A/N – First and foremost, this is not a new story, this is a cleaned up version of "Trying Something New – Daddy's Little Girl". The original draft was poorly titled, had tons of typos and needed a general face lift. So if you have never read it, then it is ALL new to you. If you have read it already, it will be reposted in chapters that might be enjoyable a second time.

Almost a year ago I took the leap from RPF's to true Fan Fiction with this story about some of our favorite TWD characters and an OC that I created. It was simply meant to be a single story with a handful of chapters, but as I have learned over the months my Musey-Norman Reedus has more stories for me to tell than I realized. So I did a second installment, but as a separate piece, and then third and on. So. The buck stops here! I am taking the four existing separate stories with a total of 21 chapters, and I am rereleasing so to speak. I am cleaning up typos and making it a stronger story. I will be releasing this chapter by chapter for new readers to enjoy. Once all the 'old' chapters are up… some new chapters will be added. For my loyal readers, I hope this re-booting of my story doesn't piss you off. I am doing for this story what should have been done from the beginning.

I now give you… "Insatiable"

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Daryl pulled his body into the boat and used the oar to push himself away from the dock. Two walkers fell off the edge into the water, from the floor of the boat he couldn't see if they struggled or simply sank. Catching his breath he looked around for something to push against his side as blood was gushing out of the wound in his stomach. He slipped in and out of consciousness seeing Merle's face in a dreamlike state over and over. Brother Merle, Walker Merle, they blended together until Daryl finally passed out for good.

"Where'd you say you found him?" Cassie cut his shirt open and confirmed that it was a gunshot wound and not walker bite. She asked no one in particular to get the surgical kit from the cabinet. The bleeding seemed to be under control, mainly because he had lost so much of it. "Gonna need universal donors Todd, go round them up." She put a stethoscope to his chest and listened, from what little she knew he sounded alright. "Gotta feel around for the bullet, doesn't look like it went through." She was talking to herself mostly and a young girl came in to start prepping the surgery area.

"Well, if he wakes up, I think he'll make it." Cassie hugged the girl and sent her to bed, it had been a long evening of playing operation and the medical books were splattered with blood. Sadly she was getting better at this, but she still wasn't a real doctor. She sat herself down in the arm chair in the corner and watched her patient breath rhythmically. She should wash him up but wouuld wait till morning when the sun was up and she could think straight.

Abby entered the dimly lit room and saw the man lying in bed. He looked more dead than alive. "You gonna sleep here tonight?" She sat on the arm of Cassie's chair and kissed her hair.

Cassie loved the feel of their bodies so close. She tipped her head up so that they could kiss. Abby always comforted her when she was stressed out. "Yeah. I want to be here in case he wakes up. Too many stitches to be able to yank out."

Abby whispered, "Do you want me to stay with you?" Cassie appreciated the offer but Abby needed a better night's sleep then she did, being Mayor was a tough job.

"No honey, you go get some sleep, I'll find you tomorrow and let you know how he's doing." They kissed again and Cassie was asleep practically before Abby was out of the room.

She locked the door as she filled the bowl full of warm water and struggled to get his clothes off of him. Her patient was dead weight at this point though he was stable enough it seemed. She started at his hands and arms, it was a good thing she had boiled plenty of water. The dirt, blood and months of ick streamed off of him. The long lean muscles in his arms didn't escape her notice. This man had a fantastic body, a little thin, but who wasn't now a days. Changing the water she started in on his chest careful not to disturb his wound. He was covered in scars, one on his stomach, his temple. Knife cuts and scratches. This man had seen his fair share of hard times this past year or more. Some of his dried blood seemed to have layers of dirt under it, down to his legs and his more private areas, being as discrete as she could. As she washed his dick she couldn't resist stealing a glance and she was glad she had, even soft he seemed to have a decent package.

Washing his back was a challenge; she supported his weight against herself and reached around him. She could feel scars as she slid her hand along his skin but he was too heavy to move into a position where she could see them. Cassie had ruined two washcloths before she was done, but she was pleased that she could no long smell him from across the room.

It was her third night in the arm chair when she woke to a cracking voice asking for water. She jumped when she realized her patient was finally awake. He spoke again, "Can I get some water?" She could see him in the dim lantern light and she took her glass from the side table in brought it to him. She helped his sit up and he held onto her for support. He tried to drink it all down but she slowed him from chocking. "Slow down darlin', there's plenty of it." After a minute he had finished the glass and she laid him back on the bed.

He looked around the room, it was washed in a dim glow but he could see built in cabinets, a fire place and too many closed doors. "What is this place?" The floral wall paper was ugly and he realized it was night time as he tried to peer out the window.

Cassie moved into the folding chair next to his bed. "Used to be a bed and breakfast dining room, now it's the infirmary." She watched his face as he winced while he tried to move. "You got shot, I had my hand inside you for a while, gonna hurt like a bitch till you heal up."

"You stitched me up?" He looked at her face in the light. She nodded at him. "Thanks. 'm Daryl."

She offered her hand to him, "Cassie."

"These aint my clothes." He fussed at the buttons.

"I know, I cleaned you up. This shirts easier for me to check your wound with." She caught herself thinking of the sponge bath.

Daryl wanted to say thanks but he realized what she meant by cleaning him up and he was uncomfortable. "We in Savannah?" He didn't know where he had gotten separated from his small group, hell they were even separated from their larger group.

"No, this is an island off the coast of GA, bout an hour boat ride from Savannah."

Daryl ran his fingers over his graying beard. "How'd I get here?"

Cassie tried to piece it together for him. "Well, we think you got shot on the main land, looks like you crawled into one of our boats that was docked and floated out a little. Our fishing guys found you, towed you in and brought you to me for fixin' up." Cassie's southern drawl was musical to Daryl. She had a pleasant tone they made him feel at home.

"No one was with me?" Daryl's face was concerned.

"Sorry, we found you alone. You had someone with you when you got shot?" Cassie refilled his water and put it next to the bed.

Daryl closed his eyes and rubbed his head. "I had two people with me from Atlanta, supposed to meet up with some others just outside Savannah. I don't remember gettin' shot." Daryl tried to get up out of bed and pain tore through this stomach.

Cassie worked him back down. "You gotta sit back Daryl. You got shot good and I had to dig around for shell fragments. Lost a lot of blood too, lucky you're even awake."

"Gotta go find my friends." Daryl was weakly struggling against her soft body, his chest to hers. But she was winning. Shushing him and getting him to lay back.

"Daryl," She was quiet, close to his ear. "None of your friends came to the island. It's dark. We can talk about finding them in the morning.

Daryl's vision got black, "Gotta find Rick and Beth." He fell back and fell asleep.

As the sun came up Rick and Beth made their way toward the road, staying quiet and watching for walkers. They were sure that they would find some sign of Daryl this way. They had slept another night in an abandoned home, sleeping in shifts. They knew they were headed in the direction Daryl had gone hunting in, but it had been four days now and Rick was beginning to fear the worst. He carried most of their supplies on his hikers pack and Beth followed behind watching his back, well mostly his ass, with a smaller back pack of lighter things. She had found some aspirin and stale crackers as she had searched that house, and clothes that were close to her size. It felt good to be in something clean again.

"Let's check down by the shore." Rick started down a street with a sign that lead to the water. They had left the prison a month ago for the hope that the rumors about Savannah were true, that the city was Walker free and better run than Woodbury. Weather, walkers, looters and food drew them farther south than they planned.

Somewhere south of Claxton, Rick decided to split the group. Send most everyone straight to Savannah lead by Glenn. Rick, Daryl and Beth would take the Prius on some supply runs and meet back up. Beth had gotten fast on her feet, almost as sneaky as Glenn. That was weeks ago and Rick regretted ever making the decision. If they didn't find Daryl by sundown he would have to talk to Beth about moving on toward Savannah without him.

"Rick." Beth's voice was low and his almost missed it. She was still paces behind him. "Rick." Louder and he stopped. He had walked right through a pool of blood and they both stared at it concerned. They followed the trail to a boat dock and looked out on the water. Whoever had been shot ended up in the water.

They both scanned along the dock area for clues and backed away toward the tree line when they heard a motor off in the distance. As it got closer the motor cut off and two men began to paddle their way to the dock. They tied off their boat and started down the dock.

"Let's just look for this guy and get back to the island. Not even sure why we are looking. Cassie said no more people at our place." The tall man seemed annoyed.

Rick and Beth stayed quiet and they didn't seem to be noticed.

His partner climbed onto the dock and slipped on a sweatshirt. "This Rick guy better be worth us wasting the gas on a non-run day."

Beth gasped when she hear Rick's name. He grabbed at her wrist. She tried to pull away but he held her too tightly. They watched the men as the started to put together a game plan. Beth tried pulling away one more time but Rick had her well restrained, she didn't mind.

Rick pulled a pistol out of its holster and motioned for them both to go out of the tree line, it was time to talk to these men. Beth stepped behind him and missed the grasp of his hand on her wrist. "Hey." He said it loud enough to get the other men's attention. Everyone stopped in their tracks.

The stare down was almost comical. Finally the tall man spoke. "You Rick?"

"Who's asking?" Rick never flinched, the look that his group fondly called the eye-fuck was warning enough to anyone.

"Daryl sent us." Beth stepped around Rick. The other man realized that this guy might not actually be Rick. He needed to make sure he had found the right people. "What's your name?" He scanned up and down this blond girl who fit the description he was given.

She mustered up her grown woman voice. "Beth." The two men smiled.

"Daryl got shot, we patched him up. Wanna see him?"

Beth ran to the chair Daryl was sitting in and hugged him harder than she should have. He had gotten more comfortable around her, around all people as the group had gotten closer over the months. This was the cleanest she had ever seen him. He winced at the pain but was glad to see that his friends were safe and they were all back together. He and Rick just nodded to each other and Cassie watched from the doorway as the group seemed to reconnect. Relationships were so important now she appreciated the closeness they all had for each other.

"Did ya meet Cassie?" Daryl let go of Beth and tried to get up out of the chair. He was getting more stable on his legs. Now his side just mostly ached.

Rick finally spoke, "Yeah, she met us at the dock and filled us in on things. Sounds like you still have some healing to do." Daryl was now close enough to hug.

Cassie helped Rick and Beth settle into a room on the third floor. It still had that B&B feel with floral wallpaper and country curtains. There was no bathroom; it was shared down the hall. There was a bench at the end of each bed and a small dresser. In the corner was an antique wash station and mirror. "Should still be some hot water if one of you wants to shower now. We have solar panels on the roof and we run power to heat water and stuff like that." She left towels and let them get comfortable.

Beth smiled at Rick, "You first, you need it more than I do." He laughed at her and headed straight for the bathroom. She looked down at her wrist and saw a bruise forming from in the shape of fingers. She smiled and wondered if it was wrong to like the fact that he had left marks on her.