[Once again I'm bringing the fluff! It's what I do...

I just started writing one day and the cute kept coming so here you go.

I think Elsa would love to show her appreciation for Anna, don't you?]

Warm and sweet, her energy was like a summer breeze.
She smelled like flowers. Her smile was like sunshine. Her presence warmed up the entire room and touched her soul. She undeniably, undeniably, made her life so much better.

Being without her had been awful. Dealing with her fear without her loving hand was torture. Even her mere presence at her door kept her going during the darkest days.

And Elsa wanted to thank her.

No thanks would ever be enough really, no matter how extravagant. But she had to do something for her at the very least.

What to do?

A special gift.
A ball in her honor! She loved parties.

A ball in her honor, with chocolate, and a special gift.

And a... confession.

Anna had told her that day that she had loved her. And Elsa had yet to say it back.

Well, she was going to do it. The very thought of doing so made her stomach tumbly and her face rosy and she wanted to run and hide. But she really, really wanted to tell her.

Yes, it would be perfect.

All day during her royal duties, she had goosebumps as the party plans kept running through her mind. A chocolate fountain. Anna would be estatic. Oh, and she'd need a new dress to wear. Or, what if she lent Anna one of her own dresses? There were a couple that would really suit her. Hmm but what on earth should she get for her special gift? Anna...


"Anna!" Elsa nearly tripped as she bumped into Anna in the hallway.

"Whoa!" Anna giggled as she caught her by the arm. "Careful there, chickadee!"

"Th-thank you." Elsa said, adjusting her dress. What was wrong with her today. It wasn't like her to be so clumsy.

"Are you all done with work?" Anna chirped. "Do you wanna go play? We could go sledd-in-g."

Oh, she was so cute when she smiled like that. She hated to turn her down. "Sorry, snowblossom, I can't. I'll be a bit busy this evening."

Anna slowed up a bit. "Oh, oh... well, okay, I understand. Working on a big new project, huh?"

Elsa felt her face heat up. "Something like that."

Anna hung on her arm. "Well, good luck! You'll do great, I know it."

Elsa's heart did butterfly flips in her chest. "Thank you, I'll certainly do my best." Her encouragement made her so happy. Her body moved into a hug of its own volition.

As she pulled back, Anna's lip brushed her cheek. Her whole cheek burned like summer heat from the little touch. "See you at dinner then?"


Anna began skipping away, but turned back long enough to say, "I love you, Elsa."

Elsa's butterfly heart took a nosedive into her stomach. "Y-yeah. Thank you, Anna... I..." she cleared her throat. "I'm so happy."

She watched Anna skip away cheerfully. She could finally breath again.

Anna was simply perfect. And with each passing day it became more and more apparent to Elsa that her feelings for her were far greater than she anticipated. These were what the young lovers in her old story books felt, were they not? But that was ridiculous, she often assured herself. After all, they were sisters, and they were sisters with special circumstances. It would make sense that they would feel strongly towards each other.

Did Anna get stomach flips and tingly cheeks? Did Anna ever get goosebumps from hearing her call her name, or find it hard to breath when they got too close? What if it was just Elsa who felt these things? The thought made her feel a little sick and a small flurry of snow swept up around her before she got it back under control.

"No," she mumbled to herself, "no." She placed her fingertips to her temples. "Relax, keep it together. Anna... loves you. She's shown you time and time again. No matter what I do or say, well, nothing will ever change that. Right?"

The thought comforted her momentarily.

Right away she started on the preparations. She wanted to hold it soon while the great thaw was still fresh in the peoples minds (and before she lost her nerve!).

"A ball, your majesty?" Kai said.

"Yes." She said in her authoritative yet kind 'Queen's Voice.' "As celebration of the reunion of the royal sisters. And of Anna's strength and bravery in saving me." She couldn't help fiddling with her braid as she said that last bit.

"Oh?" Gerda said with a knowing smile. "What a wonderful idea, your majesty. Princess Anna would love it, I'm sure."

"I want to hold it as soon as possible so I really need your help to get it done in time."

"No problem at all, your majesty."

"And... well..." she said shakily. "On a more personal note... um..."


"Do you happen to know what sorts of things Anna likes? Besides chocolate anyway." Elsa giggled nervously. Oh, she felt so silly. "I would like to get her a special gift."

"Yes, yes I see..." Gerda tapped her foot as she thought. "Well, I know she enjoys art, and horse-back riding, and dancing, and food of course." She chuckled. "Although I think she will be plenty happy just to spend time with you. The thing she loves the most seems to be you, dear."

Elsa blushed profusely. "Ah... yes, well..." she shuffled her feet. "...I know that, but I want to give her something as well."

Kai laughed heartily. "Well, she also adores your magic. What about making her something?"

"Yes," Elsa smiled. "That is true, isn't it."

"I'm sure she'll love whatever it is you decide upon." Gerda said with a pat on the shoulder.

"Shall we discuss the other details of the event?" Kai said.

They spoke for hours and with each detail planned, Elsa felt less nervous. Structure often brought her security. She was almost late to dinner though she made it in time enough to enjoy herself with Anna. Anna made their carrots act out scenes from Romeo and Juliet and Elsa laughed to tears-before playfully scolding her not to play with her food.

The ball was set for two weeks from that night. When Anna found out, she was ecstatic. "A party? Just for me? Oh my gosh oh my gosh!" She must have thanked Elsa a million times and she followed her around for the rest of the day, clinging to her at every opportunity like a baby koala, much to Elsa's delight.

However, as the first week passed, Elsa still couldn't decide on a gift.

Not for lack of trying. She watched Anna closely the whole week, studying her even, for any hints.

Anna noticed. But she didn't say a word.

One evening when Elsa was particularly deep in thought, she sneaked up behind her and blew on her neck.

Elsa squealed. "Anna!"

Anna laughed. "Hello. Whacha doing? Working out a big queeny conundrum?"

Elsa smiled. "Something like that."

Anna wrapped her arms around Elsa's waist, snuggling her face into her back. Elsa's heart leaped high into space.

"Sometimes the best way to figure out the answer to a tough question is to ask." She said slyly.

Elsa saw right away what she was talking about. Anna was trying to quell her own curiosity. "Mm, well in this case, I can't." She said coyly back.

"Why not?"

"It's supposed to be a secret."

"Boo." Anna said. Her hugging fingers turned to tickling ones on a dime and Elsa squirmed all over the place while trying to conceal her laughter.

"Anna, ah, ah, please, ahaha..."

"Nooo, tell me what you're working on." Anna giggled. "I know its about meeee."

"Neverrrr, ah!"

She continued her tickle attack until they were both on the floor in a giggly mess.

Anna smiled down at her. "Alright, I guess I'll let you off the hook this time. Since you're so cute and all." She booped Elsa on the nose with her own.

Elsa thought she was going to go into cardiac arrest.

Oh my. Oh my...

Anna got up and pulled Elsa up by the hand. "I'm gonna go out into town with Olaf. Good luck on your 'conundrum.'"

"Yeah... have fun." Elsa said. "Say hi to Olaf for me."

Ooh, dear.

She had wanted to kiss her. She realized it in that moment. As Anna left the room, a flurry of snow whipped up around her and there was no stopping this one, not for awhile.

[to be continued*]