by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion, it's characters, or anything else that might come up in this story.

Summary: A race of female aliens come to Earth to find their missing heir.

Authors Notes: This story is based off of Nate Gold's story 'That Launched A Thousand Ships'. After so many years of no updates, myself and other authors decided to write up our own versions for this story.

What's more, is that the female characters in this are taken from Mortal Kombat and a few other game and anime series.


Chapter 6
Meet The Family Pt. 4

Ritsuko Akagi awoke in a bare room with sleek metal walls, a small table against the wall with a chair slid underneath it. There was nothing else beside the bed she was on. It was a simple bed, with sheets and a blanket and a pillow.

Ritsuko noticed she was still in her white lab coat, blue blouse and skirt, stockings and shoes. She looked around and saw that her cigarettes and lighter (with a picture of a cat on it) was sitting on the table.

Be thankful for small favors. She thought, remembering the large armored soldiers who had stormed the NERV command center and captured everyone. Though, how they had accomplished that was a mystery. It's like they had materialized out of thin air. "Where am I?" she asked.

"Greetings and salutations, Dr. Akagi." a voice said from out of nowhere.

"Who said that? Where are you? Who are you?" Ritsuko gasped, looking around.

"I'm not a 'who'. I'm more of a 'what'?" the voice said again.

"What?" she asked, looking to see several small speakers set up around the room.

"Exactly. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cortana. Advanced Artificial Intelligence, serial number: CTN 0452-9, of the Edenian Galactic Commonwealth."

"You're... a computer program?" she asked.

"Artificial Intelligence. Conscious and aware. And far more advanced than your Magi, my dear. Which was easy to hack, by the way."

"Easy to... you're the one who posted those videos of me on the Internet!" she cried out.

"You posed for them." Cortana snarked.

"You made my life hell!"

"A hell of your own making. I just put them out there for people to see."

While Ritsuko couldn't really respond to that, seeing how it was partly true, she was still angry enough to argue.

"There are reasons things like that are kept private. You had no right." Ritsuko said.

"You were helping a madman to genocide the entire world. Be lucky I didn't put that out there." Cortana retorted.

"If you had, I'd probably be dead. And not by the government." Ritsuko said.

"No. Probably by Misato." Cortana said.

"She has her own demons to face." she replied.

"Sleeping with a madman wasn't one of them."

"The Commander needs me! He's not smart enough to accomplish all this on his own."

"Oh, really?" Cortana said. "Perhaps you'd like to see what your dear commander thinks about you?"

"No..." Ritsuko whispered to herself.

"This was recorded a few minutes ago." Cortana said as a video monitor popped up in front of Ritsuko.

" sure there is nothing else you would like to add, commander?" Sindel's asked.

"Argh! I..." Gendo cried out as his back was twisted by Khan.

That had to hurt. Ritsuko thought to herself with a wince.

"I know all about your love affair with Naoko Akagi, after Yui was officially declared dead. She actually loved you, didn't she?"

"Naoko was a tool. I used her for my own pleasures." Gendo hissed as he struggled in Khan's grip.

"But because you had little use for her, and wanted her younger daughter to satisfy your needs, you sent the first clone of Rei Ayanami to insult Naoko. Called her an old hag, did she not?"

"I decline... to answer."

"I'm sure. You must have been so proud of your cleverness. Convincing that young clone to break up with Naoko for you, strangling a young child, and then getting so overwhelmed with guilt that she threw herself off the balcony and on top of the Magi super computer she developed."

"Hehe. That does sound pretty clever." Gendo laughed, even as his back was now twisted in the other direction.

"And then when she was dead, you put her body into that monstrosity called Unit-00, where her soul was absorbed into it's core, which is why it fights against Ms Ayanami so much."

Ritsuko gasped when she heard that.

While she had suspected so much, she now had confirmation of it.

"You never cared for Ritsuko Akagi, regardless of how many times you had your way with her." Sindel said.

"She had her uses. But she was only a means to an end. Like her useless mother." Gendo replied.

Ritsuko was in tears now. While the truth hurt, the worse part was that she had known all this time that deep down, Gendo didn't really care about her. That all he wanted was her brains in order to get his wife back. And the occasional 'make me feel like a man' exercise, which she some times found disgusting as soon as the truth set in.

There was a part of her that made her hope that somehow Gendo would fall in love with her. But now..., now she didn't know what to do.

"Guess you'll have to find someone elses bed to warm." Cortana said.

"Go to hell!" Ritsuko spat.

"You'll get there before I do." she teased.

Ritsuko felt utterly hollow inside.

She felt humiliated, betrayed, abandoned and disgraced before the world.

She wanted to die.

But she knew that that was a luxury she would not be afforded.

Reaching for her cigarettes she lit up a stick and inhaled deeply.

And for a moment, a very brief moment, she felt better.

And then she started crying.


(Gendo's Cell)

Sindel was watching the torture Khan was putting Gendo through, when she felt someone 'land' behind her.

"Yes, Mileena?" Sindel asked without turning away.

"I heard about what NERV's commander did to Ikari-sama. I wish to express my... displeasure."

Sindel smiled as she heard that.

"You aren't the only one." the queen said.

"I ask only because I was worried that if I waited, you or Khan would have killed him already. Why has Khan not killed the commander already?" she asked.

"Two reasons: 1 - I didn't want Gendo's death to be quick. And 2 - Khan liked the idea as well. And besides... I would have thought you would have wanted to comfort Shinji instead."

Mileena blushed as she heard that.

"Kitana and Jade have taken him to his personal quarters here on the ship. I'm sure they would not be averse to your assistance in helping my nephew recover from his most recent revelations."

"Thank you, my queen." Mileena said as she vanished.


"How do you like Khan's 'Sodomy Special', Gendo?" Sindel asked.


"Oh, take it like a man! It's only 20 inches by 5 inches." Sindel smirked. "And sorry if there's no lube available."

"I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" Gendo screamed, like Ron Burgundy, in pain.

"You can't even whine like a man." Sindel retorted.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a white technicians uniform rushed into the observation room.

"My Queen!" the woman shouted.

"Yes?" Sindel turned to address the woman.

"Dr. Lazarus is ready to preform the extraction of the Princess." the technician said. "You said you wanted to be informed."

"Yes, I did." she said as she pressed brought her fingers to her head. 'Khan?'

"Hmm?" the patch-work warrior said, pausing his assault on Gendo.

'Keep playing with him, but don't kill him until I get back.'

"Umm-Hmm!" Khan grunted out in affirmation.

With that Sindel and the young technician, who had been engrossed with what was happening to Gendo and snapped out of her trance, walked out of the room.


(Super Carrier The Avenger)

Standing on the bridge of the super carrier, was a beautiful and statuesque woman named Balalaika. Real name: Sofiya Pavlovena. She had been given the name Balalaika from the expert use of sniper rifle her battalion was known for. Her kill record with said rifle has yet to be matched.

She had long blond hair, pale jade colored eyes, athletic and shapely, she wore a red skintight business suit underneath a dark-green military coat.

On the right side of her face, neck, arm and leg were large burn scars that she wore like a badge of honor. She had earned them in battle against a lethal foe that had tried to kill her queen over a decade ago. For her actions she had been given command of her own Super Carrier.

Standing around the bridge were Balalaika's most trusted officers.

Rebecca 'Revy' TwoHands, a master markswoman and fierce hand-to-hand combatant. She stood tall and athletic, her long black hair tired in a ponytail, she had dark brown eyes, a large tribal tattoo on her right shoulder, a pair of high-tech handguns holstered under her arms. She wore a black tank top, loose fitting jeans, and black combat boots. She had a black jacket slung over her shoulders. She once wore shorts, but Balalaika thought it wasn't appropriate on the bridge of her ship. In her mouth was an unlit cigarette.

Shenhua was Balalaika's stealth fighter and knife expert. She was a beautiful woman with long dark green hair that covered the right side of her face, dark blue eyes and an athletic figure. She was dressed in a Taiwanese-style red dress with a green dragon pattern, a white jacket on her body, and high heeled shoes. While this was not really appropriate, Shunhua was given consideration since she had saved her captains life once.

Next was Frederica Sawyer, the 'cleaner' of the ship, as well as interrogator. She had short wine-colored hair and eyes. Pale white skin that looked almost like she was dead. She had a large ugly scar across her throat. While she normally dressed in a white coat that hid the bloodstains on her regular work clothes, she was dressed up in a gothic Lolita dress with an umbrella over her head whenever she was on the deck of the ship. This also included her spiked, black boots.

Then there was Rosarita "Roberta" Cisneros, heavy weapons expert and task force captain aboard The Avenger. She was tall and athletic, with long dark brown hair, brown eyes hidden behind circular mirrored glasses, and dressed in a standard black military uniform with cap. By her side was a large black carrying case that was full of weapons.

Next to Roberta was Fabiola Iglesias, Roberta's lieutenant and right-hand woman. She had greenish hair, brown eyes and goldish skin. She was also dressed in a black military uniform.

Then there was Eda Ann Baley, the ships intelligence officer. Blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin, athletic figure, angular pink sunglasses. She was dressed in a standard black suit and skirt combo, which included a white shirt and tie, with her hair tied up in a bun. A requirement whenever she was at her work station.

Janet 'Greenback' Bhai, navigator for the Avenger. Short blond hair, tan skin, brown eyes, wears glasses because she can't stand contacts. She was dressed in the standard black uniform of The Avengers crew under Balalaika.

Then there was Yukio Washimine, who looked like a typical Japanese girl, and happened to be second-in-command of The Avenger. She had long black hair, black eyes, and youthful appearance. She wore red earrings and a red ribbon in her hair. She was the standard black military uniform with a short skirt and thigh-high socks with black shoes.

Behind Yukio stood Maki Atori, her best friend and the ships chief medic. She had dark green eyes, short black hair gone up in twin tails, and was dressed in a blue uniform with a white coat over her shoulders.

Next up was Li Xinlin, the ships computer specialist and expert hacker. She had short black hair, oval-shaped glasses, exposed forehead has a bandage above her right eye. She was dressed like a computer tech: black shirt with cargo pants for her tools and extra computer components, and a backpack that carried her main hard drive, and a wrist-top keyboard for quick action. She wore a visor over her eyes that often displayed a holographic image of whatever she was typing on her wrist.

Lastly there was Tatiana Yakovleva, the ships communications officer. She had short blond hair, a trim and athletic body, brown eyes covered by nondescript glasses. She was a black suit that wasn't much for combat, but more for an office worker in the military.

"Is something wrong, Captain?" Tatiana asked, sensing the tension of her superior.

"Yes. I want to kill someone." Balalaika said calmly as she continued reading the file on the holo-screen in front of her.

"Anyone in particular, or someone specific?" Yukio asked.

"Gendo Rokobungi Ikari." she said.

"Ah. Well, that's going to be a problem. Since the Queen already has him." Revy smirked.

"I know. It's one thing to be responsible for attempted genocide, but what he did to the young prince is just..." Balalaika said.

"Even if he didn't know?" Jane added.

"It's still no excuse." Balalaika said, comfortable with the candid conversations her bridge crew were capable of having. "The boy in question is his son. He should not have done these things."

"Unless he is some kind of monster." Shenhua said.

"All the more reason to destroy him." Balalaika said.

"Perhaps. But you won't get that honor." Roberta said.

"I know. Annoying, isn't it?" the captain asked.

"I'm sure we'd all would like a shot at Gendo." Revy said.

"Problem is, you'd shoot to kill." Maki stated.

"Yeah. What's wrong with that?" Revy smirked.

"I'm sure we'll get to see some action soon." Balalaika said.


(The Empress)

Shinji was an emotional wreck as Kitana and Jade led him back to his room on the ship.

While it was odd to see him break down like that, one had to consider that his life had been fairly terrible, with no one to really support him out of genuine concern.

Such was not the case now.

'Jade, I'll take Shinji-kun to his quarters. Would you go and fetch Rei, please?' Kitana thought to her bodyguard.

'Rei Ayanami? The albino girl with the blue hair?' Jade asked.

'Yes. I think we will be needing additional support on this.' Kitana said.

'What about Mileena?'

'She's already waiting in Shinji's room.'


Jade went directly to the guest room where The First Child was staying.

The raven-haired bodyguard was joined by the red-haired fighter known as Skarlet.

"Skarlet." the bodyguard said.

"Jade." the fighter replied.

"Something I can help you with?" Jade asked.

"I was going to bring my report to the Queen, about the Second Child." Skarlet said.

"Let me guess: rude, egotistical, narcissistic, proud, arrogant and aggressive?" she said more than asked.

"To say the least." Skarlet replied.

"Nothing you can do to change that." Jade said.

"A kick in pants might be a good start." the redhead said.

"More like a kick to the head." Jade replied.

"I'm not trying to be cruel or anything."

"Just offering my opinion." the bodyguard said.

"Where are you headed?" Skarlet asked.

"I need to see The First Child." Jade said.

"Frost is supposed to be with her." Skarlet replied.

"I know." Jade said as a thought struck her. "Hmm. I wonder..."

The pair arrived at the guest room where Frost was sitting in front of the door, Indian-style with her hands resting on her knees, palms up. She had a serene look on her face, even as her eyes were closed.

Before Jade could say anything, Frost spoke.

"I take it you want to see the First Child?" Frost asked.

"Yes." Jade replied, unnerved at the perception of the ice ninja.

"Can I ask why?" Frost asked.

"Shinji-dono is emotionally distraught over what he heard the commander of NERV reveal to our Queen. He considers the First Child a friend. I thought with a little influence, she might be able to help him."

Frost seemed to mull that over, before she rose up off the floor and opened the door.

Inside, Rei Ayanami was reading a book while sitting on the bed. She was still dressed in her white plugsuit. She looked up as Jade, Frost and Skarlet entered the room.

"My name is Jade. You are Rei Ayanami." the bodyguard introduced herself.

"Yes. May I help you?" Rei asked.

"It is Shinji-dono who needs your help, Miss Ayanami."

Jade then played the recording of Gendo's admission to Sindel as to the value of the First and Third Child. At seeing the Commander whom she valued so blatantly confess that she was nothing, expendable and that Shinji was worthless, Rei felt her heart almost stop.

Frost and Skarlet felt their anger rise as they both wished to cause Gendo great bodily harm.

"Shinji-dono personally witnessed this and is... emotionally hurt. Princess Kitana has taken the prince to his quarters where we are planning to comfort him. To assure him of his true value in this universe. I was hoping you would join us, in helping to heal the Prince." Jade explained.

Rei felt her loyalties shift immediately. Gendo wanted to use and discard her, while Shinji wanted to be her friend. Possibly more.

Regardless of her origins, Rei actually felt a warmth in her chest whenever Shinji was mentioned. And now that he needed her, she was not going to abandon him.

"Please take me to him." Rei said to Jade.

"Follow me." Jade said.

"Miss Ayanami!" Skarlet said to the young pilot, who turned to look at her.

"Yes?" Rei asked the redhead.

"Before you go, did you have a suggestion for what to do about The Second Child?" she asked.

Rei looked at Frost before turning back to Skarlet.

"Freeze her." Rei said before she was led away by Jade.

Frost and Skarlet looked at each other.

"Well, you heard the girl." Skarlet said.

"Yes. Freeze, not kill." Frost said.

"Wasn't sure you understood the difference." Skarlet smirked.

"A person in my profession must understand the difference." she replied.


(Science Bay of The Empress)

The gigantic Evangelion Unit 01 just lay on it's back as the dozens of technicians and scientists were working at their various stations, all in conjunction with each other.

Sindel and the young technician had arrived only a few minutes ago, and Dr. Janice Lazarus was ready to begin.

"We're ready, my queen." the scientist said.

"Good. Begin at once." Sindel said.

The female scientist gave the signal to the other technicians before she started up the machine. The Evangelion had large cables and other devices hooked up to it. Within seconds the Eva was blasted with large concentrations of energy, unseen or heard of by human beings. The Eva itself jumped and thrashed around, but was held in place by the specialized energy restraints that the other technicians had installed around it.

"Almost there... almost there... YES! We've Got Her!" Dr. Lazarus shouted as she quickly powered down the machines.

The entry plug was quickly ejected as several medics appeared and opened up the white capsule-like plug, and saw a naked Japanese women with short brown hair.

They quickly and carefully lifted the woman out of the plug and placed her on the medical gurney they had with them. The second they did, the woman's body suddenly sprang to life.

The woman gasped out loud, crying out in shock and awe and discomfort. The ability to see, to feel, to breath, all coming back to her after so long. It was in this moment that Sindel stepped forward and grabbed her wildly flaying arms, the young woman looking up to see the face of her own aunt.

"A-A-Aunt... Sindel...?" Yui croaked out.

"Hello, Yui. It's good to have you back." Sindel smiled as gave a nod to the medics, who quickly pushed the gurney out of the science hanger and towards the medical bay.


(Shinji's Quarters)

When Jade and Rei got to Shinji's room aboard the ship, the albino girl was in shock.

She didn't seem interested in the other two beautiful and shapely adult women who were also in the room, their provocative and colorful outfits notwithstanding.

Shinji looked like someone had torn his heart out and stolen his soul. He was crying, upset and emotionally distraught in a way she had never seen before. He looked weak and helpless.

To see him like this... felt wrong to Rei.

Jade looked at the girl and smiled. Her 'suggestions' seemed to be working.

"Ikari-kun." Rei said softly to the boy as she approached him.

"A-A-A-Aya-nami?" Shinji stuttered as he looked up at the girl.

"I am sorry, Ikari-kun, for what the commander has said." she stated, careful not to use the word 'father' in the presence of the Third Child.

"How could he... why would he... I don't understand. How could he hate me so much?" Shinji asked, tears still adorning his face.

"I am useless to him as well." Rei said. "Do you think I am useless?"

"No. I could never think that of you."

Sitting on the bed behind Shinji was Kitana and Mileena. The pair were still dressed in their outfits, but that would change really soon. With any luck to their subtle telepathic manipulations of the girl.

They smiled when they saw Rei depressurize her suit and carefully remove it from her body. Shinji just stared in shock at the beautiful nude girl in front of him. His blushing and staring at the blue-haired albino girl only made the heart of said-girl warm even more.

But when she leaned in to kiss Shinji full on the lips... that's when Kitana, Mileena and Jade removed their own clothes.


(Two hours later)

Kitana smiled as she looked down at the sleeping forms for Shinji, Rei and Jade. Shinji was snuggled between Jade who was pressed up against his back, her arms around his chest and stomach, and Rei who was cuddled up against his chest with her head on his shoulder. Shinji was hugging Rei to him in his arms around her body.

All three of them looked at peace with the world. Though Shinji was clutching Rei firmly around her pale shoulders.

And they were all naked. Sweaty, naked and covered by a thin white sheet of the bed.

Mileena was just finishing putting on her boots when Kitana called her over.

Curious, Mileena followed the princess out of the room and into the hallway, where Kitana spoke.

"Let's let them rest for now." Kitana said.

"And what do we do in the meantime?" Mileena asked.

"How would you like to pay Gendo back with some punishment?"

Mileena's smile widened into a sadistic and sinister grin.

"I was hoping you would like that." the female assassin said.


Kitana and Mileena were on their way to the confinement room where Gendo was being held, when they encountered another pair of females.

Frost and Skarlet.

And they both seemed to be happy.

"Did something good happen to you?" Mileena asked.

"Yes. But we'll tell you about it later when we've stopped laughing about it." Skarlet said.

"Where are you two headed?" Frost asked.

"We're on our way to inflict pain upon Gendo Rokobungi. Care to come along?" Kitana asked as she and Mileena walked on.

The blue and red garbed women quickly fell in step behind them.

Upon reaching the confinement room the quartet find a battered, bruised and nearly broken Gendo lying on the ground.

Khan was standing off to the side, just looking down at him.

"What... do you want?" Gendo croaked.

"To hurt you." Mileena said.

"More... than I already... am?"

"Oh, yes." Skarlet said.

"But don't worry." Frost said.

"We're not going to kill you." Kitana smirked. "That would be too easy."


Authors Notes:

I was going to do a lemon scene here, but I couldn't find the time. So, I left it rather suggestive here.

And I've actually added the crew from the Black Lagoon series here. Though their part was rather small.

Also, you noticed I haven't killed Gendo yet. I apologize for that. I wanted to kill him, I should kill him, but... not just yet. It'll happen. Don't worry. But I'm working on a couple things before that.

There will be others, but for right now, please enjoy this.



"Please take me to him." Rei said to Jade.

"Follow me." Jade said.

"Miss Ayanami!" Skarlet said to the young pilot, who turned to look at her.

"Yes?" Rei asked.

"Before you go, did you have a suggestion for what to do about The Second Child?"

Rei looked at Frost before turning back to Skarlet.

"Screw Her." Rei said before she was led away by Jade.

Frost and Skarlet looked at each other.

"Well, you heard the girl." Skarlet said.

"Yes. I'll get the strap-ons, you get the vibrators." Frost said.

"You want the 20-incher or the 10-incher?" Skarlet asked.

"Oh, I'm sure an egomaniac like Asuka could handle 20 inches. Don't you?"

"Oh, of course."