Scenario~ Spike gets amnesia in a ship wreck and ends up on the rocky shore of Buffy's home. B/S When Spike gets his memory back he remembers that he is married to someone else but is in love w/ Buffy. Buffy is not able to have any children because of some sort of accident. Alternate universe. Xander and Anya are married. Willow and Tara are involved. Joyce doesn't come into the story at all. Dawn is really but doesn't come into the story really. No Angel, no Riley. No vamps, demons, witches or anything of that sort.

A/N: This was a challenge from someone on Spike and Buffy central. And that is exactly what this is, a challenge. I've gotten to the end of this part and I don't know where to go from here. I really would like some reviews with where this story could go. I don't want it to be that long maybe 5 to 10 chapters at the most.

Lost Memory

She wasn't quite sure where she was going, she just had to get out of the house. She had gone to dinner with Xander, Anya, Willow, and Tara. It was a bit depressing because she had no one special to share the night with. It was a beautiful night out. A full moon's light made the sand to appear to be white. The ocean had slight waves and the water was a beautiful deep blue, but as clear as day. If you looked at the right angle you could see straight to the bottom. She looked towards the edge of the water; she could have sworn that she had seen something move. As she got closer, it looked like there was some sort of object right on the edge of the water. With her curiosity getting the better of her, she decided to get a closer look. As she neared the object, she realized that it was a person. She paused for a moment, and the thought that her eyes were playing a trick on her crossed her mind. But when she saw if move again she ran towards the body. He was lying on his side, breathing so soft, like he was sleeping. She rolled him over as quickly as possible. She was trying to check for injuries, but his cloths were soaked through and through. She could barely move them to check his arms and neck. She wasn't sure what to do; she had never been in this kind of situation before. But all of a sudden he started coughing and he opened his eyes. She started to notice his features. He had bleached blond hair that was starting to grow out at the root to a dark brown. He had high and very defined cheek bones. He seemed very masculine and attractive. When she saw his eyes she gasped. His eyes were the exact same color as the ocean. She was amazed.

"Bloody hell" he said, still laying down "Where am I?"

She wasn't sure what to say.

"Umm. you're in Lakeshore, North Carolina" she said while she thought. "I have to get you inside, make sure you're ok."

She started to help him stand. She had always had a lot of strength for a girl her size. She got him on his feet, sort of leaning into her. With one arm around his waist and the other was holding his hand, which was behind her neck. It took her 20 minutes to get him to the house. After getting him set up in the guest room, she got him some of Xander's cloths that he had left there. She would wait until the morning to ask him questions. He had fallen asleep even before she had left the room. She couldn't sleep at all that night. There was this feeling in the pit of her stomach. It wasn't a bad thing though. Even with what had just happened, she had this feeling of complete happiness and relaxation. Something inside her was telling her that this had happened for a reason.


She was so anxious to talk to him and ask him questions; she was almost tempted to wake him up. He finally got up at around ten thirty. His hair was curly and sticking up. The cloths she had given him were WAY too big for him and was barefoot. He looked like a little boy wearing his father's cloths. She couldn't help but smile.

"Do I really look that bad?" he said groggily but playfully.

", it's just." she could feel her cheeks turning red. "The cloths I gave you are a bit big. That's all. It's kind of cute."

"Yeah you're right" he said in his heavy British accent.

"How are you feeling?"

"Pretty good. The bones are a bit stiff, and a few bruises" he said with an odd look on his face.

"Well, that's good. My name is Buffy. I never asked you your name last night. Or should I just call you Blondie?"

"Well, the name's William. But you can call me" he stopped talking and started to rub his head.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I can't remember my nickname. I know I have one but it's just not coming. I can't even remember what happened or anything before that. I know my name and how old I am, but I can't remember where I am from or anything before last night." He said looking even more confused.

"Well, we know your British, but we'd better take you to a doctor and get you checked out."

She gave him back his cloths from the other night. She had put them through the wash. Buffy could tell it was going to be a long day.

2 hours late:

"So, I guess you have a concussion."

"Yeah, I guess so"

"I'm sorry you don't remember anything, that must be hard." Buffy said sympathetically.

"Not your fault, pet. It was probably my own, but what do I remember" William gave a small smile.

"You know, we should go out. I'll show you around, get you new cloths and get to know each other. It'll be fun."

"Sounds like a plan. I'll pay you back when I remember where my money is"

They had the best time together, going to lunch at a nice restaurant. When they were trying on cloths, they had decided to have some fun. Buffy tried on a bright green jumper with a polka dotted skirt. It was the best. William put on these too - long pants, held up by suspenders, which were bright red. She hadn't had this much fun since she was a little kid. She felt so alive. It had to be the most fun day of her life.