by Gunman

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Summary: A race of female aliens come to Earth to find their missing heir.

Authors Notes: This story is based off of NateGold's story 'That Launched A Thousand Ships'. After so many years of no updates, myself and other authors decided to write up our own versions for this story.

What's more, is that the female characters in this are taken from Mortal Kombat and a few other game and anime series.


Chapter 1
Lost and Found

Hello. My name is Cortana. Advanced Artificial Intelligence, serial number: CTN 0452-9, of the Edenian Galactic Commonwealth. It is a monarchy ruled by our benevolent queen, The Lady Sindel. Many consider us to be a bit of a conundrum, if a little asymmetric.

Let me explain.

The EGC possesses highly advanced technology, having mastered space travel over a thousand years ago, as well as teleportation and terraforming technology. But they also possessed a mastery of energies so powerful and unique that many consider it magic.

My mission in this part of the universe was of a highly sensitive nature. About 20 years ago, the royal princess of the Commonwealth ran away from an arranged marriage to the lord of another system. The queen was so upset by this that she eventually succumb to her grief, falling into a coma of sorts. Her sister, the Lady Sindel, was forced to take over for her. Sindel immediately ordered her forces to find the princess, named Yui, and bring her back.

That was what I was created for. As the most advanced AI ever created, I was sent out the moment I was finished.

It had been ten years since I had been launched, and thus far I had found nothing of the princess. No clue, no lead, no sign of where her highness had gone to.

You would have thought that the Royal family would have been more concerned that she had just up and vanished. But it took them over a week to realize that she wasn't coming back. The only lead they had was the disappearance of a prototype long-range search and rescue vehicle dubbed 'The Raven'.

That should have sent up a red flag. The ship was so new it hadn't been installed with a tracking beacon yet.

Since then, all types of probes and search groups had been dispatched to try and locate the missing princess. Meanwhile, the royal family was doing damage control of their ruined political marriage, which some of the family thought was a bad idea.

Regardless, things had been in a state of high alert since then.

What really bugged me, no pun intended, was that fact that I had been programmed with Princess Yui's personality, her entire profile of everything that her family knew about her. That being said, it should have been easy for me to find her. But no. Ten years of searching and I was no closer to...wait!

My sensors picked up something coming from a little backwater world that the Commonwealth and it's allies had avoided for some reason.

Upon getting closer I found a small blue planet, third from the sun, with dozens of orbiting satellites. Primitive by the standards of Edenian technology. My sensors were also detecting some kind of energy signature that was coming from the planet itself.

I found one of the functioning satellites and jacked into it. A truly primitive device, I had complete access to it in less than a nanosecond. Connecting to the information and communication networks on this planet I was able to find everything I needed to know.

The planet was a disaster. Half the population dead, axis of the planet misaligned, hundreds of costal cities under water, not to mention some kind of strange energy signature, coming from a placed called Tokyo-3 on a island-like landmass called Japan, was oddly familiar. I also found out that this planet was called Earth. Not very original, but it would suffice.

I then realized what it was. Many years before her disappearance, Princess Yui was doing research about an ancient race of beings that she had dubbed The Elder Giants. Their true names had been lost to the winds of time. Apparently this race of beings was created to fight a war far more ancient than the existence of the Commonwealth itself.

Nearly two million years ago, on the fifth planet of this system, a planet that the people of Earth dubbed Jupiter, hundreds of different nations and societies existed in a near-perfect ecological system. The two largest and most powerful of these civilizations were The Technocrats and the Principality of Evolutionists.

The Technocrats possessed the most advanced and technological of devices, gadgets and weapons in the entire world. Everything from AI-programmed robots to help them in their daily lives, to an information super highway that nearly everyone on the planet had access to. The Principality of Evolutionists were completely the opposite, their society comprised of living, organic technology. Everything from giant insects, reptiles, sea creatures and plant life made up their homes, food, conveyances and defenses.

Eventually, these differences caused a rift to develop, which escalated into all-out war. For over a century the two groups fought and killed each other, the other societies on their world eventually being drawn into the conflict.

It wasn't until one of the Technocrats eccentric scientists came up with a rather radical idea: create a super weapon comprised of both technological and organic elements. The best of both worlds, with the weaknesses of neither. Whatever their true designations, these giant creatures were unleashed upon the Principality and eventually wiped them out. Unfortunately, because of their organic natures, they were capable of evolving, to the point that they rebelled against the Technocrats.

Eventually the Technocrats had no choice but to unleash their most dangerous weapon: The Planetary Cyclone. A weapon so powerful it would have wiped out all life on the planet. The last of the Technocrats high council activated the weapon, seeing it as the only way to stop the Elder Giants. I honestly don't know why Yui couldn't have come up with a better name for them, but, regardless, the Elder Giants were all wiped out. But the planet was completely and totally uninhabitable, since the Planetary Cyclone was still going all over the planet.

They should have all been wiped out, so how was it that these Giants were here attacking this planet? The only possible explanation was that some of them, sensing the activation of the Cyclone and their own deaths, managed to escape the planet prior to it's activation.

It was then that I found something relevant to my searching. The inhabitants of this planet Earth call them 'Angels', an odd name considering that such celestial beings were supposed to be saviors and harbingers of good. These Angels were apparently responsible for the problems on this world over 15 years ago.

I then found something else that peaked my interest. The organization that was assigned to fight these Angels, called NERV, were using giant mechanical constructs called Evangelions to fight against these Angels. Something wasn't right. The technology of this planet wasn't advanced enough to have created weapons like this.

Curious, I was able to locate their access points and was quickly inside their main computer system.

Hmm... interesting. Not really that special or unique, but the information from this computer system, called a Magi?, was not what I was really interested in. Let's see... running a scan of all the data. A bunch of blogs and financial reports, food service requests... maintenance requisition forms... huh? The Evangelions they were using were actually created from the tech of the Elder Giants/Angels, to fight against them. That's interesting.

Let's see now... profiles on several key personnel. OH, MY, PROGRAMMER! Yui 'Ikari'... the Princess! Facial recognition scan confirms it! Let's see, let's see, let's see... wife of Gendo Rokobungi nee Ikari, commander of NERV... absorbed into EVA-01... huh. Looks like a lot of these files were sealed and classified. Nothing I couldn't break into, mind you. Looks like someone is trying to hide something. Waitaminute! SHINJI IKARI? HER SON?! And from the looks of these daily reports... I Don't Believe This! They dare to treat the heir-hereditary like crap?! Clearly they didn't know, BUT STILL!

Abandoned after he saw his mother die, wasn't raised right or encouraged, not even given any training before he was thrown headfirst into a battle that could have cost him his life? Then there is his guardian. Misato Katsuragi. Beautiful woman, keen tactical mind, but... a complete slob, a child-like party girl, seems to be doing this out of a sense of revenge for the Angels killing her father. She's basically using these kids to get her revenge. What's more, is that her best friend, Ritsuko Akagi, is no better. Attractive, smart, but seems she's got mother-issues of her own, not to mention a subtle-hatred for this Rei Ayanami girl. Some kind of genetic clone of Yui and the Angel called Lilith that they're keeping in the basement of this place. And this other girl, Asuka Langley Sohryu, seems to be an egotistical brat. No experience, no humility, brash, violent and obnoxious. And she thinks she's the best out of everyone? What kind of organization are these people running? It's like they want the world to... die. Ohhhhhh... someone it gonna be in trouble for this.

I sent a high-energy Tachyon-communication burst to the Commonwealth with all the information that I had dug up. If I knew anything about what the Queen was going to think over this, well, let's just say that I was glad I was an AI. I may have been programmed to understand emotions, but I was glad I was not able to feel them. In this instance, it would not be good, to feel fear.

Oh, I wasn't afraid for myself. I did my job, and I wasn't responsible for what was going on here on this planet. But I could not for the life of me want to be in the shoes of this Gendo guy when the Royalty actually showed up. While I suspected that the Queen would probably come herself, I was really worried what would happen if she brought... him. Oh, that thought actually made my circuits lock up. He was a mean one, a real sadist. He had decimated whole armies by his lone self. He had taken apart soldiers, and monsters and robots, some far larger than himself, with his bare hands. His loyalty was to the Queen, but if he was unleashed upon this world... ohhhh, this world was in real trouble.


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