this is dark fic it has many dark themes and death and vilence do not read unless you want to

"wake up Sarah" said Sarahs mom. Sarah was pokemon trainer who was thirteen years old with black hair and nice smile and really pretty. "ok mom" said Sara and she rememberd that she was old enough for pokemon journey because pokemon leage changed age that trainers could leave home and Sarah went to see professer Oak.

"Hi Oak" said Sarah and Oak told sarah that he had only one pokemon left.

"It is evee" said Oak and Sarah said it was her favorite and Oak gave her pokeball and sarah let pokemon out.

"eevee" said the eevee. "it is so kawaii" said sarah (it is japanese for cute ok!)

Sarah walked out of labradory and suddenly mewtwo. "who are you" asked sarah "i am mewtwo and I hate pokemon trainers and I will explode oaks laboratory so that NO ONE CAN BE TRAINER"

"NO said sarah "why do you want to explode lab" "because humans are evil" sad mewtwo

" no mewtwo you are evil" said sarah and then mewtwo blew up lab anyway

"no" said sarah and saw oak was dead and was Gary.

"no why did you do this mewtoo you are evil" said sarah

"Shut up or I EXPLODE YOUR HEAD" said mewtwo

but sarah not listen and mewtwo shat sichic at her.

"now she is dead" said mewtwo and flew away

but sarah was not dead and blacked out and so was eve.

then sarah woke up and saw that mewtwo was gone and was sad and sad "mewtwo I will take ravange on u for exploding oaks lab" and decided to train eevee to become stranger than mewtwo even though mewtwo was legendry and so her pokemon journey begun