He said, "Let's get out of this town

Drive out of the city, away from the crowds

I thought heaven can't help me now."

Nothing lasts forever, but this is gonna take me down

He's so tall and handsome as hell

He's so bad but he does it so well

I can see the end as it begins

-Wildest dreams, Taylor Swift

Bella Swan: The Enigma.

Chapter 43: Welcome Home Bella.


''It's beautiful,'' I whispered, staring out in the distance, looking past the ocean, transfixed on the abundance of trees and jungle wildlife. ''This doesn't automatically fix everything you know?''

Edward smiled the only way he could, lopsided and beautifully, I don't think he knew the full extent of what that smile could do to me. ''But you're not mad?''

''No,'' I decided, shaking my head, I could never imagine really being angry with him, no matter the situation. ''I needed to say goodbye to Charlie, but you could have told me why we were going to Chicago before we got there, or at least on the way.''

''Okay, I should have told you sooner,'' he allowed. ''So you have some rights to be annoyed, though I'm hoping this trip makes up for it?''

''You're halfway there.'' I smiled, I wasn't angry at all, I felt happy, light and free, though telling him this didn't happen, I kept my lips sealed, though there was a bright smile on my face. ''I haven't been on a holiday in years.'' I leaned back against the seat, my head resting on the edge of the boat, I don't ask how he got the boat, I didn't ask about money anymore, it was tiring.

My right eye peaked open to look at Edward, he hadn't spoken in a while and my breath almost hitched, almost.

It was twilight out, the sun was setting in the distance, bring us into the closing of Dawn, Edward looked exceptional in the glowing light. His hair vibrant orange and brown, with gold streaks thrown in there, an idea of a smile was playing on his lips. He was staring at me, his eyes glued, unblinking.

''What?'' I asked, laughing.

''Nothing,'' he shook his head, I shook it off, he would tell me if it was important. ''Plus, this isn't just a holiday, it's more of a honeymoon.''

If he wasn't trying to direct the boat in the direction of the secluded island, I would have pounced over to him.


''Well, we didn't have a honeymoon, so I figured this next week could be one, sort of?'' he shrugged, I couldn't take it any longer, and I jumped up, landing with a thud on his lap, our lips moved together and the electricity that never faded coursed through me, dominating my senses.

Just going in the general direction of the island would be fine.

I pulled away from his; our faces were close, our noses almost touching. ''You didn't need to do this.''

''I wanted to take you somewhere, Alice suggested Isle Esme and I thought it was perfect, the others will be joining us in a week, We're planning on staying here until next summer, we'll move and enrol in school, you can actually finish it,'' he gave me a stern look though he was smiling. ''there isn't much point in moving and going to a new school, Alice thinks we all need some family time, especially after all that's happened, and also we need some alone time, as newlyweds.''

I giggled. ''I'm loving Alice right now, though I don't know how I feel about her packing my bag, we don't know what she'll bring us.''

''That we don't.'' He nodded, flashing me a smile. ''We just have to trust her.''

I crossed my arms over my chest, annoyed. ''This is a time where my power would come in handy, if it would just come back to me.'' I huffed, I knew there were some clothes waiting for us, but once again I didn't know what.

His hand brushed against my cheek, I leaned into his touch. ''I like you better without your power, you're happier, I haven't seen this side to you before.''

''That's good though, right?''

''Yes, definitely a good thing.'' He reassured.

We reached the island then, I had heard about Isle Esme, Carlisle had bought it for Esme years ago, it was remote and not on many maps it was the perfect place for a coven of eight vampires to hide out, that was for sure.

I sighed, getting out of the boat, there was a house Edward said there were five rooms, so when the others arrived we would have a room each, with one extra, though he also explained that there was a privet place on the other side of the island with only one bedroom, he said it was ours.

I couldn't stop the smile that spread over my face.

The next week was spent in our own little tropical paradise, there were days where we didn't leave the house, but then days when the thought of being cooked up indoors was nauseating. I never used to like the beach, the smell of seaweed always got to me and sand got everywhere. Though there was something different about this place, I liked the white grains between my toes, though it still got everywhere.


The whole house would have been covered in sand if it were not for two of the cleaners who came in the middle of the week, they vacuumed and tied up some of the rooms, I couldn't look into their eyes when they finished cleaning the bedroom we had been in, I was embarrassed. Edward laughed at me but I would get him back later.

Conversation was kept pretty calm, we only had one real deep conversation, and it wasn't long or bad, just . . .strange.

Edward walked into the living room, phone in hand, his eyebrows puckered.

''You okay?'' I asked, he must have gotten a phone call, nothing on this island had made him frown, I doubt it would now.

''That was Carlisle, they're almost here, but he told me to warn you in case you turned on the TV. Charlie's been sentenced, he's to be executed in three years, the twenty first of November.''


''Oh?'' he asked. ''What does that mean?''

''It means 'oh', I don't know, I'm happy I got to say goodbye. Do you think he could change before he dies? Do you think he's capable of that?''

I could tell he didn't want to lie to me, but yet I can tell when he lies to me. ''Maybe,'' he was uncertain. ''You never know, it could happen, people could change.''

But Charlie wasn't people.

My thought shocked me so much I stopped breathing for a moment, I think I should hate him, I thought I did. Maybe I didn't. I don't really know anymore. But I knew that I felt relieved now that I knew his sentence.

Didn't that make me a bad person?

Yes, I believe so. But not as bad as him, I took some pride in the fact that even though I was content with his death, I was never going to be as bad as him.

''When should they get here?'' I asked, trying to avoid the subject, knowing full well we would talk about it later; a conversation I wasn't looking forward to.

''Five minutes? I can hear the boat.''

I strained my ears, there was a fluttering in the distance, the propeller. I sighed. ''Our time together is over.''

''It's never over,'' he disagreed, pulling me close to him, so my back was to his front; his arms were wrapped around me. ''We have forever.''

''Yes, I suppose we do.''

''I don't know if I ever told you this, but I used to call you my enigma, only in my head though.'' He chuckled.

''I wasn't that mysteries, was I?'' he didn't need to answer, I already knew; I was very secretive as a human, not that I meant to be.

''You were the definition of an enigma, someone should write a book on it, Bella Swan: The Enigma.'' He laughed, I hit his arm.

''If you've forgotten the reason we've been alone this past week, hello Edward, it would be Bella Cullen: The Enigma.I'm married now.''

''Oh, really?'' his hands danced across my stomach, making me shiver and smile. ''Sorry, I forgot all about that.''

''My husband wouldn't be happy.''

He tilted my head to look me in the eyes. ''He is,'' he whispered. ''Trust me.''

''I can't trust vampires.''

He hummed in response, it wasn't much of an answer but I took it. Our moment was interrupted by Emmett; though it was just like him to barge in at a time like this.

''Honey,'' he shouted, thumping in through the house, there was a bump and a shattering sound, oddly like the crash of glass smashing. ''Crap- er, I'm home!''

''Emmett, what did you break? Not the antique vase?'' Esme scalded.

''It wasn't me, I swear!''

I smiled, this was my life now, with this crazy, anything but normal family. I was grateful they had accepted me into their life, saved me. I loved them all as though they have always been my family, but I knew they always would be. But Edward was what brought me here and I would be internally grateful.

If I was ever in doubt about my place in this family, that was all out the window with a simple kiss behind the ear, a chuckle and three heartwarming words. ''Welcome Home Bella.''

No amount of time with him would be enough, not even forever.

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