He was the most powerful man on Earth. He had fought men that had killed dozens of heroes, and won in seconds. Armies had stood before him; eradicated in minutes. Political juggernauts had fallen to him. Whole cultures had been erased and reforged due to his influence. He wrestled immortal eldritch monstrosities year after year and held them at bay. Eidolon was not a man accustomed to fear.

By his count, there were only two times he could remember being truly afraid. The first time, he genuinely believed he was going to die. The second, the same belief - but for all mankind.

"..the fuck..." Alexandria contributed.

Today was different kind of fear. Before, it had always been possible to understand the enemy and to see the threat coming. To prepare. To fight. The tension came at the last possible moment before the final verdict was written: The fear of the unknown.

What Eidolon now felt was the other kind of fear. The fear of knowing exactly what the future holds. It was cruel, it was unfair. He wanted to scream. To scream and to pound his fists against the chest of whatever uncaring god allowed reality to be so obscene.

"...is that?" Legend finished the question.

An Endbringer. The answer to the question was obvious to everyone, but nobody wanted to jinx it. What else could it be?

Big was a word. Colossal was another word. Giant another. Huge, Enormous, Titanic. The list went on and on, but it didn't really matter. Hell, the name they'd given Behemoth now seemed downright optimistic. The original Endbringer stood about forty five feet tall, and on a good day only brutally murdered about a third of the capes that arrived to fight him. The Herokiller was big enough that you could see his outline on the horizon from miles away.

This beast, it didn't matter where you stood. It was the horizon, there simply wasn't room for the rest of the sky. It was easily three hundred feet tall and wide enough to match. It stood on four legs, and had the figure of a fierce gorilla. The brute grew hard panels of impossibly thick bone all over it's body as armor. It's shoulder blades extended up and far beyond it's body to protect it's head in form of thirty-foot shields. It's build was incredibly solid, composed of what must have amounted to literally hundreds of tons of monstrous muscle and bone. And, as if that wasn't enough to tickle God's fancy, the motherfucker brought a friend. Another nightmarish figure stood five miles away from the first. Almost as big, and with the same terrifying looming presence. The second one had wings.

Legend had words. "We traded Echidna for this shit?"

"I...I'm... going to fucking murder Tattletale." Alexandria said, almost chucking.

What else is there to do but laugh in the face of certain doom?