UFO or Not UFO?
By Lucky_Ladybug

Notes: The characters aren't mine ^_~ Thanx to JP for the title! ^^ And oh, just in case there's any Gomer Pyle fans reading this who remember a fanfic called "The Flying Saucer Caper," I wrote that too . . . just in case I borrow some of the ideas from that story, y'all will know that I wasn't stealing someone else's ideas! ^_~ Hehe . . . Oh, and this isn't yaoi ^_~

Joey sighed and blinked, sitting up in bed. Something had woken him up . . . but what was it? He couldn't see anything that had fallen over. But as he slowly returned to awareness, he suddenly realized that his bedroom was as light as noonday.

"Wait a minute . . ." he muttered. "Where's that light comin' from?"

He stumbled out of bed and over to his window. The entire yard was bathed in some strange green light that was coming from the sky . . . no, wait . . . from that weird disk *in* the sky!

Joey stared at it and then rubbed at his eyes, certain he was hallucinating. The disk remained floating over his house for several more minutes and then suddenly vanished into thin air.

"Oh man, did I just see what I thought I saw?" Joey exclaimed in disbelief.
By the next morning, Joey discovered that he definitely had seen it, and that, in fact, most of Domino City had.

"Joey! Have you heard about the flying saucer?" Yugi called, running up to Joey just outside the school.

"Yeah, I sure did, Yug," Joey replied. "It flew right over my place!"

Yugi's violet eyes went wide. "Really, Joey?" he exclaimed.

"That's right," Joey nodded.

"This is the second sighting of a UFO in Domino City in the past two weeks," Yugi remarked. Fourteen days earlier, at the beginning of the month, a frantic man had encountered Yugi and his friends and had claimed to have seen a flying saucer in a field, but when the teens had gone to investigate, they had found nothing.

"You think there's somethin' to it, Yug?" Joey asked curiously.

"I don't know," Yugi said slowly.

"Hey guys!" Tea waved as she came over to them, Tristan in tow. "Have you heard about the . . ."

"It flew over my house," Joey interrupted, and this started another flurry of conversation about the flying saucer and what it might mean.

"Has anyone seen Bakura?" Tristan said suddenly.

Yugi blinked. "Bakura? No, I haven't seen him," he said.

"Here I am!" the silver-haired boy called, running up to join his friends. "I was investigating a strange piece of metal I found outside my house."

"Strange piece of metal?" Yugi repeated.

Bakura nodded. "I couldn't figure out what it was or where it had came from, so I called the police to have a look. They couldn't determine what it was either, but they're taking it to their laboratory to study it further."

"Hey, that's kinda freaky, man," Joey gulped. "Maybe it fell off the flyin' saucer!"

"That's what I was wondering myself," Bakura admitted.

"What does your Yami think about it, Bakura?" Tea asked curiously.

"I don't know," Bakura replied with a shrug. "He didn't tell me, but I could tell he wasn't pleased."

Joey laughed. "The only thing that would please that guy is conquerin' the world . . . and maybe drinking a bottle of chocolate milk."

Tristan snickered.

"Shouldn't you five be getting to class?" a familiar voice said dryly.

Everyone turned to see Seto Kaiba standing by the door, watching them.

"Hey, Kaiba," Yugi said with a smile. "Yeah, we should. We've just been talking about the latest flying saucer sighting."

Seto raised an eyebrow. "I'm sure it's just a publicity stunt of some kind. There is that new alien movie being filmed around here, you know."

"Man, there you go again with the refusal to believe in freaky things," Joey declared, shaking his head.

Before Seto had a chance to reply, the bell rang, and everyone had to hurry into the homeroom.

Yugi was startled when he found a note on his desk. "What's this?" he exclaimed.

"I dunno, man," Joey said, looking over his shoulder. "Open it!"

Yugi carefully lifted the flap, which hadn't been sealed, and pulled out a single sheet of paper with a typed message on it. "'Your recent defeat of the vampyres has come to our attention,'" he read. "'That was very impressive and clever . . . but will you be able to stand up to us and our threat?'" He laid the paper back down on his desk, blinking in surprise.

"Who's it from, Yug?" Joey asked.

"It's not signed," Yugi told him, and then shrugged. "It's probably just one of Mark Binsen's practical jokes." Mark was the class clown of Domino High School, and he was always doing one obnoxious thing or another.

"I dunno, Yug," Joey said doubtfully, taking the paper and envelope and staring at them. "This is some kinda freaky paper. I've never felt anything like it before."

Yugi laughed gently. "Oh, Joey, surely you're not thinking . . ."

"Well, it's possible, isn't it?" Joey returned.

Yugi shook his head, his black and red spikes of hair swaying with the action. "Joey, I can't believe that aliens would decide to send a message to me, of all people."

"And why not, pal?" Joey demanded. "Look at all the cool things you've done over the past couple of years—you defeated Pegasus, rescued Kaiba from his virtual reality game, caught a nest of criminals at Carl's ski lodge, and now stopped a bunch of power-hungry vampyres from takin' over the world! I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be comin' to the attention of some extra-terrestrials."

"I don't know, Joey," Yugi said slowly. He was about to say more when the teacher began the roll call and they had to turn their attention to her.
It was in the evening when the five friends heard about the next crazy occurrence. After dinner at Yugi's place, they were all lounging around in the living room while Tristan channel surfed the TV.

"Come on, Tristan, just pick a show and stick with it," Joey complained.

"Wait, what's that?" Tea exclaimed, and Tristan turned up the volume.

"Police and the army are trying to determine why the UFO landed in the cornfield and what exactly it is," the reporter was saying, while footage of a giant saucer was played in the background. "They have not decided yet if it's from outer space, but they are not ruling out that possibility."

"Whoa!" Joey exclaimed. "A UFO parked itself right in that cornfield just outside of town? You're kiddin' me!"

"What do you think, Yugi?" Tea asked. "Should we go have a look?"

Yugi was about to reply when the reporter continued, "The footage we're playing is from thirty minutes before. As of now, the UFO has suddenly taken its leave of the cornfield, vanishing into thin air and completely perplexing the army." She went on to say that the police and the army would remain at the site in an attempt to gather clues.

Yugi looked at the screen thoughtfully. "I doubt they'd let us in, Tea," he said finally, "but they probably won't be there all night. Why don't we try investigating about midnight or so?"

"Good idea, pal," Joey grinned. "Let's do it!"
When they arrived at the cornfield, the night sky had clouded over, as if it might rain or even snow. The place was deserted now, but yellow "Do Not Cross" tape went around in a huge circle of matted-down cornstalks off to the side of the field.

"That must be where the UFO landed," Bakura remarked.

Yugi nodded and summoned his Yami.

"I doubt we'll find any clues here," Tea said. "I'm sure if there was anything, the police or the army already found it."

"Well, if they did, they sure as heck didn't tell us," Joey replied, referring to the ten o'clock news broadcast in which an army captain had been interviewed saying that they hadn't found any clues to the UFO or its pilot.

"They might not tell us if they did find something, you know," Tristan spoke up. "There's that place in the Nevada desert that's rumored to be the hiding place of all the evidence about extra-terrestrial beings."

There was silence for a minute, then Yugi said, "Well, it's also possible that they might have missed something, so that's what we're going to look for." He looked around. "Let's split up," he suggested. "This cornfield is huge, and we don't want this to take all night," he said with a wry smile. "And for now, let's not cross over the yellow tape."

All of the teens agreed and scattered in different directions.

Joey and Tristan were investigating the scarecrow—which, Joey said with a laugh, wasn't getting up and walking away, and that was just fine with him—when they heard Tea scream from somewhere deep in the field.

"Oh man, I wonder what's up!" Joey muttered as they hurried to find out.

"Tea, what's wrong?" Yugi called as he and Bakura came running from the other direction.

"Are you hurt?" Bakura chimed in.

"You screamed loud enough to wake the dead," Joey exclaimed.

Tea was backed up against a stalk of corn that was taller than she was, shaking in fear and horror. "I'm not hurt," she said finally, "but . . . look." She pointed a finger shakily at a limp hand hanging out from between two cornstalks. "There's a dead body in here!!"