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~I'm sure enjoyed the rain
But I'm looking' forward to the sun
You have to feel the pain
When you lose the love you gave someone~

~I thought that time would take away
These lonely tears
I hope your doin' fine all alone
Where do I go from here?~

The velvet night covered the resurrected kingdom with a crushing embrace. The star speckled sky glowed brightly as though to taunt the dead of night. My silver hair glinted in the moonlight as I squeezed slowly through the multiple hallways and up through a pathway of stairs leading to a secluded room.

I moved slowly, careful not to make too much noise though I doubted anyone would hear me down here. Tears stung at my eyes and already I could feel my chest growing taunt with the tears that would soon flow heedlessly. I climbed out slowly onto the window ledge and grabbed the roof edge with a vice-like grip.

I hefted myself up easily, as I had done many a night before. I laid back on the hard stone of my favorite spot and at last aloud my sobs to take me. I'd come here many a night to simply allow my pain to escape, let it flow out completely instead of bottling it up like I was forced to while the sun was high in the sky.

The bitter taste of loneliness and weakness was sultry on my tongue as I stared up at the dark sky. Today marked the sixth year of rule of my darker half. Of the day when he at last gained ultimate control over the Sennen Items and of the world. Back then I hadn't thought it possible. Hadn't thought that Yami Yuugi could ever possibly be outwitted enough for my other half to gain the Puzzle.... along with the Pharaoh's soul and the other powers incased within it.

My Yami now had powers beyond imagination, had all that he desired for so very long. Centuries of plotting and miss-deeds had not been spent in vain. He'd gained all he'd desired. Everything he'd tried for so very long was his own. Ultimate power to destroy, to give life, to make a demon army appear out of nowhere was all his.

He was immortal; he was un-stoppable. Maybe that is the way its suppose to be, I don't know. But it doesn't really matter anymore. He's forgotten me, I believe. After all, I was just a body for him to use while he was collecting the Items. The instant he had them all he was able to create a form outside of me.

The thought hurts really. That I was simply a tool to be used quickly and tossed away--broken, useless. I love him. He knows. Doesn't really give a damn though. I'm not surprised really. He always called me weak and unworthy of even being a *slave* to him. Maybe he was right. Or perhaps all this time by myself after having Him in the back of my mind for so long has sent me off into the spiraling abyss of madness.

I don't know, and to be honest I don't really care anymore.

~'Cuz without you I'm not okay
And without you I've lost my way
My heart's stuck in second place
Ohh, without you~

It's so ironic really. All of this. So bitterly ironic. My Yami had ranted and raged for so long; spending his every moment plotting revenge and his steps toward ultimate power.... and in the end it all paid off. Funny that. Ever since I was a child I read in fairy tales and such that "light over comes all." We were always told that their was a happy ending out there for everyone with a shred of goodness in them. That the hero will always defeat villain.

Meaningless, simple words that I know now were simply lies. Lies told to blind us in our innocence.

I winced at my own thoughts and rolled over on my side, feeling the hard rock scrap my unguarded flesh at the sudden movement. The pain was distant, as most things had become since my Yami's victory and my loss. That is rather ironic as well. My "friends" would have thought I'd rejoice at the small fact that I no longer have him with me every second of every bloody day. That it would be a small light side on these turn of events.


So very wrong. I miss him, really. Sure, he smacked me around now and then. Sometimes brought me more physical/mental pain then any being would have thought possible.... but he was, and still is, my Yami. My darker half. The other part of my Soul. You can't exactly expect him to be as gentle to me as... well...Yuugi's Yami was to him...But then no two people are a like, nor it seems or the darker halves of ones soul.

We're yin and yang, two halves of the same puzzle. Neither is complete without the other--or at least I'm not complete without him. I miss him. I want him back here...with me. Selfish of me perhaps to think this way. After all, the world has been plunged into the darkened rule of a sociopath spirit from Ancient Egypt and here I am wanting him simply to be at my side again just because I feel an aching incompleteness riveting through out my very soul.

I can't help it though. I miss him so much. Even when he hit me around a few times...there had been nights...precious moments frozen forever in my heart...when things had been different. When he had been...so kind to me. More then anyone in my life has ever been. When he had appeared out of the Ring one night just to.... hold me. Just to hold me in his arms.

Even now I can remember that sweet, spicy scent that had clung to him. How he had felt so warm against me. How his lips had been liquid fire against my own as his hands had roamed over my body for the first time in a none force-full manner. The way he had responded when I had hesitantly returned the caresses...the time when he had held me so close...so lovingly...

Those were the moments I lived for back then. And they were the only hope I had left anymore. The only shining beckon that remained for me in this hell on earth. It had been rare that he'd ever done that though. He'd never whispered words of undying love, though such words burned in my heart for him.

Those were the only times though that I knew that he.... cared about me...even if only a little. Sure the next day things went back to the routine of his being malicious to me...but those moments when he was with me that way...when he was so kind...those are what kept me alive; What kept me from taking a pathway out of this world.

~Well I never thought I'd be
Layin' here without you by my side
Its seems unreal to me
That the life you promised was lie~

~You made it look so easy
Makein' love into memory
Guess you got what you wanted
What about me?~

I suppose none of that really matters anymore. I guess none of that really matters anymore. Its not like he's suddenly going to appear and wrap his arms around me again. He got what he wanted I guess. Control over all the Items and riding himself of his worthless -Aibou-...me. I sound bitter, don't I?

Maybe I am after all this time. It wouldn't surprise me. Aren't most mad people a little bitter anyway from the beginning? I wrapped my arms around myself loosely. Abruptly I heard the sound of soft, commanding footsteps making their way across the hard stone. In an instant my every muscle had frozen my breath was coming in ragged gasps.

Placing a hand over my mouth to halt the noise I peeked over the side, using the shadows to keep myself hidden from the figure I knew lay below. Silver hair a few shades darker then my own gleamed in the light of the moon, piercing brown orbs of remarkable intensity surveyed the area with a mask of indifference.

His movements were that of complete deadly grace, his beauty defying the mask of anger that welled in his soul. So cruelly beautiful...just as I remembered really. The sight of him made my heart thud loudly in my chest, my blood pounding in my ears as I stared forward at him. My hands ached to simply touch him again. To feel his bare soul entertained so close to my own. To hear the sound of his voice trickling through my mind....

Still...it had been so long...so very long. I've wandered through the passageways far below his kingdom, lived each day alone and slipping away further into hysteria. I'd forgotten what it felt like to smile, to feel bubbly laughter of happiness bursting through me. Life, utter life seemed to fill me just by seeing him. All those things I'd lost bursted through me.

The rough edges of the world I'd seen diminished just by being in his unknowing presence once again. A love so great that I couldn't even feel the first impact of it. The after shocks of it freezing me solid. Tears made their selves known and dribbled coldly down my cheeks. I didn't bother to move to wipe them away. Allowing them to flow like a steady river from my eyes.

I love him. I love him so much...but what happens if he finds me here? What will he do? Make do with his threats from long ago and end my existence? Simply laugh at me, smack me for being weak and allowing my tears full reign? Or maybe...just maybe...would he wrap his arms around me and hold me so close...like he did in those rare, precious moments long ago...would he?

I jerked out of my reverie as I saw him stop, his body stiffing. I moved silently farther away from the edge. Breaking my gaze away from him as I relied on my other senses to tell me if he was getting closer.

~'Cuz without you I'm not okay
And without you I've lost my way
My heart's stuck in second place
Ohh, without you~

~Somebody tell my head
To try and tell my heart
That I'm better off without you
'Cuz baby I can't live~


No sounds of his voice, not the sounds of his climbing up to find me. Nothing. Only the sounds of his footsteps walking away. I listened with a heavy heart at such a thing. He was walking away from me again.... leavening me so unknowingly...but it hurt. Oh, yes, it did hurt. I'm his Hikari, and he's my Yami.

One being in two, I wanted only to yell out my presence and throw myself into my arms. Without him by my side everything's different, I can't live without him. All I want is to be with him....

Abruptly I felt it.

His aura. So close, so near. Nearly choking me with its dark embrace. A tear rolled down my cheek as I realized he hadn't left, but had been deluding me into believing he had. He was climbing up the railing.

I didn't move.

Didn't bother for a minute. Time froze as I rose slowly and crept to the other side of the small tower I knew so well. Quickly I lowered myself down and dropped soundlessly to the ground. Quickly I grabbed the ragged robe I'd been wearing and pulled the hood up to hide myself slightly...the darkness of the night would do the rest to aid me.

I ran through the courtyard, hiding behind a pillar just as I saw my Yami make it up to the top of the tower I'd been on seconds before. He stood atop it, the moonlight splashing him with a godly look. My heart was in my chest as I stared at him, loving him silently from afar.

At last I turned and ran away, ran away from everything I'd wanted for so very long. Cowardice was sultry on my tongue as I went. But I didn't stop. Didn't stop to take a breath until I made it to the underground rout I'd taken to get up in the first place I dropped down through a latter and made my way through the darkened passageways I knew as well as the back of my hand.

I soon made it to a deserted chamber buried deep beneath the majestic castle. It was a place for those meant to be forgotten more or less. People like me I suppose. If only it could make me forget as well.


I'd not give up my memories of my Yami for anything...or anyone. Pain comes with love, the former may be greater but I'd not give it up for any prize the gods could offer me. I lowered myself to the rags I'd pilled in a corner as a makeshift bed and fell into an uneasy sleep...my dreams both haunted and blessed with the dark angel called my Yami...

~Without you I'm no okay
Without I've lost my way
My heart's stuck in second place
Ohh, without you~

~Without you...~

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