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She bursts through his doorway like a tornado, whipping through his loft with hurricane speed, hurtling herself into his arms, those magnificent legs wrapping around his torso, her arms clinging to his neck, and she's kissing him everywhere she can reach, - his forehead, his eyes, his nose and she's breathing, "Oh my God, thank you, Castle. Thank you. I know it was you. How will I ever repay you?"

When her lips finally settle on his in a searing kiss, commanding and carnal, his mind races to catch up to his body.

Jesus, he's like a teenager again. Getting hard with just the sound of her voice and with her legs wrapped around him so fuckin' erotically, his groin immediately responds, - twitching, jumping, growing inside his pants as arousal courses through his veins.

Her tongue's darting and mapping out the inner cavern of his mouth, tasting every crevice she can reach and with a mewling sound he's quickly becoming attune to, she tightens her grip, ankles crossing around his ass, pressing her core harder against his groin.

"Thank you, Richard Castle," and her voice is thick with emotion, tears pooling in her eyes. "I'm the luckiest woman on the planet to have you a part of my life. How do I deserve you?"

"Hey," and his eyes rove tenderly over her face. "Every morning I wake up and say to myself, 'How the hell do I deserve such an extraordinary woman in my life?' And I'm just so grateful, Kate... Grateful you decided to open up to me six months ago and let me into your life and give this lonely Playboy author a chance... I worried for so long that you couldn't believe in the possibility of us."

"We're quite a pair, aren't we?" she chuckles, fighting not to let the moisture fall from her eyes.

"That's the understatement of the decade." His head falls and drops to her forehead. "I'm going to have to find ways of making you feel indebted to me if this is your natural way of thanking me," he smirks, "but honestly, I don't know what you're talking about."

"MmHmm," she murmurs against his lips, her tongue swiping across the plump flesh. "I'm thanking you for this," and she unwraps her legs, sliding sensuously down his body before pulling out of her back pocket a crumpled letter.

She shoves it in his hands and asks brazenly, "Is Martha or Alexis around?"

"No, and I don't expect them for another two hours."

"Wonderful," and she winks shamelessly at him. "Read it while I freshen up."

He can't help watching her Chrissy Teigan ass as she walks away from him, all lush curves heading into the guest bath and by God, he truly is thankful she walked away from her Escort life for him.

He opens up the letter and his smile glimmers on the edge of breaking free as he sees the New York Police Department logo.

Dear Miss Beckett,

I am writing to you regarding your status as a former recruit at the New York Police Department Academy.

Our records show that you were a member of the 2002 recruit intake and attended the New York Police Department's academy from March 2002 to November 2003.

Your performance and scores were in the top ten percent of your class and according to your instructors showed considerable potential for service as a sworn officer in the NYPD.

However, despite your high performance and outstanding marks you were not selected for graduation following issues identified during your physiological profile. The review at the time was judged sufficient in the opinion of the advising psychiatrist to disqualify you from graduating and gaining acceptance into the NYPD.

It has recently come to our attention that the psychological review may well have been flawed, and an incorrect assessment made in your case. The medical practitioner responsible for your review has subsequently been found guilty of lapses of judgment which bring into question his analysis regarding your assessment. Doctor Oliver Hilliard is currently the subject of disciplinary action by his relevant professional standards body.

In recognition of the possible inaccurate assessment which resulted in you being ruled ineligible to graduate, the NYPD would like to offer you the opportunity to reapply to join as a police recruit.

Given that it's been almost a decade since you first applied, it would be understandable if your life choices led you away from law enforcement. If this is the case, we wish you all the best with your new career.

However, if you still believe you have the necessary skills and drive to become a New York City Police Officer and would like to serve the citizens of this great city, I invite you to reapply.

Regrettably, due to the extended interval between your first attendance and now, you will be required to complete a full recruit training program.

If you wish to discuss this opportunity or require further information please contact me directly.

Eric Ewells

Director of Recruitment

One Police Plaza

New York, NY 10038


Kate strolls out of the restroom just as he's finishing the letter, and he throws her a, you-are-the-light-of-my-life-woman-of-my-dreams, devastating grin as he waves the paper gaily in the air. "And why would you be thanking a-famous-writer-who's-permanently-off-the-market for this, Miss Katherine Beckett?"

"Don't you bat those big blue innocent eyes at me. You can deny it all you want, Writer-Man, but your sexy fingerprints are all over this."

"I refuse to say whether or not I had a hand in bringing Doctor Hilliard, A.K.A. Doctor-God-Complex, to the attention of the New York Psychiatric Board."

"Uh-huh, you can refuse all day long to admit anything, but I know better." Her slender fingers grasp at his waistband and slide along the material, pulling him closer. "You had better start practicing calling me, Beckett, because I'm going to take the Academy and New York City by storm... I plan on being the first woman police officer in New York's history to rise to the rank of Detective in less than three years."

"I absolutely adore the sound of, Detective Beckett."

"You'd better, because I'm going to make sure that dream of mine becomes a reality."

As he looks into her mesmerizing eyes, sees splatters of gold flecking her green irises, the undeniable aura of happiness shining through her orbs, an overwhelming surge of desire blankets his entire frame.

He wants her.

Here, now.


Slow, intense and hard.

"Thank you, Rick," she purrs and dips her head shyly, fiddling with the hem on his shirt, before the words come tumbling out of her mouth he's been waiting for months to hear.

"I am outrageously, ridiculously, head-over-heels in love with you."

He gapes, his tongue tied in knots as her words sink in and suffuse his blood with heat, melting his large frame under the warmth of her stare.

"I love you too. So. Damn. Much. More than I ever thought possible."


They don't say another word.

Lips collide, fingers skim.

Long highlighted strands stream through his fingers.

Fingers clutch and delve.

Clothes fall.

Breath mingles.

Nipples pebble against calloused palms.



Delicious moans fill the silence.

Hearts beat in rapid cacophony.

Stuttered pleas.

Her body fades against his like a gossamer wish, delicate and sweet and everything he's ever been afraid to dream of with his past two failed marriages.

As he watches Kate's moonlit-dappled face transform into pure radiant passion, he realizes all the ups and downs they've been through, all the raw emotion and heartache were well worth the risk.

For with her, knowing he's the catalyst in the transformation from Diamond into Katherine Beckett is literally everything.

And it always will be.