Chapter Twelve

"Childish Intentions"

"You know," Raven mumbled after Beast Boy explained the plan, "This is the most childish thing you've ever thought up." After a second's consideration, she added, "And that's saying something."

"Relax, Rae," Beast Boy replied. "It'll totally work."

"I never said I was worried about it working," the empath quickly put in, setting her pace slightly faster than Beast Boy's. She looked down the hall. "Where are we even going?" she asked.

"Since we need a bunch of stuff for the prank, I thought I'd go get my secret stash," the changeling grinned, raising his eyebrows. Raven rolled her eyes. The two turned a corner and entered Beast Boy's room.

Beast Boy immediately ran to the closet and opened the door, dodging the sheer amount of dirty clothes that flew from the depths. Raven watched as he leaped up onto one of the shelves and pulled out a green piggy bank. He jumped down again and sat cross legged on the floor. His friend settled down opposite to him, looking at the piggy bank with slight disdain. Beast Boy simply shrugged and poured the contents of the bank on the floor between the two.

"One, two, three, four, four fifty, five fifty," the changeling counted. "Five seventy-five, six seventy-five, eight, nine twenty, ten twenty, eleven twenty, twelve forty-four, twenty-two forty-four-"

"You're seriously going to count like that," Raven muttered in disbelief. She selected a large portion of the money with her powers and separated her soul self into the individual coins and bills, closing her eyes and tallying up the amount in her head. "Seventy-two twenty-five," she announced aloud, letting her magic retreat from Beast Boy's money.

Beast Boy looked up in disbelief. "Dude, unfair," he whined. Raven shrugged and gestured at his pile. The mound was suddenly coated in obsidian energy. The empath repeated her previous process of counting and adding until Beast Boy's pile of cash flopped back to the ground without the supporting magic.

"One hundred ten," the empath declared, a look of superior smugness slipping over her features. She reached out an arm and swiped the two piles together. "One hundred eighty-two dollars and twenty five cents."

Beast Boy gave her an irritated look, but he couldn't hide an underlying downcast emotion from the empath. Sensing it, she flashed him a glance of sympathy and added, "Where did you even get all this money?"

The changeling visibly brightened. "Oh, yeah, I got it at Mega Meaty Meat," he answered proudly, grinning at Raven.

"Cool." Raven shoved the money back towards Beast Boy. "You think it'll be enough?"

Beast Boy blushed and started rubbing his hand against the back of his neck. "Yeah, I might, possibly, perhaps need to borrow some from you."

Raven snorted. "Fine."

Beast Boy cast a sideways glance at her. "Dude, you're smiling a lot more," he mused. The empath blushed and immediately replaced her contented gaze with her usual dark expression, as well as reaching down and putting up her hood. Beast Boy shrugged and stuffed his cash into a plastic bag.

The two Titans walked down the hall to the basement, careful to avoid any other teammates. Raven quickly went over to a particularly dark corner and pulled something out of a box while Beast Boy searched through a cabinet. He sighed. "No cornstarch."

"But we still have this," Raven murmured, brandishing the box. Beast Boy read the label.

"Jackpot," he grinned. "Ok, I'll go out and get the dye-"

"And I guess I'll get the Slip N' Slide," his teammate finished quietly. "I'll meet you back here in an hour."

Beast Boy, however, took far longer than an hour to obtain the ingredients he had assigned to himself. Raven sat waiting in the basement on her own for perhaps forty-five minutes before the changeling showed up with a plastic bag full of supplies. "Took you long enough," the empath commented dryly.

"Hey, the line was super long," Beast Boy retorted without much enthusiasm. He placed the bag down at his feet next to the two boxes Raven had recovered. "I don't know if I got enough jello."

"How come?"

"Because I took the entire supply," he muttered sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. Raven simply sighed and started pulling things out of the plastic bag. It was incredibly heavy for its size, and frankly, Raven was rather impressed that her green teammate had carried such a weight in bird form. When everything was stacked up beside the cabinet, Beast Boy finally asked a question he had been dying to mention.

"Hey, Raven, when exactly are we going to pull this on Cyborg?" he questioned, staring at the tower of supplies. "I mean, we can't wait forever, but this is going to take a while to set up. Besides, how are we supposed to get the pipes and stuff out of the wall quietly?"

"My powers, I guess," Raven answered. "As for the time, maybe we'll start preparing tonight. If we don't waste time, we could get him tomorrow."

"Gotcha," Beast Boy grinned.

The empath and the changeling retreated from the creepy basement. Beast Boy's sensitive nose could probably pick up the smell of hot dogs, which had been consumed by Starfire and Cyborg. Robin was holed up in his room studying again. Raven made a mental note to inform Starfire, and add her familiar subtle tone of asking her to get him out.

Beast Boy shoved two tofu hot dogs into the microwave when they reached the kitchen. Raven gave him a questioning look. "Um… want one too?" he asked, a bead of sweat running down his cheek.

"Sure, why not," Raven muttered, shrugging. The changeling visibly brightened. The microwave dinged! loudly and he removed the two hot dogs, shoving them into buns and passing one to the empath. She bit into it, looking up at him as though waiting for him to speak.

"Uh… do you like it?" Beast Boy asked. Raven looked the other way and took another bite.

"It's… pretty good," she admitted. The changeling positively beamed at this. He shoved the rest of the hot dog into his mouth and looked out the window at the slowly rising moon.

"Ok, I'm going to bed now," Beast Boy announced. "I guess I'll meet you in the basement at like, twelve?"

"Sounds good," Raven mumbled. She polished off her hot dog and watched as Beast Boy left for his quarters, leaving the main room in an uncomfortable silence. For the first time, she actually realized how… lonely, it seemed.

Shut up, Raven, the empath told herself angrily. Emotions will get the better of you one of these days if you don't quit opening up so much.

Twelve at night was upon the two Titans quickly. Raven levitated to the basement in dead silence, hovering next to the door. As she waited for her green teammate, a tiny thought flitted through her mind. She wished to bat it away, but the idea buzzed around her like a fly. It was a small idea, a miniscule one at that, but at the same time, she couldn't resist deciding to try it out.

She retreated to the incredibly dark shadows of the basement. No mortal could see her in the ebony nothingness, even Beast Boy with his rather acute vision. She lay in wait for the changeling, watching the door and feeling her heart beat quicker and quicker. This feeling wasn't a new one, but the pure exhilaration was making her excited.

Finally, the door creaked open. Beast Boy's skinny form was outlined in the dim light as he entered the basement, looking around. The empath heard a tiny call of, "Raven? Are you there?"

She fought herself to keep still. He stepped further and further into the shadowy area beneath the tower. Her pent up emotions were racing about through her as she waited, her patience about to shatter. She needed to wait for the right moment. As he stumbled, she pounced.

Though many did not know it, Raven was actually very good at jumping. She needed to be able to leap into the air and have enough time to activate her flight, and practicing this had made her especially skilled in the art. So as she launched herself from the shadowy corner straight towards her teammate, she instantly knew she had overdone it ridiculously.

Raven collided with Beast Boy with roughly the same amount of force a heavy rock hits the ground when thrown from twenty feet in the air. The sheer amount of energy she had put into it sent the two flying into the opposite wall, with Beast Boy making a strange, high-pitched noise that hurt the empath's ears. The impact with the wall blurred her vision and she barely felt herself hit the floor.

She rubbed her eyes and looked down. Beast Boy was splayed out underneath her, his face planted firmly in the cement and his breathing unbelievably fast. She could literally feel his heart pounding. Beast Boy shifted beneath her weight, and Raven blushed and got herself off him as quickly as possible.

"Ugh… Rae, what was that for?" Beast Boy moaned, rubbing his head. For once, the empath didn't have a suitable reply.

"You took forever to get down here," Raven muttered lamely. Brushing herself off, she added, "Sorry."

"It's OK," he mumbled, reaching out groggily and brushing her cloak. She whipped it away from him and stared at the supplies she had stacked earlier.

"We better get to work," she whispered, pulling her green friend off the floor. "I'll get to work on tapping the water supply and you start blowing up that pool."

"'Kay, Rae," Beast Boy grinned weakly. He took a huge lungful of air and started trying to inflate the large wading pool Raven had inexplicably found. The empath considered telling Beast Boy off for using her so-called pet name, but she had just bowled him over without much explanation, if there was any at all. She decided to let it slide.

As the empath concentrated on the pipes within the thick cement wall, she realized whoever had designed the Titan's plumbing system had been an idiot. An idiot of a remarkably different breed. The pipes were tangled in among themselves and she could barely tell the difference between them. It took her a full five minutes to finally reroute a large pipe from the others to through the wall, not counting the time it took her to remove a large hole in the deep concrete. There was sweat running down her face and she had nearly bitten through her lip when she was finished.

Beast Boy, on the other hand, was having nearly no difficulties with inflating the pool. His genetic abilities allowed him to enlarge his lungs slightly, and by the time Raven was done with the plumbing, it was almost at full size. He called her over quietly when the pool was fully inflated, and she levitated the immense amount of jello packets over.

"You do know we aren't actually making a pool full of jello," Raven confirmed, tearing the tops off the packets. "We'd have to refrigerate it for it to work, and this would never fit in fridge."

"Yeah, but it would be totally awesome if we could," Beast Boy answered. "Anyway, it'll be all sludgy and stuff when we're done."

Raven poured the packets into pool and moved the inflatable over to where the pipe protruded from the wall. With a tiny bit of concentration, water started flowing from it. The two Titans watched as their prank grew more and more evil before their very eyes.

The pool took a while to fill, and the pair ended up dumping the dye in with it out of boredom. Raven shut off the water flow to the pipe when the water lapped around the top and stared at the thick, dyed substance ripping inside the inflatable pool. Beast Boy stared at the creation with a similar curiosity.

Raven moved over to the larger section of the basement to where the panel for the sprinkler system was. She set the controls to manual and made sure the switch was off. Beast Boy was already in the form of a bird and sliding dye pellets inside the sprinklers. When they were both done with their dual tasks, Raven and Beast Boy met up at the bottom of the stairs.

"We'll put up the slide tomorrow," Raven decided, yawning. She rubbed her eyes and looked longingly up the stairway.

"And move the pool and stuff," Beast Boy added, leaning against the railing. "Guess we should get some sleep now. See you in the morning, Rave."

Raven watched the changeling ascend the stairs sleepily. She floated after him. "Uh… Beast Boy?"

He turned around. "Yeah?"

"Um…" she averted her eyes to the ground. "Really… sorry… about earlier… You know, with me crashing into you…"

"It's fine, dude," Beast Boy assured the groggy empath quietly. He reached the top of the stairs and was gone.

Raven made her way to her room. She kicked off her ankle boots at the doorway and hung up her cloak for the night. Though sleep called to her, she felt the need to be somewhere else briefly.

The empath opened up her closet. There really wasn't much in there, save for a few spare cloaks, the endless amount of clothing Starfire purchased for her, and a giant stuffed chicken.

Raven stared at the chicken. The plastic, manufactured eyes stared back unblinkingly.

She shook her head, as though awaking from a trance, and closed her closet quickly. The empath climbed into bed and fell asleep before her head hit the pillow.

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