Hello fanfiction readers in which I have not addressed in a very long time, probably almost a year now? My bad.

Well, actually, I lie. While I feel guilty ditching you guys with no conclusion as to where my whereabouts could be, I needed some time for inspiration.

And when my inspiration diidn't hit...well, it just didn't. However, writing inspirations have hit again, just not in the manner of fanfiction. I know. It sucks.

But, if you guys really really liked my writing, I'm continuing. Alas, it's on Wattpad, but for me, that's just easier quite frankly. I don't have to keep the same pairings as Ms. Amazing Cassandra Clare, I don't have to try to stick to characters the way she wrote them, because honestly, she writes them so flawlessly, it's difficult to capture them when I really have nothing in common with their personalities. But, I've changed my Fanfiction version of Not-So-Modern Fairytale up a little bit, and I've made it into a non-Fanfiction version and more clear. Also, please note, it's been a year since you all have seen my writing style and it has changed significally, for what I think is the better, and as a result, the story has changed as well.

Anyways, I suppose what I'm asking for is your support and if any of you wish to follow my writing career, please check out my story on Wattpad. I just put up the introduction, and I'm very excited to continue.

Anyways, as bittersweet as this is, I suppose I'm saying goodbye to all of my lovely fanfiction readers.

However, this comes with a catch. I can't just leave you all with only this crappy note as a goodbye, so if you guys ever want me to write any one-shots, I will consider the topic.

Anyways, please, please, please go check out my story if you're interested. If you do check it out, let me know.

I love you all.