductive reasoning, you're right.

The plot was about all the Titans having dreams, each supposively reflecting their desires in an extremely crazy and occasionally terrifying way. Robin's was completely footage from the Teen Titans movie, Trouble in Tokyo, though they parodied it with a couple of voiceovers and some animation tweaks. I'm just saying, that particular episode is quite fun to watch, if anything, for the insane references. Be sure to tell me what you think of it in a PM or something!