Agent Who

Can I tell you a story? You like stories, don't you. Brilliant! I do love stories.

There was a race before the beginning of time. Shh.. Not now, Anthony. Oh thank you, George. The tea is quite lovely.

So as I was saying: race before the beginning of time. Well before time there was... That is correct. Darkness. Pure. Unadulterated. Darkness.

The Dark was too solid for anything to pass through it. Nothing could survive the cold. Bless you, Lucy. Here, take my handkerchief. That was hand woven from the sixth planet of Lorien. Beautiful planet. Beautiful people. A fine species, they are. Or were is a more accurate term... Ahh, let's not digress from the story. Yes?

So where was I? Oh, that's right. Thank you, Lucy.

Well, nothing could survive the cold and dark. And for centuries and for millenniums, only the Dark ruled. This Dark did have a name.

The Nox grew arrogant as their power evolved. But it was that arrogance that caused their downfall.

You see, during the height of their empire, they stumbled upon the only thing willing to get in their way: the Lumax.

At first, the Nox were not threatened by the Lumax. Because the Lumax were so small and fragile that it had little to no effect. So they fed the Lumax. They fed it with salts from their kingdom and after a millennia or so, it grew enough to penetrate the Darkness.

The Lumax took back the land the Nox ruled over, little by little. Small planets, first. Then systems. Then galaxies. Then whole worlds. The Nox were alarmed at the rate the Lumax grew. But by the time they managed an attack fleet, they were outnumbered.

The Lumax expelled the Dark, or so they thought.

You see, light cannot exist without dark. So the Nox continued surviving. They never really disappeared. And if you think about it, the Nox were the reason Lumax existed in the first place.

Some legends describe this battle as the battle of Light and Dark.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, 'The closer I got to the light, the bigger my shadows became...' ?

This may be the most accurate a human has ever come to unlocking the beginning of time.