I sighed, walking into the bookstore, presenting the newest magazines. I was buying every single one of them that contained either my name or someone special's name. Why?

Because we'd recently broken up.

Did I forget to mention I'm in the second most well known band in the world? Ah. That might've been the important information I left out.

The cashier, Simon, laughed as I entered and I flipped my old best friend the finger.

"You here again Clary?" Simon asked. "They're all over the place, your name plastered on the front cover of every single one."

I sighed again, slumping my shoulders. "Yeah. Jace seems to be extremely capable of getting our name out there. I mean, the break up wasn't even that bad! We just didn't have time for each other anymore and now the paparazzi are assuming one of us was cheating!"

"Well, they did catch Jace inside a bar kissing another girl," Simon said, "That would give anyone a bad rep."

I groaned. "We'd already discussed it and stayed together for another six months though!"

"No," Simon argued. "Two days ago."

He slid the magazine over to me and sure enough, Jace Lightwood was kissing another girl with straight red hair and pale skin. Now before you go assuming, that was not I.

"We were already broken up," I sighed, with a heavy heart.

The bell tinkled and in walked my beautiful ex.

"I thought I had this building?" I asked, my eyebrows raised.

He took off his sunglasses, rubbing them with his plain white t-shirt.

Before Jace and I had broken up, we'd agreed on what stores in New York we would go to buy all the magazines. I'd had this one because Simon would let me get hundreds of magazines half off.
I'm telling you, the break up was not bad at all. Like I mean, afterwards we hugged and agreed to keep in touch.

Even if I did the next week on the bed watching reruns of Doctor Who with a tub of ice cream on my lap every second. And Jace went and had sex with other girls to get over me. Which coincidently all looked like me.

We'd discussed that too, actually. He told me not to be offended.

"I know," he said. "'Razzi."
I nodded in understanding, picking up about twenty magazines from the cat catalogue with Jace and mine picture on it with a giant X on it. Now, to give them credit, they did put a flying cat in the middle of Jace's forehead.

"That is one bad pimple you got there," I said, pointing at the hissing cat.

Jace grinned. "I think they're sending you a message. Get a cat. Become a cat lady."

Simon shook his head. "I'm surprised the paparazzi still hasn't given you two up. You still act like you're together. You have lunch together every damn day!"

I punched him in the shoulder. "Go throw all those away."

Simon smirked. "Don't start kissing."

I wrinkled my nose at him, ignoring the pang of hurt that went through my stomach. Simon always used to say that to us.

I looked back at Jace. "Can you, um, help me find some other ones?" He nodded.

"Yeah," he held up a bag of Taki's takeout. "You want some?"

"Coconut pancakes?" I asked lightly.

He grinned. "Why of course. What kind of person do you think I am?"

"My best friend," I winked at him and I heard a mock gasp of hurt behind me. I whirled around and saw Simon standing there with a hand on his chest, closing his eyes and crumpling to the ground.

"I have been wounded," he mumbled into the carpeted ground. "Severely."

I rolled my eyes, turning back to the golden-eyed beauty. I licked my lips, deciding to tell him what my manager told me. "My manager wants me to write some miserable break up song so we can officially get the news out there. I don't want it to be known though, and that's a problem. It's either that or shoot a movie. I wanted to see your opinion 'cause you know I can't act worth a shit."

Jace smiled slightly, looking down at his hands. "My manager said the same thing."

I cocked my head to the side. "Do you think they planned this?"

He laughed. "Oh, they most definitely did and we both know it."

The bell tinkled again and a bunch of girls came squealing in about getting the newest magazine and how it wasn't anywhere else.

"We're closed!" Simon yelled, moving his body to failingly stand in front of me.

The blonde in the front raised an eyebrow and scanned the room and I held my breath, hoping Simon was enough of a distraction. "The sign said 'Open' and this store always opens at 8:00. It's 8:05."

One of the girls squealed. "OMG, Presily, that's Jace and Clary!"

I flinched as she said my name and scooted back. "Sorry no autographs, I don't have a pen!"

The brunette that had squealed shrugged, grabbing a Sharpie off the desk and held out a very expensive looking shirt. "Use this."

My eyes widened as one girl, probably around twelve launched herself at Jace, knocking him off his feet. He landed on the ground and my jaw dropped as she kissed his cheek.
"I love you! Why did you and Clary break up? You guys were so cute! And, oh my gosh, I love the new shirt you're wearing!"

Jace looked at her with an incredulous expression. "How'd you know it was new?"

"Oh well, um, you see, it doesn't smell like you."

I busted out with laughter, adding a couple snorts here and there, making the girl look at me with an embarrassed face. "That was the answer of the year! What interview did you answer that in? I hadn't seen it yet."

"I don't remember even saying how I smelt," he said awkwardly. "Can you get off please?" He added to the girl on top of him. The flustered girl got off him.

The leader, Presily, I assume, looked at us with a questioned face. "You guys are still together aren't you? Because I don't act like this around my exes."

I nodded my head, looking down at the ground. "It wasn't a really personal break up, though. We're still best friends, like always."

"Shit," Simon muttered, looking out the window, at the crowd surrounding the building, all holding cameras.

"Back door?" I asked, looking at Jace.

"Back door," he agreed.

I grabbed his hand, sprinting down the aisles of the store. We got to the emergency exit and there were even more paparazzi out there, screaming questions at me that I didn't even care to answer.

I slammed the door close. "We're stuck in here and there's windows all around the store."

"Yo, Simon," Jace yelled. "Let us in the storage closet!"

Simon grabbed his keys the counter and I sprinted to follow him, Jace quick on my heels.

I slammed the door shut and I heard the lock click behind it.

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