[I've heard the question: where is Kristoff? Where is Olaf?

Here is the answer!]

"Anna," Elsa asked one day while they were in the study together working.

"Yesity?" Anna said, chipper as usual.

"Where is Kristoff?"

Anna gasped. "Kristoff!"

"Yes, Kristoff, the nice boy you were seeing. Where has he been all this time?"

Anna blushed. "He went on a trip through the mountains. He doesn't like being cooped up in town, you see."

"I see," Elsa said softly.

An awkward silence.

"How do you feel about him?"

"Uh..." Anna shuffled in her chair. "Well... I dunno. I still don't understand all my feelings. I mean I do understand now that i fell so fast for... Prince Hans-" she made a gagging sound. "-because I was upset from being pushed out by you."

Elsa nodded solemnly.

"But Kristoff...!" Anna sighed frustrated. "I mean, Kristoff... well... I mean, I do love him. He's like my best friend. But... he's like... hey! But you... you... you're like, wow! You know?"

Elsa giggled. Anna was adorable.

"Hey what's so funny? This is deep stuff here." Anna said, lower lip puckered.

"I'm not laughing at you, snowdrop. I'm just happy you love me more than Kristoff." Elsa smiled, gazing across the desk at her.

"Y-yeah, well." Anna said, feeling her heart thumping in her chest. "Of course I do, you're my sister."

Elsa just continued to smile at her. Her gaze sent tingles down Anna's spine.

"Wh-what." Anna said.

Elsa closed her eyes. "Let's kiss."

Anna laughed nervously. "O-ok." She said. She leaned over the desk towards Elsa. "Wait!" She stopped just before their lips touched. "Where's Olaf?"

Elsa groaned. "He went out to play with marshmallow."

"Play?! With marshmallow?!"

"Yes. He's not such a bad kid. He's just misunderstood. Like me." Elsa said cheekily. "Now kiss."

Anna kissed her on the nose.

Elsa put on an exaggerated frown. "Wrong place." She said.

Anna giggled. She kissed her forehead.

"Quit it," Elsa mumbled, pinching her cheeks.

"Ouchie ouchie," Anna laughed. "Ok, ok." She leaned in until their foreheads were touching and they smiled charmingly at each other. Their lips drew closer, and...

"Ahem. Your majesty." Kai was in the doorway.

Anna squealed and backed away, pretending to be very interested in the official documents. "God!" Elsa said. "Don't you know how to knock?"

"The door was open, your majesty," Kai said with a snicker.

"Wh-whatever." Elsa said flustered. "What did you need?"

"Just letting you know that dinner will be served in 30 minutes. Sorry for the interruption," he tried to hold back his laughter as he left.

Elsa sighed. Anna mumbled about how fascinating those documents were.

"You can stop now, he's gone." Elsa laughed.

"Oh good," Anna breathed. "I don't know how you do it Elsa, I can't understand a lick of this official-y jargon."

Elsa rolled her eyes playfully. "Close the door so I can kiss you properly."

Anna skipped right over to shut the door, and Elsa leaned her against the door and kissed her, and kissed her, their lips smiling underneath the softness.

"Mnnn," Anna moaned, melting under her. "I love you Elshaa nnn..."

"Nn, m-me too... hah," Elsa breathed. "I love you too nnnm, hahnn."

Outside the door, Gerda and Kai were eavesdropping. Gerda was blushing. "Oh my," she whispered. "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this."

Kai chuckled. "It was your idea, Miss Nosy." He tapped her on the nose with his finger for emphasis. "But, goodness, they're really... Should we be concerned?"

"Well, what the royalty chooses to do is really none of our business." Gerda said matter-of-factually.

"That's right," Elsa echoed from the other side of the door. "It is none of your business."

"Ah!" Gerda and Kai jumped up and ran off hand in hand, laughing jovially.

[*Bonus End]

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