I have a confession to make.

I first posted this fic, Avalanche, in . It garnered a nice response, and because I was still a new author and found demands for updates to be charming instead of annoyingly grating, I wrote every day.

I wrote this fic during first year college, when I had more free time than I knew what to do with and more spare notebooks than anything. After the end of every school day, I'd unwind by typing up everything I ever wrote down and it was a great method of stress relief. (If you remember, those were the days when I updated almost every day.)

However, when I reached fourth year, demands on my time started coming more often, what with requirements, tests that were actually difficult and graduating. I didn't have time to write anything down on a notebook, and only had time for the occasional snippet (which became Red String).

The notes, the outline for everything I had on Avalanche, has been lost.

I had a dozen notebooks where I wrote everything, and one specific little notebook where I wrote an outline (with some cross marks, because as dedicated readers would remember, I was terrible at writing about the passage of time – still am.) That outline is only vaguely remembered. And snippets of what I wanted were scattered all over those other notebooks. I couldn't remember what was going where.

In my guilt, I muted notifications and basically did the author equivalent of burying one's head in the sand.

Until last week.

A beautiful review in AO3 finally pushed through and I realized that yes, while I did a terrible thing by losing that notebook, I was also doing myself a disservice by not finishing a once loved fic.

So, with some serious thought and an entire week in isolation trawling through thirty notebooks for my notes, I will post what I remember of that outline and hope everyone will forgive me for finally announcing the official abandonment of Avalanche, FIVE YEARS after the last update.



We ended with Chapter 40 with the following plot threads:

-Aedan being traumatized by his Gift and Guiomer seeing this, resolving to take him to Elrond.

-Gollum currently with Legolas

-Gandalf's impending betrayal from Saruman and Guiomer's knowledge of it via vision.

-Luna Healing Bilbo, though if that is helpful remains to be seen.

-Draco trying to hide how his Gift is hurting him, with Hermione noticing anyway.

-Faramir and Boromir in Saldia's Hospital, clear of the darkness and recovering.

-Faramir confessing to Hermione that he and Boromir had passed by Saldia to ask for Elrond's help regarding a dream-vision. Hermione remembers her own dream-vision of Teddy Lupin and does not discount this like she usually would (which is what the Valar of Dreams, Irmo, had intended. Helpful fellow.)

-She mentions Draco or Guiomer going to Elrond in a bit and Faramir relaxes, leaving Boromir in their care.

-Heather is gathering the Brotherhood to help the elves in fighting against the orcs in a couple of months. (AND I cannot believe that I inserted the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in Lord of the Rings, except less stealth and more knightly. And some Assassin Healers, wow my twenty year old brain was ambitious.)


-GUIOMER, holding the Sword of Gryffindor (and with all the Saldian's thinking of it as a beacon of hope against the darkness), is dissuaded from leaving the city. Draco, needing a vacation, is an acceptable substitute for Aedan in their trip to Rivendell.

-With Boromir coming along, they couldn't exactly use magic and Aedan wants to tell his uncle that he sucks at the wilderness thing. It's a sign of his growing maturity that he bites his tongue. Meanwhile, he's plagued by the occasional vision, each one leaving him shaking in remembered terror. (PTSD, hello.)

-Gollum, to the surprise of no one, except probably Gandalf's, escapes Legolas and makes his way to the Shire, to look for the One Ring. He's late by a couple of months, and really, he can't catch up to the Fellowship until later. Way later. This is relevant.

-Luna hangs around the group of travelers, staying with Bilbo when he breaks off from the group and heads to Rivendell. She greets Elrond as teacher and asks him if she did good with Bilbo. There might be side-effects to a hereto untried experimental potion. (GOSH, Luna, why did you do that?)

-Elrond scolds her and asks her to put Bilbo to sleep with her special skills. (Nice way to put magic, Elrond.). He examines Bilbo and tells Luna that she did the Hobbit a disservice by not making him rest for a week and dosing him in one go. That potion is supposed to be done one sip at a time. Bilbo's old body copes with the potion and tries not to experience organ failure at the massive dose. (Luna almost gave him a heart attack, OMG.)

- Thankfully, he is asleep and Luna is penitent, working extra hard to give back Bilbo a few years. Since he is under the care of two of Arda's greatest healers (with Aragorn and Galadriel being in that company.) he recovers and even manages to walk around without a cane.

-Luna's healing improves with the experience, and she gets a nice dash of PTSD and GUILT on top of it, so she is now more careful.

-Draco arrives with Aedan and Boromir three weeks later. It took a while, because Boromir was recovering from vomiting black sludge.

-Luna hears his soul arrive and almost manages to surprise him with a hug. Almost, because Draco's Gift is more sensitive than hers and he saw her Bright Soul coming from a mile away.

-Heather finds a hamlet way south, and is surprised to find a Safe House in the center of it. It is an unplanned Safe House, very far away from where the Dunedain usually patrol and she is wondering how on earth it got there.

-The Brotherhood look sheepish and explain that they made that, because they felt guilty leeching from Rohan and the supplies somehow refilled by itself, and they took it as a sign that the First Lady of Saldia approved. (Wow, way to make her seem godlike, Kreacher.)

-Heather side-eyes Kreacher mentally. She side eyes him so hard.

-In a stroke of genius, Heather remembers that one of the things that almost killed the dwarves and men fighting the army of Easterlings and orcs in the Lonely Mountain, was the lack of food and supplies. They had armor and weapons aplenty, but not food. The siege had lasted months – almost a year.

-Hermione, enjoying the established Constitution and the lack of paperwork that came with it – it had been years since she experimented just for the joy of it, or read for the sheer happiness of reading and not because it was necessary, frowned when Heather's letter arrived carried by Hafny.

-Organize supplies and food to last a year for three countries, she says. Hermione complains under her breath. Cold storage was something that Saldia had perfected. Smoked Ham and Sun dried vegetables, Canned meat, pickled vegetables by the dozen. Fish stewed and stored in brine.

-Hermione organizes it and overdoes it. Like she usually does. She made enough for years. This is relevant.

-Hermione asks Heather how on earth she's planning to ship this. Luna's ship is great, but there are pirates, and this much food is worth its weight in gold.

-Heather asks her to mobilize the Brotherhood. Saldia had its own army, but the Brotherhood wandered and Heather needed warriors. She asks Hermione to create UEC (Undetectable Extension Charm), put some barrels in pouches and give it to the Brotherhood to be given to Heather. That way, the bounty of the food is spread over while the Brotherhood slowly make their way to Heather and the meeting point.

-Guiomer is confronted with the weight of his bloodline when the vision regarding Gandalf shows up again, weeks after he'd decided to ignore it. With a sigh, he asks Kreacher to watch over Gandalf, mentally resolving to make a Waste Disposal Committee within the day. If Kreacher is busy, recycling and trash management might fall to the wayside and Guiomer is nothing if not efficient.

-The dwarves arrive in Rivendell, asking for Elrond's help because a messenger of Morder had just asked them to hand over Bilbo Baggins.

-Elrond is busy juggling all these dignitaries in one place and he almost, almost forgets to look after Frodo Baggins, as Gandalf asked him to.

-Luckily, Glorfindel remembered and saves four Hobbits and Aragorn being chased by the Nazgul. It is not enough to save Frodo's shoulder. Luna is there and hands over the potion when Elrond asks of it, and she watches him give Frodo a teaspoon. A teaspoon. She mentally face palms so hard at her own error with Bilbo.

-Draco avoids Frodo like the plague. His excuse is that he's writing down the exercises and the advice Elrond is giving Aedan. They need it. They can't keep looking to Elrond for help with Heather's infernal bloodline. The truth, without the convenient excuse is that he can't look at what Frodo is carrying while blindfolded. He would vomit. It's a horcrux, UGH.

-Gandal is rescued by Kreacher, saving him from a very treacherous flight. Flying via giant eagles are fine if you're not tortured. But with one broken hand, and several broken fingers, Gandalf would have hated flying.

-The Council of Elrond then consisted of: Two Hobbits (Frodo and Bilbo), one Istari (Gandalf), two dwarves (Gimli and Gloin), five elves (Elrond, Lindir, Legolas and two of his companions), one Dunedain (Aragorn), one Human (Boromir) and two Saldian's (Luna and Draco, not blindfolded.)

-There were three other hobbits eavesdropping and one naughty Saldian up in the tree. (He is scolded later. Scolded so hard.)

-The council was done because Elrond only had so much time in his hands and coincidentally, here are all the parties who could answer their questions.

-This is not a ten walkers situation. Draco and Luna cannot spare them the time. Instead, they offer the fellowship some potions and some of Hermione's charmed Runes. Multiple uses and could double up as a fire heater in a hurry.

-I just realized that the runes thing is something I had been looking forward to writing before I forgot (and remembered again). It's a metal wire shaped to a Rune and imbedded with zircon to hold the magic. Since it's in the shape of the Rune, it can do magic for anybody as long as a wizard charges it. (Or you stay in magically charged environment like Saldia.) It's new, like before Draco left kind of new so no one has ever heard of it before. If Draco charges it, a person without magic like Meiran, could use it.

-List of Rune charms: Fire Rune, Explosive Rune, Breaking Rune, Water Rune, Light Rune and a Strength Rune.

-Yes, I know this changes so many things, and it can lead to so many plot things, but Hermione only made one of each.

-Gandalf is extremely jealous of the Runes, but he acknowledges that as an Istari, he doesn't really need it.

-They give the Fire Rune to Frodo, the Water Rune to Sam, the Explosive Rune to Legolas, the Light Rune to Aragorn and the Strength Rune to Merry. Pippin argued long and hard about holding the Explosive Rune, or even the Fire Rune. Those who knew him, and they knew him very well, decided to give him the Breaking Rune instead. (Imagine Pippin with explosives. OMG.)

-Boromir, as a consolation, holds majority of the potions. He has no qualms about having no runes. He remembers vomiting black sludge for days and shudders. Saldian's are helpful, he decides. Until they decide to be too helpful and suddenly, they're curing your liver and you're in bedrest until your stomach stops feeling like it's being stabbed by a dozen hot knives.

-Gimli, not having met the Saldians and only hearing on how extremely helpful they are, only asks for a deeper bag pouch.

-The Fellowship leaves faster than it does in canon, mostly because Elrond takes one look at Aedan's pale face and practically pushes them out of the door.

-We must make potions, Luna says. Because they all could hear Aedan's screams. It's very unpleasant for Draco and Luna, because it's giving them terrible flashbacks to when Heather was tied to that bed and clawing her own eyes out, even unconscious.

-It must be a war, Draco agrees. Except he doesn't want to go back to Saldia.

-In Rivendell, protected by Elrond's own Ring of Power, the valley of Imladris is without darkness and Draco can breathe without feeling like he's choking on it. Saldia, while better stocked of the things he needs and full of the people he loves, might be free of the darkness, but it is encroaching on their borders continuously, inch by inch every year. Draco feels hunted in Saldia. He feels hunted by an enemy he cannot kill.

-Luna hears his soul whimper and understands him. I will return to Saldia, she says. They might already know, what with Guiomer, but someone needs to organize the Order. Stay here.

-A war needs healers. The Order needs to go where the war is, to be helpful.

-Draco is grateful, and Aedan gets better incrementally, but they all know that the terrible visions would only go away either with meditation, or with the death of the Enemy.

-Heather organizes the Brotherhood, sending men with supplies to the Lonely Mountain, and stationing the men where they might be needed, which was everywhere.

-There is already a contingent in Rohan, she says to her commanders. I need a contingent with the Dwarves, to hold these supplies and to help them. They might not need the help with the war, but the sneaky parts…

-And you cannot deny that the Brotherhood is sneaky. (Yes, Assassins Creed…..) Only a group of twenty men, holding a years worth of food between them, are sent to the Lonely Mountain.

-The rest of you must stay outside of settlements, Heather says. The Enemy will do their best to pin Mankind in their homes, so you must be outside of those homes and strike from behind, when the Enemy is distracted.

-Which means, however nicely, that the Brotherhood are freaking everywhere in the war, of course.

-(It's a meme:

Have you seen the Brotherhood?

Oh, those men? Yeah, I was in a war, they were there.

Which war?

Does it matter? They were there.)

-Meanwhile, the Fellowship makes its sneaky way to Minas Tirith, after trying a mountain pass and finding it unpassable. (the fire rune proved helpful in preventing frostbite for the hobbits.)

-Of course, Gollum, being delayed by his earlier capture thanks to Aedan, does not reach them in Minas Tirith. And thus, Gandalf isn't there to move Frodo's heart with Pity regarding the creature, because he dies in Moria.

-Gollum catches up to them after Lothlorien, and Frodo debates just setting him on fire. Instead, it is Aragorn and Legolas who tells Frodo what is up with Gollum. They don't move his heart with pity, but they manage to make him understand Gollum.

-Boromir still betrays them, but, remember the Fire Rune. Frodo sets him on fire and that's a bit more concerning at the moment. Boromir Lives With Severe Burns. He is alive, but he has potions and he limps his way back to Gondor.

-He wasn't able to sound the horn to arms, and thus the hobbits are taken. Without drama and death.

-Frodo and Sam go their merry way to Mordor, while the other hobbits are taken to Isengard!

-As for Pippin, he has the Breaking Rune. He can technically break free of his bindings in a jiffy. He remembers this, and realizes, in a startling moment of maturity, that he is surrounded by upwards fifty orcs and he doesn't have the means to escape after breaking his bindings. So he stays put. Same with Merry and the Strength Rune.

-The Dunlendings attack the group of orcs, led by Prince Theodred. (Remember, Theodred and his bodyguards – a.k.a. Heather's fanclub.) This makes a nice distraction for Merry and Pipin to escape, but they run to Fangorn Forest because wow, those are a lot of men with swords and they might kill us.

-In Pippin's terror, he accidentally kills that orc that chases them using the Breaking Rune. This causes a headscratch from the Aragorn tracking them until Legolas reminds him of the Rune Charms.

-The three hunters enter Fangorn, does not find the hobbits but does find an Istari. (The Explosive Rune almost sets the forest on fire.)

-They make their way to Rohan and find the place girded for war.

-What's up? They ask.

-Saruman just planted orcs like potatoes, people from Rohan answer, and they're popping up. We're gearing for war, because the harvest was a lot.

-Legolas, Aragorn and Gandalf are keenly reminded of the First Lady of Saldia and her sense of humor.

-I take it that the Lady has visited recently? Gandalf asks.

-How can you tell? They ask. (I swear, I dreamed up this exchange and wished that the notebook wasn't lost. I really loved this exchange.)

-Anyway, they ask, how can we help? And they take the rest of Mark to Helm's Deep, because war with orc potatoes. The Dunlendings help out, hanging around and giving tips to the archers.

-Legolas tests out his Explosive Rune in that war and ends up being very popular for it. He took out a lot of orcs. Gimli seethed. Though, to be fair to Legolas, he only used it once. The surprise of it made him stop at once. He didn't think it would make that big of an explosion. (Fangorn and the almost forest fire taught him nothing, I see…)

-They won with significantly lesser deaths than canon.

-Meanwhile, Saldia is also under siege.

-The warning didn't come from Guiomer, who was blindsided by the million other things he'd been juggling all at once. It came from an injured Luna, hanging on to her horse, a Fenny with a mouth full of orc viscera and the Statues of Saldia coming to life.

-The Bell Tower Rang, the statues of angels around the Tower, around fifty of them, came to life. The Four Cardinal Statues came to life as well and knocked on Guiomer's office door, and Hermione's office.

-The people ran for the shelters and Ciaran was given to Felicia. Meiran and Cailyn organized the city with Phobos and Deimos prepping the hospital for the injured. Hermione and Guiomer, the only ones on duty, took a deep breath and went to war. Both of them fervently wished that Heather was there quietly.

-Miles and miles away, Heather heard.

-It wasn't anything they thought would happen, when Heather added that Rune on the warding of the city. Heather thought that it would only work as long as she was in Saldia. She thought that she would only feel the city and its inhabitants very well because of that ward while she was in Saldia.

-It didn't work that way.

-Elbow deep organizing the Brotherhood and bracing for a war that had already arrived, Heather heard Hermione and Guiomer, and all of her citizens wish that she was there.

-They need me, she whispered. But I can't apparate that far. Kreacher, can you help me?

-Yes, the house elf nodded. But only so far. While the environment in Arda had strengthened Kracher physically, and mentally, magic wasn't so strong and he could only take her so far.

-Heather gathered a hundred men and swore them to secrecy. She asked Kreacher if he could take all these people with him to Saldia. Kreacher would do his best.

-It was too far. Five days worth of travel and hard riding. Heather blessed Draco for inventing a potion for Horse Fatigue too, and no rider lost their mount.

-(Yeah, I made Heather do a Gandalf and ride rescue-reinforcements. Very cool.)

-They lost a lot of people in the siege. Heather kept it together and asked Hafny to fly around Arda for information. Her gift was still locked up tight unless she wanted screaming nightmares to come back.

-She sees Mordor, she sees Rohan and she sees Helm's Deep. She also sees Fangorn forest on the move. She sees the Lonely Mountain eating, no hollow cheeks there. The Elves having lesser injuries due to the Brotherhood helping. Lothlorien also under siege.

The war is bigger than all of us, she says to Hermione and Guiomer. Hold me, sister.

Hermione holds her as she opens her Gift for the first time in years.

She shudders and screams herself raw, but she sees. Oh she sees.

"We are needed in Gondor," she says. "No. We must ride to Gondor."

"For war?" Hermione asks.

"No, Rohan and the Brotherhood has that. We must ride to Gondor for healing. Everywhere in Arda will need healing soon."

-Heather cannot leave the city again. Hearing those wishes and being physically unable to answer them, to be there, had hurt. She had owed those people safety and they were afraid.

-Guiomer decides to go. Luna, too injured. Hermione, needing to check everything. And Heather to hold everyone safe.

-Guiomer passes by Rivendell and sees Draco and Aedan. Draco is looking better and more rested. He also has a rivers worth of potions to give to Guiomer. Aedan argues his dad into letting him come with him to Gondor. Guiomer agrees after some hesitation.

-Guiomer by himself makes a lot of time, but he is still travelling slower than he would like, what with Aedan.

-Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam, with the Fire Rune and the Water Rune, respectively, make their way to Mordor. There, they meet Gollum.

-Unlike canon, Frodo didn't get cryptic Istari advice and is as rightfully suspicious as fuck with the fella. Just like Sam.

-What that means, is that they guarded their food better, and that means they had more food during the journey. With the Water Rune, they also had access to fresh water everywhere they went, so no dehydration, or hallucinations due to dehydration. Just some nice hallucinations due to lack of sleep and a horcrux on your neck.

-The elven rope didn't come off, so when Faramir and his rangers captured them, Gollum was with them.

-Faramir, being Saldia trained and an apprentice of Hermione, takes one look at how shifty these hobbits are being and guesses correctly what the heck they're carrying. Because let's face it, Frodo and Sam were being shifty as fuck, and Gondor has been at war for a long time.

-He lets them go, with some more fresh food and new clothes and a bath. Because they must have been walking for a month straight with no baths. Ew.

-What this means is that there was no dramatic singing in Osgiliath while a Nazgul screeched and men died. No speeches from Sam. They just hurried to where the Giant Spider Lady was.

-Faramir worried about the two of them. He was worried as fuck, because they looked like they didn't know what the heck they were doing. And they carried the fate of the world on their shoulders, unbelievable.

-The Giant Spider Lady was exploded with Fire, then washed away with Water.

-Yeah, what this version of Sam and Frodo did was practically a walk in the park compared to canon Sam and Frodo. I do pity those guys.

-Meanwhile, for Merry and Pippin, they did manage to incite a deep anger in Fangorn Forest. The Ents charged Isengard and drowned out Saruman's potato orc farm.

-Here, Pippin and his magical Rune of opening things he wanted open came in handy. If you remember, in canon, Saruman's tower was impassable because the door wouldn't open. Well, in this verse, Pippin has a Breaking Rune. He broke open the door, Merry kicked it in with a Strength Rune and the Ents charged through.

-Gandalf and his bit with the Rohirrim ended early, so when Gandalf arrived in the thick of things with the King of Rohan and his entourage and the Three Hunters, Saruman was spared from being an Ent-Cushion and he almost cried in relief. (Angry Ents. Whew.)

-Here, canon does as canon do and Saruman is pushed from the tower. Not by Grima Wormtongue, may he rot in hell, but by a stray tree root. No idea how it got there, yer highness. It must have grown while you were talking.

-Gandalf side eyes the Ents hard.

-Pippin still finds a Palantir, and because he has a Breaking Rune, he breaks open the locks keeping this one dormant and the Enemy sees him and stuff.

-Gandalf is seriously cursing Hermione's runes in his head as he confiscates the Palantir and takes the hobbit to Gondor with him.

-Their reception with Denethor is still cold as anything, mostly because Boromir has severe burns in his body. Boromir, meanwhile, greets the two of them like old friends and hurries them both away from his father.

"Don't bother with him, he's angry that I've been burned. He thinks I've ruined myself," Pippin is so angry at Denethor that he wants to go all rabid hobbit and start biting Denethor until he bleeds from the neck.

Boromir is seriously touched at the thought.

"Whats up?" Boromir asks after a while.

Gandalf looks at him thoughtfully and then says, "We need to light the beacon because the war is coming."

Boromir thinks he's joking, because Gondor has been at war with the Enemy for near on seven generations. Then he realizes that he's serious.

"Oh, you mean a war like with the war horns?" Boromir says.

-Faramir has a term for what the Enemy and Gondor have been doing. Hermione had called it a Cold War. A real official war, with the war horns and everything, will involve more deaths.

-They can't light the beacon without the Stewards permission, even with the Stewards Son right there, so Gandalf pushes Pippin up, tells him to use his Breaking Rune on the chain holding the oil together and just go crazy lighting it up with fire.

-Permission to play with fire for Pippin, what a thought.

-Rohan answers the call for aid and it's almost like canon. Almost, because there are one hundred Brotherhood members around, black cloaks discarded but signature hidden knives still on their arms. The Order is there too, right at the very back, very few of them with their distinctive blue cloaks on. The more people see them, the better. Healers need to be seen. Healers also don't advertise their own hidden knives until the enemy is dead at their feet and the calmly return to sewing a person's skin together.

-Aragorn leaves the encampment in the middle of the night with a reforged sword, Heather's advice ringing in his ears and the fate of his beloved resting on his shoulders.

-He asks for the help of the Dead with the Rune of Light shining on his breast and the Dead oblige him.

-Merry sneaks into the Rohirric ranks with Eowyn. He had figured out that tying the strength rune to the horse and activating it made the horse run faster. Both of them are a terror on the battlefield.

-Guiomer, meanwhile, is amassing the Order around him, the travel slowing down as they gain numbers. He's spreading them around, sending some to the dwarves to help in healing, to the elves in Mirkwood and in Lorien.

-He sends with them letters of introduction and hopes that the Order could help lessen the losses. The Order is still a lot, and they had never gathered in so much force before. There is still more than a dozen with Guiomer headed towards Gondor.

-Aedan is having the time of his life. He had never been camping for so long and he is enjoying being a dirty, smelly boy with no one to scold him for his manners.

-Their Healing Party arrives just as the army is starting to make way to the city. There is enough nobility in Guiomer's gaze that the guards allow them entry.

-Guiomer hurries everyone along and looks for a Brotherhood member. They are distinctive in the way they move, so when he spots them, he signals. His hair is practically a sign and they jump out to meet him.

-There are a more than a hundred from the Brotherhood in the city, all of them in disguises. The safehouse is incredibly crowded with the Order members too, but even if they don't all recognize each other, they all bow to the Will of the First Lady of Saldia and of the Honorable Lady Eilys so they get along.

-He hears the horn of Rohan sound and asks around if anybody has some spare armor. His clothes are bespelled but there's no need to invite trouble.

-He joins the riders who are organizing to ride out to fight. He covers his hair with a hood and kisses the pomel of the Sword of Gryffindor. He would swear that the Ruby on the hilt glinted at him in laughter.

-He fights and he wishes, again, that he is fighting with his mother. Heather does not hear him, for he is not in Saldia.

-Guiomer is a blur in the battlefield. The Sword is as light as any elven sword and Heather had always taught him to move faster than anyone in the battlefield. Be faster. Faster.

-He is there to see Eowyn attempt to take down the Nazgul with just a short sword and a wooden shield.

-He knows Eowyn. He was one of those who trained her and he knows how she moves. He also knows that creature. Nazgul. One who leeches life. It would be very bad if she touches the Nazgul, as evidenced by Merry's scream.

"Eowyn!" he says. "Catch!"

He tosses to her the Sword of Gryffindor, and she catches it. If it were any other weapon, it would have sliced her hand open, but the Sword didn't allow it. It wasn't just any sword.

She thrust it into the Nazgul's face and killed him. The resulting backlash pushes her back a few feet, breaking her arm and dislocating her shoulder.

Merry, by the Nazgul's feet and comparably lighter than Eowyn, is blasted farther away and breaks his leg.

The Sword of Gryffindor smokes black before it dissipates the darkness, the gleam of silver and rubies shining through once again.

-Aragorn and his reinforcements arrive. Those big elephant things have some of the Brotherhood climbing all over them, inspired by their Lady climbing a troll with knives. (LMAO, the image.)

-The war ends and the Order members come swarming out to help heal people. Boromir, being a champ, locks Denethor in his room to stop him from complaining about the damn Saldian's.

-Faramir didn't do a dramatic charge in Osgiliath and didn't end up in the halls of healing. However, being that the Steward of Gondor was currently indisposed for insanity, Boromir had taken up his duties. Faramir ended up running around doing errands for his brother and ended up running into Eowyn in the Halls of Healing.

-He's instantly smitten.

-As in canon, Aragorn doesn't enter the city like a Conquerer, but he sneaks into it as a blue cloaked healer, to help Merry and ensure he doesn't succumb to the black death.

-The Battle for Pelennor Fields ends with lesser casualties, more injured, but also more healers.

-The Battle for the Black Gates starts being plotted out when Guiomer pushes himself into the citadel and uncovers his hair.

Gandalf startles and then smiles. Aragorn greets him like a friend. Everyone hugs Guiomer. After all, it had been obvious that Saldia had been helpful in the war, in the only way it knew how: sneakily.

"Guiomer, it is wonderful to see you," Gandalf says.

Guiomer snorts and removes his gloves. I know what you want to see, he says. Uncle Hodur told me what you lot were up to. And I just received a letter from my mother to be helpful.

Gandalf pats him on the back with some remorse, and also to hold him up. His gift might be weaker than his mother's but the Eye of Sauron also gave him nightmares.

-Guiomer gives them valuable information about Frodo and Sam. Aragorn plots how to distract the enemy with another battle.

-The war goes on exactly as canon, and stuff, except with less physical damage for Sam and Frodo. (and yeah, Frodo still loses a finger.)

-Draco finally gets out of Rivendell and goes to Saldia. He holds Saldia and Heather and the girls go to Gondor for Aragorn's crowning.

-They meet Galadriel for the first time and unnervingly, she greets them like friends, calling them little lights.

-They talk well into the night, the three of them, Galadriel and Gandalf.

Here's where the ending gets a bit wonky and I curse my memory.

Ending one:

-They could sail, Galadriel says. They could sail into the Undying Lands. Because they had done the Valar a great service. Gandalf agreed, which is practically a stamp of approval.

-It would solve their non-ageing issue, Hermione thought and she could still see Elladan, but Heather is reluctant. She still has a son. She has three things tying her to Middle Earth.

-She stays until she cannot hide it anymore and she sails.

-Kreacher, she begs to stay behind. Kreacher had changed, gradually, while in Arda. He agrees, though he wishes to join her, in a few years, when Guiomer's bloodline forgets him or grows cruel.

-Heather agrees, because she loves the elf and would miss him if he was lost to her forever.

-The Sanctuary, that little house in the woods, they keep a secret, and only Kreacher can find it. They leave portraits behind, mostly on a whim. Guiomer's descendants find it later and lose their freaking minds.

-Guiomer goes on to have five children.

-Three boys and two girls.

-Aedan, Ciaran, Senan, Laoise and Maeve.

-Aedan becomes a wanderer, the kind of person Heather would have been proud of.

-Ciaran becomes the wisest First Lord of Saldia ever recorded.

-Senan combines the Order and the Brotherhood under one banner and makes the Creed that would define them in ages to come.

-Laoise becomes a legendary philosopher and writes several new books on the topic of elves and immortality.

-Maeve fades into obscurity, becoming a baker like her mum. Her bloodline resurfaces when Saldia is faced with the serious threat of annihilation, the Bell Tower on its last legs and all the enchanted Statues destroyed.

-The Sword of Gryffindor, at that time, stuck on the stone in the Choosing Square, chooses her great-several times grandchild and remakes the covenant that the Potters and the Sword had made eons ago.

-Meiran and Deimos's child, a girl, forms a blood covenant with Ciaran, both of them growing up as close as siblings and her family serves Ciaran's bloodline as retainers, stewards, bodyguards and so on.

Ending two:

-Galadriel talks to them and tries to tempt them into sailing. All her siblings are interested, but Heather is tired. She wants to grow old and have a garden.

-Gandalf weeps and asks Manwe for her. Namo gives her an answer in the form of a fruit. When she wants to start ageing, she should eat the fruit.

-Her siblings sail, Hermione sailing last with Elrond's twin sons. Heather stays with Guiomer as her son has more children and the city grows stronger and grander.

-She finally eats the fruit when Maeve is born, holding the girl and knowing, in her heart of hearts, that she would die after Maeve gets married.

-She arranges to be burned, her ashes and bones added to the foundation of the city. For there is no greater magic than the body of a witch and Heather was a stronger witch than most.

-This affects Saldia, it becoming more and more magical per generation that does the same thing.

-Eventually, the city becomes sentient and helps protect the people. This also has the equivalent of some forms of magic waking up. Not the traditional witches and wizards of their old world, but subtle forms of magic. The magic of crafting something with love and instead creating an unbreakable pottery, The magic of cooking something with intent and causing healing, so on and so forth.

-Guiomer's great-many times grandchild catalogues the different forms of magic and holds classes.

-Saldia is magical and this causes other human settlements to be jealous. A siege, a betrayal and the city burns. The Bell Tower falls, and Maeve's bloodline emerges from secrecy.

-The pact of the Sword – unused since Aedan plunged it back into the stone – and the Potters was renewed.

-The Bell tower was re-erected and Niamh, last surviving child of Maeve's blood, bleeds on the cobblestones as she pulls free the Sword. The wards are redone and the invaders are pushed out.

-Kreacher, long asleep after the Heather died and Hermione sailed, wakes up and tells Niamh what the fuck everyone was doing wrong. Because no one was renewing the wards at all.

-Niamh rebuilds Saldia and sees Heather in her dreams.



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