I walk along the dirt path, hoping not to run into any people. The gentle wind is blowing my shaggy blonde hair, and my white trench coat behind me. I squint and cover my eyes as the wind blows dust towards me.

"Damn, it's another hour travel before I can make it to the mountain, why did they have to put the fucking thing so far away," I murmur, my voice dripping with aggravation.

Suddenly, I hear a voice yelling at me, I turn, and see a younger player that is quite a lot lower of a level than me, running towards me. I turn and quicken my pace.

"Hey, do you think you could help me," he yells towards me.

I turn to him the hostility clear in my expression.

"I can't seem to beat this mountain quest and I need to XP," He elaborates oblivious to my impatience, "You look like you are heading that way, do you think you could help me."

Without a word I unsheathe my sword and point it to his forehead, right between his eyes. His eyes widen in surprise and horror.

"Look, I don't know who you are, and I don't care," I snarl as he quivers in fear, "I'm a solo player and even if I wasn't I wouldn't help a weak low level like you."

Finally catching the hint he backs away, "Fine I get it, I'll find someone else." Then with that he quickly walks away.

I am Silver. I am a player on an improved version of Sword Art Online. I have never played with another player on any game I have ever played, and don't plan to in this one either. I've only played this game for two months and am already at level 42. In my eyes that simply proves that I'm better alone. People bother me, the trolling, the annoyances, the getting in the way, the accidental or purposeful stolen boss kills, it's just too much, and I don't want to deal with it. I continue to walk up the beaten dirt path, hoping for the trek to be over soon. I press on my menu.

"Damn, it's already five, I don't have much time left before school."

I ensure that my character is hidden in a tree off the path, and log off. Many players have recently figured out that since you are practically asleep while you play, you can just play the game at night when you go to bed. I pull the nerve gear off of my head, then get up and change into school clothes. I grab my bag and walk out the door, avoiding talking to people. I go through my usual schedule, and stay after for the new club I joined, the SAO club.

"Alright everyone, I am James, the founder of the club," says the tall senior standing in the front of the borrowed classroom. "We will need all your usernames, so we can play together when we get on."

At this , I quickly answer.

"Do we have to play with others, can we not just discuss the game, and let some people play alone," I say shyly.

He laughs and everyone looks at me, my face turning red.

"This is a club, to be in it, you have to participate."

I quickly look down at my desk, and write my username on the piece of paper handed out. The name spells out: WhiteWolf.

"There, but don't expect me to be nice to you while we play, and don't expect me to even play with you at all," I say handing in the paper.

"Geez, what a jerk," says a girl whispering to her friend.

I just ignore the comment, and sit back and quietly listen to the conversation about the game, the new added blood effects, the nerve gear being re-released because of the fact it allows players to play while sleeping. When the meeting is finally over, I am the first to grab my things and leave, running home, and running upstairs to my room, quickly throwing my things down, and link starting.

A message comes up while I climb down the tree.

"A guild invite," I say questioningly staring at the message. "Must be the club, I'll think about joining," I say as I close the message, "Right now, all I'm worried about is finishing this damned quest."

I step onto the dirt road, and continue to walk towards the seemingly growing mountain that towers above me.