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Hey guys! Welcome to the first chapter of my new story, The Ever Twisting Wind. First off I know you're wondering, 'Why are you doing this and not updating your other stories?!' Well, this is why I have been setback for a while along with my upcoming graduation from college, so, work work work ya see (Seriously, once that is done I can do some writing. TT_TT you have no idea how bad it is! I'm doing through writer's withdrawal!).

Now, this story, it is a big step for me. My first ever non-Naruto fanfic, la gasp! I know, scary, but, I'm trying to push out of my comfort zone so to say. I love the PJO series, so badly, I love it. I love the HP series too, so I thought 'Hey, E4E, why not combine them!' I was like, 'Nah!' but then, 'C'mon!' so I was like, 'Alright, alright, keep your pants on!' And here it is.

Now, I have noticed that well, I personally feel their are only a few good PJO/HP crosses, just my opinion for my tastes. I mean, mainly all of them are about the big three kids defending Harry, whoa, or entering the Tri-Wizard, yay, or Nico goes to Hogwarts, there are a lot of those now that I think about it, or Harry is a demigod or Legacy, but they do it, well, you know...

So! I decided to do what I do best, female characters! Yes, I have gender changed Harry Potter this time. Into a young girl known as Andromeda, we are going Greek here, right? XD

Now, the story beginning is similar to another fem!Harry PJO cross by the name of Daughter of Lightning: Tale of a Defender by Lady Jade Scribbler. And yes, I did PM her and she said I could use the opening setting of her story, so no, I am not copying off someone else.

Now, I had some big help from one of my bestest buddies, Bonesboy15. I do the reading for his Naruto/PJO cross, which is really cool and on its sequel. Go read them. Now.

Also, it should be obvious who Andromeda's godly parent is by the end of this chapter, I know each and every one of you can figure it out. I believe in you! But, but! She is also a Legacy, can you figure out whose?

What else...hm...darn, well I got nothing left to say. So here's chapter one and enjoy it you guys XD

0 Andi's POV 0

Being a Half-Blood isn't easy one could say. I should know, trouble loves me like I was something wrapped in bacon. Where to start? Oh, my name, yes, my name. Hello all, my name is Andromeda Azalea Potter, but you can call me Andi and I am a demigod. That's not all, for you see I am also a witch or a magical for better wording.

Hm? What do I look like? Oh how rude to forget such a thing. Well, I have short raven black hair, kind of like a pixie cut with a few bangs over my forehead; at least it hides my lightning bolt scar on the left side of my forehead. I use these two yellow lightning bolt hairclips my mom had given me to hold up my hair on the other side most of the time. Now, my eyes you ask? Well, I have been told I have my mother's eyes, which is weird since they were emerald green as mine are electric blue, but you know what they say about people seeing only what they want to see. I'm a bit short, about 5'1 while nearly 13, it sucks. Am I pretty? Well, people say I am, extremely so, but I take it with a grain of salt.

To start it off with the story of my life, my parents were murdered whilst I was at the tender age of one from a psychopath, but I will get into him later as he is the bane of my life. The jerk.

After my parents were killed, I was sent to my magical hating aunt. You see my mom, Lily Potter nee Evans, wife of James Potter, got it all. The looks, the brains, the parental praise, the magic~ while my Aunt Petunia, got nothing but her horse neck and was bitter at my mother for it. She married a walrus of a man named Vernon Dursley who smelled really bad and had a pig of a son named Dudley, who also smelled bad if not a little worse.

So from age 1 to 11, I lived in the cupboard under the staircase of my prison. I was forced to wear my obese cousin's hand me downs, making me look like some hobo child in need of a hot meal. I was made to cook, clean, do the choirs, and was basically a child slave to these people or as I like to call them, things I share blood with.

Now, school, ah, this is where it got fun. I always got in trouble in school; weird things always followed me no matter where I went. I pretty much bounced through every public school in the neighborhood district and the ones around them! I didn't have any real friends, there was this one kid, Clover or something, he was crippled, but I changed schools so fast I only knew him for about 2 months before I was booted. Saw him in my next school though, it was nice to have someone to talk to, Dudley tried to make sure I had no friends. But good old Clover was as stubborn as a goat. One of the reasons I was booted around was because I was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, the thing that is my uncle just says I'm stupid, while I call him a fat whale that needs to be harpooned. Good thing I'm fast enough to run off when he tries to punish me for my mouth.

What? I was just telling the truth.

I prided myself for being so physically fit. An example of that would be the Andi Hunts that my cousin and his 'gang' of idiots did. I always out run then, so they give up most of the time. One time, the very last one, I did get caught by them and they tried to beat me up, I took a rock and nailed one of them in the face with it, giving him a good scar across his face and a shattered nose. I smiled at that, showing them I wasn't afraid to hurt them back. I got grounded for 5 months, but it was worth it. At least Dudders stopped his Andi Hunts. He also kind of started to cry every time I picked up a rock. The baby.

Now, fast forward to my 11th birthday on July 31st. I kept getting these letters via owls. I know! The weird quickly got weirder, though. Eventually the Dursleys couldn't take all the letters and we fled to some tiny island house on a small rock of land. While we crossed the water, the boat was nearly crushed under a large wave. I never did like large bodies of water; they give me the willies.

Next thing I knew, a giant of a man named Hagrid barged into the shack, giving me one of the letters the Dursleys were running from and so, I read it. I was accepted into a magical school. It turns out that my parents weren't reckless drunks that died in a car crash, they were a witch and a wizard, and I was finally told that a psychopath trying to kill me murdered them, and I somehow killed him. My uncle said that I wasn't allowed to go. I don't know how, but that made me so mad, really mad that I started to spark and somehow unleashed a gale of wind, sending my uncle through the wall of the tiny shack and into the storming ocean. I smirked, serves him right.

After that, I left with Hagrid on his flying motorcycle; I know, epic right? And made it to the magical shopping distract. Turns out my parents were rich and I was actually a millionaire, well, in wizard money anyway. So I decided to splurge a bit on some items. I mean, living dirt cheap for as long as I have and you would also want to spend some cash right? So after getting my schoolbooks and other things, like my pet snow owl named Hedwig, who was a birthday gift from Hagrid, it was time to get my wand from the ever-creepy Mr. Ollivander.

None of the wands worked for me, even one that was holly wood with a Phoenix feather core in it. The old wand maker pulled out a thin white box that held a beautiful wand made of oak. It was 12 inches long, good for charms, and the core held hair from a 'magic goat'. Apparently my father gave the wand to him. Of course I still had to pay for it. But, it was like my father gave me a birthday present, so I was happy.

So, after all was said and done, I left on the magical train at September and entered the world of magic. On the train, I met my first friends, first was the ginger haired Ronald Weasley, from a 'pureblood' magical family. And the other was Hermione Granger, a girl my age. After the train, Hagrid led us to the docks, where we boarded some boats that sailed themselves towards a large structure in the distance. When we came up on the school, I gaped at the castle. Yes, that's right, a castle! These wizards seemed to be stuck in the dark ages. It's really strange; they still use quills and parchment! As well as a magical hat that sorted the other first years like us into one of four houses; I was almost sent into Slytherin, the house known for producing strong yet most likely dark wizards, but thankfully I was placed in Gryffindor, the same house as my mother and father.

Ron's an okay bloke, eats a bit like a pig, a Quidditch enthusiast, it's basically football on magical brooms, or soccer for you yanks. He's also a chess genius, but not really the most polished wand in the shop either. Next is Hermione Granger, a 'muggle born', basically a person with no magic in their family that suddenly had developed it. Hermione has bushy brown hair and likes to march to the tune of authority, but is very kind and caring. She's a bookworm, too, and didn't have many friends in muggle schools. Muggles are the name for people without magic. Stupid, I know, I think mundane sounds better and is less degrading.

You see, we weren't really friends until Halloween night, the same night my parents were killed. That night a troll got into the school, a 12-foot tall mountain troll. Hermione was in the bathroom crying since Ron was a twit and said she had no friends and was a stuck up know it all. I punched him for that. So I dragged him to the bathroom and we found Hermione cornered by the troll. Ron and I tried to fight it off, but it seemed to take a liking to me and tried its best to kill me. It picked me up in its meaty hand and hoisted me in front of its face and smelt me, then roared in my face. It needed a breath mint. I stuck my wand up its nose and somehow I let out a strong electric blast, blowing its head to pieces. It was from then on the three of us became a close-knit trio of friends. Corny, I know, but I like saying it like that, it sounds more dramatic.

Next was broom flying class, you could call it gym, but in the air. On a broom, I was a natural; it was like the wind ignored me as I flew like a hawk through the air. I was so good that I was doing moves even pros have a hard time doing. I even managed to get on my house's team as the seeker, the position that ends the game by catching the Golden Snitch. The Snitch was a little golden golf ball with wings. Also, I was the youngest player in the last century to be a player...I was the talk of the hallways; it was nice to be appreciated for my skill. I won my first game, too. I was a bit nervous, but I knew I could do it. Even though I did nearly swallow the Snitch and die all at the same time from someone trying to hex my broom.

Next on the adventure was Christmas, my first one that I ever got presents! I got a knitted sweater from Ron's mum with an A on it; she was a sweet woman. Some homemade cookies and other magical knickknacks, but the biggest thing was the Invisibility Cloak. It was my father James'. I heard he used it to cause a bit of mischief during his school days with it. While wearing it, I was completely erased from view. It was wicked.

Following that would the epic climax of that year: the spirit of the man that killed my parents and was after the Philosopher Stone to resurrect his body while possessing my Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I know; it was a lot to take in. So me, Ron and Hermione set off to stop him since the headmaster was off doing government stuff and the other teachers didn't believe us. We put a Cerberus to sleep, fought off a deadly strangling plant, flew on a broom to get a flying key that was in a horde of other flying keys, played the meanest and deadliest game of human chess ever, found a dead troll, and walked through fire with the protection of a potion. And then, there I was, face to face with the man that killed my parents. Well, what was left of him since his face was stuck to the back of the worthless teacher's head that willingly got possessed.

It seemed my mum did something to me before she was killed and the very moment the possessed man touched me, he started to go up in flames. Like my skin was fire to him. The spirit left the body to save itself and went right through me, and I passed out. I woke up in the nurse's office and the headmaster was sitting right next to me. He does pull a good Merlin lookalike; I'll give the old geezer that. He told me the reason Voldemort, the name of the man that tried to kill me, couldn't touch me was because of my mother's love. Voldemort was a being who did not know love, he could not comprehend it, thus could not touch me from whatever spell my mother did before she died.

Yeah, that was Year One. To sum it up in one word, it was weird. Year Two got weirder though.

A house elf was stealing my mail so I would think my friends didn't care about me and wouldn't go back to school. Thankfully, Ron and his older twin brothers Fred and George came to my rescue in a flying car, since the things bared my windows and padlocked my door since the elf messed up an important dinner for the walrus. After a small side adventure at the Weasley household, we left for the Hogwarts Express. Unfortunately, the secret entrance was blocked for Ron and me. In order to get to school, we took Ron's dad's flying car to school…and promptly crashed it into the Whomping Willow Tree, an attacking tree. We got detention for that one, because apparently we damaged the tree...Oh, and got spotted by muggles.

However, it turns out a monster was loose in the school, petrifying people. Another day in my life it seems. After out running a nest of giant flesh eating spiders, Ron and I found out through a petrified Hermione that it was a Basilisk (It was really a Drakon, but I didn't know that yet). So, it turned out the loony trying to get the monster to kill everyone had kidnapped Ron's kid sister Ginny, a sweet girl who happens to have a fan-girl crush on me and tries to be like me. I find it cute. Anyway, it turned out that a book with Voldemort's soul as a young boy in it was taking possession of Ginny, talk about a one trick pony, right?

It sent the Basilisk (Drakon) at me and I managed to kill it by stabbing it though the roof of its mouth with the sword and a burst of lightning, blowing up its brain I think. I pulled the sword from the sorting hat that the headmaster's phoenix had brought me, but I got bit in the arm. Poison is not fun. In fact, it hurts like hell. Luckily the headmaster's phoenix spared me some tears and the poison was flushed from my system. I love that bird. The monster turned into gold dust, which at the time I thought was weird, and a small knife was left behind. It was bone-like with a black leather handle and so I used it to stab the possessed book, making poison drip from the dagger, thus killing the spirit and saving Ginny. The dagger then turned into a black ring and on top of the band was a small disk with a yellow reptile eye. I passed out as the phoenix brought Ginny and I out of the Basilisk's (Drakon's) secret chamber. So once again, I saved the day, the school, and got another visit to the hospital wing...fun.

Are things always going to be like this?

I was back at the Dursley house since the school year ended. One night in the beginning of summer, I left the house to take a walk in a pair of denim shorts and a black tank top with a pair of blue hi-tops. So glad I exchanged my some of my vast wizard money with really British pounds, I could finally buy some me clothes I like. I had my magical deep pocket messenger bag with me that had my invisibility cloak in it as well as a few other things I might need. I had that knife ring on my right middle finger; it was still cool. My wand was strapped to my left thigh in the wand holster I bought my first year and was eating some candy I still had from the train ride from the trolley lady.

0 End of POV 0

So now, here she was in a playground. Alone.

The perfect setting of a monster film, Andi thought with a soft giggle.

She sat on the low level swing, swaying back and forth, bored out of her hyperactive mind. She grinned a bit and started to pump her legs so she could get as high as she could. She loved being high in the air, she felt so free, so content.

As she felt the rush of the wind against her face, she started to hear hissing. It was loud and slithering followed it.

"The hell?" Andi muttered as she stopped swinging and jumped off. She went for her wand, even if there was an age restriction for a kid like her to use magic outside school.

The slithering got louder and she turned to see a woman…that was about 10 feet tall. She had green scaly skin with black hair with some kind of weird armor. She held a shield and spear. Oh, and instead of legs she had twin serpent trunks, it looked like she was skiing.

"Found you little Half-Blood." The demonic looking woman hissed at the raven haired girl.

"Um, hi?" the Potter said, not really knowing what to say at this sight, but she was slowly edging away. Who let this thing out of its cage anyway?

The snake woman frowned at her 'friendly' hello. "Are you mocking me godling?" she hissed out.


"No?" Andi asked with a weak smile, her pace of backing up picking up a bit of speed, but snake lady didn't like that and slithered up to in a few seconds like some cobra.

Fast! Was what the witch thought as she cried out and dodged to the side as the spear tried to stab her, "What the hell freak!?" Andi shouted out, and backpedaled into the park once more. The young girl slipped into the large dome jungle gym, giving her some semi-protection while she thought up a plan of what the hell to do!

"Get out here half blood! Let me take your head!" she demanded, stabbing her spear in the dome as Andi ducked and side stepped the thrusts. Luckily it had to pull out to adjust where to stab the girl.

The witch's heart was pounding, wondering what the bloody hell was going on. She slipped out the other side of the dome and ran up the slide, and got a nick in her calf from the spear, making the magical wince as she got to the top.

"Okay, screw this and the rules!" the enraged shouted atop the slide and pulled out her wand. The girl focused on that feeling she got when she fought the troll, when she fought the basilisk (Drakon), but this time words resonated in her mind, like, she should have know it before, "Kεραυνός- (Thunderbolt)!" blue static built up around her and fired like a focused blast from the wand in a beam-like fashion.

"Gah!" the thing shouted, slamming into jungle gym dome, making it break into pieces, metal rods going everywhere over it, her, whatever.

Well, that wasn't all really, as the kickback from the spell sent the raven-haired girl flying off the top of the slide and to the ground…ow much. Andi felt around for her wand feverishly and snagged it tightly.

Andi shook her head as she got back up and stood wobbly, "Take that snake bitch!" the girl shouted aloud.

Of course the hissing, not from the burning of the thing, but her actually hissing alerted the girl to the fact that 'Oh, I messed up'…great.

The snake thing looked angry, her headgear was gone and her chest armor was blasted to pieces, shrapnel in her scaly chest.

"Ow." Andi muttered audible with a wince.

"They sssaid that hisss daughter died!" lady creepy cried out, but her rage look turned into a gleefully one. Joy, a spear happy snake lady, "But another? I'll put your head on a pike, sky child!" she shouted and slithered to her snake trunks, shield and spear still out.

"Oh fuck all kinds of duck." The apparent lightning user bemoaned as a yelp escaped her lips while she ducked but got tagged with a graze on her left shoulder. She dodged some more, her senses seem to be going haywire, like she could see so much more, like when she fought the Basilisk (Drakon), even how the thing was moving and could get out of the way in time.

Andi rolled left, into a pile of metal bars and grabbed one and bashed away one of the spear strikes aimed for her head, making her arm feel numb from the attack as her very small upper body strength really didn't compare to this thing. She holstered her wand and held the metal bar like a staff as a skirted around the attacks, once more figuring what to do.

"Stand still!" it commanded, but Andi didn't listen. She normally doesn't to be honest.

The witch jumped out of the way of an attack as her messenger bag banged against her legs and she held the bar in one hand again while clinching her right hand and the ring flashed and turned in that dagger again. Andi looked at it and her eyes widened. The poison!

It should at least do something to this thing.

Andi rolled forward under a sweep of the spear and got right to the things side and stabbed it right in the stomach with the dagger.

"Argh!" she wailed and backhanded Andi with her shield. Hard. The blue-eyed girl flopped along the ground, her head in a daze until she heard the whistling of the spear and rolled on her back to avoid the strike.

She got up as fast as she could and looked to see her hand sparking static again and looked at the pained face of the thing as it pulled out the poisoned dagger and threw it away as she moved after witch. She looked a bit more sluggish and in great pain, which was okay in Andi's book.

She ran to the swing and jumped up on it as she faced the thing with her metal bar in hand. A wind blew in front of her, making the girl going soaring back, "Hey ugly, come and get it!" Andi shouted as a harsher wind blew behind her, pushing her forward as Andi felt she was flying in the air.

Andi held the bar by the sharp end as it sparked from whatever she was doing and channeled it into her wannabe spear. The lightning user let out a war cry as she held it up high above her head, and shifted her body left in midair as the snake lady tried to stab the witch again. She grazed Andi's right side as the girl's weapon of choice plunged into her throat.

"RAAH!" Andi shouted loudly as static blasted around her and into the woman.

She exploded into gold dust, just like the Basilisk (Drakon).

"Ah!" Andi cried out while falling to the ground, her bag somewhat cushioning her landing as she was covered in the sparkling gold dust. Andi noted that she looked like some underage stripper now, wonderful.

Andi winced as her right side and left shoulder were slowly bleeding out. She turned to look for her knife and noticed her vision swimming somewhat. Blood loss? Fading adrenaline? Who knows?

She grabbed her knife and as she tried to walk away, to get back to the hellhole she lived in for some first-aid, but Andi stumbled a bit and landed on the helmet that the thing left behind.

The witch was scared; she didn't want to die here, like some nobody. She really didn't. Panic filled her thoughts as she blinked back the paining tears of her wounds and the fear for her life.

As she held the helmet as it flashed a bit for some reason and then the girl felt as though there was a hook behind her navel and was pulled in through something, like she was floating.

Then landed rather harshly on her already sore bum, her knife and the helmet clanged as they landed on the ground next to her. The ground was also muddy, like it had just rained.

"Ow." Andi croaked out as she sat her back was against a tree. The air was a bit muggy, like summer air, warmer than in Surrey and the air smelt fresh. Yep, it just rained, she could tell. The lightning user looked up through her swimming vision and saw a pine tree, "Hello?" Andi asked as her blood loss was no doubt making her delirious.

She heard running and clopping? Next some voice.

"Chiron, there's another one by Thalia's tree!" a male voice called out, it sounded older, and American, the Brit thought.

Andi heard a sharp gasp as she stared at the blurry blond hair guy.

She heard a whisper of 'Thalia' as if the guy had seen a ghost since he was paling.

"Who?" Andi asked, as clearly her voice of British awesome knocked him out of staring at her…Andi hoped he wasn't one of those guys into little girls.

Talk about major gross.

"Don't worry kid; we'll get you patched up." He said kindly as he recovered from seeing the young girl and gingerly picked the raven-haired child up in some kind of cradle carry.

Like a princess . . . She hated being treated like a princess!

It ruined her whole tough girl image.

"My 'tuff." Andi slurred a bit, her eyes starting to close from how heavy they felt.

"I'll get them for you personally kiddo. C'mon," he said to Andi and felt him start running and looked to see them heading towards a big blue house.

Andi looked up and saw a pair of icy blue eyes and frowned a little.

"Why do you look so sad?" she mumbled to him as black took over her vision.


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