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They were the first heroes to return alive to Half-Blood Hill since Luke, so of course everybody treated them as if they'd won some reality-TV contest. According to camp tradition, they wore laurel wreaths to a big feast prepared in their honor, then led a procession down to the bonfire, where they got to burn the burial shrouds their cabins had made for them in their absence.

Annabeth's shroud was so beautiful - gray silk with embroidered owls - Percy told her it seemed a shame not to bury her in it. She punched him and told him to shut up as Andi laughed.

Being the son of Poseidon, Percy didn't have any cabin mates, so the Ares cabin had volunteered to make his shroud. They'd taken an old bed sheet and painted smiley faces with X'ed-out eyes around the border, and the word LOSER painted really big in the middle.

It was fun to burn in Percy's opinion.

The same was with Andi since she had no cabin mates too, so Cabin Ten volunteered to do it. It was hot pink satin with baby blue trimming and it had an embroidered eagle and dove on it, each bird holding a torch.

Andi was gleeful in burning the 'evil' color.

As Apollo cabin led the sing-along and passed out s'mores, Percy was surrounded by his old Hermes cabin mates (they were joking about Andi's new YouTube fame from her cursing out Ares), Annabeth's friends from Athena, Andi hanging with Aphrodite cabin, telling about the quest, and Grover's satyr buddies, who were admiring the brand-new searcher's license he'd received from the Council of Cloven Elders. The council had called Grover's performance on the quest "Brave to the point of indigestion. Horns-and-whiskers above anything we have seen in the past."

The only ones not in a party mood were Clarisse and her cabin mates, whose poisonous looks told both Percy and Andi they'd never forgive them for disgracing their dad.

No skin off their nose, the guy was a Class-A jerk.

Even Dionysus' welcome-home speech wasn't enough to dampen their spirits. "Yes, yes, so the little brats didn't get themselves killed and now they'll have even bigger heads. Well, huzzah for that. In other announcements, there will be no canoe races this Saturday..."

On the Fourth of July, the whole camp gathered at the beach for a fireworks display by cabin nine. Being Hephaestus's kids, they weren't going to settle for a few lame red-white-and-blue explosions. They'd anchored a barge offshore and loaded it with rockets the size of Patriot missiles. According to Annabeth, who'd seen the show before, the blasts would be sequenced so tightly they'd look like frames of animation across the sky. The finale was supposed to be a couple of hundred-foot-tall Spartan warriors who would crackle to life above the ocean, fight a battle, then explode into a million colors.

As Annabeth, Andi, and Percy were spreading a picnic blanket, Grover showed up to tell them good-bye. He was dressed in his usual jeans and T-shirt and sneakers, but in the last few weeks he'd started to look older, almost high-school age. His goatee had gotten thicker. He'd put on weight. His horns had grown at least an inch, so he now had to wear his rasta cap all the time to pass as human.

"I'm off," he said. "I just came to say ... well, you know."

Percy was both happy and sad to see him go. Happy he got his license but sadden to see who he considered his oldest friend leaving.

Annabeth gave him a hug. She told him to keep his fake feet on.

Andi did the same, telling him to stay out of trouble and to always hit below the belt if he was.

Percy asked him where he was going to search first.

"Kind of a secret," he said, looking embarrassed. "I wish you could come with me, guys, but humans and Pan ..."

"We understand," Annabeth said. "You got enough tin cans for the trip?"


"And you remembered your reed pipes?" Andi added.

"Jeez, Annabeth, Andi," he grumbled. "You're like a pair of old mama goats."

But he didn't really sound annoyed.

"Someone's got to look out for my favorite goat." Andi shot back with a grin, giving him another half-hug.

He ruffled Andi's hair and gripped his walking stick and slung a backpack over his shoulder. He looked like any hitchhiker you might see on an American highway - nothing like the little runty boy that Andi would defend from bullies on the playground.

"Well," he said, "wish me luck."

He gave Annabeth and Andi another hug. He clapped Percy on the shoulder, then headed back through the dunes.

Fireworks exploded to life overhead: Hercules killing the Nemean lion, Artemis chasing the boar, George Washington (who, by the way, was a son of Athena) crossing the Delaware.

"Hey, Grover," Percy called.

The goat boy turned at the edge of the woods.

"Wherever you're going, I hope they make good enchiladas."

Grover grinned, and then he was gone, the trees closing around him.

"We'll see him again," Annabeth said, Andi snorted at that.

"No duh, like he could ever get rid of us." She grinned wildly as Annabeth smiled to her.

Percy wanted to believe them, but he was still worried. No searcher had ever come back in like a thousand years or something. But he just had a feeling that Grover would be the first.

Andi woke up in her cabin, stretching cat-like from the bed she was in.

Yes, bed, after the whole quest thing, Annabeth came through in the end and hit a homerun. No more sleeping on the floor for this girl! Seriously, forget buying a house, she was going to have Annabeth build one for her, with an unlimited budget. Being rich was amazing at times.

Behind a set of bronze doors, was a large separate room in the cabin of Zeus (and away from that statue). There was a dresser and closet on the opposite side of the door, a television (she missed her Doctor Who) and couch on the left side of the room. On the right side of the room held a large king size bed (guess why) with silk sheets as the mosaic sky rumbled softly. To the side of the bed another small room that held a bathroom and shower (filled with all the stuff she 'borrowed' from the Lotus Casino) and a nightstand. Off in the corner was a pole perch for Hedwig, who was sleeping too.

On the side of the wall hung her spoils of war, her Drakon knife, that snake lady's helmet, Crusty's brass axe, even the broken part of Ares' shield she managed to get Grover to snag while she distracted the cops. Even her trophy from that cake eating contest in the Lotus.

It was really good cake.

Andi moved out of bed and had a quick shower. She changed into a CHB tee-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. She had grown again, she was now five three and very proud of herself. She put on her new shoes, a pair of runner kicks as she grabbed her hoodie.

The lightning girl walked up to Hedwig and ruffled her feathery head, "Big day today girl." She said to her friend while putting her hoodie on.

After a quick breakfast, Andi went to the Big House to talk to Chiron.

"No." was the answer the trainer gave to her question, getting Andi to frown.

"Why not?" she asked, some bite in her tone.

The wheelchair man shook his head, trying to think up the best words, "Andi, you've already been out during a quest, you cannot just leave the camp on a whim."

"It's not a whim." Andi retorted, her voice tight with her knuckles white, "I, I need to get my stuff from there." She spat out.

"Oh?" Chiron asked, eyebrow raised, "And nothing else?" he asked, seeing the small sparks from her fisted hands, "Andromeda, listen to me, please." He said in a teacher tone, "You now know your heritage, your scent is out, and while monsters mainly stay in American as most demigods are mainly here, other monsters are still all over the world." He lectured, "Just letting you go ho-" Andi glowered at him and he corrected, "There…sending you alone would be unsafe."

"Then let me take Bethy or something! Bet she would love to be in another country." Andi argued, "I got a lot of school stuff and essays to write. All my books are there, my broom, everything that's mine."

Actually, that wasn't the problem the trainer had, his concern was what action the daughter of Zeus would take against her relatives now that she was trained. While Zeus was indeed the god of justice, he was known to deviate between justice and his own personal 'justice'. He did not wish Andi to have that same thinking with a clear chance of distributing her own 'justice' on those that had wronged her.

Still…everyone deserved the chance to close the door to their inner demons, hm, "I'll assign a senior camper to accompany you and Annabeth as well. But," he said in a stern tone, "you are to retrieve your belongings and leave, nothing more. Is that understood?"

"Yeah," Andi said, her feet shifting a bit under his gaze, "got it. So do we go on a plane or something?"

"Good and no." He said, rolling out of the house and changing into his centaur form, "Follow me for a moment." He said, trotting to the campfire that a young girl was poking at.

"We've had a few Hogwarts students before." The trainer told Andi, "So the campfire is connected to the floo network. A design between Lady Hestia and Hecate."

"Wow," Andi smiled, "That's cool."

"Indeed, and only demigods can get back here so mortals cannot unless given permission of course." He added.

Andi looked at the strong campfire, "So we have floo powder?"

"Not exactly," Chiron said, looking kindly towards the young girl who giggled and snapped her fingers, making the fire turn floo fire green.

"Whoa, how'd you do that?" Andi asked the girl, and noticed for the first time, her eyes were lit on fire.

Wait, what?

Yeah, her eyes were of red fire, but not of rage and bloodlust like Ares, no, these made Andi's heart feel so welcomed and at peace from their warm and cozy gaze. The girl looked eight years with mousy-brown hair. She was wearing a simple brown dress and a red hairband.

"I thought Mr. D was the only god here." Andi said to Chiron.

"No," the gir-goddess, answered in a matured voice that seemed to wrap Andi in a blanket of comfort, "I am Hestia, goddess of the hearth, home, and family." She said with a kind smile, "Hello Andromeda."

"Um, hi." Andi waved weakly, man she hoped the goddess hadn't heard her little girl comment from day one. Talk about embarrassing.

"Though," the goddess said as a frown came upon her young face, "I do have some words for you, niece." She said, standing up and assumed some lecture pose, which looked really out of place on an eight year old by the way, and said, "Like that mouth of yours young lady." Her voice grew sterner, "First from your fit after you were claimed and then on the news, of all things." Her finger was wagging now as she continued to lecture Andi on her mouth.

Odd thing was that Andi was shrinking under the scolding as Hestia seemed to get bigger, even though she was still in the form of a child. After a good ten minutes, Andi was shaking, scary, yeah, that was the perfect word to describe her aunt. She'd take dealing with Hera any day right now!

"Auu." Andi whimpered after Hestia paused.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes! Yes! I promise I won't swear anymore!" Andi shouted out in fear, wishing she had a blanket to hide under.

Hestia's stern frown turned into a pleased smile and nodded, "Good." She said with her small fists on her hips, "And another thing."

Chiron coughed in his hand, getting the two females to look at him, "Andi, I would suggest getting Annabeth." He said, giving the daughter of Zeus an out.

If she was into that kind of stuff, she would have given Chiron a kiss on the cheek right there, "Yes!" Andi said, dashing away as fast as she could to Cabin Six.

Hestia huffed, crossing her arms, "I wasn't done."

"Forgive me, Lady Hestia." Chiron said as sincerely as possible.

"It's okay, I guess."

Andi took a breath and shuddered, that was an experience she never wanted to go through again. She knocked on the cabin door and one of Annabeth's siblings opened it and Andi asked for her friend. Annabeth was at the door in a moment and smiled at her, "What's up Andi?"

"Wanna go to England?"

That question stumped the daughter of wisdom, "I'm sorry?"

Andi smirked, "Got to get my stuff from my old place, could use a spare eye for monsters and for carrying stuff. You up for going out of the country or not?" she teased, knowing that Annabeth would love to see out of country.

"…Could we see Big Ben?" the blonde asked in barely concealed excitement.

The lightning girl winced with a hiss, "Sorry, Chiron said only my stuff and back, no sightseeing."

Annabeth deflated at that but nodded nonetheless, "Sure, would be an experience at least."

"You have no idea." Andi muttered, but the blonde heard her, "Well, pack your knife and a book, we're going to England, magical style." She grinned, "You'll love it."

"Sure." Annabeth nodded and was out with her architecture book and knife within moments.

They walked back to the campfire where Chiron was talking to a pretty girl around the age of fourteen or so. She had long black hair and blue eyes and was slim. Andi recognized her, she was Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite.

Out of all her Aphrodite relatives, Andi like Silena the most. She never forced the girly views of her sisters on her, was one of the more fighters of Cabin Ten, and was even helping the legacy with her French, since all of Aphrodite's blood was fluent in it as it was the language of love. Andi could understand and speak it perfectly, but had trouble reading and writing it, but it was kinda fun to learn along with ancient Greek.

"Hi Andi," Silena smiled to the legacy.

The young girl waved as they walked up to the older girl, "Hey Silena, thanks for agreeing to come."

"Oh no worries, besides, going to England sounds fun." The beauty said, but pouted and took a side-glance at the centaur, "Too bad someone says we can't sightsee."

Annabeth gave Chiron a mock glare as well.

The trainer jokingly held his hands up in surrender, "Apologies girls, but it is for the best." He told them.

The Americans pouted more at that.

The fire turned emerald green as the goddess of the hearth continued to poke at it with an iron bar.

"Never seen that before," Annabeth muttered, curious about the change in color.

"It's connected to the floo network. Like magical teleportation." Andi said as she walked into it, getting gasps from the other demigoddesses, "Yes, it can't hurt you. Cool right?"

"Very." Silena nodded, "But how does it work."

"Well, from experience of my own, you need to say the place you want to go in a loud clear voice, like so," the daughter of Zeus explained, "King's Cross station." And the fire ate her.

"Well," Chiron said, getting the two girls attention, "Who's next?" he asked with a ghost of a smile.

"Is this safe?" Annabeth asked, wanting to know if you had to sign a waiver or something.


Silena stepped into the fire next with tentative caution and the fire wasn't even warm, "Um, King's Cross station?" she asked and was swallowed as well.

Annabeth took a gulp. Okay, this wasn't crazy at all. Nope, not at all crazy.

The blonde took a breath and walked into the green fire and sighed in relief that it didn't hurt.

"King's Cross station." Annabeth declared as she was swallowed as well and nearly stumbled out an empty fireplace.

"And she sticks the landing!" the voice of Andi cheered and Annabeth looked over where the shorter girl had her hands in the air with that pixie grin as always, "Welcome to platform nine and three quarters, station for the train to Hogwarts."

"Lucky her," Silena said, rubbing her nose, "I tripped right on my face." She pouted.

"It happens to first timers." The legacy told her.

"But still-!"

Annabeth shook her head saw a clock that read two thirty seven.

"Five hour time zone difference." Andi piped to the blonde, "And to our left, you will see the most awesome train ever." The girl thumbed to the red train that just glimmered.

"Wow." Annabeth awed, it was a beautiful train. She looked around at the well-built station loving the arch designs, very European classic.

"Come on." Andi said, taking charge as the others followed her lead on this as they walked up to a column, "For my next trick." She grinned and walked right through the stone.

"…Magic is awesome." Annabeth said to herself as she poked the column, getting a ripple effect. With a breath, she took the plunge and came out into a bustling mortal train station. Silena followed a second after, looking around the station.

Andi's blue eyes flashed over the station as well, a smile tugging on her lips, "Cabs should be out front." she tilted her head to the side and they headed out the station.

Annabeth passed a newsstand and saw the picture of a man with long black hair and a beard with an insane look in his eyes, "Andi?"

"Yeah?" the girl said as she walked back to her.


Andi did so, squinting her eyes to try and read the paper.

"Sirius Black escaped serial killer." Silena read for the younger girls.

"Geez, what kinda freak does that?" Andi frowned as Silena rubbed her shoulder comfortingly.

"Very sick people, Andi."

"I know, but it seems so dumb." The young girl returned as they left the stand and walked out of the station where a line of cabs were waiting for customers.

"Ah man," the child of the sky frowned, "we don't have any pounds." The girl scolded herself for forgetting something like that.

"Andi," Silena asked her relative, "where are we going?"

"Little Whinging, four Privet drive." The child of Zeus answered in boredom.

Silena smiled as she spoke to the taxi driver for a moment and then waved the girls over and clambered into the yellow car. Andi pouted that Silena took shotgun, she loved shotgun!

"Good news girls, free ride." The head counselor of Cabin Ten winked to them.

"Did you Charmspeak him?" Annabeth asked as the driver just continued to drive them to their location.


"Charmspeak?" Andi asked with a confused tilt of her head.

"It's a type of hypnotic speak that children of Aphrodite have." The older girl explained.

"Cool! When do I get it?"

Silena gave a light giggle. "Sorry, Andi, but only some of mom's children get it, like me."

Andi pouted a pout of epic proportions, brainwashing people? That was like the coolest power ever and she couldn't get it? Lamesauce.

"Though," The black haired girl added, "I've heard you can get it through magical means, so it's possible for you to get it."

Andi's smile was positively face splitting.

Annabeth palmed her face and gave the older girl this look, just begging why she would tell the girl who could throw lightning something like that!

Silena just let out a laugh at the look.

The continued driving for a while until they made it to Little Whinging and reached Andi's former stomping grounds. The British girl would point out various spots, some where she kicked bully butt, where she did something awesome (in her opinion), or some of the sights of the boring town (which was little to nothing).

When they made it to Private drive, Annabeth blanched, geez, talk about attack of the clones…the houses were ghastly (to her) and were all the same, no individuality. It was disturbing to say the least.

"It's so…normal." Silena said, looking around as they drove to number four.

"More like abnormal normal." Annabeth pointed out.

"I've lived here, I know. It's freaky as hell." The sky child said.

The taxi stopped as the daughter of love told the man to wait. All three half-bloods walked up to the door as Andi knocked.

"Just a minute, just a minute!" a male voice said.

"Great, the fatass." Andi sneered quietly as the door opened.

The other two girls wanted to gag. The walrus of a man had a smile on his face until his pig eyes laid on Andi, "Oh, it's you." He sneered.

"Yeah, 'Welcome back, Andi! Only been two months.' Love you too Vernon." The girl sneered back with just as much loathing.

"We thought you fell in a ditch or something."

"You tell the police that?" Andi mocked.

"Didn't feel the need to."

"Lovely as always." Andi mocked some more, "Now move, I'm getting my stuff."

"Don't order me around you little freak." The fat man growled as he looked at the others, "And most of all, we told you to never bring your other freaks here, ever!"

Annabeth bristled at being called a 'freak', she felt sorry for Andi if she had to put up with this for all her life. Silena had a frown on her face, not happy something so gross was calling her of all people a freak. Has he not looked in a mirror?

"Well suck it up," the child of Zeus said, "Wingardium Leviosa." She waved her hand as Vernon hovered inside the home squealing like the pig he was.

"Vernon!" the man's wife cried out and glared daggers at her niece, "You can't use magic! You'll get in trouble!"

"Well, I go to a school for 'delinquents' right?" Andi mocked the woman with a smirk, "Why not break some rules." She said making no mention of the Trace not working on her, "Besides, after I get my stuff I am out of your pitiful life, forever." The lightning child smiled, "I think this might be the best moment of my life, I finally leave you freaks, for good." She spat on the tacky carpet.

A hand rested on her shoulder and she turned to see Silena, "Andi," she said in a soothing tone, "let's just get your stuff." It was why Chiron asked her to come, so Andi didn't go too far with her, well, soon to be detached mortal family.

Andi was silent for a beat and said, "Whatever." She said in a soured tone, nudging her head for Annabeth to follow, "At least your pet pig isn't home, would've love to give him another tail!" She shouted from up the stairs.

"Get me down! Petunia!" Vernon wailed as he was spinning in the air, looking a bit green.

"Sweetie!" the long necked woman screamed back, trying to pull him down.

Silena sighed as the legacy of love was glaring at her as she tried to pull her husband down…the girl could not believe she was related to someone so…she couldn't even think the right word for it.

Annabeth followed the marching Andi to the end of the hallway and they opened what looked like a storage room of sorts for old toys.

"Over here," Andi said as she pointed to her trunk and opened it. It had all her books and such and it and she grabbed as many as her clothes (the ones she had bought, none of her hand-me-downs), grabbed Hedwig's birdcage, and her Nimbus.

"It's so little." Annabeth couldn't help but say. Though the bitter bark Andi let out made her flinch.

"Please, like that'd ever get me anything, all this? Mine, used own money for all this." Andi looked around the room, the one she only had for two summers, "I hate it." She mumbled as her hands were actually shivering, "So much." The lightning girl gritted out as she angrily stuffed her few clothes into the truck and slamming it shut, "Help me?" she asked her friend while grabbing one side.

Annabeth nodded and grabbed the other handle and lifted with her knees.

They walked down the stairs and noticed it was oddly quiet and saw that Vernon and Petunia were just standing there with a blank look to them.

Silena gave a weak smile, "They kept yelling…had to shut them up somehow."

"I love you." Andi said with a beaming smile.


They walked out the house and put the trunk and broom in the trunk of the taxi and put the birdcage in the backseat.

Andi waved her hand and Vernon fell on his large rump, it looked like the house shook a bit from the impact. That got him and Petunia out of their charmspoken trance.

The daughter of Zeus wanted to say something, or even just show them how much of a danger she was…but she didn't. If she did, she would sink to their level.

And she refused to. Andi was better then them, as a human being she always would be. The demigoddesses got into the taxi cab.

Nice and fast, just the way she wanted it to be. Andi did not want to be here any longer then she had too.

As Vernon was shouting something that the demigods ignored, Silena told the driver to leave and they did so.

As the cab drove away, they missed an elderly man in purple robes exiting from the crazy cat lady's house.

Andi was taking shaky breathes in her seat, the seatbelt felt too tight against her chest. She felt as though a giant weight fell off her shoulders too. The sky child just wanted to be out of here and back at her true home, where she was cared for by friends and family.

The young daughter of Zeus didn't even noticed a hand gently grab her own until it was squeezed. Andi turned to Annabeth, who had a small smile on her face.

"If they can't see what an amazing person you are, they aren't worth it." The blonde told her, "Someone very wise told me that once." She smiled to her friend.

Andi blink, a small tear fell from her pretty blue eyes as a tiny smile tugged upon her lips, "They sound really smart." She told Annabeth.

Annabeth smirked and said in return, "Sometimes."

"They'll take what they can get." The raven haired girl chirped.

Silena in the front seat smiled, happy for her relative.

Andi closed the door on her demons, and the world just seemed a little bit brighter now.

It was mid-July now and Andi was nibbling her bottom lip, man this was a pain.

It happened just before dinner, Mr. D had announced the teams for Capture the Flag this coming Friday.

Cabin One versus Cabin Three.

This wonderful idea was brought about by the kind, caring, and gracious members of Cabin Five and Mr. D was all for it, finding it funny.

Blue eyes met green eyes as they knew the game to gain allies was afoot.

Sad for Percy, but wonderful for Andi, was that the son of the sea was predictable, playing right into her chaotic plans…of evil!

*Cue background lightning strike*

The water boy went right to Annabeth, but that would leave the girl conflicted, which of her friends teams she should join.

Well, eventually Percy managed to convince her to join his team. That was fine actually, Andi was eager to go to wits with Annabeth if she was honest.

As Percy went to make his next alliance, he found out that Andi had already roped Cabin's Four and Seven on her side and was already chatting up Cabin Twelve to join her 'epic' team of 'win'.

So he did the next thing Andi predicted, he went to Cabin Eleven to bolster his numbers.

Mwahaha! Like a puppet!

After getting Castor and Pollux to join her, Andi went to Cabin Ten. Now, normally they didn't do much during CTF, but Andi had her own little plans to change that.

You see, a leader at times must make sacrifices and in this case, one's pride.

She told her love relatives if they actually fought in the game, and won, she would allow them to give her a full makeover.

Of course they knew the legacy would never willing do this again, and joined up to join the good fight.

That just left Cabin's Five and Nine. Since Cabin Five hated him, Percy went to the kids of the smith god while Andi went to talk to the Ares kids.

They hated both her and Percy, but Percy was the one who humiliated them in his first CTF game and broke Clarisse's electric spear, so they joined Andi, the lesser of two evils they said.

The week went by fast as it was time for the most anticipated match of the summer.

While Percy was putting his gear on, he turned to see a strange sight. He walked over to Annabeth and asked, "Um, Annabeth, why is Cabin Ten giving me the stink eye?"

"Percy, don't be ridiculous, Cabin Ten doesn't fight."

"Then what's that about?" the boy pointed in a bland tone as a son of Aphrodite ran his thumb across his neck and pointed at Percy.

"…Oh gods," Annabeth whispered, "What did Andi do?"

"I don't think we want to know."


At the same time, Andi was chatting with Will about the plan.

"What is the plan?" Will asked, since only the head consolers' were told it and they would be giving objectives to their cabin mates.

Andi gave him this evil smirk, one that meant something bad was going to happen, "That my dear Will, is simple." Her evil smirk turned into a pure evil smile, "Chaos."


"Chaos. Bethy is a follower of Order, while I am an agent of Chaos, thus we will clash in a battle of wits. She will not see me coming as I will be everywhere yet nowhere." She told her friend in a mysterious tone.

Will just gave her a blank look, "I'm sorry, what?" he was absolutely confused.

Andi just gave him two pats on the cheek, "It's fine. You just can't understand how my noggin works. Not many, if at all any, do." The girl admitted to him with a pixie giggle, "Now, off! For evil!" she exclaimed with an evil laugh as lightning struck in the background.

Will looked at the background and back to Andi, "What was with the lightning?"

"What lightning?" Andi smirked at him as she led her troops into the north side of the woods in a series of whoops and cheers.

"Andi? Andi!" the blond asked as he hurried after her, really confused.

Seriously, strangest girl ever.

…Darn it. Why'd she have to be so cute?

The plan was sound in Percy's head. Annabeth devised this plan over the week, taking in account of all Andi's abilities and known quirks to profile her in a way. Blue team (which Percy knew was his lucky color) had listed Andi as their primary target to take down. Since Andi had mainly gone for the flag during all the CTF games she was in, it was Percy's job to block her off at the creek, where he would be strongest.

Annabeth was going for the red team flag due to her invisible hat. While Hephaestus cabin was in the forest, setting traps with some of Hermes kids to guard their flag.

As for the creek, well, it was a battleground. Both teams were clashing with each other, trying to secure it for their team.

Ares, Aphrodite, and Apollo cabins fought in a wave against the wave of Athena and Hermes cabins. Leading both sides were their respected team leaders, fighting in the center of it all.

The Dionysus kids were nowhere in sight, probably defending the flag with their madness powers as Demeter cabin had broken through a hole in blue team's line that Andi had created with her super scream, or Canary Cry as dubbed by Will Solace, to go for the flag.

Percy and Andi were clashing their swords as the girl had a big grin on her face…and it did nothing but worry Percy. Andi was a weirdo, who knew how that thing she called a brain worked. He certainly didn't.

His water boost was going against her magic boost, each trading rapid blows, but the good part for the son of the sea, any hit he got would heal, while he had to strike harder to wound Andi with her defense.

"Face it Baywatch, I got this in the bag." Andi informed, giggling as she let static run up her sword, shocking him during a deadlock, but the son of Poseidon tanked through it, gritting his teeth as the water healed him.

"You wish!" Percy retorted, pushing her back and went for three slashes that Andi speedily blocked successfully.

"Really? I could just fly and get the flag if I wanted to. Nothing you could do about it."

"You could, but you wouldn't." Percy pointed out as he said the same question to Annabeth during their strategy sessions. He shot a small wave at Andi, but she jumped over it as it hit Mark from Ares, "You like to play fair, so doing that would ruin the victory for you."

Andi hummed in mock thought, "Wow, no way you thought that up. Bethy profiling me?"


The girl nodded as she went for a rapid string of combos that forced Percy on the defensive while she attacked from above, "Thought so. Definitely like her, one of the things I find wonderful in fighting her."

Percy blocked once more and went for the disarming maneuver, but Andi sent him flying a few feet with a gust of wind before he could execute it, "If you want to fight her, she's over there." He pointed out as said blonde was knocking down a daughter of Aphrodite and defended herself from a son of Ares.

"With our heads, not with our bodies, Baywatch." The child of Zeus informed him, since she herself assigned Annabeth as the primary target for her team to take down. The witch made sure she couldn't use that hat of hers by using the summoning charm as soon as she saw the daughter of Athena. The Yankees hat was currently 'misplaced', "Like the old saying, take out the head and the body follows."

Percy was listened as a secondary target because he could be listened as a powerful 'weapon' due to his powers. Andi had listed Luke under the same category for his sword skills and experience. To the daughter of Zeus, Annabeth was by far the most dangerous element on blue team and had to be taken down.

The water child went for an overhead slash as Andi shot into the air and released a powerful wall of wind, sending Percy and a lot of blue team flying, letting red team advance over the creek.

The son of the sea saw this and made a wave from the creek and sent them back to their side as they tried to fight the water. Percy sighed in relief as he succeed and rallied his team the best he could to continue the fight for securing the creek.

It was then that some on blue team started to act a bit loopy, crazy even. Swinging swords and spears at friend and enemy alike.

Andi's eyes widened and shouted, "Clarisse! Make a hole there!" she ordered.

The daughter of war did so as she and her siblings took down all the crazy blue team members and it was then Percy saw something shifting through the water.

It was then Caster and Pollux took off what seemed to be Andi's invisibility cloak, both raising the sea green trident labeled flag as it changed to a wine purple with a Thyrsus printed on it.

Chiron blew the conch horn, "Red team is the victor!" he declared as red team cheered, picking up the Dionysus kids.

Percy shoulders slacked at the lost while Andi gave him a smirk as Annabeth had marched over to them. The daughter of wisdom set her stormy glare at Andi, her hand held out.

The shorter girl smirked and gave her back her hat, "Good game Bethy."

The girl scowled at the loss, "You set it up that way, didn't you?" she accused.

"Hm?" Andi sounded confused, so did Percy in fact.

"You purposely went for the flag all those times, making it seem like you always wanted the win." Annabeth said and she rolled up her hat in her hands, "That way, people would think to always stop you during a match. But eventually, you would switch it up!" the daughter of wisdom admitted to the genius of the plan but was mentally scolding herself for falling for it.

Andi Evans, a crazed strategic genius.

"Annabeth," Percy said, "I mean, sure, Andi's smart, but not even she could-" he was cut off by a devious pixie giggle and looked to see the haughty look Andi had on her face.

"Yes, I did." She admitted, getting Annabeth to grit her teeth and Percy to gap, "I knew I would fight you eventually Bethy, so I set myself up as a selfish winner, wanting it all for myself." Her smirked turned evil, "Which led you to assume I would go for it again when I went against you. I'm not against a team win, as long as it is a win. Like I told Will, I am Chaos, you are Order, you will never understand how my noggin works." The lightning girl gave a wink, "Let's play again sometime," she giggled as she dashed away to celebrate her team's victory.

It was officially, to Percy and Annabeth, the daughter of Zeus was insane/a genius.

The blonde headed back to her cabin to go over what went wrong as Percy scratched the back of his head.

Yeah, he was glad Andi wasn't his enemy.

She was scary.


"Oh, sorry. That hurt?" Will asked in concern.

Andi shook her head, "No, no, that felt really good."

"Oh, okay. So, how about here?"

"Ooh." Andi moaned out, "Definitely good."

"Well, now I know where to focus on."

"Yes, oh, you do. Seriously, how are you this good." The daughter of the sky said with a pleasing sigh.

"Well to be honest, I read it in a book." The son of the sun answered.

"No, no, you've had to have experience before. Come on, tell me."

"Well, when my mom got home from work, she's a cardiac surgeon, she was always stressed out. So I thought of what I could do to help here out."

"And you learned to do this?" Andi smirked slyly, "Aw, aren't you a good boy."

Will flushed slightly at the complement, "Yeah, um, thanks."

"Anytime," Andi said, her face looking bliss, "Yeah, right there."

Will was behind her, and ground his elbow by the short girl's shoulder blade as he gave her a massage, "You are seriously tensed. When was the last time you just relaxed?"

It was just after archery practice and Andi had pulled a muscle since she had been practicing really hard after the lightning bolt quest, wanting to better herself before the school year come around. Being surround by a bunch of medics at the time, Lee pushed Will forward and told the younger blond to check her over thoroughly.

For some reason, Will went red in the face at the wording of it Andi noted.

After a few minutes to see what the problem was, the child of the medicine god diagnosed that Andi was pushing her still growing body too hard, much to her chagrin. She was a well-oiled machine!

Didn't stop Chiron from instructing her to take things easy for a few days (do her summer homework), rest was also very important after all.

"Um, two years ago?"

"Why that long?"

"Well, when you go to a school that somehow always ends up with you saving the day and getting hurt, you tend to stay alert."

"…And this is a school?"

"A magical one!"

"So life and death situations are the norm in magical schools?"

"No, just for me it seems."

"Lucky you."

"I know. Trouble loves me. Anyway, whatever girl you end up with is going to be really lucky if you can do this."

"Really now?" Will mused.

"Without a doubt." She chirped.

"Whatever you say, Supergirl."

The wind girl frowned at the name.

"Something wrong?" Will asked with a blink, as he laid back on the grass with his palms since he finished.

Andi contemplated the question for a moment, "Kinda, it's just…I'm not a 'Supergirl'. I was some ordinary kid, pushed into one weird situation after another. And now? Well, people think I have to be the best in everything, or they expect me to with who my dad is."

Will gained a thoughtful look at her answer and was quiet as a breeze passed by, making their hair sweep a bit.

"Well, Supergirl started out rough and had worked herself to be better," the blond pointed out, "I bet you can too. That's why I'll call you that." He smiled at her.

Andi didn't know why, but her face felt warm at the compliment. She turned her head to the side, "Um, yeah, wh-whatever." She mumbled out. Stupid pretty boy saying stupid things.

Will blinked in confusion at her reply.

"So!" Andi said quickly, wanting to change the subject, "You were going to show me some more music?"

"Oh sure," Will nodded, "Still, it's hard to figure what kind of music you like. Your tastes keep bouncing around."

Andi flushed, "Well, there's so much music and I've never really heard that much before."

"…Now that is just a crime we are going to have to fix." Will said in a mock serious tone.

"Fix away!"

It turned out that Andi had a liking for pop and ska. They were just so upbeat and fun!

Will shuffled through his I-Pod settings and asked, "Isn't your birthday coming up?"

"Yup." Andi smiled, "I think I'll have a good one this time."

"You haven't had a good birthday before?" the blond boy asked, a small frown on his face.

"Well, maybe one when I was eleven and I found out I was a witch, but other than that…" she trailed off with a weak laugh.

Will frowned a bit but smiled brightly, "Well, I'm sure your first B-Day at camp will be amazing."

Andi gave him a smile, "I hope so too."

Finally, it was July thirty-first and Andi turned thirteen. She had a small party with her friends as they hung out by the lake. Will, Annabeth, Katie, Silena, and Percy were all there, everyone just talking and laughing until it was time for presents.

"So, you wrote to your friends, right Andi?" Silena asked as she handed a wrapped back in green and blue paper.

Andi nodded cheerfully as she took the box, "Yeah, I'll be seeing them in Diagon Alley in a week to catch up." She opened and paper and then the box and cheered. Inside were a new pair of blue hi-tops, "You are the best, in like ever!" she said to her relative.

The love child shrugged, "I knew how much you loved them, so it was simple to know what you would like."

"Still, thanks. I mean it."


Annabeth was next as she held up a brown wrapped bundle in gold-ish yellow twine. Andi took it and opened to see a book, in ancient Greek of course, and it was a book about monsters.

"Something to look over during the school year," the blonde told her friend, "Descriptions and weakness of a lot of monsters are in there."

"Definitely helpful." Andi nodded to that.

"Wow, stake that homework she has higher, Wise Girl."

"You could learn to show some diligence, Seaweed Brain."

The group laughed at the banter between the wise and sea children.

Andi opened the book and something fell out, "Huh?" she said and picked up what looked like a picture, and what was on it make her breath hitch, "Bethy, I-"

Annabeth held up her hand to stop her, "I thought you would like it, you know, for luck." She said with a soft smile, "I made a copy from mine." She added.

It was a picture of Thalia in all her punk princess glory, smiling to the camera while at a food stand called All American Hamburger, as she herself was eating a cheeseburger.

Andi's heart warmed as she sniffled a bit and tucked the picture back into the book with utmost care. She'd find a better spot for it later. After wiping a stray tear, the party continued.

Katie gave her a potted plant that held a bundle of yellow lilies, something to brighten up her cabin. Percy tossed her a wrapped bundle in blue paper.

Andi opened it and saw a hoodie. She put it on and the hood. Her eye twitched as she put her hands on her hips, "Percy?"

"Yeah?" asked the sea child, who was trying his best not to laugh.

"What am I wearing!?"

The daughter of Zeus was in a yellow hoodie that had three brown stripes going horizontal on the back and a zigzag tail attached to the bottom, but it was the hood that was the best part (for Percy that is). On the hood was too long ears with brown tips.

The Jackson boy got her a Pikachu hoodie.

The group couldn't take it anymore as they cracked up at the sight of it, even more so as Andi was sparking from her cheeks in annoyance at their fits of giggles and chuckles.

"Stop laughing!" she demanded and very maturely stomped her foot, "Stop!" she whine with a pouty look and continued to spark.

*Snap* A camera went off and Andi turned to face a smiling Will, who was holding a camera in his hand, "Pokémon Snap anyone?" he asked, waving the camera a bit.

Andi turned positively red in the face as everyone literally fell on their backs in laughter.

"My sides!" Percy cried out as he was holding them.

Andi looked ready to cook him with her static.

The son of the sea was so glad Cabin Ten made it for him. This moment was just too priceless and they agreed to it since it would be adorable on Andi according to them.

As the laughter died down, Percy jokingly asked why she hadn't taken the hoodie off yet.

Andi retorted that it was comfortable and that was the only reason why. Not because it was cute or anything. Psh, yeah right.

It was Will's turn and he handed the last present to the birthday girl.

The daughter of Zeus unwrapped the silver and gold paper and pulled up a blue tee-shirt and flushed a little as a pretty smile came to her face. On the shirt with a large red S in a shield-like pattern.

"Thanks Will," the daughter of lightning said in a shy tone.

The son of the sun just waved it off, "No prob, Supergirl."

Katie giggled as Silena's eyes twinkled, super scoop for the gossip mill. Percy just shrugged, it was a cool shirt he guessed. Annabeth was blinking in surprise as a small smile came on her face as she looked at the two blue eyed demigods, oh that was adorable.

It was time for cake and it was lathered in blue frosting along with columns and arches made out of sugar with black berries decorated around it. Andi's name was in white frosting on top along with Happy Birthday in ancient Greek with thirteen candles.

"It looks great guys." Andi smiled softly as warmth filled her heart. Camp really was a place for family, she was so happy to be staying here, she really was.

"It was a group effort." Annabeth declared as Katie and Silena glared at her.

"Please, we had to kick you out as soon as we started decorating." The daughter of Demeter said.

"No, no, Katie," Silena said, imitating Annabeth's voice, "The black berries need to be separated by an inch by the measure of their circumference, not by every inch."

Katie played along and tutted, "Silena, these are Victorian columns, we're Greek, go for the home team. And what are with these arches!?"

"Okay!" Annabeth threw her hands in the air, "I get it, you two made the cake, happy?" she asked with pink cheeks.

"It's like the gingerbread house building contest from last Christmas all over again."

"Silena!" Annabeth exclaimed, going red in the face.

"Something you want to confess, Chase?"

"I will break you Jackson, shut up."

The water boy did, but it didn't stop the smile on his face that just agitated Annabeth further.

"Well thank you, Bethy."

"…Stop smirking, now."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Said the smirking Andi.

Annabeth just crossed her arms and pouted.

They started to eat the cake as Will had his I-Pod speakers going with some music as the demigods just enjoyed the beautiful day.

It was moments later a brown owl swept by, dropping a letter right onto Andi's lap.

"…Is that seriously how wizard mail works?" Percy asked, his voice bewildered, seriously, owls?

"I think that might be animal abuse," Annabeth pointed, "using owls for forced labor."

"Isn't that what carrier pigeons were used for?" Will countered.

"Well, yes, but still." Annabeth pointed at the uncaring use of her mother's sacred animal, you'd think they would use something more humane by now.

As Annabeth was pouting, Andi was reading the letter she had received. It was after a minute that her blue eyes went as wide as saucers and dropped the letter in shock. She had let out the biggest girliest squeal you'd have ever heard from her, one that she would no doubt deny ever happened in the future.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" She exclaimed and did a flip in the air out of sheer joy.

"Andi," Silena said, "What happened?" she had never seen the legacy of love this excited before.

"Eve Knight." She told the group of friends, as she was literally shaking in excitement, "Eve bloody Knight." And let out another squeal she would deny in the future.

"Who's Eve Knight?" Annabeth asked curiously.

Andi gave the blonde an incredulously look, like she said a Percy.

Instantly, Annabeth felt insulted by the look and flustered, "What?" she asked snappishly.

Andi shook her head, "Sorry, not a magical." She took a deep breath, "Eve Knight is…well, oh gods, she's the witch every girl wants to be." She started off and counted on her fingers, "Dueling Champion at age twenty, considered one of the best, if not best, potioneer in the world, magical archeologist, considered the second most beautiful bachelorette by Witches Weekly, and the Headmistress of Salem Magical Academy for girls. And she has done all this by the age of twenty seven." She finished, bouncing up and down on her heels, "And she wants me to go to her school!" Andi gushed, looking like she was going to explode.

The demigods had to admit, that was an impresses resume.

"So," Will started, "basically she's kinda like Lara Croft, right?"


"Tomb Raider." The son of the sun told the daughter of lightning, but she still had this confused look, "I'll tell you later."


"Is someone dying?" the urgent voice of Chiron said, galloping up to them, "I heard a girlish scream of agony." He said in fret.

"No," Andi said as she pointed, "it was just Baywatch."

"I did not!"

"Percy, it's okay to admit you scream like a girl."

The son of Poseidon scowled, "…Eve Knight." He told her, his voice annoyed.

Andi let out another fangirl squeal.

Chiron sighed in relief, "Well, at least no one's dying," he muttered to himself.

Katie, who had picked up the letter to try and read it, turned to her friend, "Andi?"


"This is in ancient Greek." The daughter of agriculture turned the paper around for all to see, and indeed, it was in ancient Greek.

"Huh." the sky child said, taking the letter, "How'd Eve Knight know to send it in ancient Greek?"

"Well, I would assume so since Eve had heard about you, Andi." Chiron mention after getting over his relief.


"Well, Eve is one of the camps graduates you could say, I believe she just turned thirty two."

"Wait," Percy said, "you mean we live past twenty?" he asked, he had only ever seen kids as demigods, never an adult, so he was both shocked and optimistic to hear that some could make it pass that age.

"Why of course, Percy," Chiron smiled and turned to Andi, "Eve is one of the finest students I've ever had in the arts of herbs and potions."

"Whose daughter is she, Chiron?" asked Silena, curious.

"She is a daughter of Hermes."

"Wow," Andi smiled, "no wonder she's so good with potions."

"Yes," the trainer nodded, "but even then, her skills with alchemy and potions were far more advance then any of her siblings, even to this day I've yet to see another child of the messenger god hold such skills."

"Amazing," Annabeth said, she had seen some of the potions and stuff Cabin Eleven had made, and for this woman to be even better than them all? It was stunning to hear.

Chiron told Andi, "As I was saying, she must have heard about whose child you are, Andi," the archer explained, "Eve has gotten a lot of criticism over the years for gaining her Headmistress' position so young, other heads of schools, who are far older and 'wiser' have never been fairly kind even if Salem is now consider a top rival for Hogwarts educational wise under her teachings."

Andi frowned, that was terrible, she sounded so amazing, but then the girl remember that people are easily jealous of those who succeed, "But what does that have to do with me?"

"Simple," the centaur sighed out, "If Eve could pouch-"

"You mean steal," Katie pointed out, arms crossed.

The archer gave a laugh, "Yes, steal you right from under Albus Dumbledore's nose, it would shut up many. Believe it or not, your name carries a lot of clot with your status as the-"

"Girl-Who-Lived…yeah, I know." The daughter of Zeus frowned, hating that stupid and pointless name. It was her mum who had defeated that bastard, not her, Lily Potter should be hailed as a true hero, not Andi Potter, the fake hero. But she did feel hurt that Eve Knight only wanted her at her school for something like that, certainly took the dazzle out of her awe for the woman.

"She's not like that." Chiron told the young girl after seeing her sullen face, "While indeed, Eve can get that from you joining her school, she mainly sends this invitation to all young magical demigoddess. She's an excellent trainer and has trained many a fine demigoddess for both magic and monster slaying. It's really routine by now." He explained, not wanting one of his star prospects to be seen lower than her noble intentions.

"Oh." The sky child said, not sure what to think, but would trust Chiron's word. But still, another new venue was open to her. Salem, a magical school in America…but what about her friends in Hogwarts?

But Eve Knight!

Ugh, why did so many amazing things have to be open to her? It was so hard to choice what was best and/or right!

Shaking her head, Andi was suddenly hit with the thought of leaving Hermione and Ron at Hogwarts…now she had a major decision to make.

Lifetime opportunity or best friends.

She hated decisions like this.

Andi was in a cute sleeveless white blouse, purple short shorts, and had her new hi-tops as she was eating a strawberry sundae at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. Which she got for free mind you since she, Andi Potter (Evans), just seating there was good for business apparently.

"Andi!" a voice cried out as the young daughter of the sky was tackled by a brown haired missile, making Andi drop her spoon that held the cherry of the sundae to the ground.

"No! The cherry! Mione why?!" Andi demanded as she was pulled in a choking hug, "Mione! Air!" she wheezed out, oh the irony of that statement.

Hermione Jean Granger released the hug but left her hands firmly planted on Andi's shoulders, "You idiot!" she shouted to her best friend, tears of worry in her eyes.

"…Okay, yes, you get better grades then me, but I am no idiot." Andi gave a pretty pout.

"We thought you got kidnapped, or hurt, or-! Professor Dumbledore personally came to see me in Paris to see if you contacted me." She hugged her friend tightly again, "I was so worried, you idiot." The girl hiccup a bit.

"Aw, Mione, don't cry." Andi said soothingly, giving a hug back making her friend miss the frown at the mention of Dumbledore. Yeah, that was going to be an issue. But between the two girls, Hermione was always the more emotional one. Kind of funny seeing who Andi was related to, "Like I said in the letter, I was with family in the states."

"Well, you should have said something sooner." The brunette said stubbornly.

"Geez, you want some ice cream to eat? Make you feel better~"

Hermione gave one last sniffle as she released the hug and wiped her eyes, "I think that's only you."

"Nonsense! Ice cream makes everything better." Andi proclaimed as if it was a holy truth of the universe.

Hermione rolled her eyes, yep, same old Andi…but, "You've gotten taller." She told her friend, and prettier. Andi was always pretty, but she seemed to be glowing now, like a fairy almost.

Andi puffed up her budding chest in pride, "Glad you noticed."

"And your eyes, why are they-?"

"Electric blue? Well, there was this eye color spell and I wanted to try it out." Andi jokingly batted her lashes, "I think they look great."

"Okay, yes they do." Hermione nodded but noticed the biggest thing on Andi's face that made her mouth gap, "Where's your scar?!"


"Gone?! But, but that was given to you by the killing curse!"

"It healed."

"It healed?! But-that, explain!"

Andi rolled her eyes, "Mione, I know you love knowledge like a good little owlet, but even I don't know what happened." She lied easily.


"Guys! Hey!" shouted Ron from the distance.

Saved by the ginger, Andi inwardly sighed in relief.

The Supergirl turned to see her friend and blanched, the boy got even taller. What was he? Gigantor!

"Stupid height vampire." The sky child mumbled and crossed her arms as the lanky boy was standing before the girls.

"Yo Andi, glad to hear ya okay mate." He said as they hugged hello.

"Seriously, I fought a Basilisk (Drakon). I can handle myself just fine guys."

And a god, but that was an entirely different matter.

"Yes, yes, you keep telling us." Hermione smiled and ruffled her friend's raven locks, "You grew it out?"

"Yeah, I felt like it. You like?"

"Very nice, it's cute on you. Finally decided to be more girly?" the brunette with teased.

Ron snorted, "Yeah, Andi, girly." He said in disbelief, "Next you'll say she'll start talking about blokes."

Andi snorted also, "Yeah right!" the tomboy and boy shared good laughed as Hermione huffed.

It could happen.

"Still," Ron said getting his chuckles out, "Mum was in a right fit when she heard you went missing. Wanted to come but I managed to get the twins to set off stuff elsewhere. Knew you'd hate her coddling you."

Andi nodded thankful to that, while she loved Mrs. Weasley, she disliked the overbearing. The daughter of Zeus disliked being coddled, after living like she had, it felt too alien for her.

They settled at the table of the parlour, just talking about what they did during the summer. Ron went to Egypt while Hermione went to Paris.

"So how was it?" Ron asked with a mouthful of ice cream.

"Chew Ronald." Hermione wrinkled her nose, even though she should be used to it by now, "Et c'était incroyable (And it was amazing)." The girl said in her best French.

"Bon pour vous (Good for you)." Andi said with a lopsided grin as she spoke flawless French, getting her friends to look at her in surprise. The raven haired witch shrugged, "French was an elective at camp. It was easy to pick up."

"I had trouble picking it up." Hermione pouted to her.

"Aw, is someone jealous~?"

"Huh?! Of-Of course not!" Hermione denied hotly with pink cheeks.

Ron snickered, "Think she is."

"Oh be quiet Ron." The hot tempered witch pouted as she indulged in her ice cream, hoping it would cool her heated cheeks.

The other two just snickered as they poked fun at their friend.

"Well, you guys are not going to believe what I got in the mail."

"Hm?" "What?"

Andi pulled the Eve Knight letter (which she charmed into English) and handed it to Hermione.

The intelligent witch read the letter with swiftness and dropped the letter in shock, "No way." She whispered.

"Wha?" Ron asked as he took the letter to read himself and palmed his face.

"Way." Andi nodded and Hermione let out a fangirl squeal and she jumped out her seat and both girls hugged, jumping up and down as Ron groaned.

"What is with this obsession you two have with this woman?" he asked.

"What about you and your Quidditch obsession?" Andi mocked back.

"Hey! It's the best sport in the world!"

Andi snickered, "Psh, I think the muggles would greatly disagree with you on that one."

"Still, Eve Knight!" Hermione exclaimed.

"I know!"

"Eve Knight!"

"I know!"

"Oh Merlin!" Ron threw his hands in the air, "Give it a rest."

Andi maturely retorted with a "Bleh!" sticking her tongue out at the boy as Hermione but her hands on her hips, sternly.

"Ron, Andi just got the golden ticket of invitations! This is an amazing opportunity for her."

Ron frowned at that, "Yeah, and leave Hogwarts." He pointed out, getting the bushy haired witch to flinch. She got so caught up in the moment that she forgot about that. The girl turned to her friend, her excitement gone.

"That…He's right. You'd, you'd have to leave us." She said in a soft and sad tone. While this would be amazing for Andi, she honestly didn't want her best friend to leave.

"I know." Andi said in a soft tone and grabbed her hand as she walked over to Ron and grabbed his, "And I made my decision the day after I got the letter." The daughter of the sky said, "I could never leave you guys. Ever." She informed with a serene smile, getting a tight hug from Hermione, heck, even Ron joined in.

"Glad to hear that, mate." The ginger said as he released and hug and sat back down, "Bet it ain't that great anyway."

"They have their own five star spa."

"…Still nothin' impressive." Ron said in a weaker tone, being stubborn.

The brunette gave one more hug and returned to her seat as Andi took her own, "Spa or not, I'm really happy to hear you're staying Andromeda, I mean it."

Andi winked at her, "Please, I'd be nothing without my brain and brawn." She smirked at them, getting big smiles back.

"What's that make you?"

The raven haired girl turned to her guy friend, "The face that sells it all, duh." She snickered.

The friends laughed in merriment as they just continue to catch up.

After they finished eating, they got their money from the bank and started to shop around for their supplies. And as per Hermione's request, they stopped by Flourish and Blotts for their books first after they had to go to Madam Malkin's for a robe refitting, or at least Andi and Ron had to, but also because there were new uniforms this year.

"Still can't believe you're leavin' me alone Andi," Ron pouted as they entered the book store.

Andi huffed, "Just because you wanted an easy O by going to Divination, doesn't mean I want an easy grade. With Ancient Runes, I can apply to a lot of things and it will far more useful then reading tea leaves." The girl snorted, the only seers she trusted were those with actually seer blood in them! Like Cabin Seven or the Oracle she had yet to meet.

Ron crossed his arms and pouted further as Hermione nodded, proud of her friend taking her studies seriously.

"Still, this monster book thing sounds weird." The boy added as Andi tapped the bell for the manager.

"Yes?" the elderly man asked, "Hogwarts?" he asked further.

The students nodded, "Three Monster Book of Monsters, please." Hermione asked and the man looked like he wanted to cry then and there.

The manager grumbled irritable and suited up in a pair of thick gloves and grabbed a knobby walking stick, "Come on." He bemoaned as they trekked into the store. They reached a cage of grey-brown books with teeth and beady yellow eyes attacking each other.

"Down! Down you beasts!" the manager cried out, beating them as paper was flying everywhere.

"Who the hell would make us get books like these!" Andi exclaimed, seriously, this was a lawsuit waiting to happen!

The manager kept hitting them to calm them down until Andi stepped forward and put her hand under of the steel cage, letting out a static shock. The books squealed into submission and calmed down.

"Andi," Hermione blinked as Ron was gaping, "How did-?"

"Oh thank ya missus Potter," The manager cried out, shaking her hand feverishly with his thick gloves, "Thank ya most kindly, for you and your friends, the books ya need are on the house!" he shouted in tears, probably glad he didn't have to take out the books while they rampaged.

He took out three docile books and secured the buckles on them tightly and handed them to the Golden Trio, the one Andi had was shaking in fear.

Smart book.

The manager raced around the store, getting them their books and thanked Andi once more as they left the store to pick up their uniforms.

"What was with the lightning, mate?" Ron asked, awe in his tone.

"It must have been a spell," Hermione noted, but her eyes were narrowed towards her friend, "But you didn't use a wand, an incantation, anything. Well, Andi?" she said in a stern tone that made the daughter of the sky flinch.

"It was a simple defensive taser spell. All young witches should know it."


"I'm serious!"


Ah! Not the glare, it made Bethy's seem so insignificant! Or maybe because it was integrated in her when she was a little younger to fear Hermione's stern glare and tone. Thank gods she had nothing on Aunt Hestia though.

That was a whole new level of scary.

"Fine!" the lightning girl moaned and held up her hand and blue static sparked around it, getting her friends to go bug eyed at the spectacle, "I learn over the summer that I have electrokinesis." She half-truthed, she couldn't tell her friends, at least, not yet, "Some kind of branch of my magic, part of my dad's side of the family." She added, well, she wasn't wrong. They thought James was her dad and since he's dead, it couldn't be confirmed. So it was the perfect cover.

"That's wicked." Ron grinned as Andi nodded back with an even wider grin.

Hermione on the other hand was scanning her as usual when she thought the Seeker was lying and huffed, "Fine, but still, I would like to look into this. It sounds very interesting."

"Oh it is, Mione, it is." Andi said with a sly smile.

Andi finally handed them the postcards and snow globes from Waterland as they went to get their uniforms. She got thanks for them as Hermione wanted to ask questions about what rides she went on and Ron asked what a waterpark was.

Finally, they picked up the new uniforms and said their goodbyes.

It was time to go home.

The last night of the summer session came all too quickly.

The campers had one last meal together. They burned part of their dinner for the gods. At the bonfire, the senior counselors awarded the end-of-summer beads.

Andi and Percy got their own leather necklaces, and when they saw the bead for their first summer, both kids of the Big Three were grinning at one another. It was a pitch black bead. In the center of it was a blue lightning bolt and a green trident crossed with a white Omega symbol (the symbol of Olympus) in the middle of them. Didn't want to bruise an ego with whose symbol was crossed over the other after all.

"The choice was unanimous," Luke announced. "This bead commemorates the first Daughter of the Sky God and the Son of the Sea God at this camp, and the quest they undertook into the darkest part of the Underworld to stop a war!"

The entire camp got to their feet and cheered. Even Ares' cabin felt obliged to stand. Athena's cabin steered Annabeth to the front so she could share in the applause.

Andi, well, she was so happy. After all these years, she was home, home with where her heart belonged. With her family, her big amazing family. She was honestly sad that she was going back to school and these new friends would be leaving in the morning.

But she knew she would see them again, that was for certain.

The next morning, Andi found a form letter on her bedside table.

Oh this had Mr. D written all over it, literally:

Dear_ Amanda Edwards_ ,

If you intend to stay at Camp Half-Blood year-round, you must inform the Big House by noon today. If you do not announce your intentions, we will assume you have vacated your cabin or died a horrible death. Cleaning harpies will begin work at sundown. They will be authorized to eat any unregistered campers. All personal articles left behind will be incinerated in the lava pit.

Have a nice day!

Mr. D (Dionysus)

Camp Director, Olympian Council #12

Yep, he really was a cheery man that Mr. D.

Andi stepped out of her cabin, it was around mid-morning. She could hear kids bustling around, packing and such as some were already leaving.

She already gave Chiron her answer, she would be staying until September first. The day she would be on the Hogwarts Express. So she would be sticking around for a little extra bit with the year-rounders.

Andi just walked through the camp, she didn't even know where she was going, but about twenty minutes later she ended up back at her sister's tree. Heh, it seems she was able to think best here for some reason.

She tentatively placed her hand on the rough bark, rubbing it as she cleared her throat, "Hey sis," she said in a soft tone, "I'm going to be leaving in a few days." She said, but a part of her didn't want to leave Thalia. Dammit, what she wouldn't give to just talk to her one more time like in that stupid dream.

Some sisterly advice would be keen right now.

"Come here to think too, squirt?"

Andi jumped two feet into the air and hovered there for a second.

She rounded on the only one who called her that, "Don't sneak up on me like that!" she shouted with a fit, geez! Get a girl's heart to race you blond jerk!

Luke gave a smirk as he walked up to the tree, his hands in his pockets, "Relax or your hair is going to go grey." He snickered.

Andi's cheeks puffed up at that, like she'd have grey hair! How rude!

Luke just cracked a smile as he pulled one hand out of his pocket and placed a hand on the Pine tree. He muttered something that sounded like a prayer from what her super hearing picked up and removed his hand, showing sad ice blue eyes. Ones that reminded her of the ones that she saw the time he brought her to the Big House.

"Annabeth mentioned that you and Thalia traveled together." Andi said, and covered her mouth in a second, great, she pulled a Motor Mouth Jackson.

Luke looked at her and nodded to that, not looking too bothered as he sat down and looked at the tree, "Yep." He said, "From Cali to all the way to Half-Blood Hill." He answered solemnly.

Andi sat down next to him, sure, Annabeth told her about Thalia, but Luke knew her longer and she couldn't help but ask the older boy a question, "Would she have liked me?"

Yes, it was a childish question, but…a part of her was scared that Thalia wouldn't have liked her, like she wouldn't have wanted a sibling or something. Her mortal family rejected her all her life with spite, so her actually sibling doing the same? It scared her to honest, she hated rejection.

Luke gave a surprised blink at the question as he turned to look at Andi. He gained this thoughtful look for a moment and gave a roguish grin, "Please," he said, reaching out to ruffle her hair, getting a whine of protest, "You two would clink in a second. Got the same gruff attitude." stated as Andi pouted.

She did not have a gruff attitude!

She just had a sharp tongue was all.

But deep down, Andi was pleased to hear that, it made her really happy.

Luke turned back to look at the tree, like he was thinking long and hard about something. It might have been the love blood in her, but…

"You liked her, didn't you?"

Luke was startled by the question from the daughter of lightning, but gave what Andi felt was the saddest smile she had ever seen.

He didn't answer, but the legacy could tell that was all that was needed to be said.

The son of Hermes pushed himself up and dusted his pants off as he grinned to the young demigoddess, "Going to do some practice, you want in?"

Andi pondered the idea, but shook her head, "Think I'll just take a relaxing day. Maybe a nap right here."

"A little kid, aren't you?"

"I am not little!" So what if she wanted to take a nap, they were good for you!

The blond just chuckled at getting a rise out of her and started walking to the arena. He waved behind him and said goodbye as Andi said the same.

The daughter of the sky flew up to the tallest branch and laid against the trunk of the pine. Her eyes fluttered shut as a calm summer's breeze passed over her and soft snores followed.

Soothing dreams of cake and ice cream filled her preteen mind wile a smile tugged at her lips.

Mm, she was getting hungry.

Andi didn't know what time it was, but a throat clearing made her stir while a brow twitched.

"Mm, go away Chiron," she moaned, "I'm napping."

"I would advise you to open your eyes, Andromeda Evans." A much deeper smoother voice than Chiron asked.

Andi irritably opened her eyes and tell whoever it was to shove off, but choked on her words and turned tomato red in the face.

Before her was possible to most beautiful man she had ever seen. He was lean and muscular, with a regal face, honey gold eyes, and had black hair flowing down his shoulders. His skin was the color of teakwood, and his wings, yes wings, glimmer in shades of blue, black, and purple.

"W-Who're you?" she stammered out.

The man didn't even blink, "I am Thanatos." Was all he said as his eyes felt like they were staring right into her very soul.

Wait a tick, the death god! Great…probably wanted her soul or something, she did survive the killing curse after all. Being the Girl-Who-Lived probably went against his policies.

Where was Chiron for damage control?! She demanded her demigod lawyer! She had rights and they were to live damn it!

Andi gulped, "Um, so, what can I do for the death god on this fine day?" she asked carefully.

The god reached into his pocket and pulled out a BlackBerry…Huh? The god's thumbs were moving at rapid speed as he typed and nodded to himself, he looked back to her, hit a few more buttons and suddenly a piece of paper appeared next to him as he grabbed it.

"I have a quest for you to do."

The daughter of Zeus waited for details, but the god said nothing and she pinched the bridge of her nose, great, "About?"

"A loose soul by the name of Tom Riddle." The god answered her.

"Isn't that um, your job?" she asked him, seriously, she wasn't some maid for the god, if Voldemort's soul was out there, he should take care of it.

"It is, but my job keeps me on a tight schedule. So looking for soul fragments is of minimal importance for me when I can have a demigod do it."

Basically he called her an errand girl.

Andi's eye gave off a dangerous twitch, but the god seemed to give it no mind.

"Tom Riddle, a legacy of Hecate, had separated his soul in fragments." Thanatos informed the girl, "He then placed them into objects known as Horcrux. A Horcrux is an anchor, by using it, a mortal can tie their soul to the mortal as a cheap and pathetic way to gain false immortality."

The lightning girl snickered, "Oh that's priceless, Voldemort is Flight of Death in French and that is basically what he is doing. He really is coward." The girl said, she always knew the man was pathetic, but this was a whole new low.

"Yes," the god nodded and handed her the piece of paper, "On that is a list of all his Horcrux, the object, location, and other little details."

"So what do I get out of doing your job?"

Thanatos gave a solid blink and said, "You bear by cloak. If you retrieve my stone and wand, I will name you my champion."

Andi looked at him funny, "Wait, you made my cloak?"

"Yes, it is my cloak." The god answered.

"So," the witch said slowly, "If I get this stone and wand, what benefits come from being your champion?"

"You gain a title and my items."

"…um, that it?"

Silence was her answer.

"Oh, cool…I guess." Andi blinked at the god, seriously, dude was a weird one.

The BlackBerry beeped and Thanatos looked at it, "Hm, Percy Jackson is dying." He said and looked to towards Andi, "As I was saying-"

"Whoa, whoa, back up." Andi halted him and said, "Percy is what?!"

"Yes, dying, pit scorpion, painful way to go." He answered with a shake of his head, "Anyway-"

"Not anyway!" The daughter of the sky shouted to the god and floated in the air, "Where is he?" she demanded sternly, her cousin was dying!

"I don't see how this is my problem."

Andi felt like punching the god in the face at that remark.

It was then Chiron conch horn blew and Andi turned to see the trainer rushing Percy to the Big House.

"Percy!" she shouted in worry and flew to the blue house.

Thanatos sighed, he wasn't even finished talking yet. Honestly, what a rude child. His form flickered and he disappeared in shadowy wisps.

Andi was tapping her foot as she sat in a chair on Percy's left, Annabeth was sitting on his right, holding a cup of Nectar to the boy's mouth and dabbing his forehead with a washcloth. Argus was sitting guard in the corner.

When Andi arrived at the infirmary, Percy was a shade of green turning grey, if it wasn't for Chiron…

Percy stirred and mumbled, "Here we go again."

"You idiot," Annabeth said, but she looked overjoyed more than anything.

"Double idiot." Andi added, but Percy could see the relief in her features even as she tried her best to glare at him.

"You were green and turning gray when we found you. If it weren't for Chiron's healing ..." Annabeth trailed off.

"Now, now," Chiron's voice said. "Percy's constitution deserves some of the credit."

He was sitting near the foot of the bed in his wheelchair, his upper half dressed in a coat and tie. He smiled, but his face looked weary and pale.

"How are you feeling?" the trainer asked.

"Like my insides have been frozen, then microwaved."

Andi gave a whistle at the analogy, she had Drakon venom in her, not fun, so she knew how he was feeling in a way.

"Apt, considering that was pit scorpion venom." Chiron nodded, "Now you must tell me, if you can, exactly what happened."

Between sips of nectar, Percy told them the story. Luke was the thief of the master bolt and the helm of darkness. He was going to give it Kronos since he wanted to destroy the gods and all of Western Civilization.

The room was quiet for a long time.

"I can't believe that Luke ..." Annabeth's voice faltered. Her expression turned angry and sad. "Yes. Yes, I can believe it. May the gods curse him...He was never the same after his quest."

Andi was quiet, she had liked Luke, he was always nice to her, but this? She didn't even know what to think about him anymore.

"This must be reported to Olympus," Chiron murmured. "I will go at once."

"Luke is out there right now," Percy said. "I have to go after him."

"With what?" Andi looked at him as if he was stupid, "Crutches?"

Chiron nod in agreement, "Andi is right, Percy. The gods -"

"Won't even talk about Kronos," the sea child snapped. "Zeus declared the matter closed!"

"Percy, I know this is hard. But you must not rush out for vengeance. You aren't ready."

Percy gritted his teeth, but knew Chiron was right, he wasn't going to be sword fighting anytime soon with a bandaged hand, "Chiron ... your prophecy from the Oracle ... it was about Kronos, wasn't it? Was I in it? Or Andi? And Annabeth?"

Chiron glanced nervously at the ceiling. "Percy, it isn't my place -

"You've been ordered not to talk to me about it, haven't you?" Andi said with a frown, great.

His eyes were sympathetic, but sad. "You two will be great heroes, children. I will do my best to prepare you. But if I'm right about the path ahead of you ..."

Thunder boomed overhead, rattling the windows.

"All right!" Chiron shouted. "Fine!" He sighed in frustration. "The gods have their reasons, you two. Knowing too much of your future is never a good thing."

"We can't just sit back and do nothing," Percy tried to argue.

"We will not sit back," Chiron promised. "But you must be careful. Kronos wants you to come unraveled. He wants your life disrupted, your thoughts clouded with fear and anger. Do not give him what he wants. Train patiently. Your time will come."

"Assuming I live that long." Percy said bitterly, getting Andi to glare at him.

Chiron put his hand on the boy's ankle. "You'll have to trust me, Percy. You will live. But first you must decide your path for the coming year. I cannot tell you the right choice..." Percy got the feeling that he had a very definite opinion, and it was taking all his willpower not to advise him. "But you must decide whether to stay at Camp Half-Blood year-round, or return to the mortal world for seventh grade and be a summer camper. Think on that. When I get back from Olympus, you must tell me your decision."

Percy wanted to protest and ask more questions. But Chiron's expression told him there could be no more discussion; he had said as much as he could.

"I'll be back as soon as I can," Chiron promised. "Argus will watch over you."

"Me too," Andi smirked, "I think I got a sharpie around here somewhere so I can draw on your face while you're as weak as a baby." She giggled that devious pixie giggle.

The son of the sea gave a weak glare at that.

Chiron cracked a smile as he glanced at Annabeth. "Oh, and, my dear ... whenever you're ready, they're here."

"Who's here?" Percy asked curiously.

Nobody answered as Chiron rolled himself out of the room.

Annabeth studied the ice in the drink as Andi smirked at her, knowing what she did.

"What's wrong?" Percy asked her.

"Nothing." The blonde set the glass on the table. "I ... just took your advice about something. You ... um ... need anything?"

"Yeah. Help me up. I want to go outside."

"Percy, that isn't a good idea."

"Hello, this is Percy Jackson. Since when does he have good ideas?"

"I hate you." He said with a dirty look.

"I love you, too, Percy!" Andi chirped cheerful as she grinned wildly at him.

He slid his legs out of bed. Annabeth caught him before he could crumple to the floor. A wave of nausea rolled over Percy, making Andi take a step back from his green face.

Annabeth said, "I told you ..."

"I'm fine," the boy insisted stubbornly. He didn't want to just sit in bed like a lump.

He managed a step forward. Then another, still leaning heavily on Annabeth as Andi came and helped him from his other side. Argus followed them outside, but he kept his distance.

By the time they reached the porch, Percy's face was beaded with sweat and his stomach had twisted into knots. Still, he had managed to make it all the way to the railing.

It was dusk. The camp looked completely deserted. The cabins were dark and the volleyball pit silent. No canoes cut the surface of the lake. Beyond the woods and the strawberry fields, the Long Island Sound glittered in the last light of the sun.

"What are you going to do?" Annabeth asked Percy.

"I don't know."

"I'm going back to school in a few days." Andi told the two in assurance, she knew staying as a year-rounder would be best for training, getting Chiron to help her lots, but she had a life outside of camp and she could always train on her own.

Percy told the two that he was sure Chiron wanted him to stay a year-rounder, get more individual training time, but was still confused on what he wanted to do. He also admitted that he felt bad about leaving Annabeth alone with Clarisse for company.

Annabeth pursed her lips, then said quietly, "I'm going home for the year, Percy."

Percy stared at her. "You mean, to your dad's?"

Andi nodded in support, Annabeth had told her about it. She wasn't sure if it was a good idea, but she was probably being bias since she washed her hands of her mortal family.

The blonde pointed toward the crest of Half-Blood Hill. Next to Thalia's pine tree, at the very edge of the camp's magical boundaries, a family stood silhouetted - two little children, a woman, and a tall man with blond hair. They seemed to be waiting. The man was holding a backpack that looked like the one Annabeth had gotten from Waterland in Denver.

"I wrote him a letter when we got back," Annabeth said. "Just like you suggested. I told him ... I was sorry. I'd come home for the school year if he still wanted me. He wrote back immediately. We decided ... we'd give it another try."

"That took guts." Percy commented.

Andi gave her friend a half-hug, one she gave back with a small smile and pursed her lips at the boy, "You won't try anything stupid during the school year, will you? At least ... not without sending me an Iris-message?"


"And Andi." Annabeth added with a giggle.

"Thank you." The pixie chirped.

Percy managed a smile. "I won't go looking for trouble. I usually don't have to."

"When I get back next summer," the blonde said, "we'll hunt down Luke. We'll ask for a quest, but if we don't get approval, we'll sneak off and do it anyway. Agreed?"

"Sounds like a plan worthy of Athena." The boy smirked.

"Meh, it'll do I guess." The daughter of Zeus shrugged playfully.

Annabeth shook her head and held out her hand to Percy as he went to shake it.

"Oh come on." Annabeth stomped her foot and glared at the two, "A handshake?" she pushed them together, getting blushes, "Hug. Now." She order.



Her petite frame danced with static, demanding them to try and defy her order.

The two had an awkward hug.

"Take care, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth told him with pink cheeks. "Keep your eyes open."

"You too, Wise Girl." Percy said with flush cheeks.

Annabeth gave Andi a tight hug, one the pixie gave back, but as she let go, Annabeth noticed Andi didn't, "Um, Andi, I know you don't want me to go, but I have to leave."

"Oh…I know." Andi grinned.

The daughter of wisdom did not like that grin.

"But you'll be leaving, in style!" Andi shouted as she shot up into the air, with Annabeth in tow as she screamed for dear life.

"Andi! Let me go!"

The Supergirl looked into her grey eyes with a blink, "Really?"

Annabeth suddenly realized her surroundings, "Don't let me go! Don't let me go!"

"Thought so."

Percy watched in amusement as Andi did spins and twists in the air as they landed right on Half-Blood Hill. Annabeth punch Andi in the arm, but the girl was grinning that loony smile of hers when she was having fun.

The daughter of Zeus saw the bewildered faces of Annabeth's family as her little brothers were looking at Andi in awe. She pulled Annabeth into another hug and whispered, "Don't take any crap from them, you're too amazing to have to."

Annabeth gave a smile at that as she released the hug and walked up to her father as she gave him an awkward one. She looked at the valley one last time and turned to Thalia's tree and placed her hand on it, "Bye Thalia." She said softly as Andi leaned against the bark as the blonde waved goodbye and descended down the crest of the hill and into the mortal world.

Percy had a thoughtful look on his face and looked out at Long Island Sound as he remembered his father saying; The sea does not like to be restrained.

The son of the sea made his decision.

He wondered, if Poseidon were watching, would he approve of his choice?

"I'll be back next summer," Percy promised his father. "I'll survive until then. After all, I am your son." He then asked Argus to take him down to Cabin Three, so he could pack his bags for home.

Andi was walking with Percy as they ascended the hill with his bag in tow. His mom waiting for him at the bottom.

"So leaving too, huh?" Andi asked in amusement.


"Well, can't have you leave without a Birthday gift. It slipped my mind to give it to you."

Percy blink and gave a mock glare, "Yeah, you did. I didn't even get a cake!"

"You haven't earned a cake yet. A cookie, sure. But not a cake." The lightning girl said as she did hand him a cookie, with blue frosting on it.

All mock anger left the son of the sea at that.

"And here," she said as she handed him a clear glass ball the size of a tennis ball.

"What is it?"

"A remembrall! If you ever forget anything, a red mist will show up. But I got it custom with blue mist instead."

Again, best cousin ever. Seriously.

"Also, you can use it to cheat on tests." Andi winked, "Gods know you need all the help you can get."

"Ha. Ha." Percy said with a mock laugh as the cousins gave a parting hug.

"Stay safe out there, Baywatch."

"I will." Percy smirked down at her as she gave him a stern glare.

"Good, cause if ya don't, I'll hunt you down. Ya hear?"


"Smart boy."

They parted and Andi watched Percy walked down to his mom and hug as they got into a taxi and left for New York City.

The lightning girl shook her head, she better get ready for school in a few days.

"Hey, Andi! Lunch!" Will shouted in the distance, as he was staying as a year-rounder.


"Coming!" Andi called back as she flew to the Pavilion.

She was starving!

It was September first and about six thirty in the morning.

Andi finished packing her trunk as she was wearing the new Hogwarts uniform.

The uniform consisted of a plain white buttoned shirt, a red and gold house tie, a charcoal grey knitted v-neck jumper with cuffs and waist of red, and as much as she hated it, a skirt (around knee-length). At least girls had to wear black tights or stockings under it, she went with the former. On her feet she wore plain black shoes and an open black silver fastened robe with the Gryffindor emblem on it and red colored lining.

Hedwig was in her cage for travel and most of the year-rounders were asleep except for the Demeter and Apollo kids.

She was swinging her feet to and fro as she sat on a branch of her sister's tree, "I'm going to miss this place." She frowned but jumped down and stood face to face with the trunk of the pine.

She moved closer and hugged the tree, "I'll miss you sis, but I'll be back for Christmas, for sure. Even celebrate your birthday with ya." The Supergirl said with a sad smile. After wiping her eye with her sleeve.

"I-I love you. Watch over our home, kay?"

The daughter of the sky said softly as she flew over to campfire where Chiron was with her stuff.

After landing she grinned to the centaur, "See ya at Yule." She told the trainer.

Chiron gave her a soft smile, "Of course. Stay safe Andi."

"…We are talking about me, right?" the girl blinked up at the older archer.

"Ah, I tend to forget that."

"Just double checking."

"Hey!" a voice shouted as the blond blue eyed son of the sun ran up to them in a white and yellow windbreaker.

Will stopped his run and gave Andi a smile, "Leaving so soon?"

"Well, time zone difference all, so yeah." The girl winked at him and the blond gave her the I-pod she got at the Lotus Casino.

"Loaded up those songs you liked." The healer informed her, "Even got one of Hecate's kids to charm it so it works around magic."

"Wow," Andi grinned and gave him a half-hug in thanks, "Thanks Will, seriously."

"Anytime," the blue eyed boy smiled a small smile and gave her a small rectangular object, "And something my dad will never shut up about, a solar charger, since I doubt they have outlets in that castle."

"Think of everything," the wind girl grinned with her hands on her hips, "didn't you?"

"I try." Will shrugged with a smile.

Chiron smiled at the two and cleared his throat, gaining their attention, "I believe it's time to go Andi."

"Oh, right!" Andi nodded and gave Will a smirk, "Be back at boxing-day Will." She said running up to the fire as it turned emerald green.

The medic grinned back, "Sure," he nodded.

Andi grabbed Hedwig and her trunk and stepped into the fire with that wild smile on her face once more.

"King's Cross station!"

Time for another school year.


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