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Chapter 6: What's the harm in a little stroll?

A lazy yawn escaped from Deimos' fang filled maw as he snuggled into the cashmere sofa that decorated the living room of Diana's luxury high rise condo while paying rapt attention to the large television's screen that completely covered the adjacent wall. According to the Princess herself, the apartment and all the expensive gifts that filled it were giving to her by a number of wealthy benefactors who felt indebted to the Themysciran after she put a stop to a mass kidnapping ring that was being perpetrated by a group of low-rent mercenaries. Initially, Diana was uncomfortable with using the expensive condo but that changed a day ago when the Lansinarian Morphing Disk dropped her and the others off in the middle of Central Park and they needed a place to stay.

Moments after the Themysciran party entered the fancy apartment, Diana ordered some take-out before she gave her fellow Amazons a crash course about how the world around them works to ensure they were prepared for some of the strange cultural differences she knew they're bound to witness during the course of their stay such as rudeness, thievery and general individuals who just didn't have a kind bone in their body. For Artemis and Alexa, none of what the Princess said came as a surprise, they were very much aware what evils lurked in the world of man.

After Diana was satisfied with her lecture, she used the apartment's phone to inform all of her friends that she has returned to New York with a new mission and made promises to visit each one of them. It didn't exactly take long after the phone calld for the accomplished Air Force pilot, Colonel Steven Trevor to make his way to over to the Themyscirans' temporary base of operations/Diana's condominium, where he immediately offered his services to their cause due to his friendship with Diana. With a decorated military officer by their side, Diana's confidence in their mission success increased five times over ,making her believe it was only a matter of time before the Themysciran embassy was approved by the United Nations. So the very next day, The Princess, along with, a annoyed Artemis and eager Alexa left the condo with intentions to visit the United Nations' headquarters, leaving behind both Naruto and Deimos to awaited their return.

While Deimos was able to busy himself by enjoying the modern marvel that is television, a bored Naruto walked into the room after pacing through the apartment for the fifth time and took a seat on the couch right next to his four legged companion. Instead of his Themysciran-made clothes, Naruto's newest outfit consisted of a dark-red muscle shirt that did nothing to cover his lighting empowered Bracelet of Submission and Golden Fleece, a pair of average jeans that were being held up by a leather belt that featured a buckle that greatly resembled the five-point, red star that decorated his shield and a pair of black running sneakers. Finishing off his ensemble was a leather strap he wore around his torso to allow himself to keep his Valyrian Steel sword close by having it strapped across his back. All of Naruto's new clothes were a gift from Trevor who wanted to help the warrior Prince fit in with the teenagers of his world, although both Diana and Alexa approved of the outfits, Artemis refused to her her Prince wear a shred of the clothing unless the outfits were modified to become more weapons friendly.

"I fail to see how Diana can live here comfortably." Naruto muttered as he glanced at the T.V screen, unlike Deimos, he couldn't find anything interesting about television. In his eyes, the whole concept seemed to revolve around watching someone live their lives while you waste your own. "Hmph, there isn't even enough room to hone one skills properly." It's only been a single hour since the others left the condo and already the Themysciran Prince was growing tired of being confined to dungeon Diana called her apartment while the others head to the U.N headquarters to began official proceedings that will eventually reemerge Themyscira back into the world. The promise of an eventual tour around Manhattan upon their return did very little to make the time pass easier as he awaited his sisters' return.

"I wonder if Diana and the others will have a problem if I did a little exploring?" Naruto asked no one in particular as he abandon his spot on the couch and walked over to the sliding door that lead out to the balcony, technically speaking, he wasn't exactly commanded to remain in the confines of the apartment. "I'm sure if I leave now, I can return back before anyone noticed I've left." Instead of encouraging or opposing the idea, Deimos simply continued to focus his attention exclusively on the Law and Order marathon that was currently showing.

Taking Deimos' silence as approval, Naruto slide the door open and walked onto the balcony. With a simple snap of his fingers, the Starry Firmament cape appeared in his hand and he draped the enchanted fabric around his body. "Just two hours, Deimos, and then I'll return." And with that said, he fearlessly vaulted over the ledge and began his forty-eight stories free fall.

The sound of the Starry Firmament rustling in the wind did little to damping the screams that began to fill the air once the people on the sidewalk noticed a blond teenager was plummeting towards the ground at a alarming rate.

Naruto gained a small grin as he waited until the very last moment to activate the Starry Firmament's special attribute to stop himself from becoming another stain on the worn concrete. Paying little mind to the awed stares and hushed whispers, the blond Prince mentally commanded he unseen force to release its hold, which caused him to drop harmlessly onto the sidewalk's concrete.

After his body calmed down from the burst of adrenaline he felt due to his free fall, he took a moment to scan the sea of faces and for the first time in his life Naruto found himself feeling slightly self conscious. However, after mentally reminding himself that he's mother choose him to be a representative of Themyscira, the Amazonian Prince straightening out his back and crossed his arms over his chest. "Um, hellow everyone of the outside world, I am Naruto of Themyscira! Son of the immortal Queen, Hippolyta and the younger brother to the most fiercest warriors who have ever taking to the battlefield, the Amazons of Themyscira!" Each word he spoke was filled with an exuberant amount of pride. Since his mother trusted him to a be representative of their home, the blond Prince figured he has a responsibility to carry himself certain way and so he decided to introduce himself to the world in a grandiose fashion.

It didn't take the gathered crowd ten seconds before they processed the strange blond's boastful proclamation and began taking pictures with their cell phones. While some New Yorkers were satisfied with just taking pictures and murmuring among themselves, a haughty looking girl with long wavy brown hair dressed in a red t-shirt that held the image of the Wonder Woman crest and a blue skirt that was decorated with a number of small white stars broke away from a group of teenagers and made her way towards Themyscira's first son. "Hey, blondie, isn't Themyscira the place where Wonder Woman is from?" The girl asked as she boldly invaded the personal space of the blond Demigod. Giving the way her group of gal pals began to roll their eyes in annoyance, this wasn't the first time their friend decided to put herself on center stage.

If the pompous girl's actions was done to unnerve foreign blond, she choose the wrong warrior Prince. "That's correct. Themyscira is the home of Wonder Woman." Naruto said while effortlessly meeting the odd girl's skeptical stare.

"Hey, Mary, you mind getting out of the kid's face!?" One of the girls on the sideline yelled in a exasperated tone. "You're being totally rude!"

For a moment, the now named Mary turned her attention away from the younger teen and onto her friend. "Just give me a second here, Jennifer, I want to see what happens when someone calls this kid out on his crazy claims." After that was said, she returned her attention back onto the blond. Just because he can fly doesn't give him the right to go around telling people he's the great Wonder Woman's brother, which was a obvious lie in her eyes. "Tell me this, kid, how can you be from Themyscira if Themyscira is a island comprised of only women, huh!" Just like a millions other people, Mary watched the exclusive interview Lois Lane held with Wonder Woman, so in turn she believed she knew a few undisputed facts about the island nation from which the super powered Princess hails.

"Themyscira is indeed home to thousands of women," Naruto had no problem admitting that little tidbit of information was correct. "And one lone male, me." To emphasize his point, Naruto pointed one of his thumbs at himself. "Queen Hippolyta is my mother and Diana, who you know as Wonder Woman, is my sister by blood." He didn't really see a reason to add the God of War onto his impromptu family tree.

Mary crossed her arms underneath her still developing chest and stuck up her nose. "I don't believe a word of anything you just said."

Naruto blinked once in the face of the girl's disbelief before shrugging his shoulders. "Hm, to be honest, I don't really care if you believe me or not."

The way Mary's face lost its snobbish composure revealed the blunt response wasn't what she expected from the spiky haired blond. With wide eyes, she watched as the younger teen turn towards another direction and began walking away with no intentions to argue. "Wha...wait a minute!" Mary yelled before running after the possible Prince with her friend's begrudgingly mirroring her actions. "Aren't you at least gonna try and prove your telling the truth and not sprouting nonsense!?"

Naruto idly scratched the back of his head as he made note of the girl's annoyed expression. "I don't really feel the need to prove anything to you." Was the Prince's simple answer. "I know am Diana's brother just as she know's she's my sister. And that's all I need." It didn't matter to Naruto if one or a thousand people of the outside world called him a liar, just as long as his mother and sisters acknowledge his place among the Amazons everything else was just white noise.

For reasons Mary didn't quite comprehend, she felt compelled to learn all she could about the strange blond and why would he claim to be Wonder Woman's brother. "How...how old are you?" Based off the couple of inches she had over him, Mary knew she was older but she couldn't help but wonder by how much.


'So he's three years younger then us with superpowers...' Mary thought.

After Naruto offered the bit of information, the floodgates seemed to have broken wide open. "What's your work out regiment?" "How does Wonder Woman smell?" "Is all of that real gold?" "Are you actually carrying a real sword right now." "Earlier you said your mother is the Queen. Does that make you a Prince?" Those and so many other questions flew in the Prince's direction and being the person his mother raised him to be, he answered each one.

Although all of her friends seemed to have no problem taking Naruto's words at face value, Mary's skepticism reminded strong. "Hmph, I still don't believe him. I mean, why would a race of warrior women allow a boy to have a position of power!?"

"I believe him." One girl said as she stared intently at Naruto's features. "He just looks so...regal. The way his hair and gold catches the sun...Hey, are you in America because you're looking for a girl to become your Princess!?" The girl asked in a hopeful tone as she pressed her body against Naruto.

Naruto barely spared the attached girl a second glace as he answered her question. "No. I'm not looking for a wife at the moment." Thanks to all the time he spent around the women of Paradise Island, Naruto was somewhat spoiled when it came to the touch of a female. In order to get the Prince of Themyscira's attention it would take a very special woman.


"Can you guys please stop encouraging he's craziness?" Mary said through gritted teeth. That comment was able to spark a loud debate between the girls on whether or not the younger teen is a Prince.

"But I'm not crazy..."

By this point, the crowd was beginning to disperse once it became clear they weren't going to see the blond perform another super human feat. That was the thing about New Yorkers, they were so used to seeing strange and amazing things it would take something more than a flying teenager to hold the attention of a crowd of easily bored New Yorkers.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Naruto decided to leave the girls to their debate and began to make his highly anticipated adventure.

Naruto wasn't able to block away before Mary and her friends caught up to him and offered to take him around the city. With the group of female New Yorkers acting as his guides, Naruto was able visit a number of New York's world famous landmarks, and the only thing he had to deal with were questions about what he found attractive in women. Their first stop was Time Square which was followed by a trip to the Rockefeller Center and afterwards the Empire State building and many other places.

-Eight hours later-

"So, where are we to go now?" Naruto asked with a hint of eagerness in his voice as he faithfully followed the girls through a dimly lit alleyway. During the coarse of his excursion, Naruto had long forgotten about his self-appointed time restraint as he visited landmark after landmark and tasted some of New York's finest foods, all on the dime of Mary, who apparently came from a wealthy family.

"Somewhere awesome." Becky, a blond haired girl, responded as she lead her friends, plus one Prince, through the alley. "Usually someone your age can't get into a place like this, but I know the bouncer personally." Now that the sun has set and street lights were on, the girls figured it was time to show Naruto a side of New York he wouldn't be able to see in the brochures.

"I just want it to go on record, everyone, that I was the one who said let's just call it a night after we left the pizza place..." Mary said as her eyes shifted back and forth.

Like an expert, Becky ignored Mary's comment as she came to a stop in front of a big metal door. At first glance the place looked like it was nothing more than the back entrance of a restaurant, which it actually was, but Becky knew it also served another propose. Seven loud knocks later, the door open to reveal a large muscular man. "Whaddya preschoolers want?" The bouncer said in a grave tone.

"We want in, Brock." Becky said a confident voice. "Or I tell my sister about the thing that happen at the place with that person."

A loud gulp was heard before the bouncer stepped aside. "G-go right ahead..."

With a smirk on her face, Becky lead the group down a flight of stairs and into their final destination of the night, a underground club for teenagers.

"Good call, Becky. Seriously, this a super appropriate place to take a thirteen year older..." Mary muttered to her blond friend as her eyes swept through the crowed room; blinding strobe lights, ear popping music, a few individuals who moved in a drunken stumble and of course a scantily clad drunk girl who was screaming at a wall. All in all, this wasn't a party for a kid who didn't know the difference between a Lamborghini and a school bus.

"Take a pill, Mary!" Becky said as she began dance. "Prince Naruto is gonna be fine, girl. Now cut all that noise out and let's show this kid how us New Yorkers get down!"

As her friends began to storm the dance floor, Mary rolled her eyes before she glanced towards Naruto. The fish out of water expression the younger teen currently wore did a great job conveying the fact he was having a tough time understanding the scene before him. The smell of sweat and blood filled the air, bodies being tossed left and right, unexplained screams could hear and some people could be seen with manic looks on their faces. "Is this place a battle arena?" A hopeful Naruto asked as he began to reach for his sword. Finally, a place were he can get a workout.

"Whoa!" The brunette loudly exclaimed as she took hold of Naruto's wrist before he could unsheathed his weapon. "Pump your breaks, Spartacus! Although there is a very good chances we're going to see more than a couple of fights tonight if we stay here, but I'm sorry to inform you this place isn't a battle arena."

Naruto tired not to look too disappointed as he lowed his hand. "Then what sort of place is this?"

"It's a...um, a place were people around our ages go to unwind after going through a week filled nothing but annoying parents, teachers and bosses." Mary explained. She knew the phrase 'hang out' would most likely go over the Naruto's head so she made sure she elaborated a bit. "I know at first glance it doesn't look very-Ah!" Before she could finish her impromptu lesson about what a hangout is, the pretty brunette felt a hand trying to reach up her skirt. "What the hell!" She yelled as she turned to see the pervert who tired to grab himself a handful.

Unlike the majority populace us the club, the would be groper who was staring at Mary with a creepy grin on his face was not a teenager, he stood a adult. "Why wear such a short skirt if you didn't want to make the goods easy access?" The adult among teenagers said in his utterly sleazy voice.

"You asshole!" Mary shouted at the top of her lungs as she held her skirt down. "I should call the cops and tell them about you, you freakin' borderline rapist!"

The gears in Naruto's head began turning rapidly at the word rapist! Years ago, when his mother first told him the story of how Zeus' son, Hercules, shamed and enslaved the Amazons of Themyscira, he placed rape as one of the most cruelest man-made acts on their planet. The way his mother's eyes would go cold as she recalled the dark days she and her people had to suffer through could have brought a tear to Naruto's eye.

The disgusting deviant waved away Mary's threat. "Oh, yeah, call the cops. And you'll be labeled as the bitch who got the most popular hangout in New York shut down just because-!" The adult's crude and immature rebuttal came to a end when he felt a fist, that had more than a considerable amount of force behind it, dig into his abdomen. A glance downward, revealed his attacker was a young blond kid.

Mary watched with wide eyes as the man fell to the ground a began to start violently vomiting. Many party goers were actually forced to back away to ensure they didn't get any puke on their shoes. "Jeez, Naruto! What the heck did you do!?" The Wonder Woman fan asked. Out of all the people she'd seen get punched in the gut, not once had she witnessed someone react in such a disgusting manner.

Naruto crossed his arms as he looked down at the man with a sneer on his face. Underneath his seemingly calm demeanor, the Son of War was having a internal struggle on whether or not he should take the man's offending hand with his sword. "I punched him directly below his ribcage. Because, as far as i know, that's the only clear path to the liver..." And thanks to Alkyone's secret anatomy lessons, he knew that punching someone in the liver would undoubtedly garner a...very unpleasant reaction.

"Ugh!" Mary groaned as she took Naruto's hand. "Come on, let's go find the idiot brigade and get out of here before we run into another creep. And also, I'm more than sure it's past your curfew." However, before the duo could began combing through the partying teens they found themselves halted by a deafening bang and a blinding light.

It would take at least ten seconds before bright light finally died down and everyone in the underground club found themselves drawn to the sight of at a of six masked men standing side by side near the hangout's entrance. Their appearance made it simple to identify them as criminals; each man wore a all black outfit that show a hint of skin, they all had visible firearms at the ready and covering each of their faces were farm animal mask "Damn Cow, when you first said you knew how to make homemade flash bombs, I'll admit, I was a little skeptical. But those things were awesome!" A man in a chicken mask said only to be shushed by their goat-faced leader.

"Good evening young ladies and gentlemen!" The Goat yelled yelled as he broke ranks to walk among the club's patrons, the shotgun he was currently brandishing was effectively keeping a number of people from becoming brave. "This is, obviously, a robbery! And me and my farm house friends here would oh so appreciated it if you guys would be cool and corporate. Got it?" His response was a air of silence. "Awesome! First thing first, I need everyone on the ground asap and if me and my guys see anyone try to talk or text on their cell phone, we'll be obligated to start hurting people."

Almost immediately, everyone excluding one lone individual, dropped to the ground.

Still standing, Naruto tilted his head slightly to the right as he eyed the weapons each masked men held. "So these are some of the scum of the earth Artemis told me about..." The Prince muttered to himself as he stared at the men as if they were a strange zoo exhibit. Since the island Nation of Themyscira was basically devoid of crime, this was the first time the young blond found himself in the presence of a criminal.

From her spot on the ground, Mary did her best to grab Naruto's attention before he winded up the robbers' spotlight. "Get down before one of those jerks notice you, you idiot." She said in a hushed whisper.

Ironically, it was the sound of Mary's awfully dampened voice that grabbed the attention of one of the patrolling criminals. "Well what do we have here?" The Goat said in a playful tone as his eyes narrowed in one the blond. "It seems we have a damned anarchist on our hands, boys! Because some asshole doesn't want to conform even though it'll be the only thing that keeps him alive." With a audible growl, the Goat marched over to the standing individual, stopping only to avoid a puddle of puke. "Hey kid, what is your damn problem?"

"My problem?" Naruto asked rhetorically. "My problem is that I'm staring down a coward who chooses to spend his days taking things that isn't his own!"

Underneath his animal mask, the leader sneered. "You're damn right I'm a problem, kid, now hit the deck before I-!" Before he could began making his threats the sight of the kid's golden bracelet and band caught the Goat's attention. "That bracelet and that band, take'em off, kid." Off the slight chances that this kid had parents loaded and dumb enough to let their kid walk around the streets of New York with jewelry like this...Well, he and his friends finally made their big break.

Naruto didn't even flinch under the weight of the demand. "Both my mother and aunt gave me these items and I promised them I would never remove them unless I'm passing them to my child."

Underneath his mask, the leader rolled his eyes moments before he cocked his shotgun. "I see now that you aren't really that bright, kid, because you've just mistook a demand for a fucking re-!"

In one smooth motion, Naruto snatched the shotgun out of the Goat's hand and jammed the butt of the weapon into its owner's stomach. "Tch, to threaten a Themysciran...how many fools like you walk this earth?" The blond Prince said before he rendered the weapon useless by snapping it like a pencil.

"Chris!" A man in a pig mask yelled before he and the rest of the farm hose bandits pointed their respective weapons at the blond kid who just effortlessly took out his leader.

Contempt was present in Naruto's eyes as he drew his sword. "I can hear the cowardice in your voice. Place your weapon on the ground and you have my word, no harm will come to you."

Instead of taking the deal, Pig kept the barrel of his weapon pointed directly on the blond kid. "Dude, what are you crazy!? Me and my friends are the ones with guns, that means were in charge and I'm telling you to back the hell away from Chris!"

"S-s-stop saying my real name, you dumb ass..."

Naruto gave the men a dead eyed stare that caused their bodies to seize up. "This is not something any of you fools can win..." Faster than any of the thieves could anticipate, Naruto covered the distance between him the pg-faced man a cut the man's assault rifle in half with his sword.

"The kid is a fucking Meta!" A chicken masked man yelled before he began firing his handgun in a desperate attempt to save his own hide.

With little effort, Naruto used both his golden bracelet and Fleece to deflect the incoming bullets. Thanks to his above normal reflexes, the blond Themysciran was able to ensure not a single person was harmed by a stray bullet.

Once his weapon was spent of ammo, chicken snatched off his mask to reveal a dirty and greasy face to the world and glared at the blond. "I bet you think you got us, don't you?" The unmasked man sneered. "Well guess what? You didn't! Its time you meet our heavy hitter! Mammoth! Get your big ass down here! We got trouble!"

A second after the shout, the ceiling was violently torn apart allowing a large, muscular man with wild orange hair to descend into underground basement. Many teens were forced to scramble out of the way before they were crushed underneath the weight of the large man. "Whaddya mean trouble!" The orange haired man said a gruff voice.

A accuse finger was aimed at the warrior Prince. "That brat right there. He's a Metahuman! You wanna get paid!? Take this little bastard out of the equation!"

A fiendish smile made its way onto Mammoth's face as he stared down the brat in question. "Seriously? You guys are having problems with this little punk? That's just sad."

Despite Mammoth's impressive size and build, Naruto meet the taller man's eyes. "Can you provide me with a challenge?"

"Heh, get a load of this kid! challenge he-!" In a impressive physical display, Naruto launched himself towards Mammoth and kneed the larger man square on his chin. The strength behind the attack was enough to send Mammoth rocketing through the already ruined ceiling.

To say everyone was astounded by Naruto's strength would be a understatement, there wasn't a closed mouth in the building as hostages and criminals alike gaped at the blond. "If you I return and these people are still being held against their will, I will not be merciful." After witnessing what the blond teen did to their hulking heavy hitter, the animal themed criminals wisely dropped their weapons.

In a single bound, Naruto was back above street level and staring down a recovering Mammoth. "Submit! Now!"

Mammoth released a primal yell as quickly climbed to his feet and rushed the whisker marked teen. "I'll grind ya into dust!"

For a well trained warrior like Naruto, avoiding the large man was a simple act. All he had to do was duck a weave out of any of Mammoth's easily telegraphed punches and wild swipes. A look of annoyance was on the young Prince's face as went over the many ways he could put a end to fight.

"Stand! Still! You bastard!" Mammoth roared as tried his very best to overwhelm the smaller combatant.

It was during once of Mammoth's over extended punches when Naruto decided to put a end to it all. "This battle was decided the moment you choose to fight a superior warrior!" A rising uppercut followed by a sharp elbow to the jaw were just enough to stun orange haired man which allowed Hippolyta's only son to take hold of Mammoth's head with both of his hands. "Weak!" He yelled a moment before he drove his knee into Mammoth's skull which effectively rendered the man unconscious.

Upon his flawless landing, Naruto crossed his arms and stared at Mammoth's unconscious form. "You wouldn't last a second on Themyscira." And with that said, he turn around with the intentions of returning to the club to check the conditions of the bystanders, however, at some point during his battle with Mammoth just about all of the club's patrons had made their way out to watch the battle.

Standing directly in front of the crowd was Mary and the other girls Naruto meet earlier. After watching everything the young blond just pulled off, the brunette was finding it difficult to dispute Naruto's claim any further. However, before Mary could voice her new found belief she was cut off when someone shoved her aside in order to confront the young hero with a gun in hand.

"You little nosy bastard!" With signs of his run-in with the teen still gracing the front of his shirt, the pervert from Naruto's earlier conflict aimed the barrel of the handgun he found on the club's floor directly at the blond teen's head. "You don't make a guy puke in front of a chick! Its not cool!" Before the desprate man had a chance to apply a hint of pressure against the pistol's trigger a arrow cut through the air like a missile and penetrated the flesh and bone of the man's hand. "AARGH!" He screamed as the gun fell from his hand.

Perched atop a nearby building, Artemis, with a bow and arrow in hand, glared at Naruto before her eyes shifted towards Mammoth's senseless form. "Hmph, I trust you've had some fun on your adventure, little Prince."

Before Naruto could question Artemis on how she found him, Deimos, in his normal size, appeared the next to redheaded archer. "Traitor..." In response to Naruto's accusation, Deimos jumped off the building's roof and walked over to his master.

Once the large lion began nuzzle its soft fur against his person, Naruto found himself instantly forgiving Deimos. "Well, I guess I can't blame you. I don't there is a person on this earth that can keep Artemis from getting what she wants."

In a single leap, Artemis joined Naruto and Deimos. "You truly are wise beyond your years, Prince Naruto, because there isn't anything that can keep me from getting what I want. And what I want now is to return to our temporary abode." And with that said, she jumped on Deimos' back. "Now let's go."

"Just one moment, Artemis." Naruto said before turned towards Mary. "I had a lot of fun today, Mary. I really hope we'll meet again."

The sight of the larger than lion made responding very difficult for Mary. "Uh, l-later?"

As Naruto climbed onto Deimos' back, he was totally unaware that more than a few dozen people were recording his every moment. "Dude." One guy said as ensured his Waynetech smart phone tracked the Themyscirans and the giant lion until they were long out of range. "First thing tomorrow, I'm going to news' station and selling this footage for about ten thousands buck!"

Done and done! Just so you guys know, I downplayed Mammoth on purpose. He'll be a one of Naruto's rouges. This was another transition chapter and to be honest I rewrote this about five times and this is the best one I came up with. I hope you guys liked it. Next chapter will feature some people of note.