I own nothing just playing with the characters that Stephanie Meyer's made.

Redoing some of the chapters

Every day is a reminder of what I don't have. I am part of the few that is different from the others and will remain that way until I die. As a child I was happy and had the

world at my finger tips. My parents adored me and I was very smart for my age. That all stopped at the age of thirteen when it was found out that I had no power at

the time a child reaches his or her teens their power will show. Mine didn't so now I will be a servant in one of the powers household or become a breeder when I turn

twenty one. Thank goodness I just turned 18, I don't even want to think about what happens to a woman that becomes a breeder.

Today though is the day I leave to the power family that I will be a servant to for four years. Hopefully they are nice and maybe have a few other non-powers that I can

get to know. My grandparents are taking me to the station where I will go by train to one of the power camps to get to my power family. The station is filled with gray

depressing walls.

"Now Bella, here is the address for your power family. You better behave or you will get punished. The Blacks are the fourth most powerful family so you

will be in for it if you cause problems" my grandmother making demands of me for the power family already.

It is just easier to just nod my head and grab the ticket

information from her and the paper with the address on it.

My grandmother had reached the age of seventy-six this year and acquired me seventeen years ago when my parents died. My mother struggled with cancer for three

years and then my father soon died after from a broken heart. I was sent to my grandmother because she was my only living relative, but she did not want me having not

approved of my mother even though she was my father's imprint. She never did treat me badly mostly just ignored me, so no lost love there and why she was so ready for

me to be gone.

Walking through the power camp was interesting; I saw some teens practicing their powers. Every person has a different kind of power some are more defense by the

looks of it as a girl puts up a brick wall to block a fire attack from a boy. As I go past one of the buildings I stumble and a young girl with short black hair, blue eyes, and

pretty short runs to help me.

"Hey you ok" I answer with a shrug.

"It's going to be ok, just be patient and it will work at as planned "she says.

I must have given her a weird look because she keeps talking while point to her head

"I know it will, plus we are going to be great friends. See you soon Bella."

She is really weird but how in the world did

she know my name?