I own nothing just playing with the characters that Stephanie Meyer's made.

E pov

Man, that was the best sleep I had ever had. I stretched, wait this isn't my bed? Where am I? Opening my eyes up a head appeared in my face.



"Emmett you big oaf, get out of my face!"

"Eddie calm down, hahahaha, you should have seen your face" my stupid cousin is laughing so hard he is crying.

"Don't call me Eddie, Emmett" I glare at him as he is still laughing at me.

"Edward, I see you are finally awake. I hope you are feeling better. Can you tell me what happened?" my father asks as he comes into his office where I am laying on his brown couch. I sit up from the couch to look at my father who appears to be in doctor mode.

"Dad, I don't remember anything but coming into town" I say as I struggle to remember everything that happened.

"Dude, two weeks ago you had that spell where you could see everything clearer. Today you practically scared everyone with your fainting spell. Your face turned red like a tomato, next thing I knew you were on the ground shaking" my cousin says after finally coming out of his laughing fit.

Then it clicked. I could remember everything. Every feeling, everything thought that went through my head before everything went black.

"I remember now dad" my father looks at me with an anxious look on his face.

"Two weeks ago I had this strange tingling sensation right before my eye sight improved. Today I had the same tingling sensation but stronger and the feeling coursing through my body was just too much for me to handle I think."

This is so confusing, why is all of this happening to me now. I look to my father to see if he has anything to say but he has a bewildered look on his face.

"Edward, did you see anything anyone when the tingling started?"

"No Dad, I was in the middle of town full of people"

"You sure now, there was no girl that caught your eye?"

"No, no one at all" I almost growl out getting frustrated.

"Look son, what you described sound like the second to last phase of imprinting. That phase usually takes at least touching your imprint, before you are joined. Have you noticed anything different since you woke up?" he implores.

"I don't think anything changed this time, and if I did imprint I have no idea who it is"

I sure hope this is an imprint and not just something crazy happing to me. Knowing my luck it is just something crazy. I just don't like getting my hopes up.

Carlisle looks thoughtful before he starts to speak, "Maybe we should ask"; before he gets a chance to finish my sister Alice come dancing into the room, her eyes sparkling with anticipation.

"I know who your imprint is Edward. Do you want me to tell you or are you going to be difficult?"

"Just tell me Alice, I have to know" I am getting this sensation in my chest where I am feeling like I have to find her or something bad could happen to her.

"Her name is Isabella Swan. She is living with the Black family right now"

"Alice, are you sure. Bella is suppose to be a non power" my dad implores.

"Dad I know for a fact she has powers. You could say she was a late bloomer."

"I'm not doubting you sweetheart but she has shown no signs. You know how the rules are or she would not be at the Blacks. You have to be positive Alice.

"Dad nothing and I mean nothing has ever been this clear before. Edward you need to head over there now to get her or you will lose your chance" Alice states as she starts to get a little upset over being doubted by everyone.

"Emmett come with me, I might need you when dealing with the Blacks. I'm not sure how Jacob will take it with me taking one of his servants away from him" I caution Emmett.

"Alright, finally a little action! I can handle Jacob while you get your girl virgward. Hey, maybe after tonight you can finally get laid and not be such a pussy" he joked as we walked out the door and into my silver Volvo. There was no way I was not taking my care, this way I can get there faster.

Pulling up to the Black's house I can see it is not what it use to be. It now looks like something from a horror film. What has happened here since I have been gone? Truthfully I am a little scared to find out.

I walk up to the door that is barely, and I mean barely hanging on its hinges and ring the doorbell. I'm actually surprised it works.

"Edward, what are you doing here? I can go get Jacob but I am not sure it is a good idea right now" Billy Jacob's dad greets me at the door.

"Actually sir there is something important I need to talk to you about"

Billy looks behind him almost like a nervous twitch. "Well, I'm sure it can wait till later. I'm kind of busy right now."

"Sir, you have my imprint in there and I need to get her" I say in the most commanding voice I could.

"I tell you boy there is no way I have your imprint. Every girl that is here is a non power you must be mistaken. Now get on out of here since you have no business here" Billy goes to shut the door but I put my foot in the way to stop it.

"Mr. Black, I know my imprint is in there and I demand that you release her. Isabella Swan is my imprint. Now you can either get her for me yourself or I can get her" I insist from Billy. His thoughts are screaming at me.

"Stupid boy, what is he trying to do? She is my last girl here that Jacob has any interest in and I know he plans on getting her pregnant and having fun with her. I am starting to get angry at his thoughts.

Cullen, he is not taking her away from me. She is mine, MINE! I don't share; I had to give the others up. Isabella is mine. She is the last one and the one that looks the most like my Leah. Mine, Mine, Mine. These new thoughts get more possessive and louder as it goes on.

Coming around the corner is Jacob but he is naked. In an instant he explodes into this giant wolf. He is growling really loud while reciting the words mine in his head. Well he has another thing coming to her because Isabella Swan was meant to be mine. She is my imprint not his.

Jacob is coming at me and fast. I move and I have never moved so fast. It is like Jacob is moving really slowly. I am able to move and dodge every swipe and bite that Jacob tries to get at me by hearing his thoughts and how slow he is moving. Just as Jacob is going to make another swipe at me I see Emmett sneaking around the corner ready to take Jacob out. He goes to lunge for me and I hit him in the jaw. Ouch! That really hurt. What is he made out of bricks? I have to keep out maneuvering him since I obviously can't hurt him by punching him.

Just as Jacob goes to make another pass at me Emmett is there and grabs Jacob around the trunk of his wolfy waist and slams him into the cement walkway. Jacob starts to get up and Emmett pounds his fist into the side of Jacob's wolf face effectively knocking him out. Billy rushes out as fast as he can in his wheelchair.

"What have you done to him? This means war, I'll make you wish you'd never come back home" he shouted at us his face turning purple the louder he got.

All of a sudden a girl comes running out the door carrying a brown bag. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. Her hair is long and wavy that matches her chocolate colored eyes. She is petite with pale skin that contrasts with the hair and eyes but is perfect on her. I realize I am slowly walking towards her because of the pull in my chest. Just as I get close to her she starts to collapse. I run as fast as I can getting to her just in time before she hits the ground.

When I touch her it is like touching a light socket but instead it is an intense pleasing feeling. I can feel her ass under my hand as I carry her to the car bag and all. Just one touch of her and my dick is hard as a rock. I take deep breaths trying to calm myself down. Emmett most of noticed my predicament cause he gets this huge smile on his face and climbs into the driver's seat to take us home. I try to will my dick down but it is like it has a mind of its own.

Right now all it wants to do is fuck her, and fuck her hard.