Simon's Journey


Here we follow the story of a man. A man named Simon Petrikov. Simon is a survivor, a survivor of the Mushroom War. No one knows exactly how it all started, but bombs were being dropped on all of the major cities of the world. Simon survived the fires and explosions for only one reason. He survived because of the magic that dwells within the crown hanging by his side. For this crown held a great and powerful magic. Whoever wore this crown would gain the power of ice and snow, but at a great price, their sanity. Simon has had the crown for so long that his hair turned white and shaggy, with a full grown beard the reached his collarbone. His teeth sharpened into fangs, his skin turned light blue, and his nose grew abnormally long. He wore his suit and bow tie, along with his glasses, which had a large crack on the left lens. His appearance was the least of his problems; his mind was slowly slipping away. Voices with no origin spoke in his mind of how the crown shall save him with its frost. Day and night the voices spoke, telling him to embrace the power of the crown and just give in to the insanity. He kept hold of the little piece of himself by remembering the woman he loved, Betty, and a sweet little girl who he will meet on his journey to survive. This, O reader, is where our story begins.

Chapter 1: The Day we met

Simon came into the city ruins to look for supplies, when all of a sudden… crying. By the sounds of it, it was the sobs of a little girl. Simon followed the sound and saw a little girl crying in front of a demolished toy store. He saw this was no ordinary girl. Her skin was light grey, and protruding from her mouth were two little fangs, and had little pointed ears, running through her raven black hair. It didn't matter how she looked, Simon had to help her. He threw down his backpack and ran to the girl. He knelt down and wiped her tears away. He went to the toy store rubble and grabbed a red stuffed bear, and walked back handing the girl the bear. The girl smiled at the gesture, eyes red from her tears.

"Hello, don't be scared I want to help you, my name is Simon, what's your name, sweetheart?" Simon said

The girl looked up a little shyly

"My name is Marceline," the girl said in a soft voice

"Hi there, now Marceline, why are you crying?"

Marceline stifled a sob, "I've lost my mommy,"

"Well why don't we go look for her, how does that sound?"

Soon Marceline began to sob again, and Simon sat there with a confused look on his face. Then it hit him. She "lost" her mother.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry darling,"

Simon didn't know what to do; this little girl was all alone in the wreckage of this city with no one to take care of her.

"Well, do you know where your dad is?"

"Yeah, he comes from a place called the Nightosphere, but I don't know how to get there,"

Simon's eyes widened. The Nightosphere was a place that was nothing but a myth, a fantasy world from ancient mythology. However, given the girls odd appearance, it could be true, but for now he decided to let it go.

"Well Marceline, I can't take you to the Nightosphere," Marceline began to cry again, "but, you could come with me, and we could look for someplace safe to live."

At the sound of that Marceline's eyes widened and gaze filled with hope

"You mean it? I can come with you?"

"Of course," he said smiling and standing up, "And I promise to protect you and keep you safe from harm until all of this is over."

He then extended his hand and Marceline held it. As they walked through the ruined city the two had gotten to know a little about each other.

"How old are you, Marcy?" Simon asked, he started calling her this, because he thought it was cute and suited the little girl.

"I'm six and three-quarters, how old are you?"

"I'm 46, but I probably look like an old man,"

Marceline looked curiously at the crown that swung back and forth at his side, mesmerized by the shiny red jewels.

"Simon, why do you have that crown with you?"

'Oh no', he thought, 'what do I tell her? I can try to change the subject, no; no I shouldn't avoid the inevitable'

Simon sighed, "This crown has been with me for a while, I use it for protection, whenever I put it on it gives me powers to fight against wild animals or anything else that's dangerous but it causes me to… act different."

Marcy looked up curiously, "Would I be able to try it on?"

"No!" Simon cried, "Marceline only I can use it, it's very, very dangerous, and I only use it to protect myself in dangerous situations, it's not something to be messed with."

Marceline shifted a little from the crown, obviously a little scared. Then came a gurgling sound

"I'm hungry," Marcy said.

"Well let me take a look through my backpack and get something for us to eat for lunch," he searched through his backpack and pulled out to shiny apples, "Here you go Marceline, something healthy, and delicious."

"Thank you Simon, I love apples!" she said smiling.

Together they sat there eating their snack. Marceline held on to her new stuffed bear, which she elected to name Hambo. 'She has nowhere to go and is all alone,' Simon thought 'I'll be the one there for her, I'll keep her safe from all harm… but will I be able to protect her from the crown.'

"Simon you haven't eaten much of your apple, are you okay?" Marcy asked worriedly.

"Oh, yeah I'm fine, just thinking,"

Once they finished eating they made their way to the woods on the outskirts of the city, to make camp. Once they found a nice place, they started a fire and rolled out the sleeping bags. Simon read a book while Marceline played with Hambo and soon it became night and Simon told Marceline it was time for bed. He read her a story and tucked her in with Hambo.

"Goodnight, Marcy,"

"Goodnight, Simon"

Simon was going to go to bed, when-

"Simon, I wanted to thank you for helping me, I was all alone and scared, and you came to help me, you're my knight in shining armor," she kissed him on the cheek and snuggled back in the sleeping bag.

Simon felt his cheek and smiled. This little girl was the light at the end of his dark tunnel. He smiled as a tear of joy rolled down his cheek.