During that whole time it didn't seem like anything or maybe I just wasn't paying attention. We were just two people trying to save a hospital so when he told me he could save a thousand lives I didn't doubt him.

Then the Doctor asked me to forgive him. I said okay but I didn't know why. He then swore to me it would mean nothing, honestly nothing. I just nodded because I really didn't know what he had in mind.

Then this man, this alien that I thought was completely mad and slightly comical suddenly had me weak in the knees when I really looked into his gorgeous deep brown eyes.

Oh those eyes so intense and compassionate they went with his beautiful face perfectly along with that wicked smile that now turned serious as his breathing suddenly increased. I just kept staring at him as he stressed to me one more time that this would mean nothing.

I still wasn't sure what he was implying but nothing could prepare me for what he did next. Without warning the Doctor was kissing me. I melted into his arms and I could barely stand on my own two feet.

His kiss was so gentle and inviting. I could feel the fire from his lips and his touch. The kiss was short but it took my breath away. For a brief moment all the chaos surrounding me didn't exist and as the Doctor ran to the MRI room I found myself saying "That was nothing?"