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Phoebe is 16

Paige is 14

Piper is 19

Prue is 21

Cole is 17

Glen is 14

Andy is 22

Leo is 19

All four girls live in the manor, Paige included. Prue is the legal guardian of Phoebe and Paige and Grams has died six months ago. Patty is dead and Victor drops in every once in a-while.

Phoebe's P.O.V.

The blood poured from her wound etched into the side of her narrow tummy. Red ragged lines ripped open flesh, in a scar leading to her lower abdomen and upper chest. The pool of blood on the ground was getting larger and larger by the second, her heart hammering in her chest as it tried desperately to keep her broken body alive. "No," Phoebe murmured, helplessly flailing her arms and trying to reach the silver-tipped dagger three feet away.

"Say bye-bye, witch!" The demon screamed from behind her, grabbing the dagger and holding it over her shivering body. He raised his arms and as if in slow motion, brought it swinging through the air. Just before it made contact with Phoebe's cold and wet clammy skin, Phoebe felt her stomach drop out from under her and someone's strong hands on her shoulder shaking, shaking…


My eyes snap open into daylight. I sit up in bed fast, and the blood rushes to my head, pounding on my skull. I groan, push my hands into my eyes and try to get rid of the dizziness crawling over me.

"Phoebe!" Paige screeches again in my ear, just a little too loud. Irritation raises goose-bumps on my arms and I lower my hands to stare at my 14 year old sister.

"What?" I exclaim loudly, letting her know I am clearly annoyed.

"You were screaming." Paige looks into her lap. I feel bad instantly.

"How loud?" I ask, bringing my knees up to my chest and hugging myself. I'm still shivering quite violently.

"It woke me up," Paige said. "You're more effective than our alarm Pheebs," she says quietly. I smile back at her weakly before crawling slowly out of bed and shoving my feet into my slippers.

"Sorry 'bout that."

"It's fine. I just want to make sure you are…you know…doing okay."

I look at Paige. Her brown hair falls in front of her gentle face and her eyes leak innocence. I try not to think back to two weeks before when Paige found me…in a state I did not want anyone to find me in. Vulnerable. "Paige…" I start.

"Pheebs, I just keep thinking back to that night. You never answered my question…of if you really were going to do it."

"I…" I start to say and then stop. I sigh, look down at my slippers and wiggle my toes inside. "I'm fine," I tell her finally. She scoffs.

"Really," I say, trying to make my voice strong. "Don't you dare tell Prue or Piper, okay?"


"Paigey, you promised."


"Good." I walk towards her and pull her into a tight hug and kiss her forehead. She's almost as tall as me though not quite. She's growing up, starting high school today. And she isn't even worried about it, just me. I wish she would stop.

I look at her and push a stray strand of hair from her forehead…then my face breaks out into a devilish grin. Before she can realize what I'm doing I am out the door and in the bathroom in seconds.

"Hey!" Paige screams after me, pounding on the door. "Not fair Pheebs!"

"It so is!" I yell back. I shake my head, let my curls fall out of the messy bun on the top of my head. Slowly I lift the sleeve of my pajama top up my arm and take a long look at the angry red scars, still looking fresh. Two weeks. Shouldn't they have faded by now?

I sigh, and push my sleeve back down, trying to remember exactly what Ariana had said was so good about putting a razor to my skin.

"It helps release the pain."

"But doesn't it hurt?" I ask my best friend.

"No," Ariana says, smiling at me. She places her hands on my shoulders. "Trust me Pheebs, you get used to it."

"It that not dangerous?" I ask, nervously. I cling to my wrist tight.

"That's what they say but that's a bunch of bull."

"But scars…I can't let my sisters find out."

"Scars fade."

"But how long?"

"Two weeks at most I'd say. Just wear long sleeves."

Long sleeves. Yeah, great idea in early September. I had went home though, and tried it. It hurt at first, but then it was like this huge rush of air and relief flooded my body, flooded me. I could breathe easier again. Gram's death was hazy in my mind, like it had faded a bit. And so I did it again, and again. Then I went to the movies with my boyfriend Cole. But afterwards, not even the good night kiss or the feeling of Cole's hands rubbing up and down my back could stop the pain from seeping into the seams, like poison.

So the middle of the night that fateful night two weeks ago, I took the razor from my bedside table and had crept to the bathroom, soft like so no one would hear me. And stupid me forgot to lock the door and when I saw a shadow fall across my bleeding arm and hear a squeak of the door my heart dropped to the floor. I had flung around, looked into the eyes of my baby sister and had almost burst out crying. I wanted to tell her then and there my pain, what I was going through but then I remembered…I had acted like I was fine.

My sisters were going through so much already and they needed me to be the strong one. So stupid me stood there while Paige took it all in with her wide eyes. Then she sat down next to me and in the light of the moon cried. I sat beside her, dripping onto the pure white floor below and breathing silently.

I was almost asleep when I felt Paigey's soft hand on mine and her little voice in my ear. "Why?"

I hadn't answered.

I didn't know.