The sun was over high as John began to make his way to the rendezvous point. He alternated between a jog and a quick march, trying to conserve his strength while also covering as much ground as he could. Only stopping to switched the shoulder on which he carried the man on, he paused only long enough to check the man's pulse before continuing, the man was so still that John frequently checked the pulse to make sure that he wasn't dead. The pace he set ate up the miles as he traveled steadily, until a full hour had passed and he felt that he had put enough distance between them and the caves. Fear of being followed had pushed him forward, but he could feel the wetness of blood soaking through his uniform so he found a spot of shade and began to change the bandages. This time taking his time as he properly began to dress the wounds, paying attention to every single wound. He was so focused on his work that he didn't notice Mycroft's eyes flutter open.

At first Mycroft was confused, thinking the whole rescue had been a dream, but he could feel the hot Afghani sun, feel sand beneath his hands, and the sound of another human breathing as he felt a presence lean over him. Opening his eyes he watched the brown fatigue figure change his bandages checking every single one of his wounds, unaware his patient had woken up.

It gave Mycroft a chance to study this man, from the condition of his skin and the fact he didn't look like he was suffering from the heat as bad as Mycroft was, he could summarize that the good Doctor had been here for quite a long time, and it wasn't his first tour. Through the way his eyes scanned the land around them every few minutes and the callouses on his fingers he was also a soldier and used a gun quite regularly. A soldier doctor, a warrior and a healer, a walking contradiction if there ever was one, each side balancing the other, his right hand took life, while his left hand saved it. This was a man with a strong morale and loyalty and not easily shaken. Had a rough childhood, but he rose above it to become a Doctor, who joined the Army to help pay for that training but grew to love it. A man that anyone would be glad to have on their side, a strong asset to anyone's team.

Though as Mycroft eyes glanced around he realized that they were all alone, if this had been a rescue mission then there would have been more than one man and they would have been extracted by now. So this lead to the question of who was this man, and why did he save him?

"Good you're awake" murmured the Doctor, bringing him out of his musings. Mycroft let his eyes meet the Doctor's blue ones once again. Surprised when the man held his gaze instead of turning away, Mycroft stare had made Kings, Heads of States, and Dictators turn away, but this man held his gaze without a problem and the desire to learn who this man, to learn all his secrets grew stronger in Mycroft.

John had been surprised to look up mid-way through his examination to see the man calmly studying him, though he had no signs of waking up. At the sound of his voice, the man's eyes meet his and John was stunned at the power of the man's stare. His eyes seemed to look through John; he had never seen such eyes, though they were clouded with pain. They were sharp and calculating and the color of clouds during a snow storm, and just as cold.

Taking out a pin light he bent and shined it into the man's eyes, nodding as the pupils reacted normally. The gun butt to the face had not caused a concussion, but had broken the man's nose. "This is going to hurt" he said as set the nose and applied plaster's. Once that was done he stripped off his gloves and turned to grab his canteen.

"Here drink, we got quite a few miles before we get to the rendezvous place and hopefully Sarge can get someone to get you to a hospital and back were you belong, Sir" rambled the soldier, bringing a canteen up to Mycroft letting the water pour down his parched throat. He wanted to grab the canteen and drain it, but the soft voice of the Doctor stopped him. "Slowly, slowly, not too much don't want you to get sick" the man paused before huffing a laugh, "Well any sicker. How's your pain level?"

"Manageable" croaked out Mycroft, and ended up having to cough making his head pound and eyes go momentarily black as his torso screamed in pain. The soldier beside him immediately moved as to support him, and Mycroft was glad that he didn't try to reassure him with assurances but stayed silent until Mycroft sagged against him exhausted. John eased him back, grunting as his own ribs protesting.

The grunt didn't go unnoticed by Mycroft and he immediately focused on the Doctor, seeing for the first time the man's entire torso and the three perfect circles that were in the man's fatigues. As Mycroft watched, the Doctor quickly removed his body armor and inspected it before removing three bullets from it that he stuck in his pocket. After that he pulled up his uniform and Mycroft eyes widened at the bruises that marred the muscular torso of the soldier, the biggest was almost directly over the man's heart, two others bruises decorated his ribs, and it was with study hands that the Doctor inspected his own injuries, not at all bothered with the fact that he if he wasn't wearing body armor he would have died rescuing Mycroft.

John's examination confirmed his earlier assessment, he had two cracked ribs but other than that it was just deep bruising, and he knew that by tomorrow he would barely be able to bend. Deciding that he didn't need a wrap he quickly put on back on his armor and turned back to the man who was looking at him with a slightly shocked expression on his face. "It looks worse than it actually is" assured John strapping his gun to his back. Mycroft didn't answer, he had saw the signs of pain that the Doctor was trying to hide and he frowned back at the man.

John knew he hadn't convinced the man by the way he frowned at him, but John was a soldier and he would put up with the discomfort of his wounds despite everything. So without another word John leaned down and picked the man back up, but this time bridal style and continued on.

Mycroft tried to be stoic, to not let his pain show. But the bouncing jog was too much and he couldn't stop the whimper that escaped his lips. He wished that he could sink back into the blackness but he had to stay aware. But that was a losing battle as he found himself floating, but it was his will that kept him from going there. Instead he focused on the soldier that plodded on neither slowing nor stopping as he went mile after mile, he showed no signs of exhaustion even though he was carrying another person that easily taller and outweighed him.

So it was a shock when they came to an abrupt stop, Mycroft opened his eyes that he hadn't realized he closed to see John absolutely still as his eyes scanned his surroundings, before he pursed his lips and whistled a four note tune an A, #C, B, D.* Moments later there was a returning four notes, and Mycroft's slow brain realized that it was a signal. They were at the meeting place where the rest of the Doctor's unit was. As Mycroft watched, men began to appear from the surroundings all dressed like the Doctor. In brown camou fatigues, that held no type of identification to who they were, but from a glance Mycroft could tell that three were American, while four were British, and one Australian.

John was relieved to see all the members of the unit were all there and looking at them from his Doctor eye's he could tell none were injured.

"Doc good thing you showed up, we had you written off as a goner" called Zach, no noticing the burden that John carried. The Sarge was the first to notice as John came closer that John had a man in his arms.

"What the hell you got there Doc," demanded Sarge drawling the units attention to the man in John's arms. Suddenly John was surrounded by his team, all of them asking questions as they stared at the man in the bloody cloths. John didn't, instead making his way to the shade were Johnson moved quickly to lay out a blanket. John nodded thankfully and he gently put down his burden and checking the bandages again while the rest of the men crowded around him. Once he was satisfied he turned to look at his Commanding Officer.

"I found him in the cave on my way here, so I brought him with me" answered John smoothly not going into detail as he accepted the canteen that was offered to him.

Sarge frowned but didn't push, instead he knelt down beside John and began to pat down the man's pockets searching for identification, he knew that John hadn't did these, he would have been more worried about the man's wounds. He was lucky and found a wallet in the back pocket that was more or less intact and was surprised to find a government ID and even more surprised when he read the name.

He whistled tipping his helmet back, "John you don't realize what you stumbled on. This James Carter is some government official who went missing about two weeks ago. He was on a convoy to one of the bases for a review when it was attacked; the whole convoy was killed except for him. They have massive man hunt going on trying to find this bloke and you just happen to stumble upon him Doc, you must the luckiest man in all of Afghanistan." The Sergeant eyed John as he said this, who ducked his head further over his patient.

"There might have been a terrorist or two and a cave, but I honestly just stumbled upon them. I didn't even think to ask who he was, had no clue he was the government official they were looking for" said John honestly.

If Mycroft hadn't been teetering on the edge of unconsciousness he would have gaped at the Doctor. What kind of man went into a cave full of terrorists just to save a man that he had no knowledge about? Who was this man?! Everything he observed about his man told him that he was ordinary, a goldfish but he wasn't there was something about him that didn't fit into a neat box much like the rest of society. It frustrated Mycroft as well as intrigued him. He jerked at the sharp pain in his elbow and it was too late as he realized the Doctor had pumped drugs into his system. His eyes once again found the blue ones and he opened his mouth trying to demand who he was but the drugs worked quickly and Mycroft went spiraling into the black without any answers.


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